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 HEALTH & SAFETY ALERT Milwaukee Battery Grinder Incident What happened: On May 30th at C512 Whitechapel whilst working on the Nightshift, an operative cut his inner left upper arm when transporting his tools on site with a Milwaukee battery operated Grinder. The operative had been carrying his tools in a bag which was tucked under his arm during transit. The grinder accidently switched, on resulting in his clothing being cut and he sustained an open wound which after initial first aid required hospital treatment, 5 stitches, a Tetanus injection and pain killers. Immediate Root Causes:

Tool checks were not carried out before issuing and accepting the tool.

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The safety catch on the grinder’s trigger was broken.

A bag was used to transport the tool, rather than using a carrying case.

The battery was in place during transport, which gave the tool power that activated it.

Lessons Learned:

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Tools should be checked on arrival / hire within the stores, to check for any damaged parts. All damaged equipment must be quarantined and clearly labelled as not fur use. Tools should be checked at the point of issue to ensure they are fit to use and transport. The Battery/ies should be removed from the tool for transport. Correct equipment carrying cases to be issued and used at all times; do not carry in open bags. Ensure that all operatives have adequate training and knowledge for the tools they have access to.

Date: 1st June 2017