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Greater Milwaukee

“Not  only  was  our  home   renewed,  you  renewed   our  spirits  too.” -  Larry  &  Brandon,  Homeowners

Rebuilding Outreach Our  local  impact:   Over  1,830  residents  served. Exceeding  1007  home  repairs     annually.   Beyond  6,900  community  volunteers. More  than  $9  million  invested  into              the  Greater  Milwaukee  area. Nearly  100  neighborhoods  aided.   Over  50  local  contractors  employed.

Rebuilding Stability Our  clients  need  your  help.  They  are   our  parents,  grandparents,  neighbors   and  friends.  Home  by  home,  block  by   block,  entire  communities  are   transformed.   The  vitality  of  a  neighborhood  is   reflected  in  the  health  and  happiness   of  its  residents,  but  when   neighborhoods  suffer,  so  do  the   families  and  institutions  that  make   them  up.  Foreclosures,  residential   instability,  and  dilapidated  housing  all   contribute  to  the  distress  of  a   neighborhood.   Rebuilding  Together  instills  a  sense  of   optimism  and  renewed  community   spirit  in  families  and  neighborhoods   where  hope  has  dwindled.  

Greater Milwaukee Our  Mission:  Rebuilding  Together  Greater   Milwaukee  (RTGM)  preserves  affordable   housing  and  revitalizes  vulnerable   neighborhoods  throughout  the  Milwaukee  and   Waukesha  counties.  We  improve  lives  by   providing  FREE,  professional  home  restoration,   vital  safety  repairs  and  life-changing   accessibility  modifications  for  low-income   homeowners  who  are  senior  citizens,  veterans   and/or  persons  with  disabilities.  Our  impact  is   extended  beyond  the  individuals  served  to   revitalize  and  stabilize  vulnerable   neighborhoods.  Home  by  home,  block  by   block,  entire  communities  are  transformed.     Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee  was   founded  in  2000  and  is  located  in  Historic   Walkers  Point.  For  more  information,  visit:                          

According  to  estimates,  10,000  of  Milwaukee’s  249,215   homes  require  repairs  to  relieve  safety  concerns,   regenerate  wasted  energy,  reduce  poor  sanitation,  and   revive  communities.   Falls  have  surpassed  motor  vehicle  crashes  as  the  most   common  cause  of  injury  related  death  within  Wisconsin.   The  majority  of  falls  that  result  in  death  occur  in  homes. It  costs  approximately  $106,368  a  year  for  an  older  adult   to  live  in  a  semi-private  room  within  a  retirement  facility   in  Milwaukee,  Waukesha  and  West  Allis.    


27.0%    of  Milwaukee  households  have  residents  with   disabilities.  34.6%    live  alone  and  the  majority  of  the   percentage  live  in  single  family  homes.    


of  people   served  are   senior  citizens  

(Age  65+).


of  people   or  more  of   of  people                             served  are   Milwaukee                                                                served  are   individuals  with   County  residents        veterans  . disabilities. (Age  65+)  live  alone.  



“Thank  you  so  much  for  the  work  you  do    to  help  families  in  the  community.  We  were  one  of   them  and  we  are  forever  grateful  for  the  help  to  fix  much  needed  repairs  to  our  house  that  we   could  never  ever  had  the  means  to  get  done  without  your  assistance.” -  Joel  &  Karen,  Homeowners

   How  did  RTGM  impact  2013? 3120  calls  were  processed  by  RTGM  staff  in  2013.   206  RTGM  home  visits  were  fulfilled.  

178    homes  were  renovated.  Many  eligible  homeowners   received  services  in  more  than  one  of  our  programs.  

1007  individual  repairs  were  completed  for  homeowners.   On  average,  RTGM  completed  5.7  individual  repairs  at   each  home.  

330  homeowners  benefited  from  our  services. 71  emergency  repairs  were  completed  this  past  year.   RTGM  is  the  only  agency  in  the  county  to  complete  free   emergency  repairs  for  qualified  homeowners.  We  are  able   to  complete  most  repairs  in  24-48  hours.

384  accessibility  modifications  were  made  to  allow   homeowners  to  remain  in  their  homes  safely  and   independently.  

