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EXECUTIVE AGENT TRACKER INTRODUCING EXECUTIVE AGENT ACHIEVE THIS PROMOTIONAL RANK AND YOU’LL EARN ONSTAGE RECOGNITION AT THE SEACRET MOVEMENT CONVENTION! HOW TO BECOME AN EXECUTIVE AGENT: Be Superstar qualified and produce at least 1,000 RGV and at least 1,000 LGV in a rolling 4 week cycle! (see tracker below) WHY YOU’LL WANT TO BECOME AN EXECUTIVE AGENT: • Limited edition exclusive SEACRET Executive Watch • Onstage recognition at the SEACRET Movement Convention and meet the Founders! • $100 Cabinet Bonus • Lead by example! • Once you achieve it, you can help others achieve it too!

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS Qualified as a Superstar Agent


1,000 LGV

1,000 New Sales Volume within 4 weeks on Left Team 1,000 New Sales Volume within 4 weeks on Right Team 1,000 RGV


You are now an Executive Agent!

Qualified Superstar