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The Northern Bark Issue 4 Volume 1

NHS School Newspaper

November 4, 2016

Halloween Has Come To NHS We began this week with Halloween, and there were some fantastic costumes roaming our school hallways. Take a look! (Top Left)[Left to

Looking Back at History: The Election Process By Kristen Kight With this year being a presidential election year I thought it would be fitting to talk about the historical process of the election. This year will be the 57th presidential election since the first one back in 1789 when George Washington accepted presidency. Since then the elections and presidents have

changed a lot. This year's main candidates are Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. There are four main steps to the election process. According to USA.gov The first step is the primaries and caucuses, which is a time for parties to pick from the eligible people who want to be president. The candidates share their ideas about how they would change things and their views on how to make the country better. The Candidate has to be at least 35 years old

Breaking News: Surprisingly, More Guns By Heritage Hamp

Chicago has seen its worst death count yet. Over just one weekend, there have been a reported 17 fatally shot victims, and 46 injured Right: Heritage Hamp, in the city. According to the Mrs. Roller] (Lower Chicago Tribune, at over 600 Right) [Left to Right: deaths, this is the most recorded Dawson Beitzel, Madi deaths in one year since 2003. The rate of gun violence has sharply Dolchan, Ronnie increased this year. According to Shartiger] (Lower Left) CNN, there is an average of 82 [Mr. Price] (Upper shootings per week. Right) [Karen Beiler, Just last year, there were 2,044 Coralee Cherry] reported shooting incidents. This year, it climbed at a drastic level, reaching nearly 3,000 incidents, and the year isn’t even over! CNN states that there have been 459 fatal shootings so far this year. The Chicago Tribune also says In For a Win! that 7 of the 17 fatally shot over By Karen Beiler the weekend were under 20 years The Northern Cross country old. Twins Edward and Edwin and the boys and girls soccer Bryant were shot in an apparent season is coming to an end. drive by. Is it suspected that they Both soccer teams had their are gang affiliated, but there has playoffs on November 1, 2016 not been any solid proof. On at Allegany. Cross country had Friday, a woman named Nykea their regional race on Thursday Aldridge, a cousin of NBA Star November 3, 2016 at Clear Dwane Wade, walking with her 3 Springs, Maryland. week old child in a stroller was The girl’s soccer team beat shot by two men. The child was Allegany 1-0 with Kaitlyn Smith unhurt, but Nykea died later at the making the only goal. Abby hospital. Rapper Rhymefest was (continued on page 2) (continued on page 2)

Issue 4 Volume 1 Breaking News (continued) robbed at gun point on Saturday. These are only a few people who were affected by the gun violence in the city that weekend. In an attempt to control the violence, Governor Bruce Rauner signed a new gun control law that will raise the jail time on people found with out of state guns without a license trying to sell the gun. This will hopefully discourage people trying to sell guns to people in the city. Despite hope, some people think it won’t work. Former resident Jennifer Virts says “If the law is concentrated on stiffer jail times as opposed to monetary fines, it should be more effective.” People are trying to remain hopeful that the violence will decrease in the last two months of the year. Parents, youth leaders, teachers, and other influential adults are trying to teach the children and teenagers that guns and gangs are not the answer, and that they must stay hopeful for their futures.

Looking Back at History (continued) has to be at least 35 years old, a natural born citizen of the United States, and a resident of the U.S for more than 14 years. The next step is the National Conventions which is a time for “each party holds a national convention to finalize the selection of one Presidential nominee”. This is also the time for the candidates to choose who

The Northern Bark would will be the vice president if they win. At this time they also start campaigning in different areas to win the heart of the votes. The candidates also have televised presidential debates. The third step is the general election which is held to give anyone over the age of 18 a chance to vote for the candidate of their choice. “When a person casts a vote in the general election, they are not voting directly for an individual Presidential candidate. Instead, voters in each state actually cast their vote for a group of people, known as electors” (USA.gov). The electors are supposed to vote for their state’s preferred candidate. The fourth step is the vote of the electoral college. Votes are counted and the chosen president will be inaugurated on January 20th of the following year. The whole process is time consuming and shows the candidate's dedication.

Northern Spotlight: Farming for the Future


By Abby Burdock

Pictured Above: FFA member Carly Sisler, FFA advisor and program instructor Becky Yost and FFA member Andrea House Pictured below, the FFA motto.

In For a Win (continued) Burdock says, “It was a beautiful shot made by Kaitlyn in the last three minutes.” The boys soccer team lost 2-0 against Fort Hill. Both teams have had a tremendous year doing really well on all games and trying their hardest. At every game the student section is there to cheer them on, some of the team members even say that the student section is what they look forward to at the games. Northern has a very good sports record and teams, and that's all thanks to the coaches.

Nov. 4, 2016

Our sports teams have a very good record because all the players try their best and never give up,they put their heart and soul into each and every game. Northern High is known for our sports and our extra curricular activities and how well we do them. All the team players, parents, friends, and family should be very proud because of how hard they work to make their coaches and school proud.

The Future Farmers of America, more commonly known as the FFA, has been a part of Northern High School for many years. According to ffa.org, the mission of the organization is, “to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education”. FFA is not just for students who would like to be farmers in their future. It puts an emphasis on developing youth leadership skills that will help students become biologists, veterinarians, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Andrea House, a senior at Northern and four year member of FFA, plans on becoming a nurse. She says that, “The experience and life skills along with the interview skills, and speaking skills FFA has given me will help me in my future career as a nurse”. Alana Harman, a junior at Northern and a third year member of FFA, says that “Competing in the competitions is giving us a foundation for future careers, especially in agriculture”. Students do not necessarily need to be interested in a career in agriculture to be successful in FFA or to get something out of the program. Northern’s FFA club participates in CDE competitions. According to ffa.org, CDE (career (continued on page 3)

Issue 4 Volume 1 Watch, Look, Listen: What’s Coming to Netflix in November? By Hailey Yommer Have you had enough of the endless 2016 election? Netflix is here to save the day, or at least give your brain a break. At the beginning of (and during) each month, Netflix adds new shows and movies to its library. Staying indoors will be very tempting with the releases coming this month. The Gilmore Girls is back with a new revival series. After signing off after seven seasons in 2007, the beloved show is back and arriving on Netflix on November 25th. The highly anticipated update, which will be exclusive to Netflix, features Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) and Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) reprising their roles. The website, Stuff.com, gives the following advice for the shows return, “So, in the hope that the new series can recapture the magic, you should: (a) stock up on snacks and get ready to revisit the rosy Connecticut hamlet of Stars Hollow. (b) Prepare for a comedy-drama sparkling with wit and vitality. And (c) prepare for enthusiastic coffee consumption and a barrage of pop-culture-literate dialogue delivered at machine-gun speed.” All four of the 90 minute episodes will be available for your binge watching pleasure over Thanksgiving weekend. For those who follow The 100, season three of the show will be released on November 16th. The show follows the results after a nuclear

The Northern Bark Armageddon destroys earth. The only survivors are those on the twelve international space stations. Three generations later, low on resources and supplies, the fate of humanity rests in the arc’s hands. Desperate for a solution, the leader of the arc sends 100 juvenile teenagers onto earth to test its habitability. The show follows the teenagers in their struggle to save humanity. Cassidy Mark, who has been a fan of the show since season 1 says, “I am very excited for this seasons release. I cannot wait to see my child, Lexa.” If you have not seen the show, I highly recommend it. Seasons one and two are also available to watch, and with season three’s release coming in two weeks, now is the perfect time to catch up. The live action take on The Jungle Book was one of 2016’s most successful movies. Despite only being released into theatres earlier this year, the movie is coming to Netflix. Senior Natalie Manges says, “I enjoyed the movie when I saw it in theaters. I’m really surprised that it is getting added to Netflix so quickly but I am very excited for it to be so I can watch it with my nephew.” The new twist on everyone's favorite childhood movie will be available on November 30th. Along with The Jungle Book, huge movie titles such as Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh, Jetsons, and Stephen King’s Thinner will also be released this month. Netflix is also making some of its own releases that are worth checking out. They have several original movies and TV shows that you won’t be able

to watch anywhere else. If you’re a history fan, I suggest checking out The Crown. The Netflix-original drama chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940’s all the way up to modern times. We get an inside look at the life of the queen, who received the throne at age 25. The show documents events in history that helped to shape the late 20th century. When asked to watch the trailer, Jenna Ruggiero said the following: “I don’t know much about foreign powers’ governments and history. It’s really cool that it’s documenting a woman in power and the struggles that come with it. The trailer kind of reminded me of the show Political Animals and the trailer made me want to watch it.” BBC News describes the show as, “a fascinating portrayal of post-war Britain and the birth of the modern monarchy". Despite the shows expensive $130 million budget, it is already receiving tons of positive feedback and is expected to become quite popular after its release on the 4th. Didn’t see anything you’re interested in? Check out denofgeek.com for a full list of all November releases. These aren’t the only movies and shows that are being added. In fact many new titles are being added just this week, with over half of them already available to watch. So if you haven’t already, head over and check it out!

Nov.4, 2016 Northern Spotlight (continued) development events) cover job skills in everything from mechanics to communications. “These competitions test us on public speaking skills, hands on skills, and overall knowledge of agriculture”, says Andrea House. The Northern FFA club has many parts. Andrea says, “We have the SAE, which is out of school projects and the classroom, which would be your Ag classes. These are classes like Wildlife and Forestry and Ag Business”. Students who have different interests can take classes based on what they are interested in. Northern’s FFA club has been working hard to prepare its students for their futures.

Pictured Above: Terry Jo Stough, dedicated NHS teacher and Northern's Number One Fan!!!!

Pictured Right: Cast members of The Gilmore Girls

Issue 4 Volume 1 Slice of Advice By Emily James Need some advice? Send an email to emily.james @ garrettcountyschools.org and our newspaper staff will do our best to provide you with some answers. Remember to keep all questions school appropriate. Student contributors are allowed to remain anonymous, but you must inform the newspaper staff in your email.

Poll This! With the presidential election close at hand, we wanted to get the vibe on the street about how NHS students view the voting process. This week's poll was- "Would you vote is you could in this year's election?" And the results are in. Out of 265 students polled, here are the responses.

Yes: 196 No: 57 I don't believe that my vote counts: 12 This poll seems to show that most NHS students understand the importance of voting. Please stay tuned for future polls. Make your voice heard!

The Northern Bark Science Now: The Story Behind the IQ Test By Heritage Hamp What is the IQ Test? According to Wikipedia, an IQ Test is a the Intelligence Quotient Test. It measures one’s intelligence and ability to use logic to solve problems. According to Science News for Kids, the test was created in France so schools could tell which students needed more help in their classes. Many places use the test, including branches of the military. Subjects in the test are spatial awareness, word analysis, quantitative skill, and fill in the blank. These test your ability to solve problems quickly, find patterns, assume foreign words, and the ability to come to logical conclusions. The IQ Test has gained some heat from scientists and psychologists for its questions leaving out important variables. People learn differently; some are more math centered, some think logically, and some need a little help with patterns. This does not make them any less smart than those who can reason quickly. The IQ Test measures one’s ability to abstractly think, but does not take into account the people who need time to be able to think over a problem completely. They might get the right answer, but they are not deemed to have a score as high as someone who could reach the same answer more quickly. But, some people do think that IQ tests can be worthwhile. Fellow student Emily James, says, “I think they can be accurate, yeah.” If many professionals can give

can give the test, and even the military uses it, then there has to be some truth to it, right? There are different types of IQ Tests as well; some are made for adults, some are made for children. There are even ones for people with disabilities. Each test is a little different and geared towards those specific age groups. Culture also plays a part in the test questions. There are also many knock off tests around on the internet. There is no standard IQ test that is used, rather each professional that gives you a test usually creates their own or uses one based off of other tests. So while the ones online are not considered real, they can generally give you an idea of what a more professional test might look like. If you really want to know what your IQ is, the general advice to go to a psychologist and have them provide you with a test.

Read All About It: Their Eyes Were Watching God By Abby Burdock All students have been forced to read books for English class. Students are given a certain time frame in which they are supposed to read a novel of their teacher’s choosing. Sometimes students are assigned books they can’t put down, making the assignment fun and enjoyable. While other times students are assigned books they find boring or particularly hard to read. About two months ago Ms. Theriot assigned her AP literature class the book Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Nov. 4, 2016 Eyes Were Watching God. According to Wikipedia, the novel was written in 1937 by the African-American author Zora Neale Hurston. According to Sparknotes, the novel explores traditional gender roles by showing the relationships the main character has with men. Ms. Theriot assigned the novel because she says, “It is a classic work of American Literature that deals with universal themes but also evokes emotion from a specific time in American history”. Her students read the book and were then asked to write an essay on the book’s central themes. The students seemed to enjoy the novel. For the most part, students found the story’s subject to be very interesting. Heritage Hamp says,“It is interpretive and anyone can read it. It wasn’t bad. It had very interesting character dialect”. Claudia Rieve also said she enjoyed the classic saying, “It was very interesting”. Other students found the novel to be a bit slow moving, but even they could see the importance of the novel. Jenna Ruggerio said, “It was difficult to read although it dealt with an important subject”. Mckenna Fazenbaker also found the work to be a bit challenging to get through saying, “It was a slow read but the purpose of the novel was influential”. Overall, the students understood why they were assigned the novel. They unanimously agreed it was a novel of great importance. Although it may have moved a bit slowly in parts, the students all agreed it was a worthwhile read.

Issue 4 Volume 1 Tech Now: The Long Overdue Changes For MacBook Pro By Kristen Kight For those of you Apple fans that don’t already know the new MacBook Pro has been released. Apple’s newest product has some absolutely stunning features. Apple’s new groundbreaking advancements are paving the way for their innovative future in laptops. Still you might be thinking what makes this new MacBook worth the price? Apple has always had some top of the line products and the newest MacBook is no exception. This model is by far their lightest and thinnest laptop yet. With the larger of the two models being only 4lbs. and 15.5mm thin. According to Apple its battery life is expected to last up to 10 hours and the new speakers have 58% more volume than most of their devices. Apple also says that they have upgraded the keyboard and trackpad to make, “interacting with the new MacBook Pro a better experience all around”. They have drastically upgraded the graphics to, “ensure truer-to-life picture with realistically vivid details, essential for graphic design, color grading, and editing.” These new updates have greatly improved a lot of their previous features to make the overall user experience that much better. That is not all the company changed. The newest feature that many people are excited about is the new touch bar. The touch bar has replaced the place on the keyboard where the function keys used to be. It will change automatically

The Northern Bark based on what you are currently working on. For example if you are on YouTube it is supposed to change controls for that site like pause, play, volume and rewind controls so that you can have more options. The other new exciting feature is the Touch ID. This allows the user to easily get into their laptop quickly just by the touch of their finger. This could be a flaw. According to The Telegraph (a U.K. news site) the touch ID feature has made the iconic, “startup sound obsolete”, doing away with the, “fading F sharp sound”, that has been used since the iMac G3 in 1998. They have also done away with standard ports for USB, HDMI, and SD cards. They have been replaced with USBC ports and in order to use anything but the USB-C cords it will be necessary to get an adaptor (according to Top Tech News). This laptop starts at $1,499 for the 13-inch model without the touch bar and going up to $2,399 for the 15-inch model with the touch bar, which makes people question whether or not they there are enough changes to merit changing from their current system now versus waiting until next year when the price is expected to drop down a bit. We only have a few teachers at Northern who are Mac users, one being our librarian Ms. Roller. She has been a Macbook user for about 10 years and loves the software. She started out on a “ghetto Mac” which she had gotten before Apple started raising the prices. She personally prefers the Mac to Microsoft but would never pay for one

Nov. 4, 2016

Vermin Supreme, third party presidential candidate, promises every American a pony. The picture above is an original sketch by Hailey Yommer depicting the candidate.

out of pocket because they are too expensive. Roller believes that the non-universal USB ports is just another way for the company to get into your pocket. She stated that, “there needs to be universal ports across all the devices”. Do the new ratings and reviews mean that the MacBook may need to go back to the drawing boards or do they just have to make it through the first few weeks of criticism? Would you go out and buy this or would you go with the cheaper but still efficient Microsoft products?

are choosing is to vote for one of many third party candidates, primarily out of protest. However, according to New York Times, the only third party candidates that are receiving any attention are Libertarian Gary Johnson, holding 8% of the polls, and Green Party’s Jill Stein, holding 3% of the polls. Obviously, these odds are not very great. Even in this election, where a third party could have had the upper hand, it has still been an extremely uphill battle for them. The reason for this is because, unfortunately, voting third party in a country that has always inherently been a Offhand Opinions: system of two parties is about The Useless as futile as not voting at all. Paste Magazine’s Ben Gran Endeavor of Third agrees that, “in America’s twoParty Voting party system, voting for a third party is a self-indulgent waste ( Editorial) of time.” The concerns our By Emily James nation has are genuine ones, As the final week before the as neither of the major election begins to come to a candidates seem to be the close, the debate between right choice. However, for this voting Trump or Hillary has election especially, it is more grown even more heated. important to choose the lesser Many citizens seem equally of two evils, rather than a third frustrated with both parties, party candidate who has no which is understandable when chance of winning the election. you look at the flaws each By voting for a third party – be major candidate has. The it Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or solution that many Americans (continued on page 6)

Issue 4 Volume 1 Offhand Opinions (continued) the notorious Vermin Supreme– you are doing nothing more than wasting your vote. Despite that, statisticallyspeaking, voting third party looks to be a fruitless endeavor, there are still a decent chunk of Americans who are voting third party, such as Northern High School teacher Brian Price. Price, who has already voted for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, said, “I’ve found myself to be 75% republican and 25% democrat, so I’m more in line with the libertarian platform. Libertarianism is about personal responsibility, and this year’s candidates are just some of the worst I’ve ever seen.” When prompted about the failing statistics of third party members, and being questioned on the usefulness of voting third party, Price disagreed, stating “No, it isn’t useless, because a third party is what gave us George Bush. You could ask any democrat, and they would agree that Ralph Nader prevented Al Gore’s presidency.” It is true that voting third party may not have always been useless. However, given the context of this election, it is inarguable that voting third party is an idea best put aside. For better or for worse, the next president that will representing our country will be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and hopefully, our country will be able to live with the choice.

The Northern Bark

Nov. 4, 2016

Student Art Spotlight (Left) Artist: Casey Rounds Title: Bliss Medium: Pencil Drawing (Lower Left) Artist: Josie Durst Title: Royal Medium: Acrylic (Below) Artist: Jarrett Kelly Title: The Beach Medium: Colored Pencil

A Look Through The Lens By Emily James Is it self-expression? Is it stupidity? Here are some photos of 'vandalism' found around...

Issue 4 Volume 1

The Northern Bark

Your Northern Bark News Staff (pictured below) Abby Burdock, Hailey Yommer, Emily James, Karen Beiler, Kristen Kight, Heritage Hamp Staff Editors: (not pictured) Ms. Virts & Ms. Roller .

Nov. 4, 2016