Rebuilding Partnership: The  Reasons  are  many.  Why  should  I  become  a  Rebuilding  Together  Sponsor?   Rebuilding  Together  Sponsors  support  the  life  changing  home  repair  work  done  in  our  communities.  Your   investment  can  help  restore  a  home  and  reach  out  to  an  individual  or  family  in  need.   Many  of  these  projects  promote  safety  and  independence  within  a  home.  Our  clients  often  experience  limited   support  networks  and  feel  trapped  within  their  own  residences.  Your  contribution  can  make  the  difference   between  homeownership  and  displacement.    Our  sponsors  inspire  community:           Engage  with  residents  and  neighbors. Learn  the  local  history  within  our  neighborhoods.   Adopt  one  of  our  many  homeowners  and  hear   their  stories.  

Our  sponsors  create  connections:                     Create  volunteer  teams.   Learn  valuable  construction  skills  from  local   professionals.   Complete  a  turnkey  project  alongside  your   volunteers.   Significantly  change  a    homeowner’s  quality  of   life.  

Our  sponsors  build  results:   Launch  repair  work  for  heating,  hot  water  and/ or  plumbing.   Increase  independence  with  modifications   such  as  mobility  ramps  and  handrails.   Install  essential  safety  features  including   doors,  locks  and  smoke/carbon  monoxide   detectors.  

   Our  Foundation  &  Corporate  Sponsors: AARP Affordable  Baths Anick  &  Associates Associated  Bank B&E  General  Contractors   BMO  Harris  Bank Brandon’s  Toolshed Compass  Properties Direct  Supply,  Inc. The  Faye  McBeath  Foundation Forest  County  Potawatomi          Foundation Glaser  Business  Law,  LLC

The  Greater  Milwaukee          Foundation Greenfire  Management  Services Grow  Fire  Management Havenwoods  Economic          Development  Corporation Helen  Bader  Foundation Home  Depot  Foundation Honeywell  Hometown  Solutions Jericho  Resources,  Inc.     JP  Morgan  Chase  &  Co. Kerns  Carpet  One Knights  of  Columbus

Kocs  Wesson  &  Associates Lowe's  Home  Improvement   &  Foundation The  Lynde  &  Harry  Bradley   Foundation Metropolitan  Builders  Association The Milwaukee  County          Department  on  Aging   Northland  Electrical  Services  LLC Opus  Foundation Pereles  Brothers  Inc. PPG  Industries Pyrex  Corporation

Sears Schick  &  Associates  LLC Stephen  G.  Franks  Family              Fund  of  The  Community              Foundation  for  Greater          Atlanta This  Is  It  Inc.                                 Tri  City  Bank VJS  Construction  Services   Wasserman  &  Associates We  Energies                                       Wells  Fargo  Foundation WHEDA

Rebuilding History: The  Reasons  are  many. Our  Projects: Emergency  Repairs:  Addresses  urgent  threats  to  life,  health,  safety  and  housing  within  24  -  48  hours. Essential  Repairs:  Tackles  critical  safety  and  security  hazards. Housing  Plus:  Enables  powerful  partnerships  with  other  organizations  and  community  programs. Occupational  Therapy  Assessments  &  Modifications:  Performs  assessments  that  result  in  installation  of  critical   modifications,  ensuring  homeowners  are  able  to  be  independent.    

Rebuilding  Day:  Makes  home  repairs  for  15  -  18  homes  in  one  day,  annually. Veterans:  Attends  to  the  specific  needs  of  veterans  and  their  families. Real  Estate  Owned  Homes  (REO):  Rehabilitates  foreclosed  and  donated  homes  for  revitalization. Workforce  Development:  Partners  RTGM  with  community  organizations  to  foster  job  skills,  sustainable   employment  and  business  development  among  youth  and  adults.   Special  Projects:  Sponsors  corporate  days  and  donor  designated  projects.

Our  Results: With  the  right  match  of  sponsors,  donors  and  volunteers,  there  is  no  limit  to  what  work  can   be  accomplished  -  at  no  cost  to  the  homeowners.  Our  repairs  include: Carpentry



Trash  Removal


Accessibility  Modifications





Security  Improvements

Rebuilding Community: The  Reasons  are  many.

