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Road to Damascus The


For ChristianFamilies,Singles,& Youths

Volume 1, Issue 2 Spring Edition

Celebrating Ministry throughout Western & Central Ohio

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...including Champaign, Clark & Logan Counties

Featured Church ..."He saved us so that He might work through us to meet the needs & hopes of others in His name". Read the full story on our Featured Church on pg.4

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Words from... Pastor Jim Lillibridge Urbana United Methodist Church

Urbana United Methodist Church 238 North Main St., Urbana, OH 43078 “It was Friday. And on Friday, Jesus had been arrested in the garden where he was praying. But that was Friday, and Sunday's comin’. It was Friday. And on Friday, the disciples have all abandoned their master. Peter denies that he knows the Lord. But that was Friday, and Sunday’s comin’.

One of my favorite books is an old one by Tony Campolo entitled, “It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Comin’.” Towards the end of the book, Campolo tells the story of participating in an ecumenical Good Friday service in Philadelphia. The pastor’s participating all took turns preaching. Campolo was next to last. After he had finished, the final preacher for the afternoon began his message like this…

“It was Friday. And on Friday, Jesus is beaten, mocked and ridiculed by the Roman soldiers. But that was Friday, and Sunday’s comin’. It was Friday. And on Friday, Jesus is in the tomb. Heaven is silent. Satan is laughing because he thinks he's won. But that was Friday, and Sunday's comin.’” The preacher kept on working that one phrase for over an hour and a half. Says Campolo, “Over and over he came at us, ‘It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’. It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin’! By the time he had come to the end of the message, I was exhausted. He had me and everybody else so worked up that I don’t think any of us could have stood it much longer. At the end of his message he just yelled at the top of his lungs, ‘It’s Friday!’ and all five hundred of us in that church yelled back with one accord, ‘Sunday’s comin’!’” What a great message! And for some of us, maybe it's been

Friday for a long time. We've taken some hits. We've lost some battles. We've failed, and then failed again. Remember, though, it's only Friday... Sunday's comin’! And as the angel said to the women on that first Easter morning: “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’ Then they remembered his words.” (Luke 24:5-8) Bottom line, I have no idea what’s going on in your life right now as you read this article. Maybe you’re facing a big Friday...maybe it’s felt like Friday forever. If so, remember… Sunday's comin’. The tomb is empty. Jesus is alive and able to provide grace and strength equal to your every need. Really, He can. I know. He’s done it for me. And, as someone once said, “Stop telling God about your big problems; instead, tell your problems about your BIG GOD!” Be encouraged! God Bless You, Pastor Jim Lillibridge

Inside this Edition… - Featured Church – United Methodist Church– Pg. 1 & 4 - Habitat for Humanity – Pg. 2 & 3 - Heavenly Treats - Pg. 5

- Lessons from Johnny Lingo – Pg. 5 - The Young & The Righteous – Pg. 6 - Music & Entertainment - Pg. 7

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Habitat: Putting Families in Homes For most of us, the Habitat for Humanity is a familiar name within our community. We know for the most part they build houses for families and people can volunteer to help. But beyond that, for many of us, the details start to get a little perplexing. So we reached out to the local Urbana, Ohio Affiliate on a mission to really gain an understanding of what the Habitat for Humanity does behind the scenes, and uncover some misconceptions about who may be eligible for a Habitat house. We sat down with Jim Ballard, who is the Executive Director of the Urbana location and one of the members responsible for bringing Habitat to the Urbana community. Jim shared with us his vision and how his conversations with Habitat for Humanity International to open an Affiliate location in Urbana Ohio started 15 years ago in March of 1999. At that time it was the help and encouragement of a life long friend, Jo Graham that made this all possible. Jo was from Mechanicsburg and seemed to know everyone and who to talk to. Together they formed a plan and started laying for the foundation for what would become known as the Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County Ohio, Inc. Four years later (and a lot of paperwork), they would be ready for business. On March 1, 2003 they officially become an Affiliate. Now the real work would begin. Jim

explains how he and his 12 member steering committee began raising funds to build their first home. Three years later in 2006 they were finally ready to begin building their very first home in Urbana Ohio. January 15, 2007 they signed their first mortgage with a single mom with handicaps and two small children. That homeowner is still in her Habitat home today. We discovered that raising funds is a big part of their Program. The ability to raise money affords them the ability to build homes. Contrary to what some might think, Jim explains that very few funds come by way of grants – in fact, he shares how most of the money raised comes from individuals and churches. Once a house is built and a “Partner-Family” is placed in that house, the process starts all over again. Since then, Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County Ohio, Inc. has built three more houses in Champaign County and now they are working on their fifth house. Their goal is simple, to provide decent homes to working individuals who can't get a regular bank loan. Applicants are subject to credit approval but the guidelines are a lot

