Employer Lead Generation

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Employer Lead Generation: Leading Health & Wellness Vendor Results

Overview Client Situation Targets large employers, educations institutions, state and local governments and consultants. Wanted to directly engage and drive new business from existing clients.

Challenges • Targets may have limited awareness of client’s product

Goals & Objectives Generate demand, grow pipeline and drive new business quickly for wellness programs and solutions

Client benefited from an entirely new paradigm for lead generation delivery. And in a span of 1 year, achieved business objectives of creating pipeline for sales.

Database Build

280,000 contact database highly segmented by role, industry sector, job level and other attributes for targeted email messaging.

Strong Pipeline


8,798 prospects engaged

Cognizant designed and implemented a Platformenabled, multichannel B2B employer engagement program which combined:

with program

392 contacts asked to

• Sophisticated data procurement, segmentation and database build

speak to a rep

• Targeted multichannel campaigns – email, search, online and telemarketing– to engage decision makers • Increase brand recognition with third party sponsored campaigns • Call engagement model for inbound and outbound follow-up • On-demand dashboard analytics and reporting

65 contacts advanced to the sales pipeline

case study | 2015