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Summer in New York... a great selling season!

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Summer Selling

New Member Spotlight

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Guest articles by Bob Berting

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Dan Holmes

From the Desk of Your EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FCPNY is on the move. On July 12th the Executive Committee met at the Genesee Valley Pennysaver offices in Avon for a strategic discussion regarding your association. They reviewed financial statements, sales volumes and cash flows to determine the best path for the continued health of the organization. Part of the analysis was the thorough consideration of the need for a dedicated office space in Syracuse. Following the departure of Tom Cuskey in January and the reduction of hours for our administrative assistant, Nina Alfano, coupled with the reduction of my travel to the Syracuse office from my home in Massachusetts from every week to every-otherweek, it was evident that we had far more space than we needed. Bridgette Goodman offered to house the clerical functions of FCPNY at her offices in Watkins Glen and the executive committee determined that it makes sense for me, after ten years of an eight hour round-trip commute, to begin to conduct the administrative functions of the association from my home office. Since that meeting in July we have been busy packing up the office and training Bridgette. On August 31st we will lock the doors of the Syracuse office for the last time. We do this with every confidence that the needs of FCPNY and all of our members will continue to be filled completely and professionally. As of September 1st our mailing address will be: 217 N. Franklin Street, Suite B, Watkins Glen, NY 14891 Our primary phone number will remain the same: 315-472-6007 Our toll free number will also remain unchanged: 877-275-2726 Only our fax number will change to: 607-535-2939 With this move we will say goodbye to our administrative assistant, Nina Alfano. I will miss Nina and want to thank her for her nearly four years

of service to Tom and myself and all of the members of FCPNY. Nina always fulfilled her responsibilities cheerfully and adequately and has been accepting and supportive of the decision to relocate the office. She has provided her experience and patience during the process of training Bridgette to fill her shoes and for that I am particularly thankful. I know I speak for all of the membership in wishing Nina well in her future. I also want to express my gratitude and that of the FCPNY membership to Bridgette Goodman for taking the time to learn Nina’s responsibilities and for providing a new primary home for the FCPNY office. Thank you so much, Bridgette. I would be remiss if I did not explain that the ultimate reason for the move of the office is the lackluster level of sales into the AdNetworkNY classified network. This is the mechanism that funds the activities of the association and we have seen a continued decrease in the number of ads sold by you, our membership into the program. It is imperative that you consider the classified network for your customers who could benefit from the more than 2.6 million readers they could reach. Without your continued support of the network in the form of sales, more difficult decisions will have to be made. Please let me know if I can assist you. You will find a reminder in this newsletter of our Adsense web-advertising program. This is another way you can help the association with an alternative source of funds. I encourage you to please place the Adsense code in a prominent position on your website. It takes only a short amount of time and I am available to connect you with administrators who can walk you or your IT support person through the simple steps to complete the process.

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SUMMER 2017 page 3

SUMMER SELLING Fork Over the Market; A Three-Pronged Approach to Summer Ad Campaign Selling

1. Look back – in our spring newsletter I recommended you plant the seeds of advertising among your clients early and often. Get out your spring customer call sheets, notes and proposals for review. Did you give up too soon? The difference between success and failure in sales is never as much about

If you live in New York, chances are you live for summer, the

your skills, product price or the competition as it is your

few months of sun, fun, festivals, vacations and more. Even

persistence. Selling has changed, the market has changed but

in the wet summer we’ve had thus far, there is a peaceful,

this sales fact hasn’t: 80% of sales are made after the fifth call

easy feeling (summer musical reference!) that comes with

but only 20% of salespeople stick with it that far (if that). Circle

the warm R&R months of the year.

back to every prospect and customer you gave up on in the spring and see what might be resurrected.

Can you feel it in your sales room? At your desk? 2. Look around – even though the most successful salesAdmit it. Summer can be a professional curse, speaking

people sell six to eight weeks in advance of a season or

specifically of the take it easy (yes, another summer musical

campaign, there are still current opportunities – ads to run

reference!) mood that we might allow to creep into our lives…

next week and the week after – waiting to be discovered.

like weeds in an August lawn, choking out the healthy green

Start with the merchants who said “no” in the spring in favor

stuff. You know, money.

of a competitor’s campaign (or lack of one). You and your publication/media offering may be a welcome haven of relief

Avoid the summertime blues (yet another!) of getting caught

to a customer whose efforts elsewhere didn’t generate what

up in the “no one is buying now anyhow” doldrums and get to

they’d hoped. Keep up weekly pressure on good seasonal

work. “Make hay while the sun shines” means earn money this

prospects…restaurants, ice cream, motorcycles, lawn & garden,

summer with this three-pronged effort:

repair shops. CLICK HERE to go to AdMall’s “Prospect By Month” page and see what other August and early September businesses are still prime for your hot ad and campaign ideas.

page 4 SUMMER 2017




In closing, our association and indeed, your individual publications, are dependent on the sale of effective, responsive advertising. FCPNY will remain strong and continue to support your needs IF you take an active role in the sale of classified and display advertising. It is you who have created the success of the association for more than 65 years, and it is you, with access to our best customer prospects, who must provide the sales effort to keep our mission strong. The best part, you share in the revenue generated.

