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WE’RE ANCIENT AND NEW The faith we hold is ancient, going back to Jesus, back to his spiritual ancestors, back to those who walked the earth and found holy ground. And what we do is often based on really ancient patterns—worship and music; loving service to the poor, the hurting, the lonely; working for justice and peace; lively, fearless education and formation of minds and souls. And that faith is also completely contemporary, engaged in the culture and the needs of the moment.


WE’RE FOR The dignity and worth of every person. An open-minded, passionate commitment to truth. The importance of everyone’s own spiritual journey. God’s friends wherever we find them. Seeking Christ in every person who comes through the door. The sacredness of life’s rites of passage. The value of community. The hard work necessary to make sure that all are welcomed. Telling the truth about life’s challenges. A “user-friendly” church experience. Children and families.

WE’RE AGAINST Claiming to have all the answers. Elitism and exclusivism, especially in church. Bigotry for any reason. Authoritarianism. Indifference to injustice and suffering. Certitude in the face of ambiguity and superficial answers to hard questions. Boring sermons, bad music and general cluelessness. (So, God help us, because we don’t always avoid them!)

WE VALUE Community, open hearts, open minds, open arms. Faith. Fortitude. Staying current, but equally staying rooted in tradition. Reason and honesty. Civic responsibility as New Yorkers, Americans and global citizens. Debate that allows for mutual respect. Music and beauty for their own sake. Joy in God’s creation. Anyone who makes an effort to get to know and follow Jesus.


Wherever you’re from, wherever you are in life, this church may be the place for you.

WELCOME! The joy of Easter surrounds us today. We don’t claim to understand it all, but we proclaim this as our most important day, a day when we as a group of God’s people proclaim with conviction what we hold to be most true: that life and God are bigger than we can hope or imagine and that somehow death is never the final chapter. Your presence here today—whether you are here every week, only on occasion, or just for today—matters to us and enriches our journey. We hope that you will find a glimpse of something about which you desire to know more. If you do, please let us know who you are so that we can be in touch. What we promise is a place of welcome where you can connect at your pace and on your time. Come again, won’t you? The flowers and music that brighten our sacred space are given by the special donations you make—as memorials or thanksgivings for friends, family, the church community and others. Thank you!

OR, TO PUT IT MORE BRIEFLY: Reason over dogma Reality over perfection And ambiguity over certitude. In other words, Faith.

Everybody needs a place. St. Bart’s could be yours. Check out what’s inside, and join us.

LEARN AND GROW IN COMMUNITY THE FORUM: Join us every Sunday at 10:05 am to connect faith with life. Programs include explorations of theology, social concerns, philosophical questions, and occasionally St. Bart’s ministry and mission. Our Rector, Buddy Stallings, leads the discussion and often invites a guest speaker. EXPLORE CLASSES: Sundays at 12:30 pm. Every person who comes to St. Bart’s is genuinely and warmly welcomed. But that’s just the beginning. If you are considering taking a closer look at membership in a spiritual community in the Episcopal tradition, join us for EXPLORE—a popular, interactive seasonal class with Rector, Buddy Stallings and Chief of Parish Ministries, Lynn Sanders. BIBLE STUDY/PRAYER AND MEDITATION: To move past worship into a deeper understanding of the faith, we offer traditional and alternative explorations from weekly Bible Studies to Centering Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and a Buddhist-style Sangha (Christian Meditation). MUSIC: St. Bart’s has a robust music program with three choirs: St. Bartholomew’s Choir, St. Bart’s Singers, and St. Bartholomew’s Boy and Girl Choristers. Opportunities for participation exist at all levels from professional to volunteer. The church’s Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ is the largest in New York City. CREATIVE ARTS: From The Spirit of St. Bart’s, our quarterly online journal, to video stories of our art and architecture, there is plenty of creative energy at this sacred oasis. St. Bart’s is also home to the St. Bart’s Players, one of the city’s most beloved and long-running theatrical troupes. And don’t forget: Every Sunday, a live production of worship, pageantry, art and music takes place in four unique services—in which you play an interactive part. Serve as an usher, become a greeter, learn more about lay ministry, or take an EXPLORE class and find out more about what it means to be an Episcopalian and a member of St. Bart’s. And take a tour of the church. COMMUNITY GROUPS: St. Bart’s has many. Some are defined loosely by age and generation, like the 20s/30s and the 40s/50s Plus. Others include the Movie Group, Lesbian & Gay Fellowship, Grief Group, Dream Group, The Women’s Circle, and many more. Some groups meet year-round while others are seasonal. And some are yet to be created!

