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531 S. College Avenue  Fort Collins, CO 80524  (970) 482-6107 FAX (970) 482-0227

COORDINATOR OF BUILDINGS & GROUNDS Introduction The Church: First Presbyterian Church, Fort Collins, is an 800 member PCUSA church located 2 blocks from the Colorado State University campus and 2 blocks from the heart of downtown (“Old Town”) Fort Collins. Fort Collins is a small city of 148,000 nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, 1 hour north of Denver. We have a long history of being active and a strong leader in the community, of being mission minded, and of being evangelical in theology. The church has a staff of 16 (8 full-time), including 2 pastors, 5 directors of particular focus, and support staff. In the recent past, the church has made many new positions, appointees, services, programs and internal restructurings to better serve the growing and changing culture in which we live.

The Equipping Staff: Staff members at First Presbyterian Church, Fort Collins are called to the ministry of Jesus Christ. In our context, this involves equipping people to serve through a team ministry approach to accomplish the Lord’s work in support of our church’s Master Plan for Ministry. Each staff person is encouraged and supported to invite to their team and ministry area “ministry partners” (aka “volunteer ministers”) based on each person’s unique giftedness (rather than filling slots). These ministry partners are then to be provided with the tools to succeed in their ministry area, including Ministry Position Descriptions, orientation and training, affirmation and recognition, feedback and evaluation, reflection, and exit interviews. The Ministry Position: The person in this position serves the church by overseeing the stewardship of the buildings and grounds under the direction of the Business Administrator and the Stewardship & Resources Center. In so doing he or she will insure that all facilities are available and prepared for use as scheduled and manage all outside contactors and ministry partners who provide services to maintain our buildings and grounds. This person will also supervise security operations and custodial/set-up staff and provide or oversee maintenance and repairs and perform other custodial duties as necessary. The Position What we hope to provide: We will provide the necessary hardware, software, and access to information in order to perform the specific requested tasks effectively and efficiently. First Presbyterian Church intends to provide skilled and caring supervision for all employees. The Buildings & Grounds Coordinator is encouraged to identify changes to way maintenance, set-up, security, and custodial work is done and to request training that is essential to or enhances the performance in this position. What we hope to receive: It is necessary that the person serving in this capacity is trustworthy with the resources of the church and that they are able to perform these duties in a self-directed manner. The incumbent is expected to consult with and advise pastors, program staff, and ministry partners on building use either directly or via the business administrator.

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Responsibilities/Functions of Building & Grounds Coordinator: The specific duties include: Overall  Provide direction to visitors and members on the location of activities.  Provide information to those using church facilities on the proper use of equipment or environmental systems that they need when using the facilities.  Provide necessary input for Staff Meetings and Stewardship & Resources Center meetings on B&G operations and projects.  Provide input to annual plans for the maintenance, repair, renovation and replacement of church facilities and equipment.  Assist in preparing an annual budget for facilities operations and maintenance.  Provide emergency “on-call” services.  Cooperate with the Business Administrator by performing any other duties when asked. Facility Use/Set-up  Supervise security operations including opening and closing of buildings and building security checks.  Ensure proper set-up and tear down of rooms and equipment according the requirements stated on the Building Use Form.  Maintain all church facilities and equipment in a clean, useable and secure condition.  Assure that all fire, safety and other governmental ordinances, rules and regulations are adhered to in the operation and maintenance of church facilities and properties.  Maintain church grounds and landscaping in a clean and attractive condition.  Maintain walkways and parking lots in a safe and useable condition, free of ice and snow. Facility Maintenance/Outside Contractor Management  Provide or oversee preventive maintenance for all buildings, equipment and supporting systems.  Insure basic repairs to plumbing and electrical systems, walls, equipment, etc. are done well.  Perform and/or oversee basic carpentry, repair and painting as needed.  Insure that roofs, rain gutters and drains are well maintained.  Maintain an appropriate inventory of expendable supplies.  Provide effective operation and maintenance of all heating, ventilating & air conditioning (HVAC) systems and electrical equipment.  Determine those services that should be contracted with outside firms or done with ministry partners. Obtain bids, negotiate contracts, and monitor third party performance. Staff Supervision  Supervise Security personnel.  Supervise Weekend Set-up staff.  Supervise all ministry partners performing any services for buildings and grounds. Accountability: The Buildings & Grounds Coordinator reports directly to the Business Administrator and is responsible to the Facilities Team of the Stewardship & Resources Center. Compensation: This position is a regular full-time paid salaried staff position that will pay between $31,000 and $35,000 annually depending on qualifications. Additional benefits include medical insurance, vacation, paid holidays, and a 403(b) retirement plan. Coordinator of Buildings & Grounds Modified 3/22/2016 Page 2 of 2