IMPORTANT WEATHER UPDATE: All around New York the heavy rains have meant havoc for the boating industry. Marinas, dealers, lakeside

Enjoy the remainder of our fleeting summer season and call on me for any assistance you may need in your business and in your support of FCPNY.

dock restaurants, repair shops and other boating related businesses


have taken it on the chin this year. They still have to eat. How can you help them? Be creative, be supportive. They don’t want to be sold but they want ideas to help salvage the season. From innovative closeout sale ads to alternative product marketing, you can help them squeeze the lemon and help your sales, too. For example, sell them remnant space at reduced pricing to help them move merchandise and also

E-Z Rate Sheet 25 words for one value-packed price. Selling classified ads in AdNetworkNY is good business for you, your papers, your staff…and FCPNY!!

help your paper make the most of dormant opportunities.

Coverage Zone


Ad Retail

3. Look ahead – summer is the best time to work with fall and




winter businesses on their campaigns. Plan your retail clients’



is the time to plan fall lawn and maintenance customers, fashion,



home improvement and so on. Click the AdMall link above one

Western Central-Capital

programs while your competitors are on vacation. Certainly this

more time and look at which businesses are hot in the cool seasons and get moving while you have the chance to scoop the marketplace. This is how true ad professionals approach the market. Working early gives you time to make those third, fourth and fifth calls that make the difference in success and income for you.

Selling Paper Gets

Plus FCPNY Pays Rep A New Ad Incentive

















PLUS…ads are online via multiple member websites! And the remaining half of the ad sale pays for benefits like…

Still at your desk in summer mode? Get up and grab your pitchfork. Hit the long and winding road (you thought the song thing was done, huh?) that leads to better sales, better results for your customers and better seasons for your company.

And more…call or email for training & assistance CLICK CLICK HERE HERE for rates and information

877-275-2726 [email protected] 877-275-2726 www.fcpny.com [email protected] www.fcpny.com


SUMMER 2017 page 5


At the time no one knew that 2010 would be

shop marketing and advertising solution for

a significant year for the Ithaca, NY market,

their businesses.

not to mention a breakthrough year for Todd Mallinson. The long-time radio veteran

Although Todd’s first year in weekly

became owner of a station he worked for, the

publishing was a learning experience it was

ESPN affiliate in the market simulcasting on

also a successful time as the Tompkins Weekly

AM and FM frequencies.

became re-established in the market, fully supporting itself with growing ad revenues.

Somewhere across town that same year, Jim

To further develop this expertise, the paper

Graney started publishing Tompkins Weekly,

recently joined FCPNY and Todd attended

a community newspaper serving the greater

his first conference, the joint publishing

Ithaca area. Last year Graney decided to leave

event between FCPNY, the New York Press

the weekly publishing business, sharing that

Association and NY Newspapers Advertising

decision in a conversation with Mallinson.

& Marketing Executives held in Saratoga this spring. Todd and his staff are looking forward

After Graney’s graphics manager published

to learning from and sharing with fellow

a few issues of the paper on his own, he

FCPNY publications.

got together with Mallinson who would become the publisher of Tompkins Weekly

You can visit Tompkins Weekly online at

and president of Vizella Media, combining his

http://tompkinsweekly.com and welcome

newspaper with his radio station and offering

Todd to the industry by emailing him at

Ithaca merchants a true multi-media, one-

[email protected]

page 6 SUMMER 2017


L to r: Publisher Todd Mallinson, sports reporter Will LeBlond, account managers Rachel Bogardus and Kevin English

GUEST ARTICLE The Internal Challenges For The Advertising Sales Team In 2017 By Bob Berting, Berting Communications Newspaper publication ad sales can be a tough

keep the self-esteem of the sales team at the highest level. This can only

profession. These salespeople do everything possible

be done by respecting the sales force as professionals and constantly

to have a positive attitude, be very creative, help

working with them to help achieve their goals. Sales management has

their customers in every way possible and really

to instill a good team attitude every day. If he or she is someone who is

care about the business community they serve.

preoccupied with worry and negative beliefs, this could have a negative

Because of the troubling economy, it’s important

effect on the attitudes of their salespeople.

to focus on improving the performance of the sales team in 2017. Many sales managers will lament about their sales

Investing in the knowledge of the sales team

force and their ability to dramatically build sales. The critical problems

Positive thoughts need to be projected to the sales team every day and

in most cases is that their salespeople are either not motivated or don’t

this can be helped with the development of a reference library of self-

feel they have the expertise to present new packages which involve all

help books, podcasts, and videos. Although a lot of instruction can be

the latest bells and whistles of digital audience extension programs.

obviously gathered on the internet, it is more apparent to management when they see their salespeople handling the reference materials in

The power of enthusiasm

person. Also listening to audio CD’s while driving between sales calls

We always like to be around people who truly enjoy what they do.

is an excellent way to develop “spaced repetition” learning.

