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Occasionally ES& Τ conducts a survey of its subscribers for the purpose of evaluating their attitudes toward the editorial content of the Journal. The most recent survey was conducted during the fall of 1976 and attempted to define the readership attitude among the academic, industrial, government and engineering segments of the total circulation. I am pleased to summarize for your information some of the major findings. Apparently the vast majority of our subscribers look at every issue and about 3 5 % read at least half of each issue. These figures are significantly higher than comparable reader-involvement percentages for sister journals. In terms of the usefulness of publications, ES& Τ appears to be doing a creditable job on an overall basis, but scored lower than sister publications (Analytical Chemistry, Limnology and Oceanography, Journal of the Water Pollution Control Federation, and Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association) in the utility of coverage in special interest subjects. A characteristic of ES