Nov 30, 2017 - Although insurance does not cover the cost of this procedure, mention this article and we will do THREE treatments for you FOR the pric...

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Focused On Patient Experience with Specialty Care Dr. Musgrave shares his story & advancements in orthopaedic 10

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Breast Cancer Awareness

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What are the credent experience of the persoials and perform the service? n who will Are there physicians onsite? What type of laser is used? Are they all FDA appro ved? Which is the best choic e for my skin and hair type? Have I seen a physici an as required by the state medical board?

Docere is the premier destination for non-surgical aesthetic services, anti-aging skin treatments and body transformation programs. Our physicians, nurses, technicians and aestheticians work to meet your needs in our beautiful and serene environment.

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Docere Medical Spa & Laser Center 10633 Pearl Road • Strongsville, Ohio 44136

440-238-3331 • OCTOBER 2017 Read The Women’s Journal at 2 BYNOVEMBER BY DŌCERĒ BODY DŌCERĒ BODY






The Guests Spoke and Our Team Listened!

Legacy Hair Studios Now Offers Same Day Appointments! “Our team listened to our client’s needs, and we made changes to better serve our customers!” -Owner, Dolly Hanreck

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SAFETY ~ Three Convienent Locations Only in salons and Paul Mitchell schools. 3723 STONEGATE DR. MEDINA


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This is MY Story . . . Many times no matter what we do, our weight just continues to climb as we age. It is so frustrating when getting on the scale and many times, we just get rid of the scale and let what will be - be. Then we get a cold or catch the flu and go to the doctor, where he/she decides to have some blood work done. UGH! At my next appointment, I am told that my glucose numbers are up, indicating that I am in the beginning stages of becoming pre-diabetic, and my cholesterol levels are a bit above normal too. He/she suggests losing weight. Well, I have been down that trail, only to lose the weight and gain it right back, so now unless I want to go on medication, I need to face the facts and change my diet. What do I do? To me, this was easier said than done and my doctor really did not have any solution either. He/she was not trained in nutrition, only to treat ailments. Then in 2007, I read about a weight loss protocol by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons called "Pounds and Inches." There were many aspects of this protocol that talked to me and I thought if I EVER see this protocol in this area, I would give ONE more diet a chance. If I gained the weight back afterwards like I had done on other programs, I would just reserve myself to go the medication route. UGH! Guess what! In 2010, I made an appointment with a local doctor for another health issue I was having at the time and while sitting in the waiting room, there was a brochure about Dr. Simeons protocol. I took one, read it over, and asked the doctor about it when I met with him.

We talked and I signed up right away. Met with the medical doctor that was part of his team, got approved and the rest is history. Nine weeks later, I was down 50 pounds and have not looked back since! My blood work results are back to normal. Just by making a couple of changes in my food choices, I have maintained, I have more energy, feel great, doing more than I was 7 years ago, and I am 7 years older. I am so happy with the results that I BOUGHT the company! Last Diet Ever is a Medically Supervised weight loss program. This program is not like any other. REMEMBER - I understand what you are going thru. If you don't call me, I can't help you! LOSE Weight that is!

Call me, Paula, TODAY at 330-721-1422 to schedule a FREE - CONFIDENTIAL Consultation to see if this protocol will work for you.

$59.99 OFF INITIAL Protocol! (Expires: 10/31/17)


This is me back in 2010 & how I Iook NOW!


LAST DIET EVER • 750 East Washington St., Ste D-4 | Medina

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Vaginal Pain & Dryness…It’s OK To Talk About It Mona Lisa Touch Might Be An Option! By Mary South, MD As a Urogynecologist, I frequently see women who complain of vaginal dryness, irritation, burning and pain with intercourse. Along with that, some develop recurrent urinary tract infections, vaginal bacterial infections and recurrent yeast infections. As women age and go through menopause, the circulating estrogens in their bodies decrease and one of the side effects of this is vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy is the usual suspect in causing the above symptoms that women find so bothersome. Until recently, the only effective treatment option that we have had for treatment, is locally applied vaginal estrogen cream, tablets or a vaginal estrogen ring. Many women are reluctant to use locally applied vaginal estrogens. Whether due to perceived risks of breast cancer or a personal history of breast cancer or strokes, women have often asked me for “other options” to treat their other than using hormones.

We now have another option to offer patients, namely the Mona Lisa Touch vaginal laser. Treatment involves three virtually painless five-minute in-office laser treatments spaced six weeks apart. This treatment has been shown to increase collegenization of the vagina resulting in increased elasticity and increased vaginal moisture. The results have been amazing! I have one patient who has not been able to have sex with her husband for five years until we treated her, and she had pain free sex after her first treatment! At Northeast Ohio Urogynecology, we are the ONLY practice in the Akron/ Medina area that offers the Mona Lisa Touch. Although insurance does not cover the cost of this procedure, mention this article and we will do THREE treatments for you FOR the price of TWO. To discuss this new treatment option or any other pelvic floor concerns you have are always welcome. Please call 234-205-2040 to set up your appointment.


Specializing in the diagnosis & care of pelvic floor disorders tailored to your needs. Dedicated to providing expert & compassionate care.

TWO CONVIENENT LOCATION - MEDINA & AKRON: Call For Your Appointiment 234-205-2040 Visit for our services and to learn about Dr. Mary South

Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?

Women usually develop heart disease about 10 to 15 years later than men. This is because until menopause, the ovaries produce estrogen. Estrogen protects women against plaque buildup. But at menopause the ovaries stop making estrogen, and your risk goes up. By age 70, women have about the same risk for heart disease as same-aged men. Menopause isn't the only reason getting older is a risk factor. As people age, arteries get stiffer and thicker. Also, systolic blood pressure (the top number) often goes up. These changes contribute to plaque buildup in artery walls. ( You can control the following risk factors by making lifestyle changes. Your doctor might also suggest medicine to help control some risk factors, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol: • Poor blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels • High blood pressure • Lack of physical activity • Cigarette smoking • Drinking alcohol • Diabetes • Sleep apnea • Being overweight or obese • Metabolic syndrome Dr. Yatish Goyal welcomes Dr. Priyanka Sharma, MD, FACP, FHM to the practice. As internal medicine doctors, Dr. Goyal and Dr. Sharma are trained and equipped to deal with whatever problem a patient brings, 4


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no matter how common or rare or how simple or complex. They are specially trained to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and can handle severe chronic illnesses and situations where several different illnesses may strike at the same time. They also bring to patients an understanding of wellness, disease prevention, women's health, substance abuse, mental health, as well as effective treatment of common problems of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system, and reproductive organs.

We are pleased to welcome


Dr. Sharma has been at the Cleveland Clinic for almost 10 years. Her interests are in acute and chronic disease management, women’s health, long term care, and functional medicine. She is now accepting new patients in the Medina office.

Accepting New Patients

We Look Forward To Meeting You! Call (330) 725-7277 970 East Washington, Suite 202 MEDINA, OH


Massage and Breast Health Often we find our lives so busy we forget about taking care of ourselves. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I think it’s a good time to remind ourselves that monthly breast checks are so important! Did you know that 40% of breast cancers are diagnosed after a woman has felt a lump in her breast? Don’t think of it as an exam, give yourself a massage instead. No one wants to look for cancer, but we do love our massages, so let’s incorporate that thought process and get in touch with our bodies. Breast self-massage offers a way to let go of tension and get the lymph fluids flowing. It can be done simply by lying down on your back. The breast tissue will then spread out evenly along the chest wall. Let’s do the right side first. Place a pillow under your right shoulder so it can relax, and your right arm behind your head. Using your left hand, move the pads of your fingers around your right breast gently in small circular motions covering the entire breast area and armpit. Use light to firm pressure. Work around the outside starting at the armpit, under part, and then inner part of your breast, around the nipple, and back toward the armpit. Now repeat the self-massage on your left breast in the same manner. Using a bit of oil such as coconut oil will help your fingers glide better. This self-massage technique can be done anytime. During certain times of the month our breast may become more lumpy than others, so know that it may take more time to get to know ourselves and the

changes that our breast go through at different times during the month. If there’s something that catches your attention, give your care provider a call and make an appointment. Have a yearly mammogram done in addition to your self-massage sessions. Take action and take care of your-self. Exercise, eat right, de-stress, be in nature, and enjoy your life! Debbie Kacic, LMT, is the owner of Nature's Touch Wellness Center celebrating 17 years in Medina. She has assembled a caring, knowledgeable team to offer various treatments for her clients in a quiet, peaceful setting away from the hustle and bustle of life. Debbie’s passion is to be a partner in health for all of her clients. “Our life’s work is to help you take care of you!”


Wellness Center

803 E. Washington St. Suite 100 MEDINA, OH Celebrating Our 16th Year Anniversary!

No matter if you’re looking for health or relaxation, from massage therapy to reflexology, from hot stone massage to reiki, our licensed and experienced massage therapists have what you need. See our full list of services online.


Prepare for “The Talk” About Moving to Assisted Living Talking to loved ones about assisted living can be tough. Many seniors resist this transition, often because they feel they’re being forced out of their homes and losing their independence.

“Our commitment to seniors is the benchmark for everything we do… our residents come first!” - Bev Long, Marketing Director

Being prepared before a crisis arises, can remove some of the anxiety and uncertainty from the equation, making it easier for all involved. When it’s time to talk with your loved ones about moving into assisted living, the following tips can foster a healthy discussion.