Your customers enjoy working with your advertising salespeople when they are enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is a sign of belief that people

Having more fun in 2017

can trust. However enthusiasm should radiate from newspaper

Probably the most important way of having fun is the use of humor in

management. If these people are low-key, aloof, and too reserved,

advertising. This is powerful and the sales team needs to brainstorm how to

this could affect the enthusiasm of the entire sales team.

effectively create more humor in their customer’s ad campaigns. The readership of a publication can be greatly enhanced by the overall strategy

Greater self worth is created from self esteem

of more provocative and clever headlines in the ads. Readers gravitate

This is probably one of the greatest assets of a successful publication

to that type of advertising because they are intrigued by that approach

sales team. They believe in themselves. Management always has to

and want to see what will happen in continuing campaigns, every week.


SUMMER 2017 page 7

GUEST ARTICLE When One Ad is Not Enough By Bob Berting, Berting Communications Did you sell an ad for your newspaper today?

an anticipated goal or outcome. If these elements are NOT present

If you did, you may be wasting some of your

and approved at the outset of your advertiser’s schedule, you will find

advertiser’s time, your newspaper’s time, and

yourself selling single ads to this advertiser.

your own time. A major element is consistency You may be affecting the results for your

One of the major elements in any successful advertising campaign or

advertisers—and you may be leaving advertising

program is consistency, not repetition of the same message, but rather a

dollars on the table for your competition to gobble up. The strategy of

consistent planned advertising program. Here the advertiser’s name and

selling a single ad does not work in building a prosperous sales territory

overall message is before the potential audience on a long range basis.

or helping new and existing advertisers reach their marketing goals. Help your potential advertiser understand the need to plan Let’s explore a much better selling strategy

The emphasis here is to thoroughly plan their advertising strategy to

The strategy is an advertising campaign or program selling strategy

produce the desired results. Demonstrate to them that sporadic and

which affords you, your newspaper and your advertisers 2 major

infrequent advertising does not work. Consistent advertising, in good

benefits: saving time and creating / enhancing results. The elements of

times and slow times, delivers the ongoing results and business growth.

a campaign or program will include a series of ads within a time frame,

Selling an idea, a campaign, rather than a single ad, has numerous

coupled with an “audience extension” digital advertising approach,

benefits for your potential advertiser, your newspaper, and you.

which can include banner ads on the publication website, mobile, and social media. This package approach is projected to a prospective

The potential benefits to you are numerous

advertiser in a reach and frequency format. An ideal approach would

Simply put, selling an idea, a campaign, rather than one ad, enhances

be to propose a yearly program of 52 print ads coupled with online

your ability to manage your territory or account list. It helps achieve

ads on the publication website, and mobile. This approach has to have

maximum revenue generation for your publication and YOU, saving

page 8 SUMMER 2017



time, money, and effort. Selling an idea and a campaign is selling smart, not harder. You will be spending more creative time and less production and crisis reaction time. There will be more opportunity to spend more time getting to know and help your customers to succeed, which in turn will help your successful professional and personal growth. The bottom line reality The reality of all this discussion boils down to this scenario. The potential advertiser convinces you that he or she wants to test your newspaper with a one time ad. This most often can lead to a situation where you are trying to convince them, week after week that your paper is right for them. The logical choice is that they can trust you as a professional consultant and believe that your publication should be the major player in their media mix. This trust leads to the decision that they will agree and commit to a budget for a campaign or long range program with you…and not a single ad.

Bob Berting is a professional speaker, advertising sales trainer and publisher marketing consultant who has conducted over 1500 live seminars, tele-seminars and webinars for newspaper sales staffs, their customers, and print media associations in the U.S. and Canada. His newest offer for the newspaper industry is a package of his two e-books “ Dynamic Advertising Sales and Image Power’ and “Advanced Selling Skills For The Advertising Sales Pro”. Both books can be ordered on his website www.bobberting.com individually for 19.95 or both for 35.00. Contact Bob at [email protected] or 800536-5408. He is located at 6330 Woburn Drive, Indianapolis, In 46250.”

As the Genesee Valley Penny Saver enters our 70th year in business, we’d like to take this opportunity to share our story with both our readers and advertisers. During the next twelve months you’ll learn where we came from, where we are, and where we’re headed. We hope you enjoy learning about our journey as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. Stay tuned…

Family owned and operated since 1948


SUMMER 2017 page 9

SALES 101 presented by your FCPNY Sales Management Division Each quarter, this special section features articles written by your fellow FCPNY sales managers and publishers, as well as relevant items of interest from sales trainers, authors and contributors. We expect that you will find these articles informative and timely, and we encourage you to share them with your sales staff when you feel it is appropriate. If you are a sales manager and would like to be involved with the FCPNY Sales Management Division Board, or if there is a particular topic that you would like to see addressed in future editions, please email your request to Dan Holmes at [email protected] Gary Hill Lake Country Pennysaver PRESIDENT