less stringent because the Habitat is a non-profit organization. “But we struggle getting families” Jim says, mainly because everyone seems to think the houses are free or they won’t complete the process because they feel they won’t qualify and so they will eliminate themselves out of the process. Jim says the houses are not free but they are interest free. There is a first mortgage and a second mortgage. The first mortgage covers all the materials it takes to build the house, the second mortgage is the difference from that figure to whatever the current fair market value would be. The second mortgage is considered “silent” and if the homeowner stays current on their first mortgage it’s forgiven at 10% per year. Habitat makes sure that the mortgage, taxes and insurance totals no more than 25% of the homeowner's income. We also discovered that the Habitats helps families through their Brush of Kindness program. Homeowners can receive help with repainting the interior & exterior of their house. Habitat works with area churches to have them refer families who need assistance with painting their house. Color options are white and off white. Much of what the Habitat for Humanity does is made possible through the donations of individuals, churches and area businesses. Companies like Whirlpool provide all of the ranges & refrigerators for Habitat Homes. Additionally,

they give special pricing on other appliances such as dishwashers and microwaves. Stanley donates all of the door knobs & fasteners needed. Schneider Electric provides the panel boxes & all of the circuit breakers, along with switches & outlets. GAF reimburse them for the shingles & roof. HunterDouglas provides privacy blinds for the bedrooms & bathrooms. Valspar provides paint. Lumber liquidators provide wood flooring, and CrossRoads Missions works with churches to provide prebuilt walls and trusses. "It's literally partnerships like these that help make these houses possible", Jim says. "I never worry, I am a man of faith and I believe God will provide all of our needs". "God has always provided everything we needed". One way Habitat supports itself is through

Continued on pg. 3..

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EDITOR'S THOUGHTS... Let's make this year the best year ever! Deuteronomy 28 (NIV) says...If you fully obey the Lord and follow all his commandments I will give you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God. You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country...WOW! Who's ready for their blessings? Email the editor your words of wisdom or inspiration and we will post it in our next publication. (300 characters) [email protected]

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...Habitat continued from pg. 2 the ReStore. The purpose of the ReStore is to support the Affiliate. They do so by selling hundreds, if not thousands of donated supplies and products. Everything from paint, hardware, and tools to office furniture, cabinets and doors. During our visit we saw literally hundreds of everyday items to include light bulbs and golf balls. When asked who would he like to thank, Jim said he would have to give a special "thank you" to all who have helped make their mission possible. From professionals & businesses who have donated to the ReStore or have donated time and/or resources. He also wanted to thank the community for all of the volunteer hours that has been put in, churches who have become faithful in how they support the Habitat and other Social Service organizations. "It's amazing how many volunteers come together on housing projects", Jim says. "But we are still always looking for Board or Committee members, such as the purchasing committee or volunteers on the builds or to help out in the ReStore". Kids who are at least 16 years old can volunteer to help in a limited capacity. Habitat for Humanity is a great way to give back to your community. It take $60,000 to build a house and money from the homeowner is recycled to build additional houses. Additionally, each local Habitat tithes 10% of their net profits to Habitat International to help out with overseas missions. Contact your local Habitat today to find out more about how to get involved. Urbana .................................937-652-2981 Springfield ...........................937-325-2514 Bellefontaine ........................937-592-2827 Special thanks to the late Millard Fuller, Founder of Habitat for Humanity Int'l. Pat Bass, Publisher & Editor

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Featured Church: Urbana United Methodist Church The Urbana United Methodist Church, located at 238 North Main Street in Urbana Ohio has been part of the this community for over 200 years. In 1804 Methodism came to Urbana with the circuit riders. In 1807, the First Methodist Society is formed in Urbana, and in 1811 First Methodist Episcopal Church is organized - and the first log church is built. In 1830, a tornado would severely damage that church location, and six years later in 1836, they built a new church on the corner of North Main and West Church Street - the church's current location. In 1854, The Second Methodist Episcopal Church is organized and in 1878 they would build Grace Methodist Episcopal Church on the southwest corner of South Main and West Market Streets - where the post office now stands. In 1923, First Methodist Episcopal and Grace Methodist Episcopal unite, forming the Urbana Methodist Episcopal Church. Grace Methodist Episcopal Church is sold to the United States Government in 1931 as the site for the Urbana Post Office.

