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The Georgian Terrace Guest Pet Policy Acceptance of Responsibility for Pet The Georgian Terrace will allow a pet to accompany a guest in a hotel room only on the following terms: 1. A non-refundable cleaning fee of $150.00 is to be paid upon check-in. This is for basic cleaning of pet hair and odor. Additional charges for damage may be imposed. 2. The pet may not exceed 25 pounds. No dangerous animals, animals perceived to be threatening, wild animals, or other unusual animals will be allowed. The hotel shall make the final determination of whether a specific pet will be permitted in the hotel. If the pet at any times threatens another guest or a hotel associate, the hotel reserves the right to request that the pet be removed. 3. Guest must provide a copy of current vaccination record at check in. 4. If the pet cause’s damage, barks, makes other noises, or is otherwise a cause of guest complaints, the hotel reserves the right to require the guest to remove the pet. If the guest is not available to remove the pet, the hotel reserves the right to remove the pet to another part of the hotel. The hotel, at its discretion, is not required to provide any warning or second chance for violation of this policy. The decision of the hotel will be final. 5. The pet must be kept in a pet carrier when Hotel Associates must be in the room to clean or provide other services and/or if you plan on leaving the pet by itself. If the pet is not in a carrier, the hotel reserves the right not to enter the room for any reason. 6. No pets are allowed in pool area, fitness center or restaurant. 7. Pets must be confined or leashed at all times when in public areas. Leashes may not exceed 6 feet in length. 8. ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES. The guest fully accepts responsibility for any and all damages caused by the pet including but not limited to property damage to the hotel or other guests or bodily injury to hotel associates or other guests. The guest agrees to indemnify the hotel for any such damage. IF THE HOTEL IS UNABLE TO RENT THE DAMAGED ROOM, WHILE THE ROOM IS BEING REPAIRED, THE GUEST SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST ROOM REVENUE INCURRED BY THE HOTEL. The charges for such damage repair and/or lost revenue may be charged to the guest’s credit card. The guest also agrees to hold the hotel harmless for claims relating to the removal of the pet from the guest room. By signing below, I agree to the conditions set above. ____________________________________ Guest Signature ____________________________________ Printed Name

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