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Greater Milwaukee

Rebuilding Day Rebuilding  Together  Greater   Milwaukee’s  15th  Annual   Rebuilding  Day:      May  16th,  2015

Greater Milwaukee

Rebuilding Day May  16th,  2015

What  is  Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee? Our  Organization: Great  neighborhoods  are  restored  and  preserved  one  home  and  one   deserving  homeowner  at  a  time.  This  is  accomplished  through  the   efforts  of  visionary  community  leaders,  caring  and  generous   companies,  and  dedicated  volunteers  and  nonprofit  organizations  like   Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee. Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee  (RTGM)  supports  muchneeded  affordable  housing  and  helps  homeowners  and  neighborhoods   regain  a  sense  of  community  pride.  We  do  this  by  coordinating  the   volunteers,  skilled  labor,  tools  and  supplies  it  takes  to  renovate,   revitalize  and  renew  homes  and  neighborhoods  across  the  Greater   Milwaukee  area. We  address  the  problems  of  affordable  housing  for  low-income   homeowners  by  revitalizing  and  preserving  their  homes.  Through  the   repairs  provided  by  our  volunteers,  we: Repair  low-income,  owner-occupied  housing,  enabling  older   adults,  individuals  living  with  disabilities,  and  veterans  to  remain  in   their  homes  for  years  to  come. Address  critical  safety  issues  –  falls  are  a  leading  cause  of  injury   among  older  adults. Stabilize  living  conditions,  allowing  our  homeowners  accessibility   and  independence.     Lower  household  energy  bills  by  weatherizing  homes  and   replacing  old  appliances  with  newer,  energy  efficient  models.

Our  Mission:   Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee  preserves  affordable  housing   and  revitalizes  vulnerable  neighborhoods  throughout  the  Milwaukee   and  Waukesha  counties.  We  improve  lives  by  providing  FREE,   professional  home  restoration,  vital  safety  repairs  and  life-changing   accessibility  modifications  for  low-income  homeowners  who  are  senior   citizens,  veterans  and/or  persons  with  disabilities.  Our  impact  is   extended  beyond  the  individuals  served  to  revitalize  and  stabilize   vulnerable  neighborhoods.  Home  by  home,  block  by  block,  entire   communities  are  transformed.    

“Thank  you  so  much  for  the  work  you  do    to   help  families  in  the  community.  We  were   one  of  them  and  we  are  forever  grateful  for   the  help  to  fix  much  needed  repairs  to  our   house  that  we  could  never  ever  had  the   means  to  get  done  without  your   assistance.” -  Joel  &  Karen,  Homeowners

“The  work  that  was  accomplished  in  one   day  was  fantastic.” -  Dolly  &  Kim,  Homeowners  

Each  tax-deductible  donation  allows  RTGM  to  purchase  basic  supplies  to  complete  our  homeowner’s  projects.  Whether  a   project  is  an  emergency  repair,  accessibility  modification,  Rebuilding  Day  or  one  of  our  many  projects  all  year  round,   sponsors  are  able  to  experience  a  full  range  of  involvement.   On  behalf  of  the  clients  we  serve  and  those  waiting  to  be  served;  thank  you  for  your  investment  consideration.  

Greater Milwaukee

Rebuilding Day May  16th,  2015

 Who  is  Eligible  for  Rebuilding  Together  services? Elderly Veterans Persons  with  disabilities

Homeowners  must  be  low-income,  current  on  property  taxes   and  live  in  Milwaukee  or  Waukesha  Counties.   Seniors  must  be  60+,  but  veterans  and  people  of  disability   applicants  can  be  any  age  to  qualify. Applications  are  processed  all  year  round. Repairs  and  accessibility  modifications  are  scheduled  within   30  days  of  an  application  being  approved.

