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HSC Chemistry 2.0 for Windows New ver.



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Chemical reaction and equilibrium software, which automatically utilizes an extensive thermochemical database equivalent to more than seven thick data books. The new version 2.0 is now available with many new features and larger database.


• ACS Publications on Disc (Amer- Windows-based partner programs to ican Chemical Society; $44 to $135 the molecular modeling program Hymember, $580 to $1,770 nonmember; perChem. SciLogP measures octanolcircle 301) is a series of ACS journals water partition coefficients, SciLogW on CD-ROM. The Journal of the Amer- determines aqueous solubilities of organic compounds, and SciPredictor ican Chemical Society and Biochemistry are the first two titles in the series, but estimates secondary structure of proexpansion to many of the 24 ACS teins based on topological and resijournals is planned. Subscribers re- due properties. ceive one disc each quarter containing the complete text and graphics of all • How a Photon is Created or Abissues published that year. sorbed: A Dynamic Publication and Inorganic Nomenclature (Jour• CAD Crystallography (ARSoft- nal of Chemical Education: Software; $349 commercial, $299 academ- ware; $50, $70 non-U.S.; circle 308) ic; circle 302) is a DOS program for are educational programs for Macinthe calculation and representation of tosh computers. The first is a new crystalline structures. It performs 3-D kind of electronic document called a visualization and calculations on DynaPub, in which the figures are crystal structures and makes it possi- interactive spreadsheets and userble to build, view, and analyze com- controllable animations. It is used to explore mathematical models and viplex cells and structures. sualize the mechanism by which a • LogKow (Technical Database Ser- hydrogen atom absorbs or creates a vices, $1,350, circle 303) is a database photon. Inorganic Nomenclature is a of experimental octanol-water parti- HyperCard stack that provides praction coefficients for over 14,000 com- tice in naming and writing formulas of inorganic compounds. pounds. It runs on DOS computers. • Quartet (SciTech International; $10,000 list price, $8,500 academic; circle 304) is a thermochemical calculation and simulation program that determines properties of combustion or detonation products in thermal equilibrium. It is available for DOS or Windows.

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Ask for a color brochure: In the North America: ARSoftware 8201 Corporate Drive, Suite 1110 Landover, MD 20785, USA Fax: (301)459-3776 Tel: (301) 459-3773, (800) 257-0073 In the other countries: Outokumpu Research Ov P.O. Box 60, FIN-28101 Pori, Finland Fax: +358-39-626-5310 Tel: +358-39-626-6111 CIRCLE 1 7 ON READER SERVICE CARD 32

JULY 11, 1994 C&EN



• ChemPlan: OIC (TranTech Consultants, $30,000 plus $12,000 annual support fee, circle 309) is an organic intermediate chemicals database and planning system for chemical process industries. It includes over 300 expert models that are used to aid product planning and business development. The database provides information on 700 manufacturing processes, 250 market segments, 470 plants, 200 producers, and 180 products. It runs on DOS PCs.

• RetroChem (MicroPatent; $1,000, annual updates $250 per year; circle 305) is a library of chemical technology patents on CD-ROM. It provides searchable information on every chemical patent issued from • EXP version 3.0 (Brooks/Cole 1976 through 1993. Publishing Co., $319, circle 310) is a scientific word processor for Win• Aquire (Technical Database Ser- dows. It includes more than 500 spevices, circle 306), an EPA database of cial symbols and enables math notaaquatic toxicity measurements for tion and formulas to be mixed freeenvironmentally significant chemi- ly with text and graphics. cal substances, is now available on the TDS Numerica on-line service in • CAChe Satellite for Windows an updated and enhanced version. (CAChe Scientific, $4,995, circle 311) The database provides on-line ac- is client/server software that enables cess to 117,349 aquatic toxicity stud- chemists who have Windows to acies covering 5,212 substances and cess CAChe applications running un4,432 species. der GroupServer ($44,000) or WorkSystem ($25,000) on UNIX servers or • SciLogP, SciLogW, and SciPredic- Macintosh computers, respectively. tor (SciVision; commercial $695, $695, and $995, respectively; academic • For information on these items, $495, $495, and $595; circle 307) are see Reader Service Card