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Official Newsletter for the Residents of Round Rock Ranch November 2011

Volume 1, Issue 6

Melissa Yehl, President Hello everyone! I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe we are already heading in to the holiday season. Your Board has been very busy on initiatives that will serve to direct our neighborhood in a direction of more efficiency, productivity, and accountability. We have made a change in our property management company, effective November 3rd. We welcome Certified Management of Austin (CMA) as our partner in being an engaged neighborhood. When the Board receives numerous complaints about the state of the neighborhood, it is time to work on a solution. CMA is committed to working on solutions with RRR. If you find yourself in violation of a covenant rule, please cure the matter now. Your cooperation will help return RRR to a neighborhood we can all be proud of, as well as save the association money in violation notices. If you are not interested in following the rules, RRR is not the neighborhood for you. We have made a change in the legal firm that handles our collections. Neimann & Heyer has a sophisticated system that has led to a higher closure of collection problems for many associations. RRR has a budget, but we cannot tend to expected services when expected income is not received. If you are not current on your assessments. please handle this matter sooner than later. Legal counsel has a directive on collections that will be adhered to strictly. If you are not interested in paying homeowner dues, RRR is not the neighborhood for you. With the fence project complete, we are pleased to hear compliments from community members that live in RRR as well as simply admire it from the roadway as they drive down Gattis School Rd. We need to preserve the fence, so please be vigilent in reporting any vandalism to not only our fences, but to any common area.

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Round Rock Ranch - November 2011



VOLUNTEERS The HOA runs on volunteers. Your talents and a little time can make a big difference. To volunteer, call any Board member or committee chairperson. Contact info is below.

Melissa Yehl.............................................................. President [email protected]om Derek Kirby......................................................Vice President 731-5153........................................ [email protected] Jena Richards............................................................Treasurer [email protected]com Khris Tuffentsamer....................................................Secretary [email protected]com Rich Denis................................................... Director at Large 251-6122................................ [email protected] ENCLAVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS


Jennifer Smith.......................................................... President Rene Franco........................................................VP Treasurer Polly Middlebrook....................................................Secretary


Certified Management of Austin (CMA)......... 512-339-6962 ......................................... 9600 Great Hills Trail, Suite 100E Fax................................................................512-331-1317 Jennifer English, [email protected] ENCLAVE AT ROUND ROCK RANCH HOA

www.roundrockranch.com/contact PS Property Management Co., Inc. ................ 512-251-6122 ..................................PO Box 7079 Round Rock, TX 78683 Fax.................................................................. 512-251-3470 Phyllis Starr-Johnson, [email protected]

NEWSLETTER INFO PUBLISHER Peel, Inc........................................................ 512-263-9181 Article [email protected] Advertising................................ [email protected]

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Round Rock Ranch - November 2011

ELECTED OFFICIALS U.S. SENATORS Kay Bailey Hutchison 512-916-5834 John Cornyn 512-469-6034 U.S. REPRESENTATIVE Dist. 31 John R. Carter 512-246-1600 STATE SENATOR Dist. 5, Steve Ogden 512-463-0105 STATE REPRESENTATIVES Dist. 52, Larry Gonzales 512-463-0670 Dist. 20, Charles Schwertner 512-463-0309 COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Pct. 1, Lisa Birkman 512-244-8610 Pct. 3 Valerie Covey 512-943-3370 Pct. 4, Ron Morrison 512-238-2111

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ROUND ROCK RANCH Preparing Homes for Winter and Protecting from Drought By-Products With the continual drought and the basic needs of the wildlife in the surrounding areas not being met by nature, we are seeing some of these "strangers" in our own backyards! Flower beds are being dug up by night time visitors who are also leaving piles of poop in our yards. This is not a one night affair and daily some are having to re-cover the roots of plants and scoop the poop. Also, it is the time of year when rats and mice infiltrate our attics, sheds etc. Now is the time to assess roof vents to ensure none have come loose. Squirrels can invade homes which is not good for our wiring, etc. Keeping the acorns from oaks picked up daily so as not to furnish food for the visitor/s and am bringing in my bird feeders nightly helps a lot. Be aware that leaving out dog food, etc which lure the critters to our yards after dark. Possums, raccoons, and/or armadillos are problematic in addition to rodents. Spend some time checking and repairing your homes and roofs before cold weather sets in. Sheds are perfect places - under as well as inside - to house a whole family of rats or mice! Our homes are big investments and we need to safeguard them against anything that threatens to decrease their value.

