Dignifying Death

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Genesis: “Foundations for God’s Kingdom”

Pt. 2: God’s People (chs. 12-50)

Genesis 23 (p. 16)

“Dignifying Death” I.


Dignity at Death (1-4) A. Remembering B.

Weeping Ecclesiastes 12:1–5



Dignity beyond Death (3-18) A. It must be here B.

It must be purchased Hebrews 11:9–10 “he was looking forward…”

Take it Home - Is it hard for you to deal with death - either thinking about your own death (someday) or the death of a loved one? Why is it hard? How does Abraham model faith for you? - Is Jesus your resurrection and your life? Have you ever prayed to confess your sins to Him and asked Him to give you the eternal life He has promised? Read John 11, and spend some time with the Savior who loves you.

Questions for Young Minds • How long were Abraham and Sarah married? • Why did Abraham need special permission to buy a cave for burying his wife? - Because he was ____________

Bill Wade

June 9, 2013