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Designed for all x-ray diffraction technicsthe XRD-3



3B - the basic unit 3F - for film technics 3S - the x-ray spectrometer 3D — for direct measurement

I HE NEW General Electric XRD-3 is τ. diffraction unit. Here's what you can

the first complete do with the basic XRD-3 and its components: (1) Measure diffracted intensi­ ties directly. (2) Measure fluorescent x-ray spectra directly. (3) Make use of all film technics. ALL XRD cameras and many others fit the standard diffrac­ tion instrument support. Other cameras adapt simply to the clear, flat console top. The XRD-3 is economical. There's no waste when you invest in the XRD-3. You get it as you want it. Start with the XRD-3F for film technics. And the SPG X-Ray Detector and SPG Spectrogoniometer as you need direct measure­ ment technics. The XRD-3 is accurate. X-ray intensity is constant to plus or minus Vz%. An electronic voltage regulator keeps primary voltage at 0.2% of output voltage. An x-ray tube current

stabilizer checks tube current drift to 0.02% variation. The exposure timer is correct to within 60 seconds in a 20-hour range. Latched ma and high voltage positions reproduce settings accurately for long series of experiments. The XRD-3 is efficient. X-ray intensity is high; the full-wave rectified transformer is rated at 50 kvp, 50 ma, with plenty of safety factor. The CA-7 tube and Geiger Counter tube are equipped with beryllium windows. A built-in water cooler saves cost of plumbing, assures long, efficient tube life. You work efficiently, too, at the desk-type console with meters, controls and indicators within easy reach. FREE—The full facts are available on the first complete dif­ fraction analysis unit—the XRD-3. Write General Electric X-Ray Corporation, Dept. K-6, U&55 Electric Avenue, Mil­ waukee H, Wise.


General Electric X-Ray Corporation manufactures and distributes x-ray a p p a r a t u s for industrial, dental a n d medical use; electromedical a p p a r a t u s ; x-ray a n d elec­ tromedical supplies a n d accessories.