Scarlette Merfeld Denton Publications 1ST VICE PRESIDENT

Karin Weale RW Publications

Value-Added Programs for Weekly Advertising Agreements Until recently, RW Publications offered a ‘Power Pack’ program for 6 weeks that offered new advertisers tremendous discounts plus a multitude of value-added perks. However, what was discovered was that most advertisers signing a ‘Power Pack’ agreement were difficult to convert over to our regular Display Advertising Agreements, as they did not offer such deep discounts and value-added perks. Until July 1st, 2017, RW Publications had offered a 6 week, 13 week and 26 week Display Advertising contract that could earn advertisers discounts of 5%, 10% or 15% respectively. These contracts allowed a choice to the customer to publish their ad every-other-week or weekly. What about frequency of message!!! To combat this situation in a positive manner we developed a new advertising agreement structure that rewards advertisers that commit to longer and consecutive week publication of their advertisements. So we discarded the 6 week ‘Power Pack’ in favor of our new ad agreement structure.

help sales representatives sell longer, weekly frequency contracts. Shown below is a graphic of our sales piece that explains each level’s value-added enhancements to entice advertisers to publish their message ‘weekly’. If you have any questions give me a call at 716-714-5620

Value-Added Programs

for Weekly Advertising Agreements

13x Agreement

7x Agreement

Every Other Week

Every Other Week

• Earn 10% discount

• Earn 5% discount

7 Consecutive Weeks • Earn 5% discount • FREE process color - one week • One additional paper added - one week

26x Agreement Every Other Week • Earn 12% discount

Rita Butters Southern Tier Shopper

Daria Reitknecht Genesee Valley Penny Saver Lisa Thomas Chase Media Group

page 10 SUMMER 2017 imPRESSions

Here’s the new discount breakdown: 7 weeks earns 5%, 13 weeks earns 10%, 26 weeks earns 12% and 52 weeks earns 15%. The advertiser continues to have the ability to publish every-other-week, however, the advertisers who commit to publishing weekly earn the perks! And the perks increase as the advertiser commits to lengthier agreements. The program is still fresh, however, we anticipate these modifications to

26 Consecutive Weeks

• Earn 12% discount • FREE process color - three weeks • One additional paper added - three weeks • Two double-up of advertiser’s regular size ad • One FREE classified each week (up to 30 words in one paper of choice)

13 Consecutive Weeks • Earn 10% discount • FREE process color - two weeks • One additional paper added - two weeks

52x Agreement 52 Consecutive Weeks

• Earn 15% discount • FREE process color - six weeks • One additional paper added - six weeks • Four double-ups of regular size ad • One ‘Good News’ article • One FREE classified each week (up to 30 words in one paper of your choice) size * Free process color, free additional paper and free double-up may not be used the same week. paper ** Requests for free process color, free additional due to added and free size double-up based on availability press limitations.

RW Publications

Division of Waterhouse Publications, Inc.

East Aurora/Elma, Orchard Park, West Seneca,

Shopper Attica, Akron/Corfu PennySavers • Hamburg

14059 6091 Seneca Street, Building C • Elma, NY 21 Phone (716) 714-5620 • FAX (716) 714-56

TriviaTime! Q: What do

Over the past several years, we have grown to be one of the most active. The members of our board of directors have donated countless hours to our association, and we take this opportunity to say “thank you” to:

a stump grinder a custom window installer a wholesale meat butcher a county fair a classic car seller

A: They have all run classified ads this summer with

Advertisers just like yours! 877-275-2726

BOARD OF DIRECTORS FCPNY is one of the oldest and largest state organizations of free circulation papers.

these businesses have in common?

• • • • •


[email protected]

PRESIDENT David Grayson*

1ST VICE PRESIDENT Bridgette Stewart*


TREASURER Karen Sawicz*

LeRoy Pennysaver, LeRoy

The Hi-Lites, Watkins Glen

Syracuse New Times

Lake Country Media, Albion

Dan Alexander Denton Publications, Elizabethtown

New Director Welcome! Are you interested?

James Austin Community Papers of Western NY, Cheektowaga; Angola Pennysaver, Angola

Carla Chase Yorktown Pennysaver, Yorktown Heights

John McIntyre

Chuck Palermo

Spotlight Newspapers, Delmar

Wayuga Printing & Publishing, Red Creek and Wolcott

CPAN Directors

Randy Shepard County Shopper, Delhi

Richard Snyder

Karin Weale

Steve Harrison

Cheryl Tears

Snyder Communications, Norwich

RW Publications

Genesee Valley Publications, Avon

The Merchandiser, Clifton Springs

* Officers serve on both the FCPNY and CPAN Board of Directors

imPRESSions SUMMER 2017

page 11

What (or who) to believe about the state of newspapers By Kevin Slimp, “THE NEWS GURU” I don’t know about you, but

Like a lot of people in our business, I some-

my life seems to get busier

times want to throw my hands in the air and

with each passing day. I just

ask, “Am I really making any difference at all?”

finished publishing my second book in a month, began

Then someone like Joey Young, comes along.

work on a major project to

You’ve probably heard of Joey, the “whiz kid”

help raise funds for a press

from Kansas who keeps creating successful

association, conducted more webinars than I

community newspapers in defiance of the

can remember over the past few weeks, and

choruses of “You can’t do that.” Joey has a

summer convention season is in full gear.

habit of reminding me how well things are going out in Kansas.

