FUMC Youth Ministries

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FUMC Youth Ministries Youth Group Expectations

These are the expectations for all members of the youth group. The following rules should be followed at all times. No one is expected to be perfect, we all have bad days but repeated offenses will dismiss you from attending the retreat. 

Respect your peers: avoid teasing, bullying, name calling, etc.

Treat the church property with respect: no damaging, clean-up after yourself, etc.

No purpling: youth group is not the time for any public displays of affection; that includes hand holding, kissing, hugging, etc. Also at lock-ins there will be no girls/ boys sleeping on the same couch, or bean bag

Support the leaders and your peers with full participation: looking at who is speaking, asking questions, contributing answers, etc.

Remain with the youth group unless you let a leader know you need to leave the area, and permission is granted this includes going to the field behind the gym. When told to do something, do it.

All electronic devices must be in your pouch at 6:30pm on Wednesdays and 5:30 PM on Sundays or do not bring them. Hiding them in your pockets is not acceptable

Violence is NOT tolerated: this includes chasing someone (outside of a game organized by the youth leaders), hitting, kicking, punching, biting, pinching, threatening, or attempting to do any of these actions

Follow any additional rules or directions discussed by youth leaders I understand that my youth leaders want youth to be a place that is fun, enjoyable, a time for growing and learning, and safe place for all. I understand that I am expected to follow the guidelines of this contract if I wish to attend SLR at Glisson with First UMC of Pine Mountain’s youth group. If I have questions or concerns, I will come to one of the youth leaders. ___________________________ Participant Signature

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