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THE CURRENT WATER TOWER WORK THIS SUMMER OUR MISSION To provide our customers with safe, reliable, cost-

The Auburn Street Water Tower will undergo a scheduled reconditioning. It will receive structural modifications and restoration to comply with regulations and standards, as well as appearance and safety improvements. Originally constructed in 1993, the 500,000 gallon spheroid-shaped tower was last repaired in 2014.

effective and quality

A commitment to safety and quality drives

long-term electric and

ERMU to perform these updates as soon as they

water utility services.

become necessary, and that same commitment

To communicate and educate our customers in the use of utility services, programs, policies and future plans.

shapes how they are performed. All work done will meet local, state, and federal regulations. The tower will be surrounded by a curtain during this process to contain the debris caused by

These products and

removing paint, which is not classified as lead or

services will be provided


in an environmentally and financially responsible manner.

The work, which is scheduled to begin in July, will take approximately 11 weeks to complete.

Keeping Your Utilities Clear OUR VISION

The utilities equipment on your property serves an important purpose for you and your

Provide exceptional

Please review the diagrams below to learn how much room ERMU requires for maintaining

services and value to those we serve.

neighbors. If landscaping or objects interfere with ERMU staff’s access to electric meters on your home, or transformers in your yard, it can endanger workers and disrupt service. utilities. It’s also important to note that a fire hydrant needs three feet of clearance all the way around. If there are obstacles in front of your fire hydrant, it can delay lifesaving efforts. While working on your lawn this summer, be sure to trim bushes and trees around utility meters. If there is not sufficient space for the safe operation and maintenance of the meter,


our technicians reserve the right to remove items that are in the way. When you add new plants to your yard, please be aware of their potential size and growth pattern. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping a safe working area around any utilities that may be located on your property.




3 ft


3 ft

6 ft

10 f



Required clearance for transformers


6 ft

Required clearance for electric meters

ERMUMN.COM | 763.441.2020 | 13069 ORONO PARKWAY | PO BOX 430 | ELK RIVER, MN 55330-0430


THE CURRENT Slam the Scam ERMU encourages all customers to learn how to spot and avoid scams regarding their utility bill. The most common example involves past due bills where a caller posing as a utility representative threatens instant disconnection if a payment is not made immediately. ERMU does not conduct business with its customers this way. There is a process that occurs before disconnecting MOVING OUT?

any service. We mail letters, send automated phone

Remember to contact ERMU so we know the date that you want services stopped and to provide your new mailing address. This will help ensure that your final bill is processed correctly and that your account will be closed.

calls, and discuss payment arrangements with

If your name is not removed from the account, you could end up paying the utility bills at your old address until the next resident moves in and calls us.

automated line, using your keypad. Should you ever

customers; there is no immediate disconnection. We also do not disconnect at night or on weekends. If you’re asked to wire money, send a money order, use PayPal, or make a payment outside of our regular processes, it is a scam! ERMU staff will never ask you to provide your banking information verbally. All payments over the phone occur on an receive a scam call, having a SmartHub account will also allow you to verify the status of your bill. If you’re unsure about any call, the best strategy is to hang up and call us. This allows you to be sure you’re dealing directly with ERMU. If you receive a call that turns out to be a scam, please report it immediately to your local police department.


2018 Water Quality Report

Summer usually means customers are using more energy for air conditioning and more water for irrigation. Avoid payment peaks with ERMU’s Budget Plan. By enrolling in this convenient program, you will know the amount due on your bill for the next twelve months.

The 2018 Water Quality Report is here! ERMU works with the Minnesota Department of Health all year to test and maintain the quality of your water. We remain vigilant in meeting the challenges of new regulations, source water protection, conservation, and community outreach to serve the needs of our customers. This report will give you a look at the work being done, helpful household tips, and the test results. Visit our website to download the report or contact our

If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact our Customer Service Department. We would be happy to go over all of the details, and provide an estimate. Take advantage of more balanced payments with ERMU’s Budget Plan.

offices to receive a physical copy.

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