Executive Summary

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Acunetix Website Audit 11 March, 2015

Executive Summary

Generated by Acunetix WVS Reporter (v9.5 Build 20150119)

Scan of http://bunningsau.test.dtdigital.com.au:80/ Scan details Scan information Starttime Finish time Scan time Profile Server information Responsive Server banner Server OS Server technologies

6/03/2015 8:53:06 AM 9/03/2015 5:56:14 AM 2 days, 21 hours, 3 minutes Default

True Microsoft-IIS/7.5 Windows

Threat level Acunetix Threat Level 3 One or more high-severity type vulnerabilities have been discovered by the scanner. A malicious user can exploit these vulnerabilities and compromise the backend database and/or deface your website.

Alerts distribution Total alerts found High Medium Low Informational

73 2 12 2 57

Executive summary Alert group Elasticsearch service accessible jQuery cross site scripting elmah.axd information disclosure Unencrypted __VIEWSTATE parameter User credentials are sent in clear text File upload OPTIONS method is enabled Broken links Email address found Files listed in robots.txt but not linked GHDB Password type input with auto-complete enabled

Severity High High Medium Medium Medium Low Low Informational Informational Informational Informational Informational

Alert count 1 1 2 9 1 1 1 50 1 2 2 2