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Foundations & Concealers Annmarie Gianni: Earth Minerals By far my favorite foundation. Goes on very smooth and I can adjust the intensity because it comes in a powder which you mix with your favorite facial oil. It feels clean and is very safe and nourishing to your skin.

Andalou Naturals BB Cream Roses Color Plus Correct Sheer Nude Peels Neutralizer I love the 30 SPF and the natural glow I get from this BB Cream. It does have some ingredients I am not fond of, but it scores very low on the EWG website.

Aveda's Inner Light Concealer Aveda’s provides excellent coverage! I do not even need to use foundation, just spot treat with this concealer.

Beauty Counter’s Touchup Skin Pen The Touchup concealer is helpful for on the go, just pump and apply. I appreciate the ease and coverage it provides.

Jane Iredale's Corrective Concealer Kit For those times you need to get serious with your correction and highlighting needs.

Blush Beauty Counter Blush Duo I just love these duos, all of the colors are FANTASTIC! If I HAD to pick one, okay two, I choose Tawny/Whisper (for a more peachy, yet defined look, I love the Tawny for contouring!) & Bloom/Tulip (for sweet, pink floral-y cheeks!)

Primal Life Organics This is a blush stain that is made from VERY few ingredients and is applied, wet. This is taking us back to our roots, where makeup was invented out of berries, beets and flowers.

Jane Iredale’s Blush/Bronzer Combo 4 Shades to sweep just about anywhere. Summer time fine & fresh!

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