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For  Immediate  Release                                  Media  Contact   January  8,  2015                                  Rachel  Bledsoe  502.905.5170                                          [email protected]     Gainesville  Blaze  Pizza  Open  for  Business!  Offering  Free  Pizza  Friday,  January  9.   Fast-­‐Casual,  Build-­‐Your-­‐Own  Pizza  Concept  Opens  on  Archer  Road,  Across  from  Butler  Plaza     GAINESVILLE   –   Football   isn’t   the   only   victory   on   the   board   this   week   for   Gainesville.   Tomorrow,   Gainesvillians  will  get  the  chance  to  “chomp”  down  on  a  FREE  11-­‐inch  customizable  artisan  pizza  to   celebrate   the   grand   opening   of   Blaze   Fast-­‐Fire’d   Pizza,   the   nation’s   leading   build-­‐your-­‐own   pizza   concept.       Blaze  Pizza  today  announced  the  grand  opening  of  its  first  store  in  Gainesville,  at  3617  Archer  Road,   across   the   street   from   Butler   Plaza,   in   between   Chick-­‐fil-­‐A   and   Wendy's.   The   company   is   offering   FREE   build-­‐your-­‐own   artisanal   pizzas,   from   11   a.m.   to   10:30p.m.   tomorrow,   January   9,   to   anyone   who  follows  Blaze  Pizza  on  Instagram,  Twitter  or  Facebook.     Blaze  is  unlike  most  pizza  restaurants  in  that  they  offer  an  interactive,  assembly-­‐line  format  allowing   customers  to  choose  from  both  classic  and  inventive  ingredients  including  house-­‐made  sauces,  fresh   vegetables  and  hand-­‐selected  meats  and  cheeses  –  all  for  under  $8.  Dedicated  pizzasmiths   then  “fast-­‐ fire”  the  11”  thin-­‐crust  pies,  cooking  them  to  perfection  in  under  180  seconds.     “Gainesville  prides  itself  on  victories  in  every  arena  and  Blaze  is  the  newest  winning  combination  for   the   area,”   said   Dennis   Sherer,   Blaze   Managing   Partner   in   North   Central   Florida.   “Blaze   offers  all   your   classic  ‘pizza  joint’  favorites,  but  without  the  wait.”     Blaze   Pizza   makes   its   own   dough   from   scratch   using   a   recipe   developed   by   critically-­‐acclaimed   Executive  Chef  Brad  Kent  (“The  Pizza  Whisperer”),  which  requires  a  24-­‐hour  fermentation  period  to   produce   his   signature   light-­‐as-­‐air,   crisp   crust.     The   location   will   include   75   seats   with   seating   for   another  30  guests  on  two  outdoor  patios.  The  restaurant  also  boasts  gluten-­‐free  and  vegan  options   and  an  assortment  of  wine  and  craft  beers.       The  Gainesville  Blaze  Pizza  is  operated  by  The  Millennial  Restaurant  Group,  which  plans  to  develop   restaurants   in   Florida,   Tennessee,   Kentucky   and   Georgia.   The   partnership   consists   of   James   Patterson  Sr.,  Jim  Patterson  II,  Ulysses  (Junior)  Bridgeman,  Wayne  Albritton  and  Collins  Cogan.         About  Blaze  Pizza   The   first   Blaze   Pizza®   restaurant   opened   on   August   6,   2012   in   Irvine,   CA,   and   quickly   gained   attention  for  its  chef-­‐driven  recipes  and  “build-­‐your-­‐own  pizza”  assembly-­‐line  format.     Described  by   Zagat  as  “One  of  10  Innovative  Restaurants  in  Los  Angeles,”  Blaze  Pizza  is  developing  a  cult  following   as   it   expands   across   the   U.S.     The   company   currently   operates   restaurants   in   15   states   and   the   District  of  Columbia,  including  the  major  metropolitan  areas  of  Los  Angeles,  New  York,  Chicago,  San   Francisco   and   Washington   D.C.       Founded   by   Elise   and   Rick   Wetzel   (co-­‐founder   of   Wetzel’s   Pretzels),   the   concept   is   backed   by   investors   including   LeBron   James   and   Maria   Shriver.   For   more   information,   please  visit  and     ###   Millennial  Restaurant  Group               Blaze  Pizza,  LLC   10000  Shelbyville  Rd.               35  N.  Lake  Ave,  Suite  710   Louisville,  KY  40223                 Pasadena,  CA  91101