My email is filled with messages each day from publishers and other newspaper colleagues who

Then there are the publishers, editors and ad

want advice about something going on at their

managers lining up at conventions to tell me how

papers. The questions come from the tiniest

well their papers are doing, while everyone

papers with just one or two folks, including

seems to be telling them they should be dying.

the publisher, on staff, to folks running large regional and national groups.

excited about a plan I had created, at his group’s request, to lure a new daily newspaper to the

I remember hearing from the CEO of Adobe

city after their long-standing daily newspaper

Software several years ago. He wrote to thank

moved to a digital-first format, abandoning

If you think it sounds a little overwhelming,

me for the work I had done to make Acrobat

their traditional daily model.

you’re right. I recently read a biography

a viable product. He told me, “What you did

of George Washington and learned, not

may have saved our company.”

surprisingly, he often felt as if he was in over

I felt a rush of adrenaline as I read the words he wrote five years ago, “I love it!”

his head. I know the feeling, George. I’m sure

I was looking for an email yesterday and was

many of us share the same emotion.

surprised to find a five year-old message from

Those of you who know me well know that

a business leader in New Orleans who was

one of my degrees is in theology, and I love

page 12 SUMMER 2017 imPRESSions


keeping up with what various groups believe.

My friend was surprised that I wasn’t surprised.

consultant. He said, “You know what the

I often say I have a little Quaker in me, even

It’s enough to get a guy down, but not me. At

difference is with them, and why I like working

though I’m not Quaker, because I love the

least not for long.

with their group?”

when standing alone against great opposition,

I just think about Roger Holmes and those

Obviously I asked.

has a significant chance of being right.

papers in Western Canada and his work to

Quaker belief that a single individual, even

move them back into local hands. And I think

“The difference is, they leave the management

When I was being told no one would ever

about Victor Parkins in Tennessee, who I just

of their papers in the hands of the publishers

print a newspaper ad or page from a PDF file,

got off the phone with, and his papers. He

and staffs, and they have good newspapers

by the very people I thought would be most

told me they are doing really well, increasingly

because they do.”

excited about the possibility, those voices didn’t

better each year.

sway me. That’s one of the things the head of Adobe thanked me for all those years ago.

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but I think about some of the biggest names in the

sometimes the choir needs to be reminded

business who contact me to let me know they

they sound good.

When I read, as we all do, that newspapers

read my columns and agree with my thoughts

are dying, it doesn’t slow me down, because

that local management of newspapers is the

The printed word isn’t dying. You can find the

I know the truth.

only way to keep them successful.

books I publish in bookstores and all the usual online retailers. The printed versions outsell

Two months ago, a friend told me he attended

Last night, I was on the phone with legendary

the digital versions by a long-shot. Most of the

a civic club meeting and the guest speaker was

newspaper consultant Ed Henninger. We talk

studies I find show a 4 percent drop in digital

the daily newspaper editor from his town. My

almost every day. The conversation moved

book sales over the past year.

friend told me he was shocked when the editor

toward the topic of newspapers, as it always

told the group that newspapers were near

does, and our concern for groups that contin-

Why have some of our brethren fallen for

death and they would be better off to find

ually press the “newspaper is dying” message.

the “print is dead” line? Well, that’s another

alternative sources, primarily online news sites, to get their information.

column for another day. My 800 words were Then Ed told me about one of the national

used up 90 words ago.

newspaper groups he works with as a

imPRESSions SUMMER 2017

page 13


The Power of Repetition. The Power of Repetition. The power of... By John Foust, Raleigh, NC

Catherine climbed the ranks from sales person to sales manager at her paper. “Although I’ve been in the business for a long time,” she told me, “there’s always a new way to look at advertising.” She mentioned a recent trip to a fast food restaurant. “I was between meetings in a nearby town and needed a quick lunch. So I dropped by McDonalds. It had been over a year since my last trip to a McDonalds, and I was trying to choose between two of their trademark products, a Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder. I was planning to ask the cashier about the ingredients in the Big Mac, then all of a sudden I remembered their famous television jingle from my childhood. ‘Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.’ I hadn’t thought about that in years, but it was in my memory bank. I did an online search later and was proud that had I remembered every ingredient in the proper order.” That McDonalds campaign ran for about a year and a half in the mid-Seventies. And 40 years later, Catherine still remembered. That’s the power of repetition. Would she have remembered the jingle if it had run only one time? Not a chance. Did you learn the multiplication tables by going through them one time? What about the alphabet? Can you hear a new song one time and sing along the next time you hear it on the radio? Catherine’s experience reinforced her belief in the importance of repetition in advertising. “I remember one advertiser – an apartment developer – who wanted to run a splashy grand opening ad. But he didn’t want to run anything at all after that. He figured the grand opening would create so much buzz in the market that he wouldn’t need to advertise any more for a long time. In the short run, it would have been nice for my paper to have that full-page, full color ad, but