We offer a FREE WEEKLY trial stay to see if Liberty is right for you or your loved one!

Call Bev today to schedule a personalized tour.

1. Know the senior housing options. Before bringing up the topic, learn about the different types of senior living settings—especially in the state where your elder lives or may wish to relocate eventually. 2. Learn about your parents’ financial situation and options for funding the move and their ongoing care. For example, ask if they have purchased long-term care insurance. If Dad is a veteran, inquire about his service to see if he could be eligible for veterans benefits to help pay for long-term care. 3. Have the conversation in a casual, comfortable spot, like at the kitchen table. Start by saying, “I know this is hard to talk about, but I want to be sure that I honor your wishes. “ 4. Promise to keep seniors involved in decisions. Everyone wants to be able to choose where they live and the kind of care they receive. When the time is right, Liberty Residence gives residents every opportunity to keep active, stay involved and age gracefully.

We offer meals, transportation, housekeeping and much more! Respite Care Also Available

Call for your tour today! LIBERTY RESIDENCE I


Independent Living 250 West Smokerise Dr. - Wadsworth

Assisted Living 1054 Freedom Dr. - Wadsworth


330.334.3262 Read The Women’s Journal at



Chronic Stress and Are Not OK! Headaches Adrenal Fatigue... Imagine a Life FREE From Headaches! Could It Be Something More? By Dr. Brandon Bupp, Nationally Recognized Natural By Leah Kline PA-CWellness Expert All too frequently we talk with patients suffering from headaches that have no answers, noFatigue solutionsand andlow no energy place toare turnsome and of thattheis most common health complaints we experience simply not ok. in the medical field today. Many women come Let me see into to a crystal ballceand tellana story similar to yours or our offi with understanding or selfsomeone you know with headaches. The are headaches ago, diagnosis that they sufferingbegan fromyears “adrenal multiple tests, scans, fatigue.” blood work, etc. have been completed and there This is a term used to suggest that is “no cause” that explains where headaches are coming from. You the adrenalthese glands are working insuffi ciently take “preventative” medication although it is really notchronic preventing but to regulate hormones due to stress. more like it minimizesSymptoms the intensity sometimes. Th e headaches are worse of adrenal fatigue include excessive with stress or certain tiredness, triggers and may bemusculoskeletal worse during specifi times insomnia, pain,c brain of the month at which anothertomedication to minimize the fog,you andtake inability lose weight. Sufferers are effects. Hopefully, it doesn’t last too long, but pretty much the headaches often told that they are not dealing with their stop the day in its tracks! Sometimes these to headaches last for Th a few days stress well and need “relax” more. e truth or even longer. You basically are just hoping and praying that a headache is, our bodies have a fine-tuned mechanism in dealing with stress. does not happen because when it does,the it’s kidneys, miserable.are Oh, and that’s not Th e adrenal glands, which sit above responsible for to mention the regular, throbbing headaches that still happen regulating the body’s stress and production of hormones. on a daily basis but you can manage those kinds of headaches! I wantis you to knowmisconstrued that there is another outcome that is possible! The Stress commonly as only being “emotional stress” truthyou is there many possible causes but these causes do that feel,are like when you are madofatmigraines, your spouse, dealing with not always show up on an MRI or CT scan or other advanced imaging. financial struggles, or overwhelmed at work. Stress also includes “chemical stress,” like to eating foods such that asyour is sensitive to, It is very important test things foodbody sensitivities, vitamin processed foods, exposure to molds or heavy metals. Th en there is or mineral deficiencies, inflammation markers in blood work, and “physical stress,” possibly from to the spinal cordoffrom possibly even toxicity testing mayinjury be necessary. But one the slips, most falls, car accidents; stress on the nervous system, like sitting at a desk common causes of headaches and migraines is tension and stress on for several hours pertissue day; and infection neurologic and soft structures suchor asillness. ligaments, tendons, and

muscles in the neck caused by poor alignment and function in the spine, e autonomic nervous system made upposition of the sympathetic called Th cervicogenic headaches. Loss ofisoptimal in the spine and parasympathetic nervous systems. Th e sympathetic and vertebral joints can occur due to slips, falls, sports injuries,nervous and car system responsible for activating the adrenal when theis accidentsis but most commonly loss of normal positionglands and alignment body stress, because initiating the “fisoght or fltime ight”sitting, response; it causedisbyunder bad posture we spend much looking acts like a gas pedal in a car. In this state, the heart rate increases, down, or working in a forward flexed position. This loss of position muscles contract, thevery digestion process slows,structures and blood sugar is causes tension on the sensitive, neurologic in the spine. released fromdamage storageorsites. The parasympathetic system is That means misalignment of the spine nervous can create tension responsible for restoring the body to a balance and allowing for rest on these delicate, neurological structures. Irritation to these neurologic and repair;causes it acts a brakewhich pedal. In this state, the structures infllike ammation creates dysfunction andheart pain.rate drops, digestive enzymes are released, and muscles relax. The body We analyze this scenario through examination, digital x-ray, and will innately begin to compensate in the attempt to fix the stressor to computerized nerve scans. It is then that we devise a treatment plan that ensure survival. If the stressor is present for too long or becomes aims to correct the cause of the problem based on what is found through too overwhelming to the system, the adrenal glands cannot keep up testing. It’s really that simple. Of course, there can be other causes that with the demand of the body, and they become fatigued. Although require advanced testing, but honestly, most of our patients have already the term “adrenal fatigue” is accurate and can produce the symptoms had that testing done. listed above, it isn’t the whole story. 6 6


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I started coming to Advanced Health and

When the body is under chronic stress, whether it be physical, Wellness in February of 2017. My friend invited emotional, or chemical; the sympathetic nervous system takes over, methe to hear speak the Galaxy andenough I and bodyDr.isBupp unable to at come up with energy on its own to am restore the balance, this called Sympathetic Dominance. This so happy I did. I have hadis migraines since is a serious problem, as the sympathetic dominant state creates longchildhood and have tried so many things term health concerns and leads to the onset of serious illness and through the years to themglands with noalone success. disease. Treating thehelp adrenal is not helping to supply the I was having 1-3tomigraines a week when At I Advanced Health and system with energy truly heal the body. Wellness Center wetohave better started coming the offi ce. Itanswers! was totallyCall for an appointment today to learn more about sympathetic dominance and its effects on debilitating. I would be in bed most of the day your long-term health.

every time I had a headache. It took hours for them to go away- even with the medications the doctors prescribed. Leah began working at Advanced Health and Wellness Center Certain foods,in smells, Keener February,light, 2013. and She stress earned triggered her Master’sthem. Degree-inLisa Physician

Assistant Studies from Cleveland State University in 2012 and Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of The importantAkron. idea She herehasis,become find passionate the true about causepracticing of the functional problem medicine and strongly believes the body is able rather to heal itself and then find a care plan that aims to correct the cause than withsymptoms proper nutrition an energy abundance the simply managing the of and thecreating problem. If this is whatin you nervous system. She lives in Wadsworth with her husband, are looking for, please call our office for a free evaluation to determine Bryan, and her two sons, Keegan and Rowan. Leah enjoys being if we can help. outdoors, traveling, and spending quality time with family.

Wehave haveblended blendedthe thebest bestmedical, medical,wellness wellnessand andfifitness tnessservices services We offereraavariety varietyofofsolutions solutionstotoenhance enhanceyour yourhealth. health. totooff


$10 Evaluation & Consultation To the First Twenty Patients That PHYSICAL MEDICINE • FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE • WEIGHT LOSS

201 Great Oaks Trail Wadsworth, OH

Call (330) 336-9500 To Schedule!


Expanding the Role of Pharmacists as Health Care Providers Locally-Owned Ritzman Launches New Wellness Service As an answer to a commoditized pharmacy experience, Ritzman not only expanded its products and services, but also remodeled its Barberton, Green, and Wooster Downtown locations as part of the pharmacy’s renewed commitment to bring unique, treasured pharmacy experiences to local communities. The newly remodeled locations align with the importance of the pharmacist’s role in our lives. This new approach to pharmacy expands the role of Pharmacists as health care providers. Ritzman's newest venture, The RefreshinQ Co., is a move to a pharmacist guided, technology supported integrated wellness experience. The wellness company uses technology to simplify wellness for consumers. The most wellness centric service is The RefreshinQ Quotient (RQ). It is a blood-based analysis of biomarkers that are focused on strength, energy, endurance, and metabolism. The client is then paired with a pharmacist coach that will assist clients with their wellness goals. The RefreshinQ Co. also uses technology to simplify supplements with a line of pre-selected or customizable vitamin packets and patches blended to help support wellness goals, such as supporting energy levels or assisting in workout recovery. The products are available at Ritzman Pharmacies and online.

Stop Guessing About Your Wellness and Let Our Science Do the Heavy Lifting Introducing The RefreshinQ RQ System, exclusively available at your local Ritzman Pharmacy.