As you can see on these pages, living one’s faith involves many things. AT THE HEART OF ST. BART’S IS WORSHIP EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. From that center flows learning and nurturing the spiritual journey with an open mind: making music, art and serving others—especially the hungry and homeless; getting to know one another in fellowship, prayer and contemplation.

It’s a joy to us that you are here today. Come as often as you will.

CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILY MINISTRIES: We have an imaginative, engaging Sunday School for children ages 2 through fifth grade, and two terrific Youth Groups for kids in sixth through twelfth grade at the 10 am Education Hour—and so much more! We offer nursery care every Sunday for infants through four-year-olds from 8:30 am–12:30 pm; Children’s Chapel during the sermon at our 11 am Eucharist; seasonal liturgies designed especially for children and youth; Family Days that include lunch, learning, fun and fellowship; outreach opportunities for making a difference in our church, our community and our world; and Interfaith Children’s Education, an after-school program for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. Our next family field trip is Sunday, April 27th. Please join us following the 11 am service as we travel uptown for lunch and to see the Phoenix sculptures of Xu Bing at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine! RSVP: [email protected]



SERVE AND GET INVOLVED! COMMUNITY MINISTRY: WE PROVIDED 160,000 MEALS LAST YEAR Preventing hunger and ending homelessness are the focus of our work to establish God’s realm on earth. Associate Rector Edward Sunderland coordinates the food pantry (now offering fresh, organic fruits and vegetables); the soup kitchen (setting new standards in home-cooked meals prepared by our volunteer chef and served by volunteers); and our overnight shelter, housing up to ten women every night of the week. Volunteers always needed and welcomed. EPISCOPAL PEACE FELLOWSHIP The Episcopal Peace Fellowship connects all who seek a deliberate response to injustice and violence and who want to pray, study and take action for justice and peace in our communities, church, and world. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Our large Habitat team participates in local and far-away builds. Past activities include building structures in the Dominican Republic, post-Katrina New Orleans, and areas ravaged by superstorm Sandy. A great way to meet others while doing significant work. GENERAL VOLUNTEERING AT ST. BART’S In a community driven by excellence and purpose—and a lot of joy arising from our credo of radical welcome —there are literally hundreds of volunteers. The work can be challenging and fun. Check the web for current openings.

ST. BART’S — MORE THAN A CHURCH A DESIGNATED NEW YORK CITY LANDMARK: “St. Bart’s the Landmark” is a great public space. While remaining the site of an historic New York City church, renowned for its art and architecture, it also functions as a midtown civic and community gathering place, a culture and education center, a treasured neighborhood amenity, and a Park Avenue icon open to all. HOME TO THE MMPAF GREAT MUSIC CONCERT SERIES: The Mid-Manhattan Performing Arts Foundation (MMPAF) offers outstanding concerts in this beautiful sacred space throughout the year. Visit mmpaf.org to learn more. A TOP-RATED PRESCHOOL: St. Bartholomew Community Preschool’s philosophy is based on fostering a love of learning, celebrating and embracing each child’s uniqueness, and providing an environment where children’s curiosity is encouraged. SUMMER AND WINTER CAMP: An amazing urban day camp offering something for everyone ages 3 to 13 —tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, volleyball, track and field, and swimming in a full-sized pool; creative arts on site. A FAVORITE PLACE FOR WEDDINGS, CONCERTS, MOVIE SHOOTS, AND PRIVATE GATHERINGS WITH CATERING: Inside Park at St. Bart’s is our adjoining restaurant open year-round, indoors and out. A perfect complement for any social venue in our gorgeous, sacred space. THE STORE AT ST. BART’S: The store is located in the lobby of the church (the narthex) and offers a great selection of titles for adults and children, Bibles, prayer books and gifts for various occasions.

