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MAY 14, 2015

from the seniOR pastor Dr. Greg Davis It’s graduation time! Congratulations to all our graduates! Carpe diem! God’s deep blessings upon you! A recent article caught my eye as it mentioned Kevin Legree, a former dean at the seminary that shaped my ministry, extensively. Dr. Legree once addressed the graduating class. His practical words of advice extend beyond pastors to all members of the Body of Christ, the church. It is especially important taking these to heart for they are wisdom for all disciples to practice:

Return Your FAITHFUL Pledge Card in Worship | Sunday, May 17 Broadmoor’s BOLD campaign to eliminate the debt of our church will reach an important threshold this Sunday, May 17th. The congregation is asked to bring pledge cards to Sunday morning worship and place them at the altar during a special communion celebration. There will be extra pledge cards at the Welcome Center for those who need them. On Sunday, May 24th we will announce our campaign results. This campaign is to satisfy the bank debt we incurred when we extensively remodeled our church campus. It included the building of many new spaces including the fellowship hall, new parlor, elevator, and internal ramps, as well as improvements to Anderson Hall and mechanicals (new a/c and heat) for all the added space. The goal of the campaign is to secure pledges to be paid over the next four years that would fully pay off the debt incurred by the recent building renovations. The present loan is based on a twenty year payout at 4.2% interest, which would be a cost of $1.8 million in interest. Paying the entire debt in four years would result in a total interest cost of approximately $600,000. The four-year payout would save Broadmoor UMC $1.2 million in interest. Once the pledge phase of the campaign has concluded, we will begin regular reporting on our progress on payment of the debt. Furthermore, the Finance and Trustee Committees will examine how the pledged monies are anticipated to be given to the church. The committees will then establish a "reserve" amount to assure that monthly payments can be made for a reasonable time into the future. As pledges are received, the monthly payment on the bank loan will be paid and the remainder of pledged contributions will go to the reserve. Any monies received over the targeted reserve amount will then go directly to the principal balance of the loan. If you participate at Broadmoor UMC in traditional or contemporary worship, streaming services, Christian education classes, youth and children’s programs, Bible studies, fellowship times, choir and music ensembles, mission projects, UMW, UMM, retreats, or any other activity of the church, there is an important role for you to play in assisting with removing the debt that is a hindrance to the fullness of God’s grace through these experiences. We as a congregation must be BOLD in our faith, BOLD in our commitment and BOLD in our gifts to move our church into a faithful future.

“First, don’t do anything stupid. This bit of wisdom has served me well over the years, and I gladly pass it along to you. When you are tempted to let loose at someone who has deliberately irritated you; when you feel caught in the glass house of parish life; when you mope that your talents and gifts are ignored or even tamped down by the noncreative forces around you; whenever, in short, you are tempted to do some impulsive thing because it would feel soo-o-o good to do it, remember this exhortation: don’t do anything stupid. I can testify that it has helped me every time I’ve remembered it, and that every time I have forgotten it, I have regretted not following it. “Second, be the person God created you to be. You will continue to be pressed to be someone other than who you are. Your own ambition may tempt you to become what is popular at the time in order to hasten your rise to the top. Those with whom you work may seek to make you over into someone with whom they are more comfortable. In the dryness of your spiritual journey, the allure to have someone else’s spiritual experiences will be strong and tempting. Be the person you are created to be — that is the essential spiritual journey on which we all travel. In the mystery of God’s grace, the fullness of shalom depends on each of us being the person God created us to be, because, without our unique contribution, shalom cannot be complete.” These are two outstanding reminders for all who would be Christian leaders whether in church, home, workplace, or society.

Memorials & Honorariums BUILDING FUND In memory of MARY KIDWELL by Tom & Bonnie Daniel. In memory of SAM LEES by Tom & Bonnie Daniel. In memory of J. HUGH WATSON by Mr. & Mrs. John Hayter.

GENERAL FUND In memory of SAM LEES by Steven & Becky Evans, Bill & Michelle Gerardy, Mattie Guice, Sam & Renee Hilburn, James Holloway & Co, LLC, Tommy & Debra Kerr, Sandra & Craig Lang, Sandra McCalla, Michael & Laura Moore, Dianne Mullin, John & Marilyn Palmer, Willa & Marvin Roof, W. Greg Stinson, Julia Lentz Williams, and Paul & Holly Wood. In memory of J. HUGH WATSON by The Alta & John Franks Foundation, James Blewett, Jerry D. Boughton, The Couples Class, Mr. & Mrs. Dale Phillips, Betty Ramey, and Mrs. John T. Porter.

LAYETTE FUND In memory of SAM LEES by Nancy & Michael Lex.

UMCOR FUND In honor of CHARLIE COX by Marty Cox.

New Members

Heather & Jay Hayter

Jan Milner & Eric Holman

Katie & Henry Bethard

T's TOP TEN (#5)

By T.Wes Moore, Director of Music Ministries

True relationships are not like paper plates where one can dispose of them easily. I understand that there are times when people drift apart. Nonetheless, we should always approach relationships with care.

