Does your church website have purpose and focus?

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Recommended Findings


tends wors hip re invite gular Highland Park s oth ly an mission, vision, ers to miss d eng values and be a s (O) from the ional ages Highla distinctives. part ly, m SWOT analysis. in m Also, incorporate of th ore m For example issio nd Par e com staff, the gor your strengths embe ns, b , communica Here geous facilitie muni (S) and te strengths s oth g k Stra rs wi are s and locatio ty. In uch as the cr With the c lobal ll tran the g n of Highland tems easily fo shor tegy eative and de ly an oals sform Park, and th haradicated und as peopl t, the for d d loc that e clarifying d cteris Session e explore the into y’re l ally. came irection that tisciples to church. High tic cr this i iving This he Path prov seasonal mis light stories o from 1. the l deal Goa trave perso ides. eativity in sional opport f people who Clariife of the perso ls unities of peo have been c l (As n is i onsit wors na. ple living out hanged by pire) 2. Incre fy int a dis nvolv ernaciple e str hip (f the values of , Hig l pro of Je ateg ed in ive w Highla the church. D hland y ses Grou ays t 3. Incre ase people cess on’t be afraid and sus. Park sion pLife o wo nd Par to com As H that stan eng and rship ase p mun ighla we w aged ds as activ ), an k SW icatio erce nd P ill tra in st a pil ely inten nt of n (le ark s OT Ana nslat eps p lar of sely peo ader ucce e to the M roce famil ple in ship) ed , dec /about/leader Sep the w rategy S ss, li lysis 04 y-foc Stre ethod Gro ship/ regaeb: Park St ves c used upLif ngth ision ist de Cong Highland hang envi e fro mak s nomi ed, n 05 ronm m 20 and Park ing to • Crea natio umb Tactic #2: Create % to ent, a ols, i n and tive p er of 3.0 Highl 50% nd a dent Dall stor social media eople • Dive . Digital ify ho clear with as-ar ies fr Survey (ded outposts to path rse p les in Park website. ea co om 0 and Park tional tion Online icate rogra increase lead ation to 1 mmu • Highl Interac d) l Clari the mmin ersh 2.0 /mo. “shareability” mend nity. fying gationa ip. g • Connect people direc the Highland 1. Congre • ofLoca gy Recom New tion ( to the Highland Strate 13 tion/b ess for d Park Wea path Park's website content piece Awaren Highlan uildin kne • Budg leade from various Create s have a clea Why g sses rship et/re social media r call to actio ? ests 1. Target/ New • ) sourc Lack n embedded channels, wh outposts. Do all of your me • Colla New Gu 05 peop Online hom es in them? If th at do you wa of inle e’ welco per bora social media 13 e,’ qu Guests nt people to d e goal is to re terna ‘findabl • Build tion Worship new people p o with conten ach new peo• Expe icklying/lo are l com e a more the leas Regular a chu ple through s oint them to t t you’re givin findi 1: Creat munit ctatio ocial media le. er 14 g them? Ens rch w he informatio ng w catio Tactic # • Perc catio conn n of e ew peop • Histo d Memb ure that conte from the Fac n they are mo ays t n ebsit to innecte 05 the c eptio xcell ine for n Disciple ebook page o nt pieces des st likely seek utposts o be e to ry s d. Thes hurc ence area onl f Worship Ce igned to reac ing. The exam come decidlitism media o • Park 15 h theing lo n of e Park - do nter in Lanca h thing ple below is a Leader e social on Method part e to e are Opp fantastic call decis ighland y cho ster, PA. unicati 2: Creat Serving atten of th the ortu ion to t of the H • Cons s we Tactic # d tha d Comm e com peop 16 nitie -to-action eability” atteisten se to atte ll t par 06 le yo mun he “shar 2. Preferre • Near s ticula u wa ity. A chur envi nd online crease t • Exce nd acy of 17 SMU nt to r chu reach ch. t Mo thro ests New ption and mos ronm nity/Out • New rch. nkDe ugh New Gu peop s - la website. youn t com Commu Our • Staff ents the w lead v, we per ck of 17 le com unicate resu g adu mun peop /cong ebsit ershi Highland Park United Methodist Church exists to create environments where non-religious & nominal religious people can ’ve re Worship cons • Num lts sh 3: Comm icate lts e an p le• visit rega hed or sear Regular ow th Tactic # with Howing prise ber o d 60 tion unchurc ched an estim istency, s er 18 so th deci for th at of f of u % of 08 become deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ. o attract • Disci how the ystem d Memb ten u sions peo e firs ey fe n-chu Events t ated freq web Disciple plesh pwar ple s s/pro are t time el ‘at ture & rched uent sitemade at 15% e mem Thre ip of tors. ay it d of 19 cess • Multi on: Cap ats. The ly ne are (rea peop Websit bers Leader 20% new visi “mem is so sformati of the branction y wil w pe site p le in , but of p Serving mew the Church d Park bers” s of tran l ofte d new ople “awa • Lead onlin resen High the a eople • New hat t As this mission is accomplished, there will be an explosion of missional living and giving in the church. New churches will be ary)visit 4: Storie 20 ance of n find use rene land rea e spa Highlan fe. ce o ver are Tactic # fami their 3. Import ss onership lea ment ors. anged li Park findin ce fo y imp g About lies ways • Size 08 way -ram • Bran 22 es of ch Prac / Involve planted and lives, families, and neighborhoods will be transformed because of the life-giving relationship with Jesus. r the Com Learnin g ortan for p to H ps” f ving, i.e. n tell stori ticall itment m is d/vis 4. First mun t in th eople- getting p ighla or ne y, thi e Comm ual e othe • Othe ity. Furt to Group 26 eir nd P ar to e w pe aviga important s me r cru xtern 2. Increas r Worshippers ife, ark t ncoueople into ople. ting the “t Church t Calend ans t her, cial s r churches . Onl ally GroupL hrou 09 nter Conten • Nom hat e appr pace ransi ine p High comm Eas from Regula Starting Point, Highland Park has come to value being a Biblically-centered church. Everything the set out to do is accompanied by a deep and very oxim inal r for i view of us 5. Sample unityily sharea tion” athways t gh invitati othe ately eligio ncreasing land Park 30 onal sion es (e.g., ble a r per o pa us pe 41-5 Discipl even abiding conviction from God’s word. This word-centered living filters into Highland Park’s unique spirit of creativity and innovation. 6. Conclu nd fin son v rticip 0% of more ople awarene . Lastly, s ts an , etc.) dable ate in isitin 31 tructure in Bib ss. d wo ocial the g the Serving com even gation s They use this perspective to create disciples who live missionally while giving of their time, talents, and treasures generously. med rd-of le be fe. pag mun ect navi ts an -mou ia pla GroupLi lt e is t ity-fo 1: Conn d Sta nd then th fro ys a here cuse Tactic # rting g Point a m cu signi ter. d ou Poin 09 Tactic o Startin fican rrent treac urce cen t will closely t Appendix t role ine resoIn just a few short years, Highland Park will be a church that’s exploding in growth–more people in worship hearing Good h eve #1: Cre prov in dr e an onl nts p ide e iving 2: Creat • Crea rovid ate a asy traff Tactic # News, more people in GroupLife, and more multisite communities. The future is bright, but it will take a dedication to the vision e ad tions: te usab opic to more 10 dition sugges olunteer the w le few s al Further ts and v and ‘findab ebsit set forth by the staff and leadership team. ente ize even 11 actio e, an nnels nces 3: Public nabl le’ wel try, C edia cha ? W Tactic # e cont reati social m hat d com 11 ng D es using ent with onnect o the • Focus on establishing navig iscip portuniti e are ays to c valu ation . les, E the High a more consistent e easy w When we think of a person who is fully dedicated to the cause and mission of Highland Park, we envision someone who ates of a onl rtunities ? Ho vang 4: Provid High likes. With a a na Facebook presence. w wi eer oppo land ine for elism Tactic # weekly attend vigat land ll firs ic volunt Park thro ance of 5,000 As of this wri ional Park 12 t-tim o specif Cons new ugh There is curr gues ting, the HPU +, this is an a grap (Bib e vis people t Disc ently no cove verage amou MC fan page ider t in mind le-Ba hic to itors peo iples r image for th has 1,557 addin nt of likes for sed, guid come ple. hip, G e fan page, a churches of . Wha g a t Crea e ne to u s well as infre similar size to ab fo ener w vis tive I t is H nder quent update Highland Pa ous C r new itors. nnov stand ighla s with little to rk. omm peo The ation nd P thes no engagem ple in unity tab , Inte ark a e val ent per post. leads , Mis the ntion ll abo ues w top-l siona to a al & ut in hen ine n vide Effec l Livi a looki aviga o, a ng) m tive M ng a warm tiona ean t you inisl stru way to th r web to w cture e cur site? elcom . rent Curr e ne ently w vis , the itors re is to th e chu