Ritzman Pharmacy has 21 locations throughout Northeast Ohio. For more information on Ritzman Pharmacy and its commitment to the communities it serves, visit

For more information about The Refreshinq Co. and its products and services visit As the General Manager of Marketing and Brand Strategy for Ritzman Pharmacies, Inc., I have the opportunity to work on several facets of the pharmacy experience. Our mission is to find new ways to provide an improved and enhanced customer centric experience for each and every person who visits our practices to better optimize their health and overall wellness. My marketing and advertising experience includes positions among various fields for more than 15 years, including both the agency and client sides of the business. I have worked in different industries such as healthcare, consumer packaged goods, ecommerce, manufacturing, and non-profit. Working on a diverse range of companies and brands, such as Nestle, Goodyear, and Akron General, as well as different customer platforms, such as business-to-business and business-to-consumer, has always been very interesting and exciting to me. My hands-on experience includes project management, media planning, co-op marketing, brand strategy and new product launches. I grew up in Silver Lake and have been a proud, committed resident of Wadsworth. I graduated from Wadsworth High School and then Kent State University with a degree in Marketing. Happily married to Jim Cyrus for 13 years, with a daughter, Addison, and a son, Grayson – two dogs, Rosie and Bella, and a grumpy cat, Scout.

Find out what YOUR body needs to be at its best. STOP GUESSING. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY INSTEAD The RefreshinQ RQ System uses the most advanced blood analysis, powered by Inside Tracker, to assess up to 41 critical biomarkers, so you know exactly what might be missing from your body- and what you need to replace it. TALK WITH A RITZMAN PHARMACIST Our pharmacists are not your ordinary pharmacists, They’re coaches too. Your health care coach will provide you a detailed analysis of your lab results and customize a 3-part plan for supplements, nutrition, and fitness so you can be your best. DELIVER WHAT YOUR BODY NEEDS You’ll receive 3 months of free RefreshinQ premium quality supplement packs customized to your needs, along with an additional consultation with your Ritzman pharmacist to check on your progress. Enroll today at any Ritzman Pharmacy or at For a limited time receive a free gift with your purchase of the RQ System! Visit for locations.

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As we approach fun and festive times of Halloween and Thanksgiving, enjoy the excitement of the children and the blessings of your family.


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I love the Fall, it is so beautiful in Medina County and is a good time to slow down from the hectic summer months and focus on work. September was a busy month for us here at The Medina County Women’s Journal. We held our business I haveE-Series, been to Interactive Social Media Workshop with several diff erent chiropractors, Jessica from Jus B Media, sharing tip and tools that will helped many of MD’s, neurologists, our clients and other acupuncture attendees grow their business. If you missed this specialists, massage therapist, productive workshop you can attand endee a similar workshop at Red Tail feel that I have tried just about Golf Club in Avon see page 15.

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everything available. I really had we were wrapping this great issue, we also were finalizing plans noWhile positive results. I was up beginning for the Women of could Our Community to think nothing help until and ATHENA Awards program. Wow, anIincredible group of women, each year I am amazed at what now.what Since have been coming these herehave in our home town. I am humbled, now in to women AHWC accomplish my migraines been and my neck and event, every year we accompish our our fiftimproving h year for this signature annual shoulder pain has been improving mission to honor women and inspires others! Congratulations to Debbie as well. Asthe of today, has been 20 ATHENA Leadership Award Boehmke 2017 itMedina County days since I have had a migraine! Recipient! We are truly fortunate to have such devoted women and It has been years since I have gone mentors making a difference every day in our community. It was certainly that long without one! Also, while in a proud moment for Medina County and myself! treatment I cut my hand and had to Thank you sowhich much to ourbecame supporters Root Candles, Westfield, TriC have 8 stiches then infected. Amanda used the red-light Brunswick University Center, Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center, our therapy tosponsors my hand it really community andand all the guests that came to support all the ladies! healed quickly. I am so grateful for This issue you will find Holidays gift ideas and so much more. Celebrate all the help I’ve received! Thanks To the seasons byeveryone!! spending time with your loved ones at community events

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Breast Cancer Awareness

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Pet Therapy Volunteer Summer Mixer

Volunteers Celebrating Their 5,000th Comfort Pillow

HMC Hospice of Medina County Volunteers Serve in Countless Ways We all lead busy lives. Even those who are retired find their daily schedules quickly fill up with grandchildren’s ball games, traveling or newly discovered hobbies. With all this “busy-ness,” it may seem challenging to find time to volunteer. However, those who do say the rewards are great. Studies show volunteering reduces stress, lifts spirits and provides greater meaning and purpose in life. If you’ve been looking for a way to give back to others that is deeply rewarding as well as flexible, helping hospice patients and their families may be just the right opportunity for you. Chances are, no matter where you live in Medina County, you can find volunteer opportunities near by. Choosing an activity that brings you joy and fulfillment is the key. If you have a hobby or talent, we’ll work with you to create a customized volunteer experience. Do you enjoy needlework or sewing? Volunteers enjoy creating lap blankets and comfort pillows. You can either work from your own home or join a sewing circle to socialize with others.

Other volunteers particularly enjoy working directly with patients to provide companionship and comfort. Some volunteer at our inpatient care centers. Others prefer visiting patients in their own homes, assisted living communities, hospitals or nursing homes. Volunteers can receive specialized training to assist with hands-on care or provide companionship in countless ways. Often, volunteers are able to relieve the family’s stress by running a few errands or helping with simple tasks. This support allows the family to spend more time at the bedside with their loved one. Some find it spiritually rewarding to be part of the By Your Side program, which provides vigil presence in the final hours of life. Volunteers provide support by simply sitting and providing a comforting presence during this sacred time. Pet therapy is a frequently requested services. If you own a registered therapy dog, Hospice of the Western Reserve would love to have you and your dog join the Team. Pets bring an unconditional love that is impossible to measure.

“Fire” Chef/Proprieter Doug Katz and Crew Volunteering

Not all volunteers work directly with patients. Administrative experience and skills are also highly valued, whether greeting families at one of our hospice house inpatient units or assisting with special events, mailings and other projects. Perhaps you have professional experience working in a store. HMC Hospice of Medina County, operates Life’s Treasures Thrift Shop and a seasonal pop-up store, Christmas Treasures. Both are located near Medina Town Square. Sale proceeds help us to provide many extra services to our patients and families and all proceeds stay in Medina County. New shop volunteers are always welcome. Flexibility is a hallmark of volunteering at Hospice of the Western Reserve and our affiliate, HMC Hospice of Medina County. Volunteers can choose when they are available. To learn more or apply online, visit or call the Volunteer Services line at 216-2559090.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Lisa Scotese Gallagher is Director of Staff Experience and Volunteer Services. The volunteer Team is comprised of more than 2,000 women, men and teens who donate their talent and energy to the well being of our patients, families and facilities every year.

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Focused On Patient Experience with Specialty Care Dr. Musgrave Shares His Story and Advancements in Orthopaedic Techniques When Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center expanded to serve the Medina region, they asked Dr. Mark Musgrave to visit the community and consider opening his orthopaedic practice there. “My wife and I came to Medina, had dinner on the Square, and we felt as if we had come home. The community immediately felt right to us,” he related. “We have been here for 20 years now. Medina has been a spectacular place to practice, both from a professional and personal standpoint.” At Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center – Medina, Dr. Musgrave treats general orthopaedic conditions and specializes in arthroscopic shoulder and knee procedures. He also does total joint replacement surgery. At Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center - Medina, Dr. Musgrave is joined by a team of physicians who bring specialty orthopaedic care directly to the Medina community, with expertise unmatched in the Northeast Ohio area. And, Crystal Clinic is the only greater Akron-area hospital recognized by the Joint Commission for excellence in knee, hip and shoulder replacement, and spine fusion. Over the past 20 years Dr. Musgrave has seen many advancements in surgical techniques that have benefitted his patients. Two of the biggest advancements are with hip and shoulder procedures. “The old repairs caused patients greater pain and required hospital stays. Now we do these procedures arthroscopically as an outpatient, and pain levels are greatly decreased,” he noted. “Hip replacements have evolved, and the new direct anterior surgical approach has resulted in decreased post-operative pain, and lesser need for narcotics after surgery, which is a huge change for the better. Recoveries are quicker, and now there is no need for ambulatory assistance (walkers and canes) post-surgery.” Dr. Musgrave feels it is important for patients to know that it is never too early or too late to make an appointment to be evaluated. “Since most of what we do are elective procedures, it isn’t necessary for a patient to wait until they are in a great deal of pain before having their condition evaluated. Whenever the patient is ready we can check them out and see what is happening.” For Dr. Musgrave, treating patients is a privilege, and he and his team are patient-focused. “The most important thing I do is to listen to my patients,” he explained. “For patients visiting our office, their doctor-patient relationship is way more than just the time spent with me, it’s their entire experience here.” He feels that the Medina team is the best group of people he has ever had the privilege to work with, hands down. “Our entire healthcare team is dedicated to serving our patients, and giving them the best experience possible from the moment they walk in our door to when they check out.” 10


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PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT Mark Musgrave, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon

Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center Dr. Musgrave is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon who has practiced in the Medina community for twenty years. He is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Dayton and The Ohio State University College of Medicine. He completed his orthopaedic surgery residency at Summa Health System. Dr. Musgrave specializes in sports medicine and total joint replacement surgery with an interest in shoulder arthroscopy and hip replacement surgery through direct anterior approach. He specializes in arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgery, shoulder, knee, and elbow. Dr. Musgrave is a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). He has presented at numerous research conferences and has authored articles about orthopaedic issues in many professional publications. A member of several state and national medical societies, he has been practicing medicine since 1994. A Medina County resident, he has been married to Linda Musgrave for 26 years and they have three children who attended St. Francis Xavier School, where they are parishioners.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Musgrave and the #1 orthopaedic group in Northeast Ohio, call (888) 826-0539 or visit

Quick QuickAccess Access Quick Care Available


In addition to our specialty-trained orthopaedic staff, Crystal Clinic offers QuickCare &that has Injuries access to a full range of services to for aOrthopaedic Sports care for your orthopaedic injury or condition. You can receive X-rays, suturing for minor lacerations, splinting, casting, and durable medical equipment like braces and boots. And, if any follow up care is needed, we can refer our patients to the main campus or one of our satellite offices in Medina, Portage, and Summit counties. Walk-ins are welcome, and we have two convenient locations in Green and Montrose to serve you. Both are open Monday through Friday, 10am to 9pm and Saturday 8am to 2pm.