THERE IS LIFE AFTER EASTER Join us as we continue our Easter celebration! t"QSJM GREAT MUSIC concert, 2:30 pm: Paul Brantley and the Flux Quartet t"QSJM 30 – May 11: St. Bart’s Players present “Nunsense” t.ay 4: New EXPLORE classes begin, 12:30 pm—Led by Buddy Stallings and Lynn Sanders. GREAT MUSIC concert, 2:30pm—James MacMillan: “Since It Was the Day of Preparation” t.ay 6: Opera, Chapel, 7:30 pm—“The Interview, Episode 1 of Made in America” (U.S. Premiére) t.ay 11: Bishop Chilton Knudsen visits. 9 am: Acolyte Recognition; 11 am: Choral Morning Prayer with Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation t.ay 14: “Four Nights in Hell” class begins, led by Thomas Porto, 4 Wednesdays, 7-8:30 pm Explore the treasures of the Inferno from Dante’s “Divine Comedy” t+une 8: PENTECOST t+une 22: WELCOME SUNDAY at 11 am SUMMER FESTIVAL OF SACRED MUSIC begins, Sundays through September at 11 am Visit stbarts.orgGPSEFUBJMT


WHEN YOU NEED HELP Our clergy share the responsibility of being on call. If your need is urgent, call 212-378-0250 and you will be forwarded to the priest on duty. For other matters, call during business hours at one of the numbers in the staff listing below. PASTORAL SERVICES AND SACRAMENTS Baptisms are scheduled throughout the year on specific Sundays (dates available at stbarts.org). In certain circumstances, private baptisms may be arranged. Contact the Rev. Matthew Moretz. Marriage and Blessings of Commitments require consultation with clergy (see contact info, below). For arrangements and set-up requirements, contact Heather Bond Bryant at 212-378-0254. Funeral and Memorial Service planning begins when a death is reported to any of the clergy. You may reach the priest on call at 212-378-0250. The Laying on of Hands and Healing Prayers are offered at the 9 am, 11 am and 5 pm Sunday services, Wednesdays at 12:05 pm, and by request during the week. The rite of The Reconciliation of a Penitent (private confession and counsel) can be scheduled with any of the clergy. Communion for the sick or home-bound (or pastoral visits to the hospital) can be arranged through the Rev. Bruce W. Forbes. To add a name to the prayer list, you may contact any of the clergy or send an email to [email protected] COMMUNITY MINISTRY St. Bartholomew’s offers many programs, including a soup kitchen, a food pantry and an overnight shelter. Your support through volunteering, groceries, and donations is greatly appreciated. SPACE USE AND RENTALS Call or email St. Bart’s Central (see below) if you wish to arrange a parish meeting in the Church or Community House. For outside users, we offer a limited number of rooms: contact Heather Boyd Bryant, 212-378-0254, [email protected] We ask you to understand that we are only able to offer these spaces at established market rates.

SUPPORTING ST. BART’S The Stewardship Campaign is the collective financial support of members, friends, staff, visitors and others who believe in our mission or have been touched by St. Bart’s in some way. In the spiritual sense, a way to put your values and faith into action. Help us do this holy work: stbarts.org/stewardshipcampaign

The Mosaic Society recognizes members and friends who have included St. Bartholomew’s Church in their estate plans—gifts which help secure the future of St. Bart’s, while advancing philanthropic and estate planning goals: stbarts.org/mosaic-society Create a lasting legacy with a St. Bart’s Chair. Supporting the unique St.

Bart’s cathedral chair fund is a wonderful way to memorialize milestones, inspirations, and remembrances. Please get a form at St. Bart’s Central or go online to stbarts.org/chairs to create your own special inscription.

Lost & Found: St. Bart’s Central desk maintains a lost and found collection in the lobby of the church. If you have anything to return, or anything to retrieve, please visit the desk (open 9 am - 6 pm daily), or contact St. Bart’s Central.