Urbana Untied Methodist Church is not only a pillar within the Urban community but also works tirelessly to serve those within the community who are in need. Lead Pastor, Jim Lillibridge is passionate about bringing people together & bringing revival to the community to reach the lost. He goes on to say "...God did not save us simply that we might spend an eternal life with God - He saved us so that he might work through us to meet the needs & hopes of others in His name". In 2004, UUMC founded The WhereHouse Outreach Ministry - this is "Where God's love meets practical needs". As a member agency of the Second harvest Food Bank, the WhereHouse obtains food and household consumables at reduced cost for distribution to those on limited resources. In an average month, the WhereHouse will distribute 4.9 tons of food staples to over 1,300 individuals.

On the national level the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and the Methodist Protestant Church merged in 1939, and the Church name changed to Urbana Methodist Church.

In March, 2014 UUMC purchased the Urbana Twin Cinemas with the vision behind this project to Reach, Restore and Revive our community for the glory of God. "It will be exciting to see what God will do as our entire community joins forces to restore the theatre into a community treasure that will serve the people of Urbana and Champaign County economically, socially, culturally and spiritually", Pastor Jim says.

in 1968, a union takes place on a national level between the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church - the Church name was changed to Urbana United Methodist Church.

UUMC formed the Center for Creative Childcare in 1975 and is still part of their outreach ministry today. They offer a daily care center and Christian preschool which serves children ages 2 through 5.

Looking for Content Writers The Road To Damascus Publication is looking for experienced writers who have a passion for writing. If you would like an opportunity to use your writing experience to the Glory of God, we would like to talk to you. Email us at: [email protected] with "Content Writer" in the subject line. Please include your experience, contact information and the best time to reach you and a staff member will contact you to set up a time to talk. Thanks for your interest. Management The Road To Damascus Publication

Easter Cantata

Its philosophy is to promote joy, love, respect, self-worth, trust, excitement, kindness, faith and community. Our message is simple: Children are our communities’ promise; and our community has a promise to keep to them. The Center is open year round from 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Service Times: Sun @ 9a - Contemporary Worship Sun @ 11a - Traditional Svc Sun @ 10a - Discipleship & Sun School Wed @ 6:30p - Youth Night History & Timeline provided by UUMC

Pat Bass, Publisher & Editor

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May 2014 * The Road to Damascus Publication * Page 5 List your events for FREE. Request event form: email us at [email protected] - Email form to us by 20th of prior month Lessons from Johnny Lingo and the 8-Cow Wife One of my all time favorite short stories is “Johnny Lingo and the 8-Cow Wife”. The title sounds a bit demeaning, I know, but the punch-line at the end of the story transcends all negative connotations.

then wonder where all the sizzle went. Instead of seeing their marriage as a valuable treasure, they come to perceive it as a burden, a mountain or worse—a curse.

The story involves a puzzling and mysterious bridal transaction by Johnny Lingo for Sarita, a very plain-looking, young woman that probably wouldn't bring a dowry of one cow, let alone eight! Even though Johnny was a master fisherman and business expert, everyone on the South Pacific island of Kiniwata thought he lost big-time when he brought eight cows to Sarita’s father and asked for her hand in marriage. Most brides only brought two, or at most, three cows.

In Matthew 13:44 Jesus likened the kingdom of heaven to treasure hidden in a field. “When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.” (NIV) A healthy marriage is one of the most valuable “possessions” one can acquire. Yet, it does not become healthy automatically; like a garden, much investment of time, energy and sacrifice is required.

What would motivate someone to “overpay” to such an extreme? Was he arrogant? Was he deluded? Was he blind? This is the mystery behind this little story. So that you can enjoy it What would you give up in order to have a healthy marriage? The for yourself, I will not steal your delight by spilling the punch-line. A link toward the end man who sold all he had to acquire the hidden treasure apparently of this article will allow you enjoy the entire 10 minute story yourself. thought the treasure was worth as much or MORE than he currently had. This is certainly true of the Kingdom, God’s rule and reign in I will provide a hint that “Johnny Lingo and the 8-Cow Wife” is a creative example our lives.

of investing in marriage. Too many couples stop investing after several years, and It is also true of the sacred treasure of marriage. Value is added when we sacrificially invest in this most basic, foundational and potentially fulfilling of all relationships.

Heavenly Treats There are two things I can count on in my life. I am short on time, and I love sweets. So I am always looking for easy tasty treats. I enjoy a pecan pie, but I don’t always have the time to roll out the pie dough. This gives me the great taste of pecan pie in the same time it takes to make brownies from a box. This is perfect for a church or work potluck. These are even easy to wrap for a bake sale.

