Expenses Claimed by Chief Executive and Executive

Expenses Claimed by Chief Executive and Executive...

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Expenses Claimed by Chief Executive and Executive Committee members of Crossrail Ltd - 2014 2014 Name


Details of claim

Amount Remarks

Chief Executive- Andrew Wolstenholme 16/01/2014

Train Fare

24/01/2014 20/02/2014

Lunch Train Fare


Train Fare




Train Fare


Train Fare

£48.20 Delivered a lecture at the Said Business School and attended a dinner that followed. Purchased return train tickets. £14.41 Working lunch with Mike Forster, Forster Associates £34.10 Meetings with Professor Robert Mair and Professor Dame Ann Dowling, the Engineering Dept, Cambridge University. Standard return train ticket. £94.00 Visit Bombardier's factory in Derby with Mike Brown, MD of LUL, and Howard Smith. Standard class return ticket.

David Allen £70.00 Taxi from oakhill Road to Chatham Dockyard for Chatham Concrete Segment Factory media visit £13.75 Train from Gillingham to London returning to office from Chatham Concrete Segment Factory

Lucy Findlay £25.70 Train Paddington to Oxford

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