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Experience R AI NDR O P THE RAPY Our Signature Massage incorporates 7 exotic oils placed along the spine and utilizes ancient massage techniques to relax the mind, body and soul. 50 minutes | $180 80 minutes | $235 Include an enhancement with your signature experience for only $25. Scalp Massage Foot Scrub Soreness Relief Herbal Compress Deep Tissue

InterContinental MIAMI | 100 CHOPIN PLAZA | MIAMI, FL 33131 SPA: 305-372-4444 | MYSPAMIAMI.COM

Miami spa month savings


myMassage + Hot Stones

Spa Month Package

Enjoy this Swedish style massage with the added benefit of hot stones for a relaxing and calming full body massage experience.

50-minute ELEMIS Renewing Peel Facial and 25-minute Foot Massage

50 minutes | $109

Ginger and Lime Salt Scrub This dry body treatment using ELEMIS Ginger & Lime Salt Scrub will buff and polish the skin leaving you feeling silky smooth.

Experience ELEMIS Skin care with our Renewing Peel facial to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin leaving you feeling fresh and hydrated then followed by a 25-minute relaxing foot and ankle massage to ensure you float through the rest of your day. 75 minutes | $199

50 minutes | $109

myMassage + Scalp Treatment Enjoy this Swedish style massage with Scalp Treatment introducing reflexology techniques for the ultimate de-stress massage experience. 80 minutes | $139 O f fe r s valid t h ro ugh Augu st 3 1 , 2 0 1 9 . Price do e s no t inclu de gra tu it y. A 20% s e r vi ce c h a rge w i l l b e a dde d to yo u r s e r vice. Ca nno t b e co mb ined w ith o th e r d i sco u n t s o r o f f er s. S o me a dditio na l re s tric tio ns ma y a pply.

a p p o i nt m e nt s r e c o m m e n d e d . 305.372.4444 MM 30089