PHILANTHROPIC FOUNDATIONS Separately incorporated 501 (c)(3)s

St. Bartholomew’s Conservancy The Conservancy’s goal is to restore our

CONTACT US The Rev. F. M. “Buddy” Stallings, Rector 212-378-0215, [email protected] The Rev. Lynn C. Sanders, Chief of Parish Ministries 212-378-0245, [email protected] The Rev. Edward M. Sunderland, Associate Rector 212-378-0229, [email protected] The Rev. Matthew J. Moretz, Associate Rector 212-378-0253, [email protected] The Rev. Bruce W. Forbes, Honorary Associate 212-378-0210, [email protected] The Rev. Clayton Crawley, Assisting Priest 212-378-0222 The Rev. Jake Dell, Assisting Priest 212-378-0222 The Rev. John David Clarke, Deacon 212-378-0285, [email protected] Esslie W. Hughes, Chief Administrative Officer 12-378-0279, [email protected] David Bryan, Welcome and Inclusion 212-378-0246, [email protected] Wendy Barrie, Children, Youth and Family Ministries 212-378-0273, [email protected] William K. Trafka, Organist and Director of Music 212-378-0226, [email protected] Kathleen Hayes, Interim Director of the Choristers 212-378-0274 Christopher Carter, Music Librarian 212-378-0274, [email protected] THE VESTRY OF ST. BARTHOLOMEW’S CHURCH Peter M. R. Kendall and Anne Adams Rabbino, Wardens. Zack Bacon, Laura Norwalk Bendelius, Mildred C. Brinn, Hunter T. Carter, Michael T. Duffy, William Erhardt, Morihiko Goto, Jinsoo H. Kim, Dulcie T. Mapondera, Heather Mitchell, Liza Page Nelson, Allison Rutledge-Parisi, Peter Sullivan, and Douglas Tanner. Honorary Wardens: Fletcher Hodges III, Anthony P. Marshall, and Percy Preston, Jr.


building, one of New York’s first designated landmarks, as a great public space, an historic church that also functions as a midtown civic and community gathering place, a cultural and education center, a treasured neighborhood amenity open to all. The Mid-Manhattan Performing Arts Foundation (MMPAF) The Foundation cultivates, promotes and sponsors the understanding and love of the performing arts as presented at St. Bart’s through our Great Music series and developing programs. Crossroads Community Services, Inc.

St. Bart’s has a long history as standardbearers for helping those in need. Our year-round shelter, soup kitchen and food pantry is supported by the church budget in church-provided space. CCS raises vital additional funds and provides a direct conduit for support.

FLOWERS THROUGHOUT THE CHURCH AND EASTER MUSIC ARE GIVEN TO THE GLORY OF GOD AND IN LOVING MEMORY OF:   Richard Adler from Susan, Charlie and Kate Glenn and Dorothy Ashcraft and Charles E. Collier by Brandon Ashcraft Jean H. Barnett by Jack Barnett My mother, Pat Bassett by Loren Bassett Doris, Philip and Gwen Benjamin by Astor N. Benjamin My parents, Donald and Miriam Bell, by Richard Bell Pena and Deno Berziga by Anonymous Palmer and Marion Bessey and James and Sarah Isherwood by Palmer and Sarah Bessey Andrea Biggs by John and Penelope Biggs Ashlee Dominique Blake by Edward M. Sunderland and Victor-John Villanueva My parents, Mary and Walter Bopp, by Peter Bopp William C. Brown III by Hugo Loyola Daddy by Beverly Brookshire Kevin Carlson and Lou Reed by Charles and Mary Sitler Theodore Childs, Jr., by Lucy Gant Bill Clow by Mary Clow Ann Coit Sifneos by Mary Coit Pantelis and Minna Colakis, and Demetrios and Julia Thomas, by Marianthe Colakis Pat and Mary Lou Collins by Tim Collins Haig Dadourian by Astrid Dadourian David, James, Helen, Edna, Vincent and Mary by Kathleen Breiten John W. Day by his wife Barbara and daughters Karen and Lisa Jeanne-Mann Dickinson by Liza Page Nelson Louis and Audrey Dummett by Eileen Scott Our parents, Ruth and Edward Earl, and Eileen and William Thomas, by Janet and Bob Thomas Elisabeth R. Eddy by Elisabeth E. Cord Joseph P. Famolare by Barbara Heyman John Genova by John Greco My mother Charlotte Gill by Charlotte Ariyan Ruth Gilliland by John Gilliland Lillian Gish by James Patterson George A. Goff, Thomas V. Steffel, Renato D. Alpit, and Goro Morita by Richard Unger Mr. and Mrs. John Gooden by Cheryl K. Gooden, M.D. Our parents, Helen and Charles Grenier; and Stephen F. Christy by Vieva and Tom Grenier Herman and Viola Gutheil, and Bill and Paula Fisher, by Robert and Karen Gutheil My parents, Paul and Beryl Heckendorn by Judy Hall Viola Heerwagen by her grandson, Eric G. Leach-Rodríguez de Arriba Ann Howard by Douglas Perry My parents, Betty and Red Hoyt, by Tony Hoyt Harry and Cora Jensen, and Donald F. Malin, Jr., by Barbara Malin Nancy Kayton, William and Dorothy Butterfield By Judith Kayton Jeanne and Gordon Kauffman by Hannah R. Stravers Virginia Kerner, and Tilmon and Irene Cobb by Richard Cobb and Sarah Kerner Hans and Therese Kessler, and Mollie and George Weitzman by Lydia Kessler Weitzman and Jerry Weitzman Reverend Paul H. Kim by Jinsoo Kim Roderick G. LaDousier by Linda Gunderson 5