Round Rock New Neighbors Round Rock New Neighbors is a local organization of women for neighbors new or "old" (been here awhile) from Round Rock and surrounding areas. We hold monthly luncheons with a program and a speaker. We have many "interest groups" and activities and we also do community outreach. Come join us and meet new friends and enjoy our activities. Check out our website at www.rrnewneighbors.org or call Candy Massaglia at 721-5439.

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kidsdentalsmiles.com 1512 Town Center Dr. STE 750 Pflugerville, TX 78660 Located at Stone Hill Center next to Target Round Rock Ranch - November 2011


ROUND ROCK RANCH National Pick up the Pile Campaign A national effort to educate pet owners coast to coast


• There are approx. 73 million dogs in the US. • Statistics show that nearly 41% do not pick up after their dog. • That’s 29 plus million dogs producing approx. 10 million pounds of poop per day left to wash into our lakes, streams and storm drains. SOME SOLUTIONS • Hire a poop scoop service or make it a part of your lawn care maintenance. • Pick up while on walks. • Use eco friendly baggies • Use a cloth type glove inside the baggie, rubber isn’t user friendly... it sticks to the plastic.


 The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms pet waste can spread parasites including hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and Salmonella. Pet waste also contains E. Coli and other harmful bacteria including fecal coli-form bacteria, which causes serious kidney disorders, intestinal illness, cramps and diarrhea in humans. (There are 23 million fecal coliform bacteria in a single gram of pet waste!) Dog poop often contains roundworm larvae, which cause blindness. If a human ingests a roundworm larva, it can migrate through the body causing disease to the brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, heart or eyes. So when people (especially children) touch soil, dog toys or anything that has been in contact with dog feces and then touch their mouths, they can become infected. Dog poop doesn't just "wash away" or disappear. So if you're not disposing of your dog's waste, you're putting yourself, your family, your dog and your wa- ter supply at risk. BE A PART OF THIS NATIONAL CAMPAIGN

Pick up the Pile is a national movement educa ing pet parents on the hazards of pet waste. Some still believe it’s fertilizer, it’s not, it’s bacteria that’s harmful to our environment. Become a part of this effort, pick up after your pet and help spread the word, display a window decal on your car window...these are not permanent so let’s display them until we have reached our goal. No poop left behind. HOA’s across the country will be taking part in this campaign. It’s an issue for all neighborhoods, do your part. If you don’t you could be fined. Yes, it’s the law, pet waste is toxic litter.



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Round Rock Ranch - November 2011

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ROUND ROCK RANCH Deer Season is Here November through December is deer season in Texas. For some outdoor enthusiasts, that means hunting. For many animal and nature lovers, however, it is the best deer-watching season of the year. Late fall is the time of year when bucks have grown their antlers and fawns are on the move with their mothers. It is also the deer-mating season, known as the “rut.” During this season deer are most active and more likely to run and bolt, so it is a time of year to use extra caution in areas where deer are present. Austin is one of very few large cities in Texas where you can still experience urban deer. Northwest and southwest Austin are home to most of our remaining neighborhood herds. Many area residents enjoy the deer’s charismatic presence and quiet beauty. Young parents report finding teachable moments in watching does care for their fawns, while for seniors interaction with the deer can be life affirming. Others simply value the opportunity to observe wildlife living freely as they go about such daily business as walking the dog or driving to work.

