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Engineering Design Software Developer, Transoft Solutions, Launches Modern Roundabout Microsite New Microsite Give Visitors an Introduction to Modern Roundabout Design and Hints at New Software FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 30, 2009 – Vancouver, BC, Canada Transoft Solutions, developers of industry leading software for the architectural and engineering communities, has launched a microsite about roundabouts and roundabout design at “We are excited to provide visitors to this microsite with a look at modern roundabouts,” says Steven Chan, Transoft Solutions EIT. “ both touches on the advantages of the modern roundabout and delivers an understanding of why roundabouts are gaining momentum as intersection designs of choice in many communities.” provides a general understanding of modern roundabouts as well as various aspects and advantages of their design. Visitors to the site can browse through roundabout facts, interesting roundabout trivia, the advantages of roundabouts, case studies, and weekly updated video content. The updated content will culminate with the live webcast demonstrations of Transoft Solutions revolutionary new roundabout design software on February 17 and 19. Visitors interested in attending the webcast can sign up on About Transoft Solutions Established in 1991, Transoft Solutions, Inc. focuses on developing innovative CAD-based software for the engineering and architectural design community. As an industry leader, Transoft Solutions delivers products which enable users to plan, assess, and evaluate intricate design projects with less effort and cost. For more information on Transoft Solutions’ family of products, please visit or call direct 1.888.244.8387. ### Contact:

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