When things do happen, as they always will, we must always treat everyone with love as Christ has loved us and as Christ continues to love us. These relationships, whether they are work related, friendships, partnerships, or romantic, have a lasting impact on us. Hopefully, we learn from our relationships and grow from them. So it is with the people of Broadmoor United Methodist Church. I consider many of you my family. Many of you supported me and helped me grow as a person. You are my first congregation to serve and I will always keep you with me. I am in no way saying that our relationship is over. It is not. Our relationship is taking on a new form. So, while I will not see each of you on a regular basis, I will still love you and keep up with you as you will still love me and keep up with me.

A Prayer Holy Spirit of God, Your grace finds the seam in my heart and follows it to the places waiting to be opened further by your love. Lead me today by your gentle wisdom, guiding my way throughout this day. In this silent surrender, I receive everything I need to face any challenge that comes my way. May your grace work the seams in my heart, expanding my feeling of “I” to include the reality of “You." Amen.

Join the Welcome Center Team One of the marks of a true Christian that Paul mentions in Romans is "extending hospitality to strangers." Broadmoor offers hospitality to members and newcomers especially in its lovely Fellowship Hall. There are not only friendly greetings and refreshments - there is also our Welcome Center where informed volunteers assist both members and guests by answering their questions and by providing other services. The Welcome Center is currently seeking additional volunteers for our hospitality ministry. Can you give twenty minutes of service per month to this important ministry? Our goal is to have two volunteers at each of the periods when people fill the Fellowship Hall. Jesus taught us that when we welcome the stranger, we welcome Christ himself. "Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me." Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of the Welcome Center Team. For more info, please ask any volunteer at the Welcome Center.

Wind Down Wednesday | May 20 Join us for Wind Down Wednesday, our Girl's Night Out for young adults, on May 20 at 6:00 p.m. at Wine Country on Line Avenue. Please let Tara Brawley ([email protected]) know if you are planning to attend.

Lake Day Farewell Party | June 14 Mark your calendars for Sunday June 14 as we celebrate the ministries of Rev. Marissa Teauseau and T. Wes Moore at Mary Alice and Phillip Templeton’s lake house. We will cook out hamburgers and hot dogs and spend the afternoon skiing, tubing and wishing Marissa and T. Wes well in their new endeavors. Sign up by emailing Laura Vaughan, [email protected]

Join the Young Adult Softball Team Interested in playing softball or just being a fan? Join us this Sunday afternoon, May 17, as the games begin. Zakk Owens will be coaching our team. Come out and have fun and meet other young adults. For more information contact Zakk, [email protected] or Laura Vaughan, [email protected]

Breath by Beth Moore Women's Bible Study | Begins June 8 Bonnie Daniel will lead Breath, a six-week summer women's bible study by Beth Moore, beginning Monday, June 8th from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. in the meeting room. Breath examines the person, the work and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Childcare will be provided. Book are $12. Sign up and pay for your book at the kiosks located at the front desk or welcome center or by dropping off your check in the church office for $12. Looking for a way to connect with other women this summer? Broadmoor's Women's Ministry will also be offering monthly “Book Chats,” studies and fellowship opportunities. More information coming soon!

Russia Missions: How You Can Help

By James Gillespie, Russia Missions Coordinator As you may know, our church helps support the First United Methodist Church in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Groups from Broadmoor have been going to Ekaterinburg since 1991 to lead Vacation Bible School, Bible Studies, visit in orphanages, prepare food baskets for the elderly, and construction work on the church.

Youth Week 2015: Live a Good Story | June 14-20 It's that time of year again, Youth Week 2015 is coming! All students entering 6th grade through completing 12th grade are invited to join us June 14-20 in our Youth Week festivities as we learn what it means to live a good story. We love Youth Week here at BUMC because it's the perfect way for students to kickstart their summer and build new friendships. We also get to introduce our 5th grade graduates to youth ministry! Every year Youth Week is a little bit different but we always have a ton of fun so your student definitely does not want to miss it. Here is our schedule: • Sunday, June 14 >> Lake Day (Noon - 5 p.m.) • Tuesday, June 16 >> Middle School games at AC Steere Park (10 a.m. - Noon) • Wednesday, June 17 >> Six Flags Over Texas (7:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.) • Thursday, June 18 >> High School games at Betty Virginia Park (10 a.m. - Noon) • Friday-Saturday June 19-20 >> Lock-in at BUMC (7 p.m. Friday - 10 a.m. Saturday) Youth Week costs $50 to participate in all events or $25 without Six Flags. All Youth Week participants will receive a 2015 youth ministry Comfort Colors pocket t-shirt! Registration is due by June 7th. If you have any questions or would like to help with a an event, please contact Director of Student Ministries Brandon Winningham at [email protected]

May Service Saturday | May 16 Join us in serving at MLK Health Clinic on May 16th. We will meet at BUMC at 7:30 a.m. and we will carpool to MLK together. We will receive a quick training and then we will have volunteers who take client's vital signs and other volunteers will lead a devotional/ educational session on the positive impacts of a spiritual life on health. We will finish up and head back to the church at 10 a.m.! For more information, contact Rev. Marissa ([email protected]

Softball 2015 | Begins May 24 It is that time of year again for softball fun! If you would like to participate on our Broadmoor team, email Rev. Kathy Wafer at [email protected] Games are on Sunday evenings and will begin on May 24.