DeerAustin is a group of Austin neighbors and animal lovers who are committed to living compatibly with urban wildlife and especially to protecting and preserving Austin’s urban deer herds. Visit us at www.DeerAustin.org. We are providing the following information that is helpful to keep in mind during deer season: • Always walk dogs on leashes. • Observe the speed limit. Be extra cautious when deer or deer crossing signs are present and when driving from dusk to dawn. • To report an injured deer, call the Game Warden at 389-4848 or Austin 311. • To report a dead deer for pickup, call Austin 311. Be prepared to give the operator an address or otherwise be able to describe the location of the deer (for example, “Loop 360 just north of Spicewood” or “the intersection of Mesa and Greystone”). • If you need additional help – email [email protected] We hope you enjoy the fall season and the opportunity to interact with deer that is a part of what makes Austin a special place to live. Please take care, enjoy the wildlife, and Keep Austin Deered!

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Round Rock Ranch - November 2011


ROUND ROCK RANCH Holiday Fair Live and Silent Auction North Austin Women's Connection would like to invite you to their annual Holiday Fair Live & Silent Auction Tuesday, November 8th from 11:30-1:00pm at the River Place Country Club, 4207 River Place Blvd, Austin. Get some great gifts for the holidays and help a great cause! Guest speaker, Carol Graves, author of children's books will speak about "What's Your Focus". Cost is $15 payable at the door and includes lunch. Bidding begins at 10:30. For reservations, contact Nancy Gregor at 512-608-6686. Childcare available. Affiliated with Stonecroft Ministries.

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Christmas DECEMBER 11


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Round Rock Ranch - November 2011

The HOA runs on volunteers. Your talents and a little time can make a big difference. To volunteer, call any Board member or committee chairperson. Contact info is below.

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ROUND ROCK RANCH Austin Kindergarten Student Picked National Poster Child! By Connie Ripley

Five year old Max Whitney, kindergarten student at Rutledge Elementary, is named the 2012 National Poster Child for Autism Speaks. Max’s picture was chosen from hundreds of entries by a New York advertising firm hired by Autism Speaks. The announcement comes just as the Greater Austin Walk broke all goals and records for the local walk on the 24th with about 4,000 participants. The local Walk has thus far raised over $140,000 in support of Autism Speaks’ work, both locally and nationally, to increase awareness about the growing autism health crisis and fund innovative autism research and family services. More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes and cancer combined, yet only 0.5% of the budget of the National Institute of Health goes to autism research. The research falls to private funding—like Autism Speaks, North America’s largest autism science and advocacy organization. Children with autism are normally fixated on one or two things. Max loves car washes and tornados (after watching The Wizard of Oz). He has his own “Favorites” on the computer where he goes and “studies” car washes and tornados for as long as his parents will allow. (A timer is always set.)

Many children with autism have food allergies and extreme food preferences. Max has both. He is allergic to milk products and eggs. He is on a casein-free, egg-free diet with a big accent on organics. He will only eat foods that are tan. He loves chicken nuggets and breads that are egg and casein-free with an occasional bite of broccoli or avocado. Peanut butter, applesauce and banana are also high on his list. (His mother, Traci Whitney, purees carrots and spreads them under the peanut butter. She also purees tofu and white beans with casein-free butter to pour over pasta.) Recent research has shown that the bodies of many children with autism are not able to rid their body of toxins and metabolize some of the vitamins and minerals they consume. Max has shown improvement with Glutathione, Methyl B12 and Folinate cream rubs and DMG orally, plus a super multi-vitamin. Max is totally integrated into a normal kindergarten classroom with the help of an aide provided by the school district, Andrea Sour. His favorite time at school is “eating”. He eats almost the same thing every day. His least favorite is writing in his journal. He has great difficulty with fine motor skills and holding a pencil.


Ryan Lundberg Sales Manager

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Round Rock Ranch - November 2011

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