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Engineering Academy is Pitsco Education’s answer to the growing need to dedicate time and resources to engineering education. Not only do Academy courses prepare students for one of the most promising career fields available, they help society meet the challenges of the future by giving bright minds a path to develop the skills needed to tackle those challenges. Pitsco Education’s Engineering Academy helps young people learn not only the skills of engineering, but also how to apply them in the real world.

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Each Academy course is designed for 20 students. In addition to all of the materials and resources required by the students, Academy courses come complete with video instructions on DVD that are helpful to both students and teachers, as well as a complete scope and sequence document that serves as a road map to each course. Also available are optional online assessments, consumable packages to replenish supplies, customized schedules created by knowledgeable staff at Pitsco Education, ongoing development of new courses, and the best customer service in the industry.

Pitsco Education Engineering Academy Flexible courses can be taken in a recommended order or to accommodate school schedules and requirements. The nine- to 18-week courses are readily implemented into any educational setting. Teacher-led courses are designed to enable extensions or modifications. Teachers control the pace of the activities. Students learn real-world skills through hands-on activities. Open-ended challenges foster critical-thinking skills. Standards-based courses are correlated to national science, technology, and math standards. Real-world activities reinforce these core concepts while exploring engineering fields. Courses use equipment and kits from Pitsco Education and come complete with teacher guides, consumable items, tools, and a resource library.

ENGINEERING ACADEMY • Aeronautical Engineering

• Engineering Principles & Problem Solving

• Aerospace Engineering

• Green Engineering

• Civil Engineering

• Mechanical Engineering

• Design Applications & Programming

• Robotic Engineering – Autonomous

• Engineering Design & CAD

• Robotic Engineering – Remote Controlled

• Engineering Design & Drafting

• Senior Engineering Project

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