   What  is  RTGM’s  impact  within  the  community?   Our  Year-Round  Projects:

Our  2013  Statistics: 3120  calls  were  processed  by  RTGM  staff  in  2013.   206  RTGM  home  visits  were  fulfilled.   178    homes  were  renovated.  Many  eligible   homeowners  received  services  in  more  than  one  of   our  programs.   1007  individual  repairs  were  completed  for   homeowners.  On  average,  RTGM  completed  5.7   individual  repairs  at  each  home.   330  homeowners  benefited  from  our  services. 71  emergency  repairs  were  completed  this  past   year.  RTGM  is  the  only  agency  in  the  county  to   complete  FREE  emergency  repairs  for  qualified   homeowners.  We  are  able  to  complete  most  repairs   in  24-48  hours. 384  accessibility  modifications  were  made  to  allow   homeowners  to  remain  in  their  homes  safely  and   independently.  

Emergency  Repairs:  Addresses  urgent  threats  to  life,   health,  safety  and  housing  within  24  -  48  hours. Essential  Repairs:  Tackles  critical  safety  and  security   hazards. Housing  Plus:  Enables  powerful  partnerships  with  other   organizations  and  community  programs. Occupational  Therapy  Assessments  &  Modifications:   Performs  assessments  that  result  in  installation  of  critical   modifications,  ensuring  homeowners  are  able  to  be   independent.     Rebuilding  Day:  Makes  home  repairs  for  15  -  18  homes  in   one  day,  annually. Veterans:  Attends  to  the  specific  needs  of  veterans  and   their  families. Real  Estate  Owned  Homes  (REO):  Rehabilitates   foreclosed  and  donated  homes  for  revitalization. Workforce  Development:  Partners  RTGM  with   community  organizations  to  foster  job  skills,  sustainable   employment  and  business  development  among  youth   and  adults.   Special  Projects:  Sponsors  corporate  days  and  donor   designated  projects.

To  learn  more  about  how  you  can  help,   visit   or  contact  us  directly:          Lynnea  Katz-Petted,  CEO

   Office:  414.312.7531    Email:  [email protected]                

     Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee      700  W.  Virginia  Street,  Suite  221      Milwaukee,  WI  53204

Greater Milwaukee

Rebuilding Day May  16th,  2015

What  is  Rebuilding  Day? Sponsorship  Opportunity On  the  third  Saturday  of  May,  Rebuilding  Day  unites  a  diverse  group  of  volunteers  from  all  walks  of  life  to  rehabilitate   homes  and  revitalize  Milwaukee  communities. Every  project  we  undertake  is  unique.  Each  work  site  comes  with  a  different  history,  unique  homeowner  needs,  and  its   own  scope  of  work.  Once  deployed,  we  do  everything  from  yard  cleanup  and  painting,  to  skilled  plumbing,  windows,   electrical  systems  and  flooring  repairs.   As  we  work  to  revitalize  Milwaukee  communities,  we  also  work  hard  to  provide  a  positive  volunteer  experience  for  our   sponsors,  volunteers,  and  community  partners.  The  result  of  year-long  planning,  evaluating,  training,  and  organizing  is  a   lasting  impact  and  life-changing  experience  for  our  volunteers  and  the  homeowners  that  we  help.

Sponsorship  Commitment Sponsors  provide  financial  support,  along  with  a  volunteer  team,  that  includes  a  construction  leader,  called  a  House   Captain,  and  a  team  manager,  called  a  House  Leader.  Sponsors  have  the  option  of  providing  their  own  House  Captain   should  they  have  an  interested,  skilled  volunteer  or  we  provide  a  project  leader  if  needed.  Rebuilding  Together  Greater   Milwaukee  is  committed  to  providing  a  meaningful,  well-organized  experience  and  will  identify  your  project  and  train   and  support  your  volunteers  throughout  the  entire  process.  Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee  provides  a  thank   you  event  for  all  volunteers  at  a  later  date.  Sponsorship  levels  are  designed  to  meet  the  needs  of  every  sponsor  and   team.  RTGM  strives  to  make  Rebuilding  Day  as  impactful  for  teams  as  it  is  for  our  deserving  homeowners.    

