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GET HEALTHY & STAY HEALTHY Why we need to change our lifestyle to achieve our weight loss goals. Real people, Real stories

ABOUT THE AUTHOR • My Name is Kara Allen I am 30 years old and live traveling Australia with my family full time. • I have a wonderful husband Luke, and 3 children aged 6 , 9 and 10.

• I am a qualified Heath and Lifestyle coach. • I love to empower people to achieve personal goals by taking back the power, eliminating chemicals and living the life they dream.

MY STORY • Gut Issues, IBS • constipation, Diarrhea

• catching every sickness • arthritis

• headaches

• skin blotches

• lethargic

• Anxiety/depression

• joint muscle pain

• unhealthy

• teeth problems

Just to name a few..... Really there were more. Any of the above sound familiar?

Well this was all me 5 years ago.

I was a mess, using my bowels 4 times a month, a new symptom every day, a new reason why I was to scared to leave my house, why I had a bag full of medications that I wouldn’t leave the house with out,

Look at the girl on the left, me 5 years ago, 25 years old, skin was terrible, red dry blotches, eyes murky and lost, hair dry, makeup toxic. see the girl on the right, me a few months ago, 30 years old, skin rehydrated no blotches, not dry, hair silky and finally grows, eyes are clear and full of life, makeup non toxic and flawless.

The girl on the left was lost, I felt like I was doomed, but my kids then, 2, 5 and 6 were following in my footsteps, and the symptoms above they started suffering with and it got bad, if your 2yr old is on the toilet crying in pain holding her belly saying ouch for half hour +, your 5yr old is constantly home sick catching everything around her and your 6yr old is on the lounge crying in pain after most meals, something is not right and it completely broke my heart, how could I help them when I was so sick and doctors gave me no answers besides medication for us all. So I did something about it, through 2 beautiful women I didn’t know very well at the time but they wanted to help, and I was willing to take anyone's advice, they empowered me to take back control, that maybe just maybe our life is a reflection of our lifestyle and to stop focusing on symptoms but the underline cause. And focus on what we could do to change it, if you put juice in your car how long will it run before it brakes down? Ever look at your body the same way, I didn’t till it started braking down.

But the best part, drain that juice from the fuel tank, give it what it needs to run, she will be back on the road, You are the same, its time to put you first, self love self care, time to get rid of the toxins in your body, add all the good things that will give you the fuel to help you run. 2013 me 6 months after my journey started, 20kg lighter, I lost all my symptoms, and so did my kids, we have not been to the doctors since besides broken bones, this is not a diet, I hate diets, they always end and most the time you put the weight back on, I know, I did them all. this a lifestyle change is going back to basics and giving your body what it needs, adding in the good stuff, crowding out the unwanted. 2017 me a week ago, nearly 5 years later, haven’t put the weight back on, but how my life and my families lives have changed. Are you ready to make some changes? Then keep reading on.

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THIS IS A LIFESTYLE, NOT A DIET • Real food, real supplements, lifestyle changes and you could change your life. • Did you know that your gut is your second brain, that 90% of your immune system is in your gut. • The chemicals we use in our homes and on our skin can enter our blood stream in less then 60 seconds, and women can put on up to 160 chemicals before they leave there bathroom. • We need to stop looking at the symptoms and look at the underline cause of the symptoms. • What are some simple changes you can make to help reduce stress on your body. • I found by focusing on getting healthy and healing from the inside out, I started to heal all my symptoms, lose weight and feel great. • A diet always has a end date, a lifestyle change doesn’t.

BUT IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU • A program has been designed, is going crazy in the UK and US and its using the same principals I used to change m life. • 3 step weight loss/ management program • 3 products • 3 lifestyle changes • 3 months

• And the results are amazing • Heard of the Mediterranean way of eating, that’s what we focus on. • Sick of spending thousands on pills and shakes, starving yourself for what the diet to end and you put some or all the weight back on. • We focus on making it a manageable lifestyle change no replacing or skipping meals. • Are you ready to make some lasting changes?


Enhancing immunity and busting energy levels are among the many benefits of nutritional supplements

Our bodies do not produce its own minerals or trace elements so we rely on our foods, we need 60 minerals a day, and as our soils are very mineral deficient we do not receive enough, so supplementing minerals is very important. All the recommended supplements are not said to heal the problem but help give the body what it needs to start the healing process from within. We can not only rely on just supplementing but good nutrition and the right environment, our bodies are amazing things and will and can turn any health issue around given the right time and care.

WHAT IS YOUR WHY? • Why did you click on this E-Book? • Why are you wanting to make changes?

• What is your why behind all of this? • Your why is what feeds you to keep going, to achieve your goals and not give up.

• I believe things come in our path for a reason and its up to you if you take it or leave it. • But remember that things will never change if you never change.

CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO • We love seeing people achieve goals and start to feel amazing. • Click on our website. • Our Facebook page. Keepin it Real • Instagram • Private message us or Email. [email protected]