MONTROSE: 3975 Embassy Parkway, Ste. 003 GREEN: 1622 East Turkeyfoot Lake Road, Ste. 201


The Evidence is In. Movement + Breath = Life! Nearly 14 million Americans say that a doctor or therapist has recommended yoga to them, and with good reason. Researchers have found that a regular yoga practice led to reduced incidence of chronic pain; improved sleep quality and mood; a better sense of well-being and quality of life; improvement in heart health; and greater overall physical fitness. Before you say, “I can’t do yoga,” consider these reasons to give it a try: Reduced Inflammation: Many people say that when they leave a yoga session they feel so relaxed it’s like floating on air. That relaxation response helps yoga reduce cytokines, chemicals that cause inflammation and have been linked to a wide variety of health issues. Heart Benefits: Practicing yoga regularly may help reduce the risk of heart disease as much as cycling and brisk walking, according to research from the European Society of Cardiology. According to the American Society of Hypertension, yoga also helps lower blood pressure. Pain Reduction: Sore back or neck? Yoga will help iron out the kinks and reduce pain, shows research from the Group Health Research Institute. Numerous studies have shown that yoga can also provide relief from chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. The true beauty of yoga is there is no one type or one way to practice. It doesn’t matter what your current physical condition may be. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. At HeartSong, our certified instructors ensure your comfort and safety, by getting to know your health concerns, providing detailed instruction, and using props such as

blocks and bolsters as needed. Our goal is to help you develop a practice for life – to help you live a fuller, healthier life now AND into the future!

UNCOVER THE FACTS EXPLORE THE YOGA BODY MYTHS: Myth #1: I'm Not Flexible Enough For Yoga November 5th 2:30-4:30pm

Myth #2: I'm Not Good at Yoga December 3rd 2:30-4:30pm

Register at

4087 Medina Road, Suite 400 In Medina!

Call 330-952-2300


or visit our website for more information

Fall into Fitness- Get Back on Track! By Elsie Velazquez, Cert. Personal Trainer Prescription Fitness

Yay…fall is here! For many, it’s ‘back to school’ time for children and for others it is simply a time to get back into a more regular routine. Although summer is a great time to kick back, there is usually a price to pay for kicking back. For some, that price is the cost of a new pair of jeans because the old ones just don’t fit the same. Well, before you run out to the mall, here are some suggestions for falling back into shape! For those who have been good at keeping up your healthy habits through the summer, you’ll find tips on how to keep them going.

• Always stay hydrated. We tend to think that water is more important in the summer. While that may be true to some extent, it is important year round to stay hydrated. Don’t drop the ball on this one! If water is not your thing, fall is the perfect time to look into herbal teas. BONUS! • Make cinnamon your go-to spice. One teaspoon of cinnamon has as much antioxidant power as a half cup of blueberries. It helps to keep you feeling fuller longer and aids in regulating blood sugar. You can add it to your coffee or tea, sprinkle it on oatmeal or toast, or mix it into other dishes. The possibilities are endless. I know that end of summer can be traumatic – gone are the longer • Pull out your slow cooker and use it! There are many healthy sun-filled days. In exchange we get cooler temps with less dayrecipes that you can prep in the morning and come home to a light. On a positive note, fall weather makes for some of the best ready-to-eat meal. No excuses not to eat healthy. outdoor workouts of the entire year. Getting your fall workouts • Keep an activity and food log diligently. Record your daily exerstarted now will give you the momentum to make it through the cise and what and how much you eat. You might be shocked when upcoming season (I won’t say what it is) without packing on the you see your habits in writing. weight. • Try a new activity. If you’ve never run a 5k, now is the time to give it a shot! If you’ve never tried intervals while walking or jogFall is a great time to get back into healthy habits. Why wait for ging, perhaps you can start adding them. If you’ve never taken a the New Year to start when you can do it now and look and feel yoga class, sign up for one. Trying something new is a great way to fabulous by New Year’s Eve. Fall is great time to set new goals empower yourself. and re-calibrate your fitness plan. • Join a fitness challenge. There are many gyms and websites Below are some tips to get help get you started and set you up for that offer these. If you prefer to work solo and are disciplined success in the long haul. enough, create your own. • Set realistic expectations. I’ve always thought that practicing the • Take advantage of the weather. Fall is the perfect time to visit 80/20 rule is a realistic way to live. Instead of aiming for perfection the beach or new trails and enjoy the changing scenery. when it comes to diet and exercise, decide that you will eat healthy • Make a plan to sleep better. Sleep aids your metabolism so five days a week and allow for a few indulgences on the other two you don’t want to skimp on sleep if you can avoid it.

days. Instead of trying to work out every day, which could lead to burnout, exercise 5 days and relax on the other two. • Don’t fall victim to your TV. If you find you just cannot avoid watching more TV, at least keep moving during commercial breaks with squats, lunges, planks and jumping jacks. Do a set or two during each commercial break and you’ll have a nice little workout session by the time your show returns.

Get Back on Track at Medina Community Recreation Center 855 Weymouth Rd. Medina 330.721.6900

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Fall In Love With Reading Again


Stop Into Your Library and Check Out the New Arrivals

By Mary Olson, Readers’ Advisory Librarian Medina County District Library Give yourself a reading challenge this autumn—try something new! Here are a few suggestions for books that will stretch your imagination and awareness. Refugee by Alan Gratz. Written for middle schoolers, this exciting, heart-wrenching story has universal appeal. Three young refugees-- one from Nazi Germany, one from 1970’s Cuba, and one from current-day Syria tell the stories of their harrowing journeys to a new home. Readers of all ages will connect with the courageous young narrators. The Last Place You Look by Kristen Lepionka. Lepionka's debut follows PI Roxane Weary's attempt to clear a death row inmate of a crime he claims he didn't commit. The convicted man's sister claims to see the daughter of the family he is accused of killing on a random street corner in Columbus, Ohio fifteen years ago. But the daughter disappeared right after the murders. Is it really her? And if so, why has she been hiding? Fast-paced plot and some local



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Thirteen Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do by Amy Morin. Foster parent and psychotherapist Morin hopes to teach parents and educators how to build resilience and mental strength in children and teens. Ohio flavor make this novel one worth picking up. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. This beautiful multigenerational saga takes place in Korea and Japan between the early 1900s- 1980s. It revolves around Sunja, a young Korean woman who becomes pregnant by a Japanese married man with possible ties to the Yakuza (Japanese mafia.) A young Korean pastor, Isak, who is visiting her family's boarding house offers to marry her and raise the child as their own, and they flee to Japan to live with Isak's brother and wife in Japan during WWII. This is not only their story, but the stories of their children's children and their struggles as exiled Koreans living in a country biased against them. Pachinko is a thoughtful, expansive novel about identity and endurance. Visit your Medina County District Library for all your reading needs: join Book Club Bags, receive reading recommendations through Great Reads for You, check out our online resources, and visit your local branch for special events and so much more at!

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Tri-C Affordability | Transferability | Flexibility Why Brunswick University Center? • Complete your associate’s degree • Easily transfer credits • 100 courses each semester

Melissa Hill “After graduating from Tri-C in spring 2014, I finished my bachelor’s degree in just three semesters. No other college was able to offer me that option,” said Melissa Hill, who earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Franklin University in January 2017. “Plus, I didn’t need to leave Tri-C, which had been my home for two years. It saved me a lot of stress and money.”

• Evening classes to fit your schedule • Free college credit for high school students through College Credit Plus • Professional training through Corporate College© • Frontline Manager Certificate • Project Management • Effective Communication • And more

• Workforce training • Manufacturing courses and apprenticeship • Robotics • And more


SAVING Take classes close to home Save thousands on tuition Get scholarship support 216-987-5793 Brunswick University Center | 3605 Center Road | Brunswick, Ohio 44212


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Print is Dead. LONG LIVE PRINT. The Rumor about Print’s Death

So many familiar things have gone through major disruption in the past 10 years—TV, radio, SEO, Twinkies. We lament over the death of this and the demise of that, when in reality, like Twinkies, these things live on in new iterations. Some top advertising industry execs, many of them the same ones who told us just a few years ago that digital was the future of advertising, now acknowledge that the tide is turning back to print for brand communications. Meanwhile, Forbes just hit their highest print circulation numbers ever, while calling this “a glorious time for print.” When it comes to magazines, readers want relevant stories and they want to read them in print. Our job as marketers is to figure out what those stories are and how to tell them most effectively. And increasingly, it’s being shown that print is the medium that does this best.

The Real Reason Why Print Works




OMEN'S a OURNAL print digital magazine


Page corners can be folded over to remember where you left off last

Our format is designed to connect, educate, and empower a consumer to make a purchasing decision.