June Service Saturday | June 6 Join us in serving at the Highland Community Garden on June 6th. We will meet at BUMC at 8:00 a.m. and we will carpool to the garden together. We will help create a compost system and help with weekly garden chores, such as; weeding and watering. Make sure to bring your gardening gloves if you have them

and a bottle of water. We will finish up and head back to the church at 10 a.m.! For more information, contact Rev. Marissa Teauseau ([email protected]).

Limited Space Remaining for TnT Summer Program | June 2-July 9 Terrific Tuesdays and Thrilling Thursdays, otherwise known as TnT, is right around the corner! TnT is a summer program for children who will be entering 1st-6th grades in the fall. Each Tuesday and Thursday from June 2nd to July 9th, kids will enjoy lunch and a fun-filled activity or field trip. A few examples include bowling at Holiday Lanes, skating at Hot Wheels, playing at Bayou Bounce, going to Sci-Port, and participating in a Bricks 4 Kidz workshop. There are limited spaces left, so make sure you fill out a registration form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! You may register for all activities for $220 (includes t-shirt), or individually for a minimum of three events for $25 each (must pay for t-shirt separately). Registration brochures are now available at the front desk and welcome center. Don't miss the fun! For more information contact Kristin Nelson at [email protected] or 861-0586.

I will be going to Ekaterinburg on June 2nd bringing materials and supplies for VBS for over 100 children. In addition we will have three days of adult Bible studies. I will order 100 copies of a Russian translation of a current Christian book to also distribute. We will be preparing food baskets for the elderly members of the congregation that will be distributed after worship on Sunday. One of the most significant qualities of these ministries is that supporters can know that what they contribute will go directly to the people. The faces of the children, the youth, or the adults are full of excitement as they receive their book, learn in VBS, or receive a food basket. Please consider making a contribution to the 2015 Russian Mission to Ekaterinburg, Russia in the following ways: 1. Purchase Vacation Bible School supplies for 100 children ($1000.00) 2. Purchase copies of a Christian resource book (100 copies - $8.00 each) 3. Purchase food items for the elderly of the church ($800.00) Please pray for safe travel and support this ministry by placing your checks in the offering plate or drop by the business office. Note “Russian Account“ on your check and make payable to Broadmoor United Methodist Church. Thank you for your support!

Youth Stock Sale | Happening Now! Broadmoor's Student Ministry has begun its annual Stock Sale fundraiser for youth summer missions. Church members will receive a phone call from one of our students selling "stock shares" in our summer projects, CSM Chicago, an urban mission trip, and Weekend of the Cross, a local weekend-long construction project. This investment isn't just financial, its spiritual. By purchasing $20 shares of stock in our youth ministry you will be investing in their spiritual development and their work to share God's love. You will see returns on your investment through a stronger youth ministry and, in turn, a stronger church.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Shreveport, LA Permit No. 80


Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2015 September 27 - October 2 The Millard Fuller Legacy Build, named in memory of Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity and The Fuller Center for Housing, is an annual, internationallyrecognized week of building that brings attention to the need for simple, decent and affordable housing. The Fuller Center for Housing of Northwest Louisiana, headquartered in Shreveport, LA, will be host to hundreds of volunteers from all over the United States to work for the week on 4 new homes and a rehabilitation project. The site of the build will take place in the neighborhood of Allendale, the site where Fuller Center began its first home in 2005. The 4 new homes scheduled are next to one another on Clay Street. Volunteers are needed to provide the following items for the 125+ workers on each day of the build: • sandwiches, 200 per day • snacks • water

Fun at Sky Ranch! Our graduating fifth graders had a great weekend at Sky Ranch camp in Van, TX. The trip served as a great way to celebrate their time in children's ministry and look forward to joining the youth ministry! Our 13 kids enjoyed an entire rain-free day of swimming in the pool and the lake, jumping on "the blob," zip-lining, playing laser tag, playing in a human maze, playing kickball, jumping on a huge in-ground trampoline, eating s'mores around a campfire, and much more!

We need Broadmoor’s help to make this event a success. Please let me know if your Sunday School Class or small group would be willing to help make sandwiches or donate snacks or water for the event. We will appreciate any help you can offer! For more information about how you can get involved, please contact contact J. P. Brawley at 318.393.9469 or [email protected]