Greater Milwaukee

Rebuilding Day May  16th,  2015

 Join  our  valued  team  of  sponsors! Knights  of  Columbus


Kocs  Wesson  &  Associates

Affordable  Baths Anick  &  Associates Associated  Bank

Lowe's  Home  Improvement  &  Foundation The  Lynde  &  Harry  Bradley  Foundation Metropolitan  Builders  Association

B&E  General  Contractors   BMO  Harris  Bank

The Milwaukee  County  Department   on  Aging  

Brandon’s  Toolshed Northland  Electrical  Services  LLC Compass  Properties Opus  Foundation Direct  Supply  Inc. Pereles  Brothers  Inc. The  Faye  McBeath  Foundation PPG  Industries Forest  County  Potawatomi   Foundation

Pyrex  Corporation Sears

Glaser  Business  Law,  LLC The  Greater  Milwaukee  Foundation Greenfire  Management  Services Grow  Fire  Management Havenwoods  Economic  Development   Corporation

Greater Milwaukee

Schick  &  Associates  LLC Stephen  G.  Franks  Family   Fund  of  The  Community   Foundation  for  Greater  Atlanta

This  Is  It  Inc.                 Tri  City  National  Bank

Helen  Bader  Foundation VJS  Construction  Services   Home  Depot  Foundation Wasserman  &  Associates Honeywell  Hometown  Solutions

We  Energies                 Jericho  Resources,  Inc.     Wells  Fargo  Foundation JP  Morgan  Chase  &  Co. WHEDA Kerns  Carpet  One

Greater Milwaukee

Rebuilding Day May  16th,  2015

What  are  the  sponsorship  levels  for  Rebuilding  Day?

NeighB0rh00d Builders

C0unty Builders

$5,000  -  Up  to  30  volunteers

$15,000  -  Up  to  75  volunteers

Neighborhood  Builders  receive  the  following   benefits:

County  Builders  receive  all  preceding  benefits,  plus:

A  unique  one-day  team  building  experience. Rebuilding  Day  t-shirts  for  all  team  members  with  your   company’s  logo. Your  company  name  on  signage  placed  at  rehabilitation   project. Your  company  name  listed  in  Rebuilding  Together  Greater   Milwaukee’s  newsletters  and  website. Your  company  name  listed  in  Rebuilding  Together    Greater   Milwaukee’s  annual  report. A  mention  in  our  Rebuilding  Day  press                  materials.   Volunteer  appreciation  party  after  Rebuilding  Day.

City Builders $10,000  -  Up  to  50  volunteers City  Builders  receive  all  previous  benefits,  plus: Preferred  logo  placement  on  the  back  of  our   Rebuilding  Together  volunteer  t-shirts. Choice  of  home  or  facility  project,  with  preference   given  to  location. Logo  placement  on  the  front  page  of  the  RTGM   website,  with  a  link  to  your  website.

Corporate  logo  placement  on  the  back  of  our   Rebuilding  Together  volunteer  t-shirts. Media  promotions  designed  for  your  team.

C0mmunity Builders $25,000  -  Up  to  100  volunteers Community  Builders  receive  all  previous  benefits,  plus: Top  logo  placement  on  the  back  of  our  Rebuilding   Together  volunteer  t-shirts. Volunteer  recruitment  events  and  media  kickoffs. A  co-branded  press  release. A  profile  in  Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee   newsletter.

Rebuilding C0Aliti0ns Not  able  to  fund  one  of  the  sponsorship  levels?   Consider  pooling  your  resources  with  another   organization.  Come  together  with  vendors,  clients,   neighbors  and  friends  to  combine  funds  and  volunteers!   For  further  coalition  information,  feel  free  to  contact   the  Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee  Offices.

To  learn  more  about  how  you  can  help,   visit   or  contact  us  directly:      

     Lynnea  Katz-Petted,  CEO

   Office:  414.312.7531    Email:  [email protected]      

     Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee      700  W.  Virginia  Street,  Suite  221      Milwaukee,  WI  53204