A recent Nielsen report concluded that “every media buy would benefit from the addition of print advertising,” with magazines showing the highest ROI. The study also measured CONTENT left rom and f e t the impact that the so-called “secondary audience” has on sales—those Tsecond SOCIAL ex g pag t in es a h fac tinuonto e third readers who pick up the magazine in the waiting room or read a copy tossed ld wit d h o t H han con top of tright e DIGITAL their desk by a co-worker. Those ads have just as big an impact on sales, and the righ thenature r e g h n e ci pag of print means it can be viewed again and again, shared, bookmarked, cut out,fahsaved, d an and passed along. Study after study shows that relevant ads are an important and even welcome part of a good magazine experience. This is what continues to differentiate Our magazine is a Clutter Free Easy Read of Content Advertising that Promotes Expertise & e in th print ads, while digital ads are, print ads from digital ones. Consumers actually g enjoy adin corner, e r Creates Results. Reach Thousands of readers — Loyal Readers & Constantly New Readership d art more often than not, unwelcome andStannoying. ur have to do is look at the rapid -han All you r left oss to yo e p p u cr understand own ith over the past 18 growth of adHblocking months this. ove a thto en d m old w nd

ft ha

When Your Audience is Women... Call 330-722-5788 Email [email protected]

, right

le e The relationships with readers in print carries across onto your brand’s online herbuilt presence. Research shows that when people see advertising in both print and online, the impact and recall is stronger across all channels than if they viewed online ads alone.

Pages sta on the RIGHT y unread cked

displa content

At the end of the day, it’s about the people we are connecting with, not the technologyFold along spine to we use. People like a good story, and print is a great place to tell yours. Pages stacked on the LEFT display your g readinand excited history

Source: Press Report, 2016

That is why The Medina County Women’s Journal is proud to bring our readers local information and resources through our colorful, uncluttered, and relevant magazine that you can actually hold, as well as the digital version of the magazine on our website.

The Magazine: An Operator’s Manual 14


with Hold nd a h left here

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switch to carrying mode

Page corners can be folded over to remember where you left off last left rom ge f t Tex ng pa at i fac tinues the con top of th the ng rig i fac d page han

with Hold and h t h ig r here

the r, ng in eadi d corne r rt Sta -han o your ft e l r t uppe e across own mov t, then d righ

Pages stacked on the LEFT display your reading history

Fold along spine to switch to carrying mode

Pages stacked on the RIGHT display unread content


Join Us For Interactive Social Media Workshop! Are you in SOCIAL MEDIA but FRUSTERATED where to focus your efforts?

Do you FEAR that your POSTS are NOT BEING SEEN? Having problems HANDLING NEGATIVE feedback?

Increase Your Know How in the Changing Social Media World: The Women's Journal has partnered with Jus B Media, a boutique Internet marketing firm, to bring you an interactive 2-part social media workshop in a small group setting. Bring your laptop, get personal attention and tools you can use right away! • Learn to stand out above the noise. • Learn tips and tricks that social media marketers. • Learn best practices to increase your exposure. • Discover better understanding of reputation management.

Sign Up Early for Discount. REGISTER AT Call 216-220-2683 to register or for more information.

Attendee Evaluation AFTER Medina Workshop: “Very informative, Jessica is extreamly knowledgeable. I learned a lot of tools to help grow my business.”

WHEN: November 9th Registration 10am; 10:30am-3pm class


Business E-Series Workshop Presented By: educate - empower - emerge

WJ The

OMEN'S a OURNAL print digital magazine



Meet The Social Media Expert Jessica Wagner Owner of Jus B Media

Jessica Wagner started her first online business in 2002 and later went on to receive her Bachelors in Communication from Kaplan University. Upon receiving her Certification in Social Media Management she focused her efforts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Marketing. Jessica is also versed in product and food styling, photography, Wordpress web design, videography and mobile applications.


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How You Can Ensure You Get

The Most Out Of Your Trade-In? The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Bill Doraty Kia wants to help you find a vehicle that is perfect you. Whether you are looking for a new or used Kia car, truck, or SUV you will find it at Bill Doraty Kia. They have helped customers from Medina, Brunswick, Akron, North Olmstead, Bedford, Strongsville, Norton, North Royalton, Mentor, Burton, Boardman, Alliance, Ontario, Montrose, Sheffield Lake, Brookpark, and Sandusky find the Kia of their dreams!The Bill Doraty Kia team have put together their tips to help customers prepare before purchasing a car.

“Our prospective customers are extremely well educated when researching their next vehicle,” states Sharon Geralis, Controller. “Bill Doraty Kia has made it easy to get all the available vehicle information so you can spend less time researching and more time enjoying your purchase.” The sales consultants take the time to listen to each potential customer to match them with a car they will be happy with for years for come. The Bill Doraty Kia Team have put together their tips to help customers get the most out of trading in a car: 1. Clean the car inside and out. For the exterior, give it a thorough wash and a fresh coat of wax. On this inside, get rid of your personal items and vacuum. Making a good impression only raises your chances of a better offer.

2. Fix small issues yourself. Check all the car's lights, including interior dome lights, and replace them if needed. Also check all fluid levels (washer fluid, coolant, brake fluid, etc.) and ensure they're topped off. If your car needs more serious work, leave that for the dealer. 3. Gather all important documents. This includes the car's title, service records, registration and anything else a prospective buyer might want to see. Cars that have been maintained with scheduled maintenance retain more of their value.

Visit Our Sales Representatives Ready To Help You This Fall

Conveniently Located at I-71 & Route 18

From Left to Right: Donnica Dixon, Carrie Silket, and Lauren Baker

2925 Medina Rd • Medina

Looking for the Right Attorney?

Choosing Your Business Succession Path By Attorney By Rebecca Smith Securing your business succession plan before it’s too late is just as valuable as growing your business. Your succession plan is your retirement or exit strategy, and each business owner has his/her unique path. Starting a succession plan early and including business advisors, such as attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, or financial planners will help ensure a successful and smooth succession path. There are several succession options, here are the two most common: 1. Generational/Internal Succession Planning: Transferring your business to family or key employees 2. Third Party Sale: Selling to a strategic buyer in the industry or a financial buyer (i.e., private equity firms) Each of these paths have their own planning strategies, and pros and cons to consider to protect your business from a rocky road. Generational/Internal Succession Planning: This path requires early planning to bring the next generation into “the know” regarding operations and strategies. The key issues to consider for this type of succession plan are: Identification of a family member or employee that is interested in taking over the business. If your goal is to maintain the Company’s success, be objective regarding the analysis of talent 16


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and respectful of other’s professional desires. Consider bringing family/employees along over a number of years by promoting and allowing them to “buy-in” over time. Start engagement early to permit successors to learn while the senior level is still engaged. Third Party Sale: Don’t worry if you don’t have a family member or key employee to transition your business. Many business owners sell to a third party that is either a strategic buyer (often a competitor that can achieve synergies and grow through the purchase) or a financial buyer. Financial buyers typically are private equity funds that are looking to grow the business with a plan of selling in 3 to 5 years. This is often a way for a business owner to get a “second bite at the apple” by investing in the fund and working as a consultant until the business is re-sold. Preparing your business for the future is a journey, not a destination – so engage the right team to help you choose the right path!

4996 Foote Road • Medina, Ohio

Phone: 330.723.6404 Medina I Wooster I Millersburg I Mount Vernon I Ashland

Preparing For Marriage Nationwide, people are getting married for the first time at an older age. Typically, this means that the bride and groom have a steady income, retirement accounts, vehicles, homes, bank accounts and other assets worth protecting. While finances are not the most romantic topic to discuss prior to your marriage, talking finances with your spouse-to-be, long before you walk down the aisle, will help bring to light issues that could arise in the future. A “prenuptial” or “premarital” agreement is a written document which protects the property each spouse brings to the marriage and also spells out how property and income acquired or earned during the marriage will be divided if the marriage ends by divorce or dissolution. Prenuptial agreements can cover a variety of issues and are generally enforceable in the same manner as any other contract. The exception, however, is that courts are not likely to enforce agreements where there is not a full or truthful disclosure of assets, if there is fraud or misrepresentation, undue influence, duress, or terms of the agreement are contrary to law or against public policy. A prenuptial agreement should always be prepared and presented to the other spouse long before the wedding date so that each party


has the opportunity to discuss the terms with his or her own legal counsel. Most importantly, Ohio law does not recognize post-nuptial agreements (agreements signed after the marriage), so do not wait until after the honeymoon to have this discussion. If you have questions regarding planning for your future, please contact me to schedule a confidential consultation.

PRACTICE AREAS: Family Law, including Divorce, Dissolution, Custody and Support Modifications • Prenups • Real Estate, including Land Use Planning • Zoning (Municipal and Township) • Real Estate Tax Appeals • Easements • Probate & Wills

109 W. Liberty Street - Medina, Ohio 44256 330-725-8816 •

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a Great First Impression During those quiet moments, do you think about how you would like ue to give back, get involved and help others in the community? q i t u o B t i f e n Be

Kathy Warner felt the same way, and she gathered a group of like-minded women and created First Impression, Inc. a non-profit, 501(c)3, charitable organization.

“Cash donations large and small help empower women to feel and look their best, secure employment and become a role model to their families; breaking the cycle of poverty or even escaping abuse, permanently.” - Kathy Warner

First Impression’s mission is to provide business appropriate attire for economically disadvantaged women to help them make a positive first impression at job interviews. Kathy’s vision is to help women feel confident, reach their full potential emotionally and financially.

