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Greater Milwaukee

Fiscal  Year  2013 Program  Highlights

Rebuilding Together: The  Reasons  are  many. f

    Our  Mission:   Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee  (RTGM)   preserves    affordable  housing  and  revitalizes  vulnerable   neighborhoods  throughout  the  Milwaukee  and  Waukesha   counties.  We  improve  lives  by  providing  FREE,  professional   home  restoration,  vital  safety  repairs  and  life-changing   accessibility  modifications  for  low-income  homeowners   who  are  senior  citizens,  veterans  and/or  persons  with   disabilities.  Our  impact  is  extended  beyond  the  individuals   served  to  revitalize  and  stabilize  vulnerable   neighborhoods.  Home  by  home,  block  by  block,  entire   communities  are  transformed.    

Our  Projects: Emergency  Repairs:  Addresses  urgent  threats  to  life,   health,  safety  and  housing  within  24  -  48  hours. Essential  Repairs:  Tackles  critical  safety  and  security   hazards. Housing  Plus:  Enables  powerful  partnerships  with  other   organizations  and  community  programs. Occupational  Therapy  Assessments  &  Modifications:   Performs  assessments  that  result  in  installation  of  critical   modifications,  ensuring  homeowners  are  able  to  be   independent.     Rebuilding  Day:  Makes  home  repairs  for  15  -  18  homes  in   one  day,  annually. Veterans:  Attends  to  the  specific  needs  of  veterans  and   their  families. Real  Estate  Owned  Homes  (REO):  Rehabilitates   foreclosed  and  donated  homes  for  revitalization. Workforce  Development:  Partners  RTGM  with   community  organizations  to  foster  job  skills,  sustainable   employment  and  business  development  among  youth   and  adults.   Special  Projects:  Sponsors  corporate  days  and  donor   designated  projects.

Fiscal  Year  2013 Program  Highlights

Fiscal  Year  2013 Program  Highlights

Rebuilding Community:  Home  Repairs

178    homes  were  renovated  in  2013.  Many  eligible  homeowners  received  services  in  more  than  one  of   our  programs.  

1007  individual  repairs  were  completed  for  homeowners.  On  average,  RTGM  completed  5.7   individual  repairs  at  each  home.  

330  homeowners  benefited  from  our  services.  RTGM  served  148    unique  addresses.   384  accessibility  modifications  were  made  to  allow  homeowners  to  remain  in  their  homes  safely  and   independently.  

 Emergency  Repairs

71  emergency  repairs  were  completed  this  past  year.  RTGM  is  the  only  agency  in  the  county  to  complete  free   emergency  repairs  for  qualified  homeowners.  We  are  able  to  complete  most  repairs  in  24-48  hours.

28  of  these  emergency  repairs  were  the  installation  of  water  heaters.  RTGM  is  the  only  agency  in  Milwaukee   to  replace  non-functioning  water  heaters  free  of  charge.

 Community  Outreach

206  RTGM  home  visits  were  fulfilled  in  2013.  Each  home  is  assessed  by  both  our  program  manager  and  our   construction  manager.  Our  recommendations  are  then  discussed  with  the  homeowner.

554  applications  are  sent  out  on  a  yearly  basis.  RTGM  staff  attended  over  34  outreach  events  to  promote   our  services  and  ensure  homeowners  are  aware  of  the  services  available  to  them  through  RTGM  and  partnering   programs.  

3120  calls  were  processed  by  RTGM  staff.  We  work  with  over  30  additional  community  agencies  to   ensure  homeowners  have  access  to  comprehensive  programs.  280  referrals  were  made  to  community   partners  on  behalf  of  our  homeowners.

