GradeCam Implementation

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GradeCam Implementation Troubleshooting 101

Basic Troubleshooting If you are experiencing issues with GradeCam, consider these basic troubleshooting tips. For full assistance, login to Illuminate > click Help in upper-right corner > search ‘scanning’ …

Quick Tips/Questions 1. Have you installed GradeCam before? Did you UNINSTALL the old plugin first? 2. When you installed the plugin, did you first SAVE then RUN the plugin? 3. What browser are you using? Have you updated your browser to the current version? Can you install Chrome? 4. What operating system are you using? Is everything fairly up to date? 5. What camera are you using? Do you know for certain that it works with Skype? 6. Is there a clean outlined black box clearly around each answer sheet? (see screenshot  ) 7. If your answer sheets appear in the GradeCam window but are not scanning, did you …  Slowly adjust the camera’s focus?  Adjust the height (lower and raise camera)?  Dim the room lights? (lighting impacts scanning)  Adjust the zoom?  Turn off auto-focus? (auto focus can cause issues with GradeCam) 8. Have you tried restarting your computer > now plug in the camera > now re-open the browser > then scan? Simply restarting your computer can be very helpful. 9. If using a document camera, have you updated your camera software? Is the camera plugged into the USB port? Does your camera work with Skype? Is the camera software closed (you should not be running your camera software)? 10. Have you called Illuminate? (951) 739-0186.

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