   Who  is  eligible  for  Rebuilding  Together  services? Elderly Veterans Persons  with   disabilities

Homeowners  must  be  low-income,  current  on  property   taxes  and  live  in  Milwaukee  or  Waukesha  County.   Seniors  must  be  60+,  but  veterans  and  people  of  disability   applicants  can  be    any  age  to  qualify. Applications  are  processed  all  year  round. Repairs  and  accessibility  modifications  are  scheduled  within   30  days  of  an  application  being  approved.

What  makes  Rebuilding  Together  unique? RTGM  understands  the  importance  of  shifting  economic  and  structural  dynamics  within  the  Greater  Milwaukee   area.  Monitoring  foreclosures,  employment  lapses  and  population  changes  is  essential  in  order  to  efficiently   meet  the  needs  of  our  homeowners.   Our  work  positively  impacts  the  condition  of  our  surrounding  communities.  Through  community  rehabilitation   and  partnerships  with  organizations,  we  are  able  to  extend  beyond  the  individuals  we  serve  to  revitalize  and   stabilize  vulnerable  neighborhoods.  Home  by  home,  block  by  block,  entire  communities  are  transformed.

Operations Completely  FREE  and  essential  home  repairs. Consistent,  strong  relationships  with  multiple   community  agencies.   Occupational  therapist  resources  and  assessments. Extensive  referral  services  beyond  home  repairs. Providing  job  creation,  training  and  sustainable   wages.  

Guarantees Friendly,  skilled  volunteers  and  project  leaders.   Strategic  planning,  established  through   government  agencies,  including  county  and   municipal  regulations. Thorough  assessments  of  each  homeowner’s   needs,  before  and  after  repairs.   Flexible  collaborations  with  homeowners.   Establishing  relationships  with  each  homeowner,   providing  RTGM  resources  and  partnering   services  as  needed.    

Rebuilding Together: The  Reasons  are  many. Partnership  Opportunities: Each  donation  allows  Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee  to  purchase  basic  supplies  to   complete  our  homeowner’s  projects.  By  becoming  a  sponsor  or  community  partner,  you   establish  an  invaluable  pledge  to  revitalize  our  city.

 Event  Leaders: By  supporting  our  annual  events  and  programs,  you  increase  awareness  of  Rebuilding   Together’s  operations  and  impact.  Our  events  include,  but  are  not  limited  to: Corporate  Days Contractor  Events Annual  Meeting

Impact  Meetings Rebuilding  Together  Wine  Tasting  Event Theme  Night  Fundraisers  

 Rebuilding  Day: Home  repairs  are  completed  by  corporate  sponsors  and  volunteer  teams  during  a  1-day  annual   event,  throughout  Milwaukee  neighborhoods.  Rebuilding  Day  occurs  on  the  3rd  Saturday  in   May.

Sponsorship  Benefits: As  a  sponsor,  your  contribution  will  greatly  change  the  lives  of  deserving  local  residents  in  the   Greater  Milwaukee  area.  Sponsorship  benefits  include: An  opportunity  for  team  building  and  leadership  skills.     Sponsorship  acknowledgment  on-location  and  through  our  national  media  resources.   Rebuilding  Together  t-shirts  for  your  volunteer  team. Tax-deductible  donations. Access  to  our  networking  and  business  events.     Turnkey  volunteer  opportunity. A  rewarding  opportunity  to  connect  with  your  service  group  and  members  of  the  community.

Sponsorship  Impact Whether  a  project  is  an  emergency  repair,  accessibility  modification,  Rebuilding  Day  or  one  of   many  projects  all  year  round,  sponsors  are  able  to  experience  a  full  range  of  involvement.  On   behalf  of  the  clients  we  serve  and  those  waiting  to  be  served;  thank  you  for  your  investment   consideration.

To  learn  more  about  how  you  can  help, visit   or  contact  us  directly:

Lynnea  Katz-Petted,  CEO Office:  414.312.7531 Application  Line:  414.319.9828 Email:  [email protected] Rebuilding  Together  Greater  Milwaukee 700  W.  Virginia  Street,  Suite  221 Milwaukee,  WI  53204

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