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Digital Entry Systems


Digital Keypad The DK-16 is an indoor Single Gang type digital keypad system designed for medium/high security control of electric locks. It consists of two components: the keypad and the CPU board. This allows the CPU board to be mounted within the protected area for higher security. Tampering with or even destroying the keypad will not release the door.

Product Features

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Stainless Steel plate Telephone-type keypad with engraved and paint filled numbers in plastic keys on a single gang box Red, green and a yellow LED mounted on the face Digital Keypad System circuit board is a remote unit for increased security Audible keystroke echo Digital Keypad System circuit board mounts in a plastic enclosure and provides for 59 multiple users, expandable to 119 Wiegand output available User code and/or hard code disable feature 5 Amp DPDT relay output for lock control and alarm shunt, camera call-up or other device interface Request-to-exit (REX) input True 10 digit operation (keys are not paired), 3 LEDs and a beeper 16 ft. [4.8m], 12 conductor, 22 gauge keypad cable

4.5” [114mm]

2.75” [70mm]

Specification Data Current Draw and Voltage: 7mA at rest; 160mA active, 12VAC or VDC 20mA at rest; 190mA active, 24VAC or VDC Operating Temperature: CPU +32 to +158F [0 to +70C] Keypad +32 to +110F [0 to +43C] Shipping Weight: 4.2 lbs. Warranty: MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement Warranty

8” [203mm]

6” [152mm]

3” [76mm]

How To Order Part # DK-16 DK-16XB WCC WBB

Description Digital Keypad System Single Gang (59 Users) DK-16 with Expansion Circuit Board Single Gang (119 Users) Weather Cover Single Gang Weather Gasketed Backbox Single Gang

Accessories for the DK-16 on page 47 WCC


WCC and WBB allow DK-16 keypad to be mounted in outdoor locations not directly exposed to rain or snow 45