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June 1-4, 2017

Over 100+ Species Seen & Identified Each Year At The Festival LODGING PACKAGES: Includes nightly lodging, daily breakfast, daily lunch, one reception, bird walks, workshops, guest speakers, registration fee, and Beech Club privileges. 2 night package starting at: $312 per person/double occupancy 3 night package starting at: $421 per person/double occupancy *Single occupancy pricing available. Call 800-622-4121 for details. Day guests are welcome to join the festival. A variety of pricing options are available ranging from $48 - $124. Visit us online at CanaanResort.com for pricing details. Note: Attendees are responsible for providing their own binoculars.

CanaanResort.com 304-574-8751

The Canaan Valley Birding Festival welcomes all levels of birders and nature lovers. Canaan Valley, because of its diverse high elevation boreal habitat, is fortunate to be the breeding ground for many Neotropical birds. Hardwood and Spruce forests, grasslands and wetlands welcome a wide variety of species. Last year 125 species/ forms were found. Leaves protect the birds during nesting, so learning songs and calls helps to locate and identify the birds. Leaders will provide instruction on birding by ear as well as eye. Species likely to be seen include Bobolinks, Scarlet tanagers, Baltimore and Orchard orioles, Chestnut-sided and Black-throated Green Warblers among many others.

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