How Can You Help?

• Volunteer Your Time • Host a Fund Raising Event • Monetary Donations or Shop Our Benefit Boutique: November 2nd shop through some new and gently worn skirts, dresses, pants, tops, suits, jewelry shoes and even some designer/upscale items at bargain prices from Noon to 8pm. We accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover

Find Us On Facebook: FirstImpressionmedina

at First Impression, Inc.

Browse through our selection of new and gently used women’s clothing and accessories that can be purchased at amazing prices.

Thursday, November 2 12 noon to 8 pm. 775 W. Smith Rd. Medina, Ohio

First Impression, Inc.

For more information about First Impression, call 330-227-6053 or visit Read The Women’s Journal at




Fall is the Perfect Time to Renew & Recover

Boosting hydration, anti-aging treatments and using medical grade skin care products is the key to healthy skin as the weather gets cooler and dryer. Continue to use your sunscreen. This may come as surprise, but fall (similar to spring) is a season where a tremendous amount of UV damage is incurred. We often think that when the temperatures are cooler outside, the sun isn’t as harmful, but this is false. While the UVB rays (the ones responsible for causing suntans or sunburns) are not as strong in autumn, the UVA rays (the ones that cause skin cancer and premature wrinkles) are just as strong as they are in July and August. Protection is a year-round job, so be sure to apply a sunscreen. Fall is the perfect time to add Retinol back to your routine. If you took a break from retinol (vitamin A) during the summer, now is the time to get it back into your skin-care routine. Hands down, retinol and prescription retinoids are the most scientifically proven ingredients for smoothing the texture of the skin.

- Vollure -

Over time, your skin loses elasticity, which contributes to moderate to severe parentheses lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. While serums and creams work on the skin’s surface, JUVÉDERM® XC and JUVÉDERM VOLLURE™ XC add volume to smooth these lines and folds, to help give you the subtle, long-lasting results you want. Skin Care Solutions is a Physician-Directed Medical Spa with three convenient locations in Green, Wooster, and our newest location in Medina. We specialize in non-invasive procedures such as winkle reduction, volume restoration, Cool Sculpting, laser treatments and much more.

The Physicians are Master Injectors, and have done well over 15,000 injections between them. We strive for a natural looking enhancement by combining female artistry and advanced techniques to ensure your best result. Our expert staff provides the information and advice needed to guide you in choosing the treatment plan that will help achieve your goals. In just one visit, an incredible transformation takes place without surgery.

• • • •

Services Provided:

Botox, Xeomin, Dysport Liquid Facelift Facial Rejuvenation Juvederm & Voluma

• Vollure & Volbella • Kybella • Laser Services • CoolSculpting

• Physician-Grade Skin Care • Chemical Peels, Clinical Facials, & Microdermabrasions

ENHANCE YOUR LIPS Purchase 1 syringe of Vollure and Receive 10 units of Botox FREE*

20% OFF - Coolsculpting “Leaf ” Summer Sun Damage Behind - FALL LASER SPECIALS Buy a Package of 3 Receive a FREE Vital C Anti-Aging Serum Buy a Package of 4 Receive Treatment of Hands for FREE *While supplies last. All offers expire October 31, 2017

LIKE US For Events & Specials!

Or Visit Our Website For Monthly Specials “We strive for a natural looking enhancement by combining female artistry and advanced techniques to ensure your best result.” - Dr. Fearon, Dr. Bonezzi & Dr. Fast 18


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BEGIN YOUR TRANSFORMATION Actual Clients Before & After Microblading

Vickie Phillips Aesthetics LLC provides professional skin rejuvenation and facial enhancement services. Vickie brings over 34 years of experience as a licensed Esthetician, Medical Aesthetics Specialist and make-up artist. She currently serves as the resident make-up artist for Cleveland’s Channel 3 WKYC and make-up artist for on air personalities for ABC, ESPN and TNT. Vickie is excited to bring the latest facial enhancement and skin care services to Medina County and Northeast Ohio, such as 3D microblading, dermaplaning and microneedling.




3D Microblading

The eyebrows you have always dreamed of can be yours with the 3D stroke method. Hair strokes that mimic your natural hair to fill in your existing brow or to create a whole new look that frames the eye beautifully. This is especially beneficial for anyone with Alopecia aerate, stress, aging, over tweezing, etc. Wouldn’t it be great to save time every morning before the start of your day filling in your brows and using that extra time for something else? Not having to worry if they’re on straight, the right angle, too thin on one brow and too thick on the other? We can solve that problem for you.



Lash Extensions

You can have natural looking eyelashes with eyelash extensions developed to mimic your natural eyelashes. Each lash is individually applied by a trained and certified Lash Stylist. Our lash extensions are not traditional false eyelashes, eyelash flares or implants. The lash extensions are safe and comfortable to wear, and never applied directly to your skin or eyelid. Experience longer, thicker more beautiful looking lashes indefinitely. Please call (330) 592-8978 to schedule your private appointment.

Services: • 3D Microblading • Lash Extensions • Facials • Microdermabrasion

• Dermaplaning • Microneedling • Waxing • Make-up Lessons and Consultation

Located In Reserve Park 1

3637 Medina Road Suite 203 • Medina (330) 592-8978 • [email protected]

Vickie is amazing!! She walked me through the process of microblading step by step. I love my new brows and the shape is perfect. I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my face. I have total confidence in her. She even does my eyelash extensions which I absolutely love; it has made a huge difference! Book with Vickie, you are in good hands. - Wendy Cudill

I love my eyes! Vickie chose the perfect color and technique to make my eyebrows visible while looking very natural. She also put extensions on every single eyelash. Wow! - Janice Clark

Vickie did microblading on my eyebrows, they look awesome, very natural looking. Vickie takes great pride in her art. She is professional, conscientious, and just makes you look and feel wonderful. She always follows up to make sure that you are loving her work. Can't say enough great things about my experience with Vickie. - Linda Weber

Open House November 2

From 2 pm – 6 pm. Register to Win a FREE 3D microblading Service ($500.00 value) Read The Women’s Journal at



Breast Cancer in Young Women

Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control. When cancer starts in the breast, it is called breast cancer. Except for skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women. Most breast cancers are found in women who are 50 and older, but breast cancer also affects younger women. About 11% of all new cases of breast cancer in the United States are found in women younger than 45 years of age. While breast cancer diagnosis and treatment are difficult for women of any age, younger women may find this experience overwhelming.

What Are the Symptoms?

There are different symptoms of breast cancer and some people have no symptoms at all. Symptoms can include any change in the size or the shape of the breast, pain in any area of the breast, nipple discharge other than breast milk (including blood), and a new lump in the breast or underarm. If you have any signs that worry you, see your doctor right away.

What Can I Do to Reduce My Risk of Breast Cancer?

Many factors can influence your breast cancer risk, and most women who develop breast cancer do not have any known risk factors or a history of the disease in their families. Some main factors that influence your risk for breast cancer include being a woman, being older (most breast cancers are found in women who are 50 years old or older), and having changes in your breast cancer genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2). However, you can help lower your risk of breast cancer in the following ways: • Keep a healthy weight. • Exercise regularly (at least four hours a week). • Don’t drink alcohol or limit alcoholic drinks to no more than one per day. • Avoid exposure to chemicals that can cause cancer (carcinogens). • Try to reduce your exposure to radiation during medical tests like mammograms, X-rays, CT scans, and PET scans. • If you are taking, or have been told to take, hormone replacement therapy or oral contraceptives (birth control pills), ask your doctor about the risks and find out if it is right for you. • Breastfeed your babies, if possible.


Although breast cancer screening cannot prevent breast cancer, it can help find breast cancer early, when it is easier to treat. Some women – because of their family history, a genetic tendency, or certain other factors – should be OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2017

Read The Women’s Journal at

screened with MRIs along with mammograms. (The number of women who fall into this category is very small.) Talk with a health care provider about your risk for breast cancer and the best screening plan for you.

Guidelines for the Early Detection of Cancer

The American Cancer Society recommends these breast cancer screening guidelines for most adults. Screening tests are used to find cancer before a person has any symptoms. • Women ages 40 to 44 should have the choice to start annual breast cancer screening with mammograms (x-rays of the breast) if they wish to do so. • Women age 45 to 54 should get mammograms every year. • Women 55 and older should switch to mammograms every 2 years, or can continue yearly screening. • Screening should continue as long as a woman is in good health and is expected to live 10 more years or longer. • All women should be familiar with the known benefits, limitations, and potential harms linked to breast cancer screening.

Fast Facts about Breast Cancer

• Each year in the United States, more than 200,000 women get breast cancer and more than 40,000 women die from the disease. • Men also get breast cancer, but it is not very common. Less than 1% of breast cancers occur in men. • In 2017, it's estimated that among U.S. women there will be 252,710 new cases of invasive breast cancer and 40,610 breast cancer deaths (American Cancer Society).

Your Certified Specialists For Bra & Breast Fittings Whether or not you seek us out as a result of a MASTECTOMY, LUMPECTOMY, RECONSTRUCTION, ASYMMETRY or simply because you’re UNCOMFORTABLE with your everyday bras, Elegant Essentials provides solutions to all of these issues. From breast prostheses, fashionable bras, specialty clothing with built-in bras to hats and headwear, compression garments, gifts and jewelry, you will find an extensive selection of items.

