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Death in Service Checklist Suggested timescale Once you’ve found out the news




On notification of death inform Group/Stream and Regional People Manager (or People Director in the Office) as well as your WL4 Director. Talk to colleagues.

Collect any personal belongings in the workplace and keep in a safe place. The next day

After 2 days

Contact next of kin by phone to offer condolences, and leave contact details for next of kin to contact you if they have any questions about work or need support. Send a personal letter of condolence to the family.

Ask colleagues to sign a sympathy card and send it to the family. Notify Union Area Organiser so that they can send a letter of condolence (as appropriate). Notify Pensions department by phone giving the colleague’s full name, employee number, date of death, next of kin. Send them any “Expression of Wish” form you find in the colleague’s personnel file. Update payroll. The reason for leaving code is: L

Identify which benefits the colleague received and notify the relevant departments. After 4 days

Contact next of kin by phone to offer support and understand the family’s wishes regarding the funeral arrangements. Inform close colleagues and the Union Rep. (where applicable) about the funeral arrangements. Arrange for a formal condolence letter to be sent on behalf of the Chairman, Directors and Colleagues of Tesco.

As soon as possible Before the funeral

If the next of kin gives you or the manager any certificate or forms such as the death certificate, please forward these to the Pensions department. Donate to charity or order flowers up to the value of £50 to arrive in time for the funeral.

A day after the funeral

Give or send a letter to the next of kin explaining what will happen to the colleague’s pay/benefits.

A month after the funeral

Phone the next of kin to offer support and to answer any questions about work.

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