Fall 2010

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Updates Affecting rudgate Families * Summer/Fall, 2010

IT’S ALMOST BACK TO SCHOOL TIME AGAIN...  First Day of School is Tuesday, September 7th (This is a half-day for kindergarten/Young-5 students) Elementary Once your child starts school on September 7, the 12th Street PTO invites you to visit the cafeteria to meet other parents, sign up for volunteer tasks and get to know the PTO leaders. 12th Street Open House is scheduled for Thursday, September 16th in the evening Middle School West Middle School Open House will be held on Tuesday, September 14 in the evening for 7th & 8th graders. 6th graders are to report to WMS Monday, August 30, 9-11 a.m. for orientation. High School Central High School will welcome freshmen & any new students for orientation Thursday, September 2nd from 9 to 11 a.m. Central and Northern High School Open House will be held on Tuesday, September 21 in the evening.

Attention: 2011 High School Graduates

Rudgate Annual Garage Sales 2010 a Huge Success

We are starting to prepare the list of Rudgate High School graduates for 2011!! If you know of a Rudgate resident that will be a senior this year, e-mail their name to [email protected] We are also looking for a parent volunteer to help compile this list and prepare banners. E-mail me if you are interested in helping.

Thank you Sarah Lanting for helping to organize ads and signs for this event again this year! It seems the 6-9 p.m. Friday and 8-4 p.m. Saturday work well. We will continue to have the sales the first weekend in June. Plan on 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, June 3 and 8 - 4 p.m. Saturday, June 4 for our 2011 Neighborhood Garage Sales.

Rudgate Neighborhood Email Database... Did you know there were 3 car break ins on Lewsinda in July? If you are listed on the e-mail data base you would have been notified immediately! Send your e-mail address to [email protected] and you will be included.

Sue Rome REALTOR® 414 W. Milham, Portage Cell: 269.217.4311 V.Mail: 269.381.2609 ext. 168 [email protected]

Fellow neighbors asked  to share these friendly reminders and safety tips: ◊

Pedestrians should walk against traffic and bikes should ride with traffic

If you are walking/biking at night bring a flashlight or wear reflective clothing

Remember to bring a baggie or shovel while walking your dog for easy clean up

Almost time for back to school! Watch for kids and be extra careful to slow down for the buses!

This newsletter is proudly sponsored by Sue Rome of Jaqua Realtors

H E R E ’ S W H AT ’ S I N S I D E . . . • •

Important Back to School Information Current Market Activity in Rudgate!

News From Your Rudgate Neighbors... Are you planning a vacation and need someone to care for your pets while you’re away? Contact Dawn Feddema at the Rudgate Pet Care Service, 269.353.3116. She provides excellent in-home care for your pets. Need gift ideas for the man or woman in your life? Contact Liz Plaisier at 269.353.4741 for the latest Mary Kay products. Visit www.marykay.com/lplaisier for more details. Searching for a licensed electrician and handyman? Look no further! Contact Brian Bowman at Handy B, 269.599.9381. A Licensed Electrician & General Handyman, Brian will provide expert service for your needs.

Need scrapbooking supplies or a place to hang with other women to scrapbook and socialize? Contact Kelley Simpson, Rudgate Resident and Creative Memories Consultant for 6 years, at 269.375.5773. Host a night with your friends in my basement-monthly! Have fun! Spend a night out! Visit www.mycmsite.com/simpson or send an email to [email protected] for more details. Tricia Tetzlaff Music Studio specializes in private voice, piano, and beginning guitar lessons. Also, music therapy services for students with special needs are available. Attend Tot Tunes Toddler and Mom Music Class Today! Direct inquiries to Tricia at 269.743.7019 or visit me on the web at www.triciatetzlaffmusicstudio.com.

Looking for a new style? Hydrate Salon + Spa can help, located at 1311 E. Centre Ave. Owners Drue McPherson (hair artist) + Jeanne Comparoni (nail technician) bring their backgrounds of art, marketing, and personal best together to offer a fresh water feel within Hydrate Salon + Spa. Stop in for a refreshing tour. Also welcoming hairstylists, Karen Howes and Jody Taylor. Call 269.323.2420 make an appointment. If you are a hair artist and want to work in a newly renovated fresh space, contact Drue or Jeanne. Also, looking for local artists to display different art monthly.

Do you need an experienced baby sitter, mother’s helper or pet sitter? A Portage Central High School junior honor student, varsity soccer player and Red Cross Certified in Child Care can help you. Reasonable rates, call 269.353.4855.

Do you have a friend or co-worker looking for a home? Tell them about these wonderful Rudgate Homes Currently Listed Uç Sue Rome


7983 Deerpath  3 bedrooms / 3 baths 

7936 Deerpath  3 bedrooms / 3 baths 

5382 Stoney Brook 

5050 Foxcroft 

4 bedrooms / 2.5 baths 

3 bedrooms / 2 baths 


7876 Summerhill  4 bedrooms / 3.5 baths 


5183 Burning Tree  4 bedrooms / 2.5 baths 

5750 Saddle Club  5 bedrooms / 3.5 baths 

4757 Thrasher  4 bedrooms /3 baths 

7141 Dorval  4 bedrooms / 2.5 baths 

5423 Heathrow  4 bedrooms / 2.5 baths