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MATTHEW | AMEN Bible Study 2021 King Over Your Worst Nightmares Matthew 26:30-75 November 18, 2021

I. King Over Injustice (57-68)

II. King Over Betrayal (47-56)

III. King Over the Devil (36-46)

IV. King Over Your Betrayals (30-35, 69-75)

1 AMEN Handout 11/18/2021

Discussion Questions Knowing 1. What are the four areas over which Christ demonstrates sovereignty in our passage?

2. Can you name additional areas in your life or the world that create fear?

3. How does the Westminster Shorter Catechism’s Question 26, summarizing the Bible’s teaching on Christ’s Kingship, speak to those fears? How is Christ King? As a king, Christ brings us under His power, rules and defends us, and retrains and conquers all His and all our enemies.

Being 1. How does knowing Christ has experienced injustice, betrayal, demonic oppression, and our sin impact the way you feel about your current suffering?

2. How does knowing Christ has become King over all reality increase your confidence in facing the future?

Doing 1. Identify at least one fear you need to take to King Jesus in prayer.

2. Name one risk you want to take for Christ’s glory as a result of new confidence in his Kingship.

2 AMEN Handout 11/18/2021