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Manufacturers' Literature An 8-p bulletin features the high-perfor­ mance 2001 GC/MS/computer sys­ tem. This instrument operates under the time-of-flight principle and provides over 20 000 spectra/s. CVC Products Inc. 435 A 4-p bulletin describes the perfor­ mance and capabilities of the Model 560 portable ozone analyzer. Refer­ ence is made to its many applications, as well as the accessories that are available for use with the instrument. Analytical Instrument Development, Inc.

Flat-bed laboratory recorders are de­ scribed in a 6-p data sheet. A descrip­ tion of the features plus the available options for the Speedomax XL 625-Series is included along with a complete listing of specifications. Leeds & Northrup Co. 439 Application Report No. 4 investigates the use of infrared analyzers to monitor commonly used fumigants. It presents analytical procedures, a discussion of instrumentation, nine reference spec­ tra, and calibration curves illustrating the results that can be obtained. Wilks Scientific Corp. 440

TN-1700 Pacesetter pulse height ana­ lyzer system is described in a 24-p bro­ chure. This analyzer provides many of the advantages of a computer-based system without the high price. Tracor Northern, Inc. 438

Chemicals and reagents used in amino acid analysis, sequence determination, structure and function analysis, peptide synthesis, and gas and liquid chroma­ tography are featured in a new catalog. Also included are lab accessories, ref­ erence books, and clinical kits and re­ agents. Pierce Chemical Co. 447 A 24-p catalog describes the full line of Chemware laboratory products made of Teflon. Chemplast, Inc. 448

Catalogs A 60-p catalog features the latest line of Nalgene labware and thermolyne ap­ paratus. Nalgene Labware Division, Nalge Co. 443

"Reagents for Acrylamide Gel Electro­ phoresis", 14 p, contains descriptions, specifications, and literature references for the numerous Eastman products suitable for polyacrylamide gel electro­ phoresis. Eastman Kodak Co. 449

The 1976 "Temperature Measurement Handbook", 176 p, features over 7500 temperature measurement products and 80 new products. Omega Engineer­ ing Inc. 444

A 20-p catalog provides physical and performance specifications for pH me­ ters, electrodes, and accessories. Cor­ ning Science Products Div. 450

A 20-p catalog features automatic sampling equipment and flow meters. Sigmamotor, Inc. 446

Scintrex liquid scintillation counting reagents are featured in a 12-p catalog. J. T. Baker Chemical Co. 451

436 An application note describes how the electron capture detector in HP 5700 Series gas chromatographs can now be operated with either argon/methane or nitrogen carrier gas. Application Note ANGC 1-76. Hewlett-Packard Co. 437

The 1976 catalog, 108 p, features the newest in plastic labware, coated lab­ ware of glass and metal from Applied Coatings, and an expanded line of labo­ ratory instrumentation from Technilab. Bel-Art Products 445

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iM/jL&~L· Break the RIA,A A bottleneck. GrummanS ADP-30 Dilutor/dispenser is fast, accurateand easy-to-use. It automates many operations at very low cost. As a di lutor and/or dispenser, the ADP-30SD offers three pump configurations; 2μΙ-200μΙ, 20μΙ-100ΟμΙ, 400μΙ-20,ΟΟΟμΙ. Repro­ ducibility better than one part in a thousand. This flexibility and precision solves many difficult liquid handling problems, such as: atomic absorption, enzyme analysis reagent preparation, and repetitive and volumetric laboratory operation, including the most complex RIA protocols. With an optional dilutor, accessory, the ADP-30SD can pick up 2μΙ to 1ml and dilute with ΙΟμΙ to 20ml. Dilution ratios up to 10,000:1, depending on pump selection. The high-visibility micro­ meter volume-setting panel improves accuracy and speeds changeover. Teflon® and Pyrex®* passageways handle all fluids, eliminate contamination, facilitate cleaning. No tools required, priming is fast. Footswitch and multiplier optional. For a demon­ stration or information write: Grumman Data Systems Corporation. GDS-Î/76

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A bath and a circulator. Refrigerated and heated. - 3 0 ° C to +100° C, ± 0.02° C. A large 9.7 gallon liquid capacity for tem­ perature stability. Solid-state controls for dependability. Our literature has the details.

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