page 14 SUMMER 2017 imPRESSions

we knew it would have been a waste of his budget. We worked hard to talk him into turning that full-page budget into a mini-campaign that stretched over several weeks. We felt if we could demonstrate the value of repeating his message – with measurable results – then we could talk about extending the campaign. Our strategy worked, and he became a consistent advertiser.” Catherine explained that her team tells advertisers about two key principles of advertising: reach and frequency. How many people will they reach? And how frequently will they reach them? Yes, a business can run one ad one time and reach all the readers in her paper’s distribution base. But without frequency, there’s little chance for success. “Most of the time, it’s a simple concept for advertisers to understand,” she said. “Once they realize that repetition is a solid strategy, they are willing to hear how to make it work. Everybody wins. They get better results and we increase our ad count.” © Copyright 2017 by John Foust. All rights reserved. John Foust has conducted training programs for thousands of newspaper advertising professionals. Many ad departments are using his training videos to save time and get quick results from in-house training. E-mail for information: [email protected] Do YOU remember all the Big Mac ingredients?! Brush up by watching the commercial from 1975



Updated (but not Final) New York Paid Family Leave Regulations Issued As you are probably aware,

placed children); and/or

Collective Bargaining Agreement Alternative

New York Paid Family Leave

• addressing matters arising from a family

The law provides that if a collective bargaining

(PFL) law will take effect on

member’s call to active military service.

agreement provides benefits that are at least

January 1, 2018. However,

Some of the more important changes/

as favorable as the mandated PFL benefits the

ever since the first set of

clarifications in these revised regulations

employer is relieved of its obligation to comply

regulations designed to

are as follows:

with the new law. What was unclear was

implement this law were

whether such an agreement could provide rules

issued in February 2017, there have been a

Eligibility Clarified

that differ at all from the requirements in the

number of lingering questions about how

The first set of regulations created some

law. The updated regulations permit unions to

the new law will work. In May, the Workers’

confusion about which employee will be

collectively bargain for establishing different

Compensation Board issued an updated set

eligible to take PFL by making different rules

eligibility standards for PFL based on actual

of proposed regulations for New York’s Paid

applicable to “fulltime” and “part-time”

time worked, so long as it does not extend

Family Leave Law, addressing some -- but not

employees. The revised regulations do away

beyond 26 consecutive work weeks or 175

all -- of the concerns raised during the initial

with those labels and instead adopt a uniform

day thresholds. In other words, the updated

comment period.

eligibility requirement. Should these proposed

regulations would permit a shorter eligibility

regulations become final, an employee whose

threshold under a collective bargaining

By way of reminder, when this law is fully

regular weekly work schedule is 20 hours or

agreement but not a longer one.

implemented in 2021, it will provide eligible

more will become eligible for PFL provided

employees with up to 12 weeks of PFL during

that the employee has been employed for at

Notice of Need for Intermittent Leave

a 52-week period for:

least 26 consecutive work weeks. Employees

Brought in Line with FMLA

• caring for a family member (defined

regularly scheduled to work less than 20 hours

Unlike the federal Family and Medical Leave

as child, parent, grandparent, grandchild,

per week will become eligible after 175 days of

Act (FMLA), intermittent PFL can only be taken

spouse, or domestic partner) with a

such work.

in full-day increments as opposed to half-

serious health condition;

day, hourly or shorter periods. In a further

• child bonding (with newborn or recently-

departure from the FMLA, the initial proposed

imPRESSions SUMMER 2017

page 15


regulations provided that an employee need

However, an employee may elect to use accrued

contribution rate will be 0.126 percent of an

only provide notice of his/her need for leave at

paid time off to bridge the gap between his/

employee’s weekly wage, up to a maximum of

the beginning of PFL. The updated regulations

her salary and the wage replacement received

$1.63 per week.

bring the rules more in line with the FMLA by

under PFL laws.If an employee refuses to apply

requiring employees to provide notice of the

for PFL benefits, employers may still designate

What Should you do to Prepare?

need for leave as soon as practicable before

the leave as both FMLA and PFL.

