Executive Summary for Student Ministries

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Executive Summary for Student Ministries 2016 has been an outstanding year in the Student Ministries. God has been so faithful to our students and we are incredibly thankful for all that God has done in and through our midst. Every week, students continue to bring friends and our ministry continues to grow while keeping Christ at the center of all that we do and say. Our ministry now reaches between 120-140 different students with the Gospel message. It has been an awesome privilege to see God grow our students this year through sermon series, father-son camping trips, summer camp, lake trips, small group connections, and so much more. I am so thankful to God for the growth and passion for Jesus that our students are demonstrating. Our students love to worship! In March of 2016, we added Jordan Weniger to our team and he has taken our student worship ministry to another level. Jordan faithfully leads our students every week into Christ centered worship. Jordan selects songs that are Christ centered and Gospel saturated and helps point our students to the Greatness of our God. We look forward to getting more and more students involved in our worship team. Our students love to serve! Our student served Christ on a mission trip in Lynchburg, Virginia. On this trip, we helped serve in two main areas: assisted an adult special needs facility and became the hands and feet of Jesus by assisting a stroke victim. Beyond Missions, our students served at Moore County Food Bank, supported Project Matthew 25:40 School Program, supported Light the Night, assisted in Children’s Ministry, participated on the hospitality team, and are looking forward to partnering with a senior care facility in December. Our students have tremendous hearts to serve! Our students love our volunteer staff! One of our main goals in the student ministry is connecting our students to a mentoring leader. 12 different adult volunteers serve and love on our students faithfully every week. We even have several high school students who serve as mentors in our middle school ministry on Wednesday night. Our volunteers unconditionally love our students and are the very heartbeat of all that we do within our ministry. We personally thank you for your prayers and support this year and we are excited for the opportunity to share with you a little of what God is doing in and through our student’s lives.