What sets Elegant Essentials apart from anyone else is owner, Shellie, and her staff. You will find the most compassionate, incredibly knowledgeable women on staff who sincerely care deeply about every step of the journey their ladies are going through.


Lauren, Shellie Graf - Owner, Katina & Judy

Certified Fitters with years, (some even decades) of experience you can trust.

— INTRODUCING — 3D Scanning: Custom Breast Form A custom breast or partial prosthesis can help you look great and feel your best. Radiant Impressions, Trulife’s custom breast prosthesis, is a non-surgical breast reconstruction option for women. A realistic prosthesis that simulates breast tissue and provides symmetry to your bra fit. The custom breast prosthesis is lightweight and can be worn directly against the chest wall in a non pocketed bra.

Feel like yourself again!

TRULIFE FITTING EVENT Wednesday, OCTOBER 18 in Mentor 9am–5pm Thurs. & Fri. OCTOBER 19 & 20 in Medina 9am–5pm

Make your appointment to meet with your Elegant Essentials’ fitters and Trulife Representative Beth Erdy. (Free gift with your fitting.)


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MEDINA 5164 Normandy Park Dr., Suite 300

Call 1-800-350-5053 or 330-723-8880

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Come Play and Make Memories! As the seasons change and days become cooler, family and friends look for ways to spend their weekends and create lasting memories. In Northeast Ohio that includes warm drinks, pumpkin patches, and dressing in silly or spooky costumes (your choice!) Ohio Station Outlets creates opportunity for all of the above with a fun added twist: a vintage passenger train the whole family can ride! The trains at Ohio Station are a 1/3 scale recreation of the passenger trains of days gone by. Passengers take in the center’s gorgeous landscaping and views of the playground, pumpkin patch, and behind-the-scenes look into the train barn before ending their 20 minute, 2 mile ride. On weekends in October the train will stop at the pumpkin patch and riders with a special pumpkin patch event ticket will pick their own pumpkin. Families gather around the Halloween props and Western Town décor for photos and the littlest passengers have fun seeing if they can pick up the biggest pumpkins. Returning back to Grand Central Station, we suggest indulging in a specialty drink at Steam Café and enjoy a healthy and delicious snack from the center’s newest restaurant, Pita Pit! The annual Trick or Treat is on Thursday, October 26th. Costumed children are encouraged to visit stores throughout the mall to claim the evening’s candy from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. and hop on board the train for a free ride from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. For those with an extra big sweet tooth, starting at 5 p.m. the first 300 costumed children at Guest Services will receive a free caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! The fun continues through the end of the year with Black Friday excitement and Santa Express Train Rides beginning the Saturday after Thanksgiving. More information about Ohio Station Outlets, including a listing of stores and the family fun events, can be found at and

We Have So Much

Going On! Pumpkin Patch Train Rides

Every Sat. & Sun. in October (12-5 p.m.)

Trick-Or-Treat at Ohio Station Thursday, October 26th (5-7 p.m.)

Black Friday Weekend

Stores Open at 6 a.m. Fri., Nov. 24th

Santa Express Train Rides

Every Sat. & Sun. (Nov. 25 - Dec. 24th) Learn More Online: @ohiostation /ohiostation @ohiostation 9911 Avon Lake Rd. • Burbank, OH 44214 • Take I-71 S., Exit 204 • 330-948-1239

Easy “Green” Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and share special moments with family and friends. While the original Thanksgiving might have taken place during a time when food was sparse, today it often involves excessive amounts of food, with more food ending up in the garbage than in guests’ bellies. The United States Department of Agriculture projects that Americans will throw away more than 200 million pounds of edible turkey meat this Thanksgiving holiday, which typically ushers in a period of wastefulness. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says American households produce roughly 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day than during the rest of the year. Reducing waste is a worthy goal yearround, but especially during the holiday season. Use fine china and silverware when serving meals instead of disposable plates and utensils. Besides adding a touch of elegance to meals, china and silverware is less wasteful than disposable items. Cloth napkins and other table linens are also more eco-friendly than paper napkins. Decorate using natural items, which can be turned into wreaths and garlands. Vases filled with pine cones and acorns make for beautiful, inexpensive, and festive decorations. Shop locally and OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2017 Read The Women’s Journal at 22

organically for poultry and grains whenever possible. Resist the urge to buy more than you need. Skip some of the less-popular dishes that are used only to make the table seem full. Buy a small turkey or think about only serving turkey breasts, which tend to be the most popular cuts of the bird. Use reusable shopping bags to carry items home and reduce waste even further. Eat by candlelight to reduce energy consumption and turn off lights in other areas of the home that are not in use. Start a new tradition and invite nearby friends and family over for Thanksgiving instead of traveling long distances. According to Use Less Stuff, a resource for eco-conscious men and women, if each family reduced gasoline consumption by one gallon (about 20 miles), they could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one million tons. Send each guest home with some leftovers. Then the refrigerator isn't left full of items that will end up uneaten. Don't let recycling fall by the wayside. Remember to recycle all applicable items. Just because it's a holiday doesn't mean recycling habits should be forgotten. Encourage guests to pitch in by clearly marking recycling bins. Thanksgiving can be less wasteful without detracting from the enjoyment and true meaning of the holiday—being grateful!

Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 12pm - 5pm

Discover all that is new at Root Candles. We’ve been busy bees! We have a new logo, new look and new fragrances, which honors our heritage and legacy in bees, beekeeping and beeswax, with the same Root quality you have come to love. Stop in today and stock up on your fall and holiday favorites and discovver new ones, too!

Some restrictions on Fall Sale items may apply. In-store and online, no coupon code needed. Not valid on Wholesale or Liturgical orders.

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More than 30 artists open their studios to the public. • Paintings • Pottery • Photography • Sculptures • Hand-Crafted Jewelry • Artisan Perfumes • Glass • Original Prints • Vintage Wear • Visiting Artists • And More We will be collecting donations of non-perishable food items for the Lakewood Community Service Center. Look for our drop-off points at the event!

13000 Athens Ave., Lakewood OH 44107

www.screwfactoryartists.ORG 24


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Dash Through Your List Faster with Our Holiday Gift Guide. We are a LOCAL magazine and are committed to support local small businesses. Now it's your turn! This special guide has gift ideas for all the names on your “good list.” Frequenting local shops creates jobs and supports and invests in our communities. Explore these specialty shops & discover deals in our neighborhoods! SHOP SMALL BUSINESSES • DISCOVER DEALS • SPECIALTY SERVICES • LOVE LOCAL BOUTIQUE - UNIQUE CLOTHING & SPECIALTY GIFTS


Elegant Essentials provides products for after breast surgery from fashionable bras, pajamas, specially engineered clothing (NO BRA NEEDED), extensive line of hats and headwear to jewelry, ornaments, tokens and decorative items, you will find an extensive selection of items. Find your loved ones a special gift while going through their cancer journey or treat yourself to bra fitting and an elegant essential! Gift certificates available. Elegant Essentials 5164 Normandy Park Dr., Suite 300, Medina 8510 Mentor Avenue, Mentor 1-800-350-5053 •

Your place for a one-hour vacation to escape the stress and distractions of everyday life. Step into our beautiful T’ai Chi classroom where a certified T’ai Chi Master leads you thru the meditative motions of this gentle Martial Art. Or, choose a one-hour relaxing and therapeutic massage provided by a licensed professional. Gift Certificates available. Crooked River T’ai Chi Center 5921 Broadview Road, Parma 216.410.7645 •

BBB Member



Looking for the Best Experience? Give Linda a call to schedule your personal time with Santa in the comfort of her home!

It is unsurpassed with the blend of Miss Molly's TEA ROOM, GIFT SHOP, FASHION BOUTIQUE and MEDINA FUNTASTIC TOYZ, all under one roof! Escape the crazy world we live in and enjoy excellent quality and service at affordable prices in lavishly decorated settings. Events, activities, shopping and dining at these diverse businesses is a special experience for every age and every need. Visit our website for details and rewards and discounts. Miss Molly's Tea Room, Fashion Boutique, Medina Funtastic Toyz 140 W. Washington St., Medina 330.725.6830 •

The Holidays can be a stressful taking a toll on the body, mind and spirit. Acupuncture is a natural, pain free way to ward off the side effects of stress. Shannon Caperton is liscenced and a nationally certified Acupuncturist. Shannon invites you to learn how the gift of Acupuncture can help your loved ones reduce stress, improve sleep, immunity and digestion. Schedule a complimentary consultation for you and a loved one in October/ November and receive a gift from Standard Process. Shine Acupuncture and Wellness 20525 Center Ridge Rd #400 • Rocky River 315 West Liberty St • Medina 330.242.5633 • Learn about Acupuncture and classes on The Women’s Journal Blog

NOVEMBER 11, 2017 20 minute session, call now for your appointment Print Session - $65 Digital Images 5-$95 10-$110 25-$195 Linda's Lenses Photography 440.570.3983 •

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BROOKLYN 216-398-4663 - 8888 Brookpark Road · Off I-480 & Ridge Road OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2017 Read The Women’s Journal at MENTOR 440-975-0870 - 7590 Mentor Avenue · Off I-90 & Broadmoor Road


We Believe In The Difference A Clean House Can Make!

What do Petal Sweet Cleaning Clients Do On Saturdays?

