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Jim Hudson

Executive Pastor twitter: jimhudson4

Because of sin, even our prayers are self centered. That’s why Jesus begins his prayer by directing our attention to God. • God alone is worthy of our worship.

• God alone is sovereign.

• We have Good News: Jesus has come to us.

We pray for “us.” • The new covenant family, not individualism is the picture of the

church. Praying for daily bread = praying for the necessities of daily life. • Prosperity Gospel = false belief that “God blesses” us with things that

rob our joy in Him.

Everything we are given comes to us only because of God’s providence.

•Deism = false belief that God is largely uninvolved in our daily affairs.

• God is sovereign and therefore the principle cause of all things.

• God’s providence = God exercising His sovereignty in

time and space.

The mature disciple is growing in dependence upon God’s grace. In Christ, the bread of heaven, we have everything we need for life and godliness.

• Grace that satisfies hungry souls.

• Grace that bears the suffering of deprivation.

• Grace that feeds the body of Christ.

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Comments or Prayer Requests

If you’d like prayer or spiritual help today please drop by the Living Room next to the Worship Center to speak with one of our pastors or elders.