Noves and Louise Leech, Charles S. and Margaret R. Leech, Katharine and Michael Gallagher and Martha McCollum by Katharine Leech Cousin Linnette Linton by Yvonne Schroeter Frederick T. and Kathryn McGuire by Maeve McGuire Margaret Litchfield and Frances Marquez by Lawrence and Dolores Litchfield Jeanne Mann-Dickenson by Liza Page Nelson Dr. Frederick W. Martens by Joan Martens Murray and Lucille S. Martin, Antonio and Josephine Gianino by the Martin/Gianino family Abuela Monserrate and Aunt Betty by Maria Velez-Clarke and J.D. Clarke Martha T. Muse by Beatrice Treat Marge and Bill Peacher, and Lee Anne Carroll by Laurie Rios Russell David Planitzer by Katharine Planitzer The Rev. Irving S. and Irene Pollard by the Martin/Gianino Family Nathan Daniel Post by Steven and Patricia Post Mr. and Mrs. Veryl Preston and Mr. and Mrs. Irving B. Kingsford, the gift of their grandson, Percy Preston, Jr. Merle and Gladie Price, and Edward Mayer, by David Price Ruth and Gilbert Priess by Cindy Priess Erin Collins Realmuto by Solange Tsutsui James Sadewhite by Karen Raven James B. Serrin by Martha Stack Her grandfather, Eugene Seyboldt, by Bruce and Katherine McHale John J. Shea by Susan A. Ivory Bill Simpson, William and Sarah C. Simpson and Maurice E. Moore by Nancy Moore Simpson   Arthur Riddick Smith, Jr., by Mary Anna Smith Virginia Gibbs Smyth, Joseph P. Smyth, and Stuart Low, with love from Kit Smyth Basquin Dorothy Stevens, beloved mother, by Jennifer Stevens My dear friend, Marnie Steyer by Merlin E. Nelson Eugenia, Costica, Cornel, Tanjala and Smaranna by Rodica Tanjala Krauss Emmanuel D. Theodoredis by Pamela, Stan and Roger Theodoredis Those we love but see no more by Mary-Hart Bartley Elizabeth B. Thomas by Morrie Beth Kleinbart Ernestine Tinney by Conrad Tinney Mark and Elizabeth Tolhurst by David and Rebecca Smith My uncle and Godfather, Peter A. Vogt, by Brad Agry Gladys and Charles Walling by Mary L. Walling Pauline Bogardus Werth, my mother; Joseph P. and Virginia G. Smyth by Herndon Werth

• FLOWERS THROUGHOUT THE CHURCH ARE GIVEN TO THE GLORY OF GOD AND IN THANKSGIVING FOR:   Scott Bistayi by Mary Abraham and Rob Radtke All of the blessings in our lives by Elaine and Fred Bivetto Jane Block by John C. Block Our children, grandchildren, and Ruth by Maria Velez-Clarke and J.D. Clarke Christ for all the blessings and in honor of our sister Annie Pang by John Ma and Deborah Stoner-Ma Randy Cooper Mrs. Patricia S. Davis by the Yurke-Davis Family The Rev. Bruce W. Forbes by Herndon Werth Genevieve Deloffre, my loving grandmother, by Frederique Henriot Episcopal Social Services and their care for our city's children by William D. Rogers Our family by Karen and Kelby Schadow The Flower Guild by Darren Minton Friendship by Patricia R. Tidwell, PhD Uncle Ralph Johnson's 100th birthday by Cindy Priess My sister, Kath, and my nephew, Billy, by Lindsay North Richard Kerner by Richard and Patricia Cobb Lisa, Barnaby, Sara, Geordie, Kate, Bill and Ann by Peter Kendall Victor and Alice Levesque by Paul Levesque The marriage of Christie Posnak and James Connors by Diane Posnak Nell B. Moore by Nancy Moore Simpson