In order to be prepared for the effective date of

each day of intermittent PFL.

this new law, employers should consider taking Issues Related to Employee Contributions

the following actions:

Further Clarification with Respect to

Remain Somewhat Unclear

• Develop separate but connected family

Interplay between FMLA and PFL Law

The PFL law is supposed to be financed

leave policies which take into account the

The updated regulations clarify the operation

entirely through employee payroll deductions.

interplay between the FMLA and PFL law;

of the FMLA and the PFL law when an

The updated regulations did not change the

• Consider obtaining required PFL coverage,

employee is eligible for both as follows:

provision contained in the initial regulations

either through an insurance carrier or as a

FMLA leave taken for an employee’s own

which gave employers an option to begin

self-insured employer;

serious health condition will not reduce the

making those deductions on July 1, 2017. This

• In consultation with your carrier, consider

employee’s PFL leave entitlement (for example,

continues to cause some concern given that

whether you should begin making payroll

a sick parent may exhaust his/her 12 weeks

there appears to be a possibility that if enough

deductions on or about July 1, 2017; and

of FMLA leave prior to the birth of a child and

employers do not begin withholding those

• Review and analyze any collective bargaining

then take 12 weeks of childbonding PFL leave).

funds six months in advance, there may not

agreements (CBAs) to determine what,

If an employer properly designates an

be enough money to operate the leave system

if any, changes will need to be made

employee’s leave as both FMLA- and PFL

beginning in January.

and negotiated.

employee to use accrued paid time off in

Likewise, the updated regulations failed to

accordance with the provisions of the FMLA.

provide guidance as to the specific amount

CLICK HERE for a link to online Paid Family Leave resources

This means that employers may not require

of the deduction. However, on June 1, 2017,

that employees use accrued PTO when the

the New York State Department of Financial

employee is otherwise receiving pay during PFL.

Services has released its determination that the

qualifying, the employer may require the

page 16 SUMMER 2017 imPRESSions

CLICK HERE to download the Workers’ Compensation Board Final New York Regulations

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Action Power Memo

Joe’s Knows: Your monthly dose of motivation for winners! by Joe Bonura,CSP

Finishing Strong Plus 10

My friend and client Amy Jo Condo ran track in college, the 100 and 200 meters and the 4X100 and 800 meter relays. Her University of Louisville track coaches George Berry and Karen Watson could have called them the 110, 210 and 4X110 and 810 races because the coaches always made the track team run an extra 10 meters before they finished. Their imagined finish line was always 10 meters beyond the actual finish, and that way they always tore through the finish at optimum speed. Amy Jo runs her company, Blaze Products, with that same philosophy.

Lost Victory

Recently, I watched a sports report of what turned out to be the Oregon State second place finisher who raised his hands in victory as he approached the finish line. The ultimate first place finisher scooted right by and earned the first place position. He must have been coached by George and Karen.

And the winner Is

In the 1957 Kentucky Derby, legendary jockey Bill Shoemaker, riding Gallant Man, misjudged the finish line and stood up in the stirrups before

page 20 SUMMER 2017


the finish. He was ready to savor victory when Bill Hartack, riding Iron Liege, surged past and won the 1957 Kentucky Derby by a nose.

No Go - No Goal

This past season in the National Football League, a wide receiver started celebrating a touchdown before crossing the goal line. He dropped the ball too early and pranced into the end zone. He started to do his signature victory dance when he realized that he had not scored, and the opposing team fell

on the fumble. That was a costly lesson for him and for his team.

Reach Higher

Our reach should always exceed our grasp. Advertising legend Leo Barnett had a statement engraved at the entrance of his building. It read, “Reach for the stars, and at least you won’t come up with a hand full of dirt.” Our reach should always exceed our grasp in all areas of our lives.

SALES 101 Continued

Keep Going

This morning, I decided to push myself. Whereas, I walk for 30 minutes every day, today I decided to push beyond my normal time and go an additional 30 minutes. When I approached the third 30-minute milestone, I was tired and ready to quit.

Second Wind

I remembered a message from the late motivational speaker Earl Nightingale: If you keep going, you will work through your fatigue and experience a second wind. I went for another 30 minutes, and after the first 10 minutes, the fatigue was gone, and I finished feeling great. I felt great because I pushed beyond what I thought was enough.

Push It

The same principle holds true in selling: Always look beyond and go beyond what you normally do. If you normally make 25 sales calls a day, push it up to 30 sales calls a day. At the end of the week, you will have made an additional 25 calls, or to express it another way, you will have worked an extra day.

Make It a Habit

The same holds true for the number of hours you put in on your sales job. Why not start just 30 minutes earlier or work 30 minutes later every day for the next 30 days. In 30 days, it will become a habit, and you will not even have to think about it. The good news is that

every month, you will have picked up another 10 hours of productive selling time.

90-Day Reset

Beginning tomorrow, set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier than you normally rise. Place the clock on the other side of the room, and when it goes off, you will have to get out of bed to turn it off (no snooze alarm allowed). Turn on the shower immediately and jump in. You will increase your available productive hours every week. Do it for 90 days, and you will put an additional 45 hours (and additional dollars in the bank). That is 45 hours that you would have spent looking at the inside of your eyelids. © 2015 Joe Bonura & Associates, Inc.


! E V O M on THE As of September 1st our new mailing address is: 217 N. Franklin Street, Suite B Watkins Glen, NY 14891 Our primary phone number will remain the same: 315-472-6007.

Our toll free number will also remain unchanged: 877-275-2726. Only our Fax number will change. It will now be: 607-535-2939. We look forward to continuing to serve you from our new office located in the HiLites publication building in Watkins Glen. Please change our contact information in all of your records and begin using our new address and fax number on September 1st.