Fiscal  Year  2013 Our  Donors AARP Adrienne  Hunter Affordable  Bath Alan  &  Samantha  Gardebrecht Amalia  Schoone Angela  Hunter Angela  Johnson Anick  &  Associates Anique  Ruiz Anne  Nordholm Anne  Wal Associated  Bank Audrey  J.  Strnad B&E  General  Contractors Barb  Wolff Barbara  &  Thomas  Knoff Barbara  Markoff Bart  Blohowiak                                 BMO  Harris  Bank Bob  &  Christine  Ferber Bradley  Dagen                                 Brandon's  Toolshed Brenda  Brown                           Bruce  Elliott Carol  Witkowski Carrie  Megal Catherine  Burgoyne                         Catherine  Swartz Chris  Muellenbach Christine  Ferber City  of  Milwaukee City  of  Wauwatosa Cletus  &  Olive  Carey Colleen  Horner Compass  Properties Daniel  &  Janet  Brophy Daniel  Woods David  &  Diane  Wolfson Dean  Zemel

Deanne  Phillips Deb  Pias Deborah    Fugenschuh Deborah  &  Todd  Farris Debra  Karp Dennis  Jordan Diane  Young Direct  Supply  Inc.   Doris  Heiser Eileen  Walter Elizabeth  D'Acquisto Elizabeth  Ruthmansdorfer Emily  Schneider Eric  Krezinski                                 The  Faye  McBeath  Foundation Frank  Martinelli Frederic  &  Susan  Bliffert Forest  County  Potawatomi  Foundation Gary  Ebert Gavin  Quinnies George    Schnieder Glaser  Business  Law,  LLC The  Greater  Milwaukee  Foundation Greenfire  Management  Services Gregory  Kamps Havenwoods  Economic  Development  Corporation Helen  Bader  Foundation Helen  Ramon Heroes  at  Home Home  Depot  Foundation Honeywell  Hometown  Solutions Iketrena  Bond Irissol  Arce Jackie  Mortenson Jacqueline  Morris James  &  Judith  Marks James  Cope James  Gambon James  Ystesund

Fiscal  Year  2013 Our  Donors Jane  Dewey Jane  Moore Janet  Buchler Janice  Wilberg Jericho  Resources,  Inc.                         Joan  &  Barry  Kerwin Joan  Glaser John  Boldt John  Halechko John  Kielich Jon  Jay  Pechta               Joseph  Burzynski Joy  Tapper                       JP  Morgan  Chase  &  C0. Julie  Whelan  Capell K  M  Wheatley         Karen  Campbell                             Karen  &  Chester  Kierpaul Karen  Higgens Karen  Whipple Kathleen  Gale                 Kathleen  Pritchard Keith  Lindenbaum Kenneth  &  Barbara  Wolff Kenneth  Witthaus Kerns  Carpet  One                     Kevin  Ronnie Knights  of  Columbus Kocs  Wesson  &  Associates Kristina  Finnel KWH  Consulting                               Lauren  Baker Leigh  Kunde Lighting  Science  Group Linda  Neift Lisa  Rae  Martin Lowe’s  Home  Improvement  &  Foundation The  Lynde  &  Harry  Bradley  Foundation Lynn  Friedman

Lynnea  Katz-Petted M  Lynne  Robinson Maclovio  Vega Maddy  Tarbox                                     Marc  Colletti Margaret  Moore               Marie  &  Lewin  Millard Marilyn  Boeldt Mary  Beth  Budisch Mary  Louise  Mussoline Marybeth  Budisch                           Marylou  &  Harold  Young Maureen  Kaucher Metropolitan  Builders  Association Michael  Mueller Mildred  Rossi Milwaukee  County The Milwaukee  County  Department  on  Aging   Mission  Plus  Strategy Molly  &  Dave  Madsen Moshe  Katz Mustafa  Emir Nancy  Banks Nicole  Angresano Noma  Richardson Northland  Electrical  Services  LLC Opus  Foundation Pat  Wyzbinski Patricia  Bogenschuetz Patricia  Kerns Patricia  Moore Patricia  Suminski Patrick  Thomey Paul  Petted Paula  Kiely Paula  Litt Peggy  Sampson Penny  Foust Pereles  Brothers  Inc.