Greater Milwaukee

Rebuilding Day May  16th,  2015

What  are  my  responsibilities  as  a  sponsor? As  sponsors  of  Rebuilding  Day,  we  will  fulfill  the  following:     Provide  a  House  Captain:              A  member  of  your  volunteer  team  who  will  act  as  a  coordinator  along  side  RTGM  for  project  scope  and  material.   Provide  a  House  Leader:                A  member  of  your  volunteer  team  who  will  act  as  a  liaison  between  the  designated  homeowner  and  your    volunteer                  team.   Provide  a  volunteer  team  who  has  the  excitement  and  passion  to  change  the  life  of  another. Complete  required  paperwork  on  time  and  use  the  online  volunteer  registration  system.   Provide  a  count  of  your  volunteers,  including  any  specific  dietary  needs  for  meals.   Leverage  personal  and  corporate  contacts  to  maximize  our  investment  in  the  project.   Work  with  RTGM  on  all  press  announcements  for  projects.  A  high-resolution  image  of  you  company  logo  must  be   emailed  to  RTGM  by  March  31,  2015. To  support  your  efforts  as  a  sponsor,  Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee  will  provide: A  turn-key  team  building  experience. Vetted  homeowners  &  homes  designated  to  each  team. Coordination  of  sponsors  and  volunteer  teams,  including  a  schedule  of  the  day’s  events. Insurance  for  volunteers  and  supervision  from  licensed  professionals. Additional  volunteers  assigned  to  your  team  as  needed. Building  a  material  budget  and  determining  the  scope  of  work. Publicity  &  recognition  through  media  sources  and  RTGM  marketing. Rebuilding  Day  t-shirts  for  your  volunteer  team. Project  logistics,  scheduled  meals,  building  materials,  dumpsters  and  other  needs.

RTGM  takes  great  pride  in  our  efficient  use  of  resources.    We  utilize  corporate  and  local  material  donations,  in-kind  skilled   labor  donations,  and  a  wide-ranging  base  of  volunteers.  Another  strength  of  RTGM  is  the  ability  to  leverage  corporate   dollars.    In  the  13  years  of  our  operation,  each  dollar  donated  to  Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee  has  leveraged  an   additional  six  dollars  worth  of  donated  supplies  and  volunteer  labor. Your  generosity  is  crucial  to  the  overall  success  of  Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee.    We  encourage  you  to  review   the  provided  information  and  commit  yourself  today.  Please  fill  out  the  attached  agreement  form  and  return  it  to   Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee  before  March  31st,  2015.  All  company  logos  must  be  emailed  to  RTGM  offices  by   March  31st,  2015  to  be  included  in  marketing  and  media  opportunities.  

Greater Milwaukee

Rebuilding Day May  16th,  2015

Sponsorship  Agreement  Form  (1  of  3) Yes!  We  are  proud  to  sponsor  Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee  2015  Rebuilding  Day  on  May  16,  2015.   We  agree  to  participate  as  a  (place  an  X  through  applicable  boxes):   Neighborhood  Builder  Sponsor  at  $5,000  as  a  nonprofit  partner.   City  Builder  Sponsor  at  $10,000  as  a  corporate  partner. County  Builder  Sponsorship  at  $15,000.  (This  is  a  special  designation  –  please  call  the  office  to  discuss   details)   Community  Builder  Sponsorship  at  $25,000.  (This  is  a  special  designation  –  please  call  the  office  to  discuss  details)   Addi onal  Dona on: General  Project  Day  Donation      $  _________________________   Specific  Project      $  _____________________________________ Other      $______________________________________________  

Our  total  investment  (place  an  X  through  applicable  boxes):   Our  check  is  enclosed.  Checks  should  be  made  payable  to  Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee. Please  send  us  an  invoice. I  wish  to  further  discuss  my  commitment  with  RTGM  staff. +++  If  your  group  wants  to  participate,  but  you  are  unable  to  pay  a  sponsorship,  please  call  us  to  discuss  RTGM  coalition   groups.  Limited  opportunities  exist  within  this  category  at  this  point  in  time.   $  ________________________________ Total  Investment   _____________________________________________________________________________________   Company  Sponsorship  Representative  (Print)     _____________________________________________________________________________________   Company  Sponsorship  Representative  (Signature)     _________________________________ Date   _____________________________________________________________________________________   Our  Company  Name  Should  Read

Sponsorship  agreement  forms  must  be  completed  and  returned  to  the  RTGM  offices  by  March  31st,  2015.        Lynnea  Katz-Petted,  CEO

   Office:  414.312.7531    Email:  [email protected]      

     Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee      700  W.  Virginia  Street,  Suite  221      Milwaukee,  WI  53204

Greater Milwaukee

Rebuilding Day May  16th,  2015

Sponsorship  Agreement  Form  (2  of  3) If  you  are  providing  volunteers,  please  answer  the  following  questions  so  RTGM  can  match  your   organization  with  an  appropriate  home/nonprofit  (place  an  X  through  applicable  boxes):     1.