See Complete information in Dan Holmes’ Executive Director’s message on Page 3

imPRESSions SUMMER 2017

page 21


Dear SMC Members:

Governors. The Postal Service is relying on

discussion and concern when Chief Market-

authority that was given to the Postal Ser-

ing Officer Jim Cochrane visited the PostCom

As an Association leader,

vice to plan and file a “standard” rate case

board meeting earlier this month. The service

I am invited to partici-

before the last Governor’s term ended. There

is urgently asking all major mailers, and as-

pate in periodic meetings

are some questions in the industry about the

sociation leaders, to address whether or not

with the Postal Service

legality of the Postal Service doing any price

these volume declines are atypical or if this

executive staff and other association leaders.

changes, major or standard CPI, without any

type of decline may continue. If there contin-

A meeting took place on Tuesday, July 28,

independent Governors left.

ues to be a significant decline in categories

2017. Here are a few highlights of interest from that meeting:

like pre-sorted first, and other mail, the Postal 3. The Postal Service will be filing its move-

Service may need to plan for more radical

up date case with the Postal Regulatory

adjustments in its operations and work force.

1. The Postal Service is planning to file a

Commission in the next week. For persons

“typical”, CPI price adjustment in October

that maintain mailing lists, the attention to

6. We had a candid conversation about the

with an implementation date in January.

mail update changes and requirements is

NALC contract. It is scheduled for ratifica-

Although the Postal Service would like to see

important. This is not an area that SMC

tion by the union in later July. The industry

reform legislation passed, and many asso-

actively monitors.

had expressed concern that the contract

ciations and mail stakeholders believe that

gave COLA increases that were greater than

postal reform legislation would be beneficial

4. There was an announcement that some

CPI and had other “press” that suggested

for all in the long term, the prospects for pas-

mailers are seeing significant increases in

the Postal Service was continuing the pat-

sage do not seem strong, so the October rate

paper prices, for various grades of paper, in

tern of paying postal labor much higher than

filing is most likely to be a standard CPI filing.

the area of $2.00/CWT.

competitive wages paid by other distribution companies and USPS competitors. Senior

2. In discussing its authority for the CPI rate

5. The Postal Service discussed at length its

management responded that the contract did

filing, the Postal Service noted that it cur-

concern about declining volumes in all classes

give them savings in terms of more flexibility

rently has no acting, independent, Board of

except shipping. This was also a topic of

and ability to hire employees that are paid at

page 22 SUMMER 2017 imPRESSions


a lower wage rate. Senior executives stated

mailers to understand, and explain

free papers and papers with editorial, would

that the press about the benefits of the con-

to customers. Increases in volume that

be interested in using the Postal Service as a

tract comes largely from union leaders and

are stimulated by Postal Service promo-

distribution provider if the Postal Service was

that the Postal Service has not wanted to do

tions, incentives, and the higher break

more engaged in working with and attracting

anything to deter ratification by “boasting”

point, may come further down the road.

customers in these areas.

The Postal Service™ published an article in

about the flexibility or benefits the contract gives to USPS management.

o Postal rates and signals about postal

prices, may have a greater impact on

the March 16, 2017, Postal Bulletin, providing

7. We had a productive postal and indus-

Postal Service business and volumes

additional information about the rebranding

try discussion about reasons for the volume

than other economic indicators. The

of Standard Mail® as USPS Marketing Mail™.

loss. Prior to this meeting, I had worked with

economy may be doing great, but if

The article stated that the Postal Service and

other association leaders to do a memo com-

the Postal Service is raising prices higher

mailing industry continue to collaborate on

ing from our associations about the impact of

than competitors, it will see a loss of

an implementation timeline for the required

postal rates, and the Service’s efforts to “bust


use of new postage markings and permit imprint indicia. Until then, mailers should con-

the rate cap” and get rates that are higher

tinue to use the “Standard Mail” markings.

than CPI, focusing on the affect this would

have on mailers and advertisers. Some of the

might have lost due to exigency was

Revisions were made to the DMM and Quick

points we stressed include:

ameliorated by other providers, like mail

Service Guide 604d to support the continued

service providers and printers and the

use of the Standard Mail markings.

o Some of the business the Postal Service

o Postal Service declines in volume may

cost of paper, keeping end users prices

come sometime after the Postal Service

lower to retain business. Now there are

raises or threatens to raise rates.

likely to be increases in paper costs and

Marketers fix their budget well in

other cost inputs that could impact the

advance and do not simply pay more

Postal Service.

when the Postal Service raises prices.

o Even good things, like the increase in

the break point, take a long time for

I made points, along with the National Newspaper Association leader, that many

As an update, the Postal Service continues to work with the industry on this change. We are estimating a “begin to transition” date in mid-2018. In the meantime, we continue to request that customers do not transition to the new markings until the final details are published through a DMM Advisory and Industry Alert.

imPRESSions SUMMER 2017

page 23

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