St. Bart's clergy and staff by David Budd and Catherine Belford Budd  Our children and grandchildren: Hoopes and Gemina Gianino Wampler, Coleman and Adelle; Joel and Antonia Gianino Hoekstra and their son, Jack: Gian-Murray Gianino and Maggie Thom and their new son, Sebastian, by Gioacchino S. and Lucy Martin Gianino Anne Adams Rabbino and Robert Rabbino from their grandchildren, Andy and Caroline Bhatt and Francesca Bisbano Our cherished Rector, Rev. Buddy Stallings by Jacqueline Watson The ministry of Buddy Stallings by Morrie Beth Kleinbart Joey Votto by his Mom, Wendy Votto Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Zajaczkowski, Watson, Colesanti, Mudry and Davis families. Thanks for enriching my life every day, by Jacqueline Watson.  Tony Zamarrippa by William Gorton AND BY   Alex and Judy Beard Kate and John Briggs Viola Dircks Donna M. Farrell and Jacqueline E. Florence Mary S. and Phillip G. Foote Carl Gaines and Daniel Tietz Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hathaway Adelaide Kent Joel Ruegg and Julia Garabedian Steve Sakson Eileen Scott Marshall F. Taylor Christine Van Bree Karen Wilson-Johnson Aaron Yang and Claudia Yen Mark Zeisler St. Bart’s, our family and friends, by Manny and Eric  • THE FOLLOWING PARISHIONERS HAVE DONATED THE EASTER DISPLAY OF SPRING BULBS IN ST. BART'S FIVE GARDENS:      Sally Armstrong Kit Smyth Basquin Scott Bistayi and Peter Bopp John and Kate Briggs Zachariah Daum R. Molitor Ford Stephen T. Hughes Sarah Kerner and Richard Cobb Gerda Maynard Ann and Tom Mugavero Diane Posnak Eric and Manny Sue Snyder                                             Carol and Douglas Tanner


WEEKLY WORSHIP AT ST. BART’S SUNDAYS 8 AM RITE I EUCHARIST [In the Chapel] A quiet, traditional service, no music 9 AM EUCHARIST [In the Church] A simple, spirit-filled, tuneful celebration, with St. Bart’s Singers 10 AM SUNDAY SCHOOL, YOUTH GROUP & ADULT FORUM Education for all ages 11 AM CHORAL EUCHARIST [In the Church] Traditional liturgy with hymns, St. Bartholomew’s Choir, and The Boy and Girl Choristers Child care is provided for the 9 and 11 am Sunday services. 5 PM A COMMUNITY EUCHARIST [In the Chapel] An informal, intimate service. Park free on Sundays when you attend services. Garage is on south side of E. 51st St. (3rd Ave. and Lexington) Ask an usher or St. Bart’s Central for a parking voucher.

MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY LUNCHTIME EUCHARIST: Monday – Friday 12:05 pm MIDWEEK EUCHARIST: Wednesday at 6 pm, with traditional and contemporary music EVENING PRAYER: Monday – Friday 5:30 pm MORNING PRAYER: Saturday 10 am PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A GIFT TO ST. BART’S Thank you for celebrating Easter at St. Bart’s. Here you will find a growing and vibrant community that comes together in a beautiful landmarked church at the crossroads of New York City and the world. Our sacred space offers a place to find solace, comfort and nourishment, while our many programs seek to enrich through fellowship, education and transformation. Over 160,000 meals are provided in our soup kitchen and pantry programs, and our shelter provides a safe, comfortable place for women to sleep every night of the year. The Summer Festival of Sacred Music presents beautiful works of music throughout the summer months and the Chapel hosts free lunchtime concerts. All gifts are tax-deductible. For more information, contact Manny Rodríguez in the Stewardship Office: 212-378-0230 or [email protected] Thank you again for celebrating this joyous day with us! ------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------CONNECT WITH ST. BART’S! Hand to an usher or give to St. Bart’s Central while you are with us or mail later to: St. Bart’s, 325 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022 I’d like to know more about St. Bart’s.

Please sign me up for the St. Bart’s WEEKLY eNews and Buddy’s eLetter.

Name ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Comments / suggestions: _________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4"*/5#"35)0-0.&84$)63$)t325 PARK AVENUE AT 51ST STREET, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10022t212-378-0222t$&/53"-ŷ45#"35403(t45#"35403(