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Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry


DOI: Biosensors as 21st Century Technology for Detecting Genetically Modified Organisms in Food and Feed Mary A. Arugula, Yuanyuan Zhang, and Alex L. Simonian DOI: Theranostics in the Growing Field of Personalized Medicine: An Analytical Chemistry Perspective Niall Crawley, Michael Thompson, and Alexander Romaschin DOI: Analytical Methods in Lipidomics and Their Applications Min Li, Li Yang, Yu Bai, and Huwei Liu DOI: Fine Tuning of Proteomic Technologies to Improve Biological Findings: Advancements in 2011−2013 Janice Mayne, Amanda E. Starr, Zhibin Ning, Rui Chen, ChengKang Chiang, and Daniel Figeys DOI: Oligosaccharide Analysis By Mass Spectrometry: A Review Of Recent Developments Muchena J. Kailemia, L. Renee Ruhaak, Carlito B. Lebrilla, and I. Jonathan Amster DOI: Mass Spectrometry Methods for Studying Structure and Dynamics of Biological Macromolecules Lars Konermann, Siavash Vahidi, and Modupeola A. Sowole DOI: Mechanisms of Real-Time, Proximal Sample Processing during Ambient Ionization Mass Spectrometry Andre R. Venter, Kevin A. Douglass, Jacob T. Shelley, Gregg Hasman, and Elahe Hornarvar DOI: Bioapplications for Molecularly Imprinted Polymers Romana Schirhagl DOI: Ionic Liquids in Analytical Chemistry: Fundamentals, Advances, and Perspectives Tien D. Ho, Cheng Zhang, Leandro W. Hantao, and Jared L. Anderson DOI:

ince 1949, Analytical Chemistry has published annual reviews. We believe that the publication of authoritative and critical reviews stimulates the dynamic growth of measurement science, and we offer these reviews as a service in support of the professional activities of our readers. Historically, the reviews have offered comprehensive coverage of core areas in the field. However, effective electronic search engines now offer year round access to relevant references and comprehensive literature searches. Consequently, 3 years ago we began to invite and publish critical reviews that address selected cutting edge areas. This year our publisher, the American Chemical Society, is making Analytical Chemistry’s special review issue (January 7, 2014) freely available to the public, accessible to readers without subscriptions, at http:// We are pleased to offer 16 authoritative critical reviews of topics of both fundamental and applied interest to analytical chemists. These include discussions of innovations and advances in spectroscopy and imaging, solid and liquid state NMR, ambient ionization mass spectrometry, micro total analysis systems, sensors, imprinted polymers, and ionic liquids. Our authors provide critical updates of approaches to the study of single nanoparticles, biomolecular dynamics, lipidomics, metabolomics, proteomics, and oligosaccharides. Finally, this review issue introduces analytical perspectives on the detection of genetically modified organisms in food and feed and on theranostics in personalized medicine. We hope that you will enjoy this special issue and find articles of value. We thank the authors who have contributed their energy, experience, and knowledge to advance and guide our field. Detection, Counting, and Imaging of Single Nanoparticles Wei Wang and Nongjian Tao DOI: Optical Chemical pH Sensors Dorota Wencel, Tobias Abel, and Colette McDonagh DOI: Advances in Biomedical Raman Microscopy Karen A. Antonio and Zachary D. Schultz DOI: Multidimensional Approaches to NMR-Based Metabolomics Kerem Bingol and Rafael Brüschweiler DOI: Recent Advances in Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques to Quantify Biomolecular Dynamics Eric D. Watt and Chad M. Rienstra DOI: NMR Chemical Shifts in Structural Biology of Glycosaminoglycans Vitor H. Pomin DOI: Micro Total Analysis Systems: Fundamental Advances and Biological Applications Christopher T. Culbertson, Tom G. Mickleburgh, Samantha A. Stewart-James, Kathleen A. Sellens, and Melissa Pressnall © 2014 American Chemical Society

Catherine Fenselau, Associate Editor for Reviews

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742, United States



Views expressed in this editorial are those of the author and not necessarily the views of the ACS. Special Issue: Fundamental and Applied Reviews in Analytical Chemistry 2014 Published: January 7, 2014 1 | Anal. Chem. 2014, 86, 1−1