Family Commitment

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Family Commitment

Application & Information Packet Our next Family Commitment is Sunday, May 6, 2018 Completed application must be e-mailed to [email protected] or brought to the Preschool office by Sunday, April 22, 2018. If you have questions, email Traci Roberts at [email protected] or call 601-450-3068.

Please note: TBC membership is required to participate in Family Commitment. We will follow-up with you to either discuss your application further or schedule an appointment. Is this your first time to participate in Family Commitment at TBC? YES NO 1. Adult participants and relation to child (as you would like us to announce) Name __________________________________________Relationship _________________________ First Last

Name __________________________________________Relationship _________________________ First Last

Does the child reside with both participants? _____YES _____NO If no, please explain: _________________________________________________________________ 2. Mailing address: ___________________________________________________________________ Email address: ________________________________________________________________________ Cell phone: _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Relationship status of adult participants: ______ child’s parents married to each other ______ a parent of the child married to another ______ child’s parents separated/divorced but desiring to commit together ______ child’s parent committing alone due to unbelieving spouse ______ single parent committing alone ______ single parents, unmarried, living separately, committing together ______ single parent(s), unmarried, living together or with another, committing together or separately ______ boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé of a participating adult (Please specify which: ___________________________________________________) ______ other: explain _______________________________________________________________

4. Are you a current member of TBC? ________YES ______NO If no, what church are you a member of? _______________________________________ 5. List the current participation at TBC of each adult: Participation ______________________________ Frequency ________________________ Worship, Bible Fellowship, etc. Participation ______________________________ Frequency ________________________ Worship, Bible Fellowship, etc. 6. Child(ren) being dedicated: Name ____________________________________________________________ DOB _____________ First Middle Last Called by

Name ____________________________________________________________ DOB _____________ First Middle Last Called by

Name ____________________________________________________________ DOB _____________ First Middle Last Called by

7. List any siblings of the child(ren) (first names only needed) _______________________________________ ______________________________________ _______________________________________ ______________________________________ 8. Please list grandparent(s)s that you would like mentioned during the Family Commitment. _______________________________________ ______________________________________ _______________________________________ ______________________________________ 9. The Preschool Ministry has permission to use my child’s picture on the church website, Facebook, or in workshops/brochures representing TBC. ________YES ________NO 10. Do you have any special info or a story you’d like to share about your child? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

11. What Bible verse would you like to use for your child(ren) life verse? Please type out the entire verse. We want to use the version you like best. J (ex: NIV, ESV, KJ) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

12. Complete the attached testimony form for each participating adult and return it with this paperwork packet. 13. See the sample Commitment form (attached). The actual form will be filled out by the parents during the “Faith at Home” luncheon/class and then returned to you on the day of commitment. All paperwork is due back to the Preschool office for processing. Once paperwork has been processed, you will be contacted regarding your participation in the “Faith at Home” luncheon/class and commitment.

My Personal Testimony Please briefly describe your salvation experience:

My life before becoming a Christian:

_____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ How I realized my need for Christ:

_____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Why I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior:

_____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ When and how the decision of following Christ was made:

_____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Specific ways Christ has changed my life:

_____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Have you been baptized by immersion since your salvation experience? YES______ NO______ Signature _________________________________________________ Date _______________________

Last Name(s) ___________________________________ First Name __________________________ Child’s Name ___________________________________________________________________________

As a covenant between myself and God, myself and my child, and myself and my church, I commit to: ________ love this child unconditionally ________ provide for this child to the best of my ability ________ live a moral, God-honoring lifestyle in my home and outside my home ________ pray for this child regularly ________ teach this child principles of God’s Word, modeling them in my own life ________ guide this child to come to know Christ as his/her personal Savior ________ keep this child involved in a Bible-believing church Personal words of commitment to this child: Signed _________________________________________________ Date ___________________________ Signed _________________________________________________ Date ___________________________