Fiscal  Year  2013 Our  Donors Phyllis  Eckles PPG  Industries Pyrex  Corporation Rachel  Forman Raejean  Kanter Reed  &  Andrea  Gelzer Renee  Pasciak Richard  Greene Richard  Kerhin Richard  Zanes Robert  &  Lynnette  Melin Robert  Ferriday Robert  Gross Robert  Kalscheur Robert  Meiskins Rose  Spang Ross  &  Jon  Jay  Pechta Ryan  &  Kristen  Schultz S.  Stuckmann SABA'S Salone Sandra  Ceranski                             Sara  Aster                                       Sarah  Dean Scott  Gelzer Scott  Lutzow Scott  Steinhorst Sears Sharon  Tiedge Shawn  Pompe Schick  &  Associates  LLC Sisters  of  St.  Agnes  Congregation State  of  WI-Workforce  Development Stephen  G.  Franks  Family  Fund  of  The  Community                Foundation  for  Greater  Atlanta Steven  Glaser Susan  Biro Susan  Bisbrow Susan  Bliffert              

Susan  Clark                     Ted  &  Mary  Kellner Tekoah  Young This  Is  It  Inc.                                 Thomas  Daugherty Thomas  Gale                                       Tia  Torhorst Todd  Molbeck Tony  Jace Tracey  Carson                                   Tri  City  National  Bank Valerie  Johnson Vickie  Deutsch Victoria  &  Donald  Gorzaliski Victoria  Berry VJS  Construction                             Wasserman  &  Associates We  Energies                                       Wells  Fargo  Foundation WHEDA William  &  Roberta  Mayrl William  Durkin William  Kerns William  Martin Wyman  Winston                  

Fiscal  Year  2013 Program  Highlights

Fiscal  Year  2013 Program  Highlights

Rebuilding Partnership:  How  can  I  get  involved  with  RTGM?

Donate  today,  your  contribution  will  greatly  change  the  lives  of  deserving  local  residents  in  the  Greater   Milwaukee  area.   Join  our  year-round  Project  Volunteers.   Become  a  National  Rebuilding  Day  Volunteer. Are  you  a  Licensed  Contractor?  We  need  your  leadership!   Serve  as  a  Governance  Committee  Member  within  RTGM.   Contribute  as  a  Project  Coordinator;  donating  building  materials,  tools,  food,  beverages  or  support  services.   Volunteer  to  be  a  Workshop  Coordinator,  teaching  home  safety  and  skills  to  local  homeowners.  

Why  should  I  become  a  RTGM  Sponsor?   Rebuilding  Together  Sponsors  support  the  life  changing  home  repair  work  done  in  our  communities.  Your   investment  can  help  restore  a  home  and  reach  out  to  an  individual  or  family  in  need.   Many  of  these  projects  promote  safety  and  independence  within  a  home.  Our  clients  often  experience  limited   support  networks  and  feel  trapped  within  their  own  residences.  Your  contribution  can  make  the  difference   between  homeownership  and  displacement.   Our  sponsors  inspire  community:           Engage  with  residents  and  neighbors. Learn  the  local  history  within  our  neighborhoods.   Adopt  one  of  our  many  homeowners  and  hear  their  stories.   Our  sponsors  create  connections:                     Create  volunteer  teams.   Learn  valuable  construction  skills  from  local  professionals.   Complete  a  turnkey  project  alongside  your  volunteers.   Significantly  change  a  homeowner’s  quality  of  life.   Our  sponsors  build  results:   Launch  repair  work  of  heating,  hot  water  and/or  plumbing.   Increase  independence  with  modifications  such  as  mobility  ramps  and  handrails.   Install  essential  safety  features  including  doors,  locks  and  smoke/carbon  monoxide  detectors.  

Rebuilding Together: The  Reasons  are  many. Board  Members  2013 Board  President Gary  Ebert KW  Adver sing

Members  at  Large Sandy  Ceranski,  MS,  OTR Bradley  Dagen Rose  &  Dejong  S.C.

Vice  President Ken  Wi haus Johnson  Controls

Thomas  Harris Milwaukee  County

Treasurer Marie  Millard,  CPA Baker  Tilly

Mustafa  Emir,  PhD   Clark  &  Dietz

Secretary Steve  Glaser Glaser  Business  Law,  LLC Past  President James  J.  Ystesund Chicago  Title  Insurance   Company

Daniel  Woods Associated  Bank

Greater Milwaukee

Chief  Execu ve  Officer Lynnea  Katz-Pe ed Rebuilding  Together   Greater  Milwaukee

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