Directions to surface lot

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From 710 South 1. Use left lane to take exit 1C toward Dowtown Long Beach / Convention Center / Aquarium 2. Use left lane to take exit toward W Broadway 3. Turn right on Maine Ave into World Trade Center to surface parking lot

E 7th St

Directions to surface lot

From 405 North 1. Keep right at the fork to continue on CA-22 W/E 7th St, follow signs for Long Beach 2. Continue straight onto E 7th St 3. Turn left onto Alamitos Ave 4. Turn right onto E Ocean Blvd and continue past 1WTC 5. Stay in far right lane towards signs to the 710 freeway/downtown (turn right after Hilton Hotel) 6. Stay in far right lane and merge onto Broadway W 7. Turn right onto Maine Ave into 1WTC surface lot