Pecan Pie Bars 1 cup softened butter 2 cups flour 1 /4 cup powder sugar Combine butter, flour, and powder sugar in bowl until well mixed and then press into the bottom of a 9x13 baking pan. Bake at 350 for 15 minutes. While baking, make the filling. Enter Text Here. 3 eggs 1 /2 cup sugar 2 cups pecans 1 cup light corn syrup 1 pinch of salt 1 tsp vanilla 1 /4 cup melted butter Cream eggs and sugar together. Then add pecans, corn syrup, salt, vanilla, and butter. Mix well. Pour over baked crust and put back in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes Once again, I hope you and your family enjoy this sweet treat. . I look forward to sharing with you next month my next recipe for your friends and family to enjoy. I would also like you to share some of your favorite recipes with the community. Please send me your favorites to be shared with our readers. Email recipes to: [email protected]

Ms. Dionna Your "Faithful" Culinarian

A recent public service campaign entitled “What have you done for your marriage today?” features “on-the-street” responses to this question. Some individuals and couples respond quickly by sharing of a small act of kindness done for their partner. Others seem to get a “deer in the headlights” look, as if you had just asked them about aliens living in their neighborhood! I would always like to have a positive answer for anyone who asks me, “Lavern, what you done for your marriage today?” Typically, I could respond with a smile and say, “I made coffee for Ronda” or “I gave Ronda five reasons why I would marry her again” or “I asked Ronda if there is anything she needs from me today”. Failure to invest in one’s marriage should not lead to surprise in its devaluation. No investment, no gain. So, are you wondering about Johnny Lingo and why he paid eight cows for a rather non-descript damsel? If you would like to enjoy this memorable 10 minute story, here is the link: But please go beyond the story. Be sure to reflect on some new ways to invest in and add value to your own marriage. After all, if you want an 8-cow marriage . . . by Lavern Nissley, Executive Director Marriage Resource Center of Miami Valley

Teach "Lifeskill" Classes Whatever you are passionate about, hobbies, life lessons, professional skills, etc.

Call 937-652-1303 and ask for John Nolte or email: [email protected]

May 2014 * The Road to Damascus Publication * Page 6

"The Young and the Righteous" "I Want to Show Teens that God is an Amazing Lifestyle"! At age 30, Youth Pastor Nate Sams has his hands full at Renewed Strength Church in Westville, Ohio just outside Urbana. Nate moved to Ohio 5 years ago from Northern Arizona with one mission in mind - to do what God has called him to do. For Nate, that calling is ministering to teens and today he directs one of the largest youth groups in Champaign County. His roots stem back 10 years ago in Arizona, when he completed college with a degree in Art. Nate explains at that time he thought he would end up in Hollywood doing 3D Animation - little did he know God had other plans for him. After college there were a turn of events that occurred that would change his life forever, one that landed him very ill for almost a year. It was during that time that Nate had an opportunity to talk to God and get to know him personally. Nate didn't know how his situation would end up but he vowed to serve God for the rest of his life no matter what happened. After 10 long months Nate pulled through his situation and shortly thereafter became a Youth Leader at a christian youth camp for teens where he would minister to 600 - 800 students every week. It was here that Nate discovered his passion for working with teens. But Nate had a stirring in his heart that God was wanting him to move, and wanted him to do more - and youth camp was just the beginning. After 2 years Nate left the youth camp and shortly thereafter transitioned into a Youth Pastor. As Youth Pastor, Nate was now working with the Junior High & Senior High ministries and even worked with their college ministry for a short time. Nate said God has given me a passion for fixing what's broken and giving ministries back to the people who really are the ones who own the ministry. "I should be working myself our of a job because it's the teen's ministry, then it's the people in the church - it's their ministry" Nate says. "Students need someone to come along side them, come to their level and live life with them". "Someone to be an example of what life and a relationship with Christ is, someone to hold them accountable and be there in the good and the bad". "Many times adolescents are given up on and really these kids just need someone to have their back", Nate says. "I want to show teens that God is an amazing lifestyle. God desires a relationship and He's not just this God above us only looking out for what we do bad to discipline us". Students wait for 500 Easter eggs to drop..