Are  you  partnering  with  another  group  or  organization?    Yes,                                Name:_________________________________________    No    No,  but  would  like  to  be  partnered  through  RTGM  

2.  Project  preferences:   Non-profit  facility   Elderly     (Available  to  sponsor   Disabled   levels  $25K+) Veteran   No  preference  

3.  Geographic  preference:    No  preference    City/neighborhood,                                Location:  ______________________________________                    (We  cannot  guarantee  this  location)  

4.  Do  you  anticipate  requiring  additional              volunteers  assigned  to  your  team? Yes No

5.  Please  check  the  type  of  project  that  is  best  suited  for  your  group’s  skill  level  and  time  commitment,  based  on  the   directions  provided  below.   Light:   A  light  house  may  need  scraping,   painting  and/or  cleaning.  It  may   need  some  weather-stripping  or   light  repair  work.  It  can  be  staffed   with  unskilled  volunteers  and  a   handyman.  This  type  of  site  may   require  a  minimum  of  one  or  two   days  of  additional  groundwork,   culminating  in  the  completion  of   the  repairs  on  Project  Day.  

Medium:   A  medium  house  requires  an   experienced  House  Captain  and  one   or  more  skilled  volunteers.  It  may   need  carpentry,  the  installation  of  a   wheelchair  ramp,  electrical  and   plumbing  work.  This  type  of  home   may  require  a  minimum  of  two   weekends  of  additional  groundwork,   culminating  in  the  completion  of  the   repairs  on  Project  Day.  

Heavy:   A  heavy  house  needs  a  substantial   amount  of  work  requiring  several   skilled  people.  The  House  Captain   should  be  prepared  for  a  complex   workload.  It  will  usually  require  an   advance  crew  of  skilled  volunteers   for  a  minimum  of  three  weekends   of  additional  groundwork,   culminating  in  the  completion  of  the   repairs  on  Project  Day.  

6.  Would  your  team  be  willing  to  work  in  a  home  with  cleaning  or  organizational  needs?   Yes   No

Greater Milwaukee

Rebuilding Day May  16th,  2015

Sponsorship  Agreement  Form  (3  of  3) Much  of  the  major  work  accomplished  on  Rebuilding  Day  results  from  the  donated  services  of  local  skilled  trade   companies.  RTGM  relies  heavily  on  sponsor  groups  to  help  recruit  skilled  trades  people.  Does  your  group  have  access  to   skilled  workers  in  any  of  the  following  areas?  If  yes,  please  list  the  number  and  skill  level  (fill  in  applicable  boxes):   Project

Approximate  Number  of  Volunteers

Skilled  or  Professional

Carpentry Plumbing Drywall/Plaster Painting Tree  Work Foundation  Repair  or  Landscaping 1.  Has  your  team  assigned  a  House  Captain? Yes,                              Name:________________________________________                            Phone  Number:_________________________________                            Email  Address:__________________________________ No 2.  Has  your  team  assigned  a  House  Leader? Yes,                              Name:_________________________________________                            Phone  Number:__________________________________                            Email  Address:___________________________________ No

3.  RTGM  has  required  dates  for  training  in   conjunction  with  all  spring  Project  Days.  Please   confirm  that  a  representative  from  your  group  will   be  in  attendance.  If  scheduling  is  a  problem,   contact  the  office.  More  detailed  information  will   be  sent  at  a  later  date.     March  31st,  2015:  Sponsorship  agreement  forms   must  be  completed  and  returned  to  the  RTGM   offices.  Company  logos  must  also  be  emailed  by   this  date. April  14th,  2015:  New  sponsor  training,                5:00  PM  -  6:00  PM.                (Location  TBA) April  14th,  2015:  House  Captain  training,                6:00  PM  -  7:00  PM.                (Location  TBA) May13-15,  2015:  Material  delivery  to  homes.   May  16th,  2015:  Rebuilding  Day. June  11th,  2015:  Thank  you  event.                (Times  and  location  TBA)