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exp eri ence YAO You n g Ambassad o rs fo r O p p o rt u n i t y

Be a key player in the eradication of world poverty Travel with YAO internationally Lead or contribute to a YAO chapter

Betty Mutua from Opportunity Kenya shares her story with the YAO DC chapter.

YAO inspires, educates, and involves younger generations in the power of microfinance and the mission of Opportunity International. Through volunteer-led, regionally based chapters, YAO is raising awareness and funds to build a full-service bank for impoverished Tanzanians. YAO Insight Trip travelers meet with clients in Africa.

“Traveling with YAO to Tanzania, I saw impoverished

“The decision to join YAO was a

“Participating in YAO has

people trying to build businesses and provide for their

no-brainer for me because of my

enabled me to establish

families, but lacking access to financial services that

past experiences with Tanzanians

significant relationships in the

are needed by all entrepreneurs.”

living in poverty. I am proud to

Microfinance world as well as

be an advocate for the brilliant,

empowered me to grow in my

ethical and sustainable work of

exposure to many aspects of

Opportunity through YAO.”

global poverty that Opportunity

– YAO Member and Donor Tara Flynn Professional Healthcare Rep., Pfizer

and other like-minded organizations are involved in.”

– YAO Member and Donor Drew Gilliam Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Microfinance Technology Enthusiast

To learn more, visit opportunity.org/yao

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– YAO Member and Donor Jason Duff Founder/CEO, Community Storage and Properties