Nate knew that God was still calling him for a bigger purpose and after 3 years as Youth Pastor in Arizona, Nate packed up his family and headed to Ohio. "God led me to Renewed Strength Church - we knew that God wanted to do something miraculous through us here in Ohio", Nate says. "So we packed up everything we had and came to Ohio". Nate works with the Junior & Senior High school students and directs more than 100 youth across all of their Student Ministries. In addition, he has formed 4 small group bible studies at area schools. On Tuesday nights he meets with another small group of teens at the Coffee Depot where they've seen the numbers grow to 25 - 30 students at times. That ministry by itself is turning into a pretty nice size group. "We look at our Ministry in 3 parts: Come Events, Grow Events & the "Go" category. The Come Events are events they create to build relationships with the kids and introduce them to God. The Grow Events are where discipleship happens - that where growth happens. Now that you know God, what does he desire of you in this relationship. Then the "Go" category, that is where they introduce the students to mission work and loving people. They take their discipleship to another level as they begin to talk to others about Christ and inviting their friends to church. Nate says "we like to put them in situations where their faith is tested" - get them outside their comfort zone. Nate says his formula for success (if there is one) is being transparent and real with the kids. He tries to see life through the eyes of his students and create an environment where they want to come into first, a place they can call their own. Walls are painted crazy, the room resembles a concert hall with a black stage, 2 huge projectors, stage lights directing their attention to the front and really cool videos & christian music that sounds like what's out on the radio now but with a better message. Nate reminds parents & students to always put God first. He said the world wants us to put our priorities in other areas like sports or anything that can consume our time and as parents discipling our kids starts at home. "We have to teach our kids that making God #1 in our life should be top priority. When asked how he refills his cup, he smiled and said "I fill my cup by looking for opportunities to hang out with God". Nate is an adrenaline junkie who loves longboaring, snowboarding and anything athletic. With a degree in Art he also loves freelance graphic design and typically can be found relaxing in a coffee shop. Nate advice; "When things aren't right, don't freak out in your situation - figure out the best place to go where you can grow and .... START CHANGE NOW"!

The concert-like environment draws the students in..

Pat Bass, Publisher & Editor Youth Pastor Nate ministers to his students..

Pat Bass, Publisher & Editor

We are proud to highlight Youth in the community who have chosen Discipleship

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Music and Entertainment

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MAY 2014 Calendar of Events Friday, May 2 Gathering Lunch Series 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. * Security National Bank, 40 S. Limestone St., Springfield, OH Join us May 2nd, 9th, and 16th for great food and great speakers as we tackle the issues men face together. Cost $10

Friday, May 9 Gathering Lunch Series 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. * Security National Bank, 40 S. Limestone St., Springfield, OH Join us May 2nd, 9th, and 16th for great food and great speakers as we tackle the issues men face together. Cost $10

Saturday, May 3 Pay It Forward Kids Consignment Sale 9:00 a.m. - Noon * 1471 E. U.S. Highway 36 * Urbana Moms from the Urbana United Methodist Church are organizing a kids consignment sale between Trenor Motors & Kids Learning Place & across from Dairy Corner. A suggested $1 will be collected at the door. Call 653-3741 or

Friday,May 9 Leadercast Champaign County 8:30 a.m.- 4:30p.m.* Champaign County Chamber of Commerce, 220 E. Court St * Urbana Leadership is beyond the confines of our daily tasks. Beyond the borders of our roles and responsibilities. Leadership asks us to look beyond the everyday and consider the larger community around us. Leadership beckons us to look longer, wider, larger. We are asked to look not only inward, but also outward. Beyond ourselves.

Thursday, May 15

Saturday, May 10 Rummage Sale 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. * United Methodist Church - Street Parking Lot, 238 North Main St., Urbana The youth group of Urbana UMC will be holding their 5th annual rummage sale. We are gathering donations for the sale. Contact Christopher @ 614-949-5004 to make a donation. Monies raised will be used for the youth summer camp in August.

Clark County Clergy Celebration 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. * Courtyard by Marriot, * Springfield 937-325-6226 Blessing of Appreciation, Breakfast Feast, Encouraging Fellowship and Community Opportunities for your Congregation. R.S.V.P. by emailing [email protected]

Sunday, May 18 Friday, May 16 Gathering Lunch Series 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. * Security National Bank, 40 S. Limestone St., Springfield, OH Join us May 2nd, 9th, and 16th for great food and great speakers as we tackle the issues men face together. Cost $10

Gathering Concert featuring Ryan Stevenson 6:30p.m.* Fellowship Christian Church, 2301 Valley Loop Road * Springfield National Gotee Recording Artist Ryan Stevenson will perform May 18th, @ 6:30pm. In addition to Ryan Stevenson, Columbus' Ryan Wilkins will open with Springfield's Champion The City (Joel Frame & Ted Rastatter). or See Full Ad on Pg.3 for more details

He said unto them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation..."

Sunday, June 22 Homecoming Day 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. * Lighthouse Tabernacle, 5202 Valley Pike * Urbana 937-788-2050 Two Services featuring Preaching, Lighthouse Tabernacle Singers (11am) + Singers from Area Churches (2pm) Dinner served between services. No Charge. Contact Charlene Culp at [email protected]

Mark 16:15