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from “DisPeople ” : Getting Deeper g Leader. 3. Going r” to “Servin wsletMembe log, e-ne cipled group, b velope private rship de 1: Creat for leade Tactic # ne area ther onli ter, or o ment.

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Does your church website have purpose and focus?




“ Content strategy can be

overwhelming, but it’s worth putting the time in and not pushing it under the rug.

Melissa Therrien Communications Coordinator for Eagle Brook Church

Increase the effectiveness of your church website with content strategy.

A church website should have a laser-like ability to ac-

Understand what is outdated and ineffective on your church

complish three things: attract, engage, and develop the

website. Then begin to shape a way forward. Learn how to

out of redesigning our website.

community. Church websites lose their potency as they

connect content on your website to organizational goals.

It helped quantify there was an

become bogged down with unnecessary content. Unless action is taken to turn this around, church websites quickly become ineffective.

We’ll facilitate the process of creating goals for your content with key leaders within your organization. Simply put, we’ll answer the question, “What do you want users to do when

Sifting through content can seem like an overwhelming task, which is why it never happens in most churches. The result? Painfully unfocused web content.

they come to your website?”

egy helped get buy-in among our staff. The whole process took much of the overwhelm

end in sight with a clear strategy moving forward.

Amberley Parker Communications Director at University Christian Church

University Christian Church decreased from 220 navigational items to

What’s the remedy? A content strategy.

40 after completing a content strategy. After seeing an 80% reduction

With content strategy, Eagle Brook Church prioritized their content goals and experienced a 70% reduction in content. The result? Us-


in content, church leaders realized ‘less is more’ when it came to the website. The site is easier to use and content is easier to find.


The content strategy will help you:

ability drastically improved for the user by making information more relevant and easier to find.

“ Going through content strat-

Prioritize and focus the content on your church website with content strategy.

Reduced unnecessary content by 70%

• Re-engineer a sitemap based on organizational goals. • Build page layouts and functionality to accomplish goals. • Create more effective content and establish governance procedures for moving forward.

Build a church website with content that creates ministry movement. Create content that matters. See if a content strategy session is right for you: