Happy Holidays!

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Issue December 2017


Happy Holidays! Greetings and Happy Holidays!


All our stockings were hung by the crystals with care in hopes that Saint Nick would soon be there. Just a reminder we will be closed on Christmas day and will be closing early Christmas Eve, December 24th, so please do your last minute shopping not quite so last minute. We will be open bright and early (10:00 am) the day after Christmas, December 26th so everyone can come play and find their special treasure gift. We had a great time last month in Humble, Texas at the Houston Gem and Mineral Show (our booth looked great) and we really enjoyed our dinosaur and fossil fun at Dell Diamond during Fossil Fest again this year. Our Customer Appreciation weekend was so much fun and full of lucky 50% discount winners. Can you believe it, another year has gone by so quickly. I am already starting to look at our needs for the annual trip to Tucson. Next year will be quite a milestone for Nature's Treasures. For the first time ever we will be selling (agates) at the Tucson International Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show.

What's New? I n The Store

If November's energy is recognized for expressing what we are thankful for, then December's should be for acknowledging all the blessings in your life and especially this past year. Acknowledge and express your blessings and watch how it will help you manifest wonderful things in your life. We hope everyone has the most blessed Holiday Season!

Blessings to all, Karen and the staff Flying Wish Paper! It's Back!

Begin Your New Year's Manifesting TODAY!

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Meditation & Healing Stone Kits

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Color Changing LED Quartz Pendant or Ornament? You decide! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see the Daily Special each day between December 13 through December 24!

The Store will close early on Dec 24th at 5:00pm and be closed on Dec 25th.

Sweet Satya local, hand-made, unique

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Every Tuesday is 2 Stamp Tuesday! Simply "like" our 2 Stamp Tuesday reminder on Facebook or Instagram every Tuesday and show the staff at check-out to receive 2 stamps instead of 1 for your purchase on that day.

Amethyst Flower Clusters $18/lb

We do believe in fairies! Find our new Faerie House hidden within Nature's Treasures and you will be blessed with special offers or free gifts! The fairies move around a lot and collect all sorts of treasures, so who knows what you will find and where!?

CrystalsByNature I n v it e Na t ur e I n t o Yo ur H o me

Featuring The Adrienne Goff Collection Read the Blog Article

Calling All Artists! NT Gallery Come in to the Studio and view the creative works of Angie Steding and Krissy Teegerstrom.

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Monthly WINNER! $25 Giftcard Winner is: Alexis K. Be sure to enter the drawing next time you're in the store!

In the Community Events Center

December's Birthstone Turquoise

Heather Wolfe: The Yoga of Self Nurturing Saturday, December 9th & Saturday, December 16th, 2017 10-11:30am NT Studio See Upcoming Events on NT website for details

Turquoise is the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. It is a stone of protection, strong and opaque, yet soothing to the touch, healing to the eye, as if carved from an azure heaven and slipped to earth. Its unique shade of bluegreen often comes with delicate veining or mottled webbing in cream or brown that is inherent to the stone and serves to enhance its character. For thousands of years, Turquoise has spanned many cultures,

prized as a symbol of wisdom, nobility and the power of immortality. Among the Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Chinese, Aztecs, Incas, and Native North Americans, Turquoise was a sacred adornment worn for power, luck, and protection. For nearly a thousand years, Native Americans have mined and fashioned Turquoise, using it to guard their burial sites. Their gems have been found from Argentina to New Mexico. Indian priests wore it in ceremonies when calling upon the Great Spirit of the Sky. Many honored Turquoise as the universal stone, believing their minds would become one with the Universe when wearing it.


December Fri 1 Tara Ventura Numerology/Tarot; Clairvoyant Psychic; Intuitive Counseling; Energy Healing (chakra) Sat 2 Leslie Werling Psychic medium, tarot card reading Sat 2 Sohan Kaur Khalsa Spiritual support, reiki healing, angel card reading Sun 3 Tracy St. Croi Evidential medium, psychic Sun 3 Kathleen Deyo Intuitive consultant, Palms, Runes. Hypnotism, Tea Leaf Reader Mon 4 Eva Lott Metaphysical minister, reiki master, stress management

Saturday, December 9th NT Auditorium

Tue 5 Mia Michel Intuitive, and healer, Akashic Records Consultations, Past

Lives and Soul Readings Wed 6 Laura Tree Reiki Master Teacher, Divinely Inspired Intuitive readings and Sanskrit mantra therapy), Crystal Consultant, Atlantean Healing, Diamond Violet Flame Transmutation Thu 7 Elaine Ireland Tarot reading & psychic work Fri 8 Anne Berlin Psychic medium, psychometry, work with archangels & Ascended Masters Sat 9 Denise Nitti Intuitive Medium, Intuitive Artist, Intuitive Life Coach, Energy Worker, Reiki Master

Coexist Festivals Sunday, December 10th 10:00am - 5:00pm NT Auditorium & New Studio Space Addition! Classes/talks will be held 12 - 3 pm Athena Morningstar [email protected] http://allevents.in/austin/904206233017675

FREE admission

Soul Shade - REVEALING the New Human Archetype is a groundbreaking evolutionary bounce... for the cleaving edge of Humanity. A new book by Leah LaChapelle Book Signings! Dec. 16th 1:00-5:00pm Workshop January 20, 2018

Sat 9 Anne Berlin Psychic medium, psychometry, work with archangels & Ascended Masters Sun 10 Sara Hansen Clairvoyant, life path and flower readings, sacred geometry pendants, and Young Living essential oils Sun 10 Tracy St. Croi Evidential medium, psychic Mon 11 Thumper Donnelly Medium, clairvoyant psychic, energy healing, past lives Tue 12 Kramer Wetzel Astrology chart & reading, tarot, good humor Wed 13 Adrienne Goff Author, teacher, healer, connecting you with your crystals Thu 14 Richard Cisneros Psychic medium Fri 15 Tara Ventura Numerology/Tarot; Clairvoyant Psychic; Intuitive Counseling; Energy Healing (chakra)

Leah's new novel is a story about a young man, 34 years old, who evolves quickly through the challenges of the culmination of the control system at the close of the Old Paradigm. Available at Amazon, FearOrLove.com and Nature's Treasures Library. You might remember Leah as she worked with Nature's Treasures for years! Leah is also transdimensional awakening coach and an internet radio host.

Looking Ahead Jewelry Bazaar Date~ Saturday February 3. 2018, 11-4pm

Sat 16 Leslie Werling Psychic medium, tarot card reading Sat 16 Sheryl Martin Psychic medium, dream interpreter, reiki master, spiritual counselor, intuitive, life coach, & empath Sun 17 Adrienne deWolfe Angel harp therapy, psychic and Tibetan Reiki master Sun 17 Maria Prinz Transformational healing combining aromatherapy intuitive reading/spiritual guidance Mon 18 Eva Lott Metaphysical minister, reiki master, stress management Tue 19 Mia Michel Intuitive, and healer, Akashic Records Consultations, Past Lives and Soul Readings

Based on the new book by Leah LaChapelle SOUL SHADE EXPERIENTIAL Workshop SAT. JAN. 20, 2018 | 1:00-5:00PM | $55 NATURE'S TREASURES Studio An interactive mini retreat for those who choose to be awake, aware, alive Human beings as Our species goes through the Great Transition, to the next place on the evolutionary spiral. CONNECT WITH YOUR SOUL. This experiential is a powerful activation into 5th dimensional responsibility and sense of galactic mission. Dress comfortably, bring: a yoga mat, pillow/blanket, midafternoon snack.

Wed 20 Laura Tree Reiki Master Teacher, Divinely Inspired Intuitive readings and Sanskrit mantra therapy), Crystal Consultant, Atlantean Healing, Diamond Violet Flame Transmutation Thu 21 Elaine Ireland Tarot reading & psychic work Fri 22 Anne Berlin Psychic medium, psychometry, work with archangels & Ascended Masters Sat 23 Alyssa Johnson Angelic readings; spiritual intuitive; channeler of Archangel Ariel. Sat 23 Anaya Swan Priestess, artist, musician, a Reiki master, and a magical seamstress and healer. Tarot readings Sun 24 Julie Reeves Sighted intuitive astrology, tarot

& past life consultation Sun 24 TBD Mon 25 - Closed Holiday Tue 26 Kramer Wetzel Astrology chart & reading, tarot, good humor Wed 27 Terri Davenport Soul sessions, clairvoyant and laying on of hands Contact: [email protected]

Michal Mael, of Rock Our World Hollywood Thursday, May 10th- Sunday, May 13th, 2018 Michal will present two workshops and four talks during her visit. She will also hold private consultations for clients to discuss their home and business needs. Hire Michal to shift your home or business for success! Set up your company interior using Energy Positioning Blueprintâ„¢ crystal placement and color therapy! Book Michal for private consultations to learn how she can shift your life and return to Austin just for you!

Thu 28 Richard Cisneros Psychic medium Fri 29 Ricardo Gonzales Psychic Sat 30 Stefanie Fix Tarot card reading & dream interpretation Sat 30 Amber Soberon Reiki Master Sun 31 Michael "Zar" Zarchian Higher Guidance Psychic, Akashic Library, AngelicAscended Master Readings Energy healing, Past lives Sun 31 Christine Martensen Crystals knowledge, Reiki, and empathic connects to Angels, Guides, Spirit Animals and Ascended Masters through clairvoyance and clairaudience. Dedicated Weekday Subs Monday~ Kathy Cabarcas Tuesday~ Susan Starlight Wednesday~ Kathy Cabarcas Thursday & Friday~ Ricardo Gonzales

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With our updated Aura Machine, you can see the color of your aura. Offered daily and starting at only $15, this is a great gift to give yourself or a loved one.

PERSONAL CRYSTAL READINGS & SHOPPING SERVICES In April, 2018 Nature's Treasures will present a National Tarot and Oracle Exposition in our Community Event Center. We are currently interviewing card deck creators and artists for booth selections. Contact Folade, Events Director of our CEC department at 512.472.5015 ex111 if you have an interest in showcasing your creations. Or sign up here!

What are your crystals telling you? Dianna, Austin's Crystal Whisperer offers her Personal Crystal Readings to help you find, understand and connect with the rocks, minerals and crystals that are perfect for you! Rates start as low as $15.00 for 10 minutes

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Virtual Tour Can't get into the store? Want to take a virtual tour? Google came out and did a VR of Nature's Treasures. Check it out here!

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NATURE'S TREASURES PRESENTS: AN INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION OF AGATE Hosted by Nature's Treasures at The Norris Center Be a vendor!

Coming to Austin - Summer 2019 Check it out on Facebook!

Nature's Treasures Gallery Featuring Kaitlynn Dawson

Nichole was born in Ohio but graduated from McCallum High School here in Austin at the age of 17. As the longest standing manager at Nature's Treasures, Nichole oversees the Rock Depot and Rock Yard, including our lapidary services and supplies. She loves plants, owls, rock & roll, and her two amazing granddaughters.

Featured Affiliate

The artwork of NT Employee, Kaitlynn Dawson, will be on display in the Main Store Practitioner Space now through January 2018. I enjoy making art inspired by the beautiful nature and mankind around us. My work is not only to express myself creatively, but to share the worlds made through them. I hope to inspire imagination and open-mindedness to the unique and ever present energies surrounding us.

The Austin Green Business Leaders is a local program established by the City of Austin Office of Sustainability and designed to help businesses protect the environment, save money, and make Austin a more livable place. As a Gold Leader in the Austin Green Business Leaders program, Nature's Treasures of Texas and CrystalsByNature.com strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle, so please remember to bring your reusable bags and boxes this holiday season! We do have canvas bags for sale that come with a lifetime 10% off all purchases when you reuse our branded bag!

Our Affiliates Just can't stop thinking about Rocks?

We are currently looking for motivated individuals skilled in the following areas: CrystalsByNature.com Content Writer We are looking for creative writers to write interesting (sellable) product descriptions, blog posts and crystal and mineral fact reference sheets. Set your own schedule and work from home! Must submit a one paragraph writing sample on any topic related to crystals and minerals. Email resume and writing sample to [email protected]

CrystalsByNature.com Customer Support/Sales This is a part-time position with full-time potential. The ideal candidate will answer phones or chat and assist callers with product questions, order entry, tracking, and miscellaneous inquiries, while exhibiting excellent organizational and communication skills. Must exercise mature judgment in regards to our business priorities, team and customer needs. You will also work with other members of the team to

For a full class calendar, visit www.CreativeSide.org

meet individual and collective goals. Must have high attention to detail, punctuality, reliability, and a strong motivation for team work and flexibly to shift between multiple workstations. For more details on this job, please email: [email protected]

Nature's Treasure's Front Counter This is is a part-time position. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, customer service, sales, display maintenance/merchandising, daily upkeep/cleaning, and special projects. Stone knowledge preferred. For more details on this job, please e-mail: [email protected]

Nature's Treasures Inventory This is a part-time position. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, stocking, organizing, and cleaning showroom shelves; helping with daily projects and merchandising. Must be able to lift 70 lbs unassisted. For more details on this job, please e-mail: [email protected]

The Treasure Tome: A Trove of Knowledge 10 Ways to Make 2018 Better by Folade Speaks 2017? I am giving you a huge, tight energetic hug for showing us the patterns and people, places and old belief systems that need absolutely no more energy! Clear as it may be, it is easier said than done! Here are 8 ways to rebuke the shadows and summon the light! #10 Buy a piece of jewelry for your left side to remind you of incoming blessings that symbolizes staying focused on new commitments. Three years, I wore a butterfly ring on my left hand to remind me to seek moments of flight and grace in every day. Once I bought bracelets made from women artists in Rwanda as a reminder to recommit to my art practice. #9 Spirit / Animal Totem Have you identified symbols that show themselves at relevant moments, or dreams with recurring animals or symbology? The snake, for example, reminds us to be a constant state of letting go of external layers. The frog is a symbol for cleansing, and many empaths identify with the frog because it has the sensory system to feel vibrations of the planet that other animals do not feel. This might be a symbol to move you into an appreciation of your emphathic development, rather than repress it. You can also utilize the powers of Egyptian and mythic Goddesses and Gods to draw their energy into your home and life via statues or miniature figures. To read the Full Article, pick up the December Issue of Austin All Natural at Nature's Treasures or your nearest grocer.

Austin Agates Exclusive

Island Agate and both halves of the nodule, polished

A Note on Agates: Silica is the key component to agate formation since it belongs to the quartz family made up of SiO2. Because of their beauty and durability, agates have been used since the Neolithic as tools, jewelry, tableware and decor for thousands of years. Although agate has been used for ages, new world agates have only been mined recently and many varieties are mined out.

Contact Information Phone: 512.472.5015 NTRocks.com CrystalsByNature.com Main Store Hours Sunday - Thursday 10:00am - 7:00pm | Friday & Saturday 10:00am - 8:00pm Depot Store Hours Sunday - Thursday 10:00am - 7:00pm | Friday & Saturday 10:00am - 8:00pm