By Jesica Wilfong, Owner Maintaining a clean home has many benefits that may improve anyone's health from reducing allergies and mold to improving mental health and reducing stress. There are millions of women who suffer from cancer every year. That is why we believe in assisting cancer patients by proving a house cleaning while they are going through treatment. Many of them do not have the strength to even life a mop, let alone clean their entire house. A clean environment has been shown to positively affect a cancer patient’s recovery. We are so excited to partner with Cleaning For A Reason. Cleaning For A Reason inspires me every time I see how this wonderful cause continues to grow and impacts the lives of those who are cleaning and those who receive the gift of cleaning. My aunt is a cancer survivor and I feel so blessed to be able to say that and want to do everything I can to support those in treatment or recovery “until there’s a cure.”


PetalSweet Cleaning partners with Cleaning For A Reason, is a nonprofit organization that serves all the United States and Canada. Our mission is to give the gift of free house cleaning to women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. Our goal is to let these brave and strong women focus on their health and treatment while we focus on, and take away the worry and work of, cleaning their homes– free of charge. We have recruited over 1,200 maid services to donate free housecleaning to women who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Since 2006, our partner maid services have volunteered their time to clean for over 26,000 women – valued at over $6,800,000. Learn more at Since 2006, the goal of Cleaning For A Reason has been to reduce the stress and ease the burden a woman faces once a cancer diagnosis is received. A patient can then focus on her health and family and not on her home. We are so proud to partner with Cleaning For A Reason foundation to provide FREE housecleaning to women with breast cancer. Please apply for yourself or a friend at www. Visit our website for articles and tips on our our blog - THE CLEANSWEEP! Call 330-635-2294 for a consultation to determine your cleaning needs!

Anything They Want! $20





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s r a e Y ting 5

“Residential & Business Office cleaning sure to hit your sweet spot!” • One-Time Cleanings A great gift, For Holidays & Special Events • Weekly / Bi-weekly / Tri-weekly Fit your schedule, budget, & needs • Move In / Move Out Ease the stress of packing and moving

Call (330) 635-2294 today to change your life! Major credit cards, check and cash accepted.

Gift Cards Available.

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Ask the Expert...What you want to know and more! Can We talk? by Debbie Carter

Hair loss can be an extremely emotional process, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Wigs N’ Things boutique offers the latest hair solutions and wig experts that genuinely listen. Q: Do you work by appointment at your boutique? A:  Yes, We do work by appointment, Here at Wigs N’ Things Boutique, you will receive personal attention from our professional wig experts. Wig personalization is important to make sure that your wig or hair piece is the perfect fit and looks natural. Q: What does Wigs N’ Things offer? A: At our full service boutique, we offer free consultations where we will measure your head so that we can find the perfect solution. Our wigs are offered in petite, average, and large caps. We offer human hair, human hair blend, synthetic, custom made partial systems, and full systems. Today, wigs are made to be light weight for a cooling, comfortable wear. Wigs today provide virtually unlimited options for new looks. Here at Wigs N’ Things, you can leave the same day with your new look.   Call today for your complimentary consultation! Find us on Facebook (Wigs N Things) and receive $30 off your wig with this ad. 

Wigs and Things • • 77 N. Miller Rd. Ste. B, Fairlawn • Call 1-800-843-9447 and 330-864-5251

The Importance of Vitamin D

by Molly Ludwig, PN Nutrition Certified While football season recently began, our awareness for D-fense is not limited to the football field. When we speak of defense, keeping your Vitamin D at a suffi cient level is one of the key factors to keep your immune system strong and help defend you from seasonal health challenges like sore throats, influenza, sinus problems, coughs, colds and general respiratory malaise. What Does D have to Do with it? Vitamin D is a critical component of our immune system . There are Vitamin D receptors on cells in the respiratory tract that are looking to bind with Vitamin D in a modified form that will help the body both reduce inflammation and increase antimicrobial proteins called cathelicidins. Cathelicidins are critical in the role of building our immune defense against invasive bacterial infection and destroying invading germs and viruses. How much Vitamin D3 is safe? We are hoping to drive the Vitamin D3 levels mentioned above to more than 50ng/ml, and of course advise everybody to have their blood levels of 25-hydroxyvitaminD tested every year when they have their annual physical. The Take Away suffi cient blood levels of Vitamin D3 are critical and IDNutrition considers it a foundational nutrient in your program to help reduce the risks of immune challenges and to help defend from seasonal health challenges like sore throats, influenza, sinus problems, coughs, colds and general respiratory malaise. To Take Your FREE HIPPA Compliant health assessment to evaluate how much D3 you need go to Call, text or email me to receive a 30% OFF Coupon towards your Purchase! Just reference the Women’s Journal in your message.

ID Life (330) 715-3205 email - [email protected]

What's SABATOGING Your Weight Loss...

Paula Weisenberger

It may not be YOUR Fault! There are many factors that can keep you from losing and/or maintaining your weight. For many it can simply just be our age. For both men and women, it seems that once we reach the age of 45, our weight starts climbing a pound here and there and no matter what we do, we cannot shed those few pounds. Exercising may not be a possibility due to back, hip or knee pain limiting what you can do. The job, volunteering activities, or simply just attending your kids' or grandkids' activities takes up any exercise time, or you can't devote 2 or 3 times a week to an exercise program. Other weight gain factors can be the medications that your doctor has you on. Maybe you don't get enough good sleep due to stress in your life, or hip or knee pain. Maybe your thyroid is not working properly, from a recent surgery or becoming diabetic. Life happens and it just may not be all YOUR Fault! A few of the above factors played a big part in my gaining weight starting around the age of 50, but Last Diet Ever, Dr. Simeons protocol, helped ME to reverse many of these health issues causing my weight gain. This is why I am so passionate about this protocol AND why I bought the company over 5 years ago! Learn more about our all natural, healthy weight loss program by callling 330-721-1422 for a complimentary consultation. Please read our article on Page 3.

LAST DIET EVER • • 750 East Washington St., Ste B-4 | Medina • Call 330-721-1422

Get Your Glow Back!

Amy “J” Juncewicz Owner/Advanced Esthetician

From time to time, it’s perfectly natural to feel as though your skin has no “glow,” but truth be told - it’s still there! It’s just buried under a layer of dead skin cells that can cause your face to appear dull or dry. The good news? You can get your glow back with dermaplaning! WHAT IS DERMAPLANING? A controlled scraping of the skin with a special blade designed to remove the outermost layer of skin cells from the face and sides of the neck. It is absolutely painless and yields immediate, visible results. Removing dead skin cells and soft, surface hair enables the skin to readily absorb products - and allows for smooth, flawless makeup application. WHAT WILL HAPPEN AT MY APPOINTMENT? The skin will be cleansed, prepped, then “dermaplaned” for approximately 20 minutes. Residual surface cells are dissolved with an enzyme and the service concludes with a serum and moisturizer to nourish and protect. HOW OFTEN IS IT PERFORMED? Dermaplane every four weeks or just for special occasions - or anything in between. Whatever fits with your lifestyle and wish list!

Good skin doesn’t happen by chance…It happens by appointment! Let’s dermaplane today! Call or book online! • • 750 E. Washington St. A-2 | Medina • Call 330-722-7009 OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2017 Read The Women’s Journal at 28Rafraichir

Many of my clients are over age 40 and very successful eating and what our body was telling with the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for weight loss. us; when we were satisfied, we were People realize the value of good health and being active consciously stopping and not over in the second half of life. With Virtual Gastric Band eating. There were challenges both Hypnosis, your brain believes that you had the gastric Organized this Fall! by Lisaof Cwalinskiband surgery, Get which shrinks your stomach to about the size a Owner physically and emotionally, but we and November great you times toeat cleanand up your homeyour for the upcoming winter. Here are a feware smallfar things you can do that will go a long waywhere in making more comfortable with golf ball. YourOctober awareness of are what what body needs you feel ready for the approaching season: Go through your closets and exchange your summer clothes for your winter clothes, donate anything you haven’t we are and far more capable ofworn becomes very strong and your ability to stop eating without a struggle or won’t wear this winter. Get the furnace checked to make sure it’s ready for the colder temperatures and the fireplace cleaned out so you don’t fill your family room continuing to face this challenge. For seems almost with magically you getwhen your healthy andand ‘fall behind,' smoke the fieasy. rst timeLet you useme it thishelp year! Remember you change your clocks change the batteries in your smoke alarms. the last year or so we have managed active life on track. Contact me for a free consultation. Get ready for holidays by giving your oven a good scrubbing to get ready for that Holiday baking. Organize your Holiday decorations and get rid of to maintain our weight loss (L 60lbs. B 100lbs. anything old or broken. an are just a few easy things to help your Fall/Winter get off to a great start. Imagine how good you will feel when the Fall is in full swing, and all BriThese downs you need to do is put on the enjoy and the crisp weather. I story: can help you organize your home and get your Fall off to a greatwhich start! are normal. We have progressed to & apple cider and Brian Laurie's Laurie1, 2017, and I“The like biking, hiking, skiing, swimming, running, wor sessions Give me a call before November will waivehypnosis your consultation fee. Happywith Fall! Sharon were We feel so much better doing these activities, more amazing. They helped us get into the right Chaos to Clean Organizing Services LLC • • [email protected] • Call 330-304-5862 bodies, happier, healthier and loving life.” mindset for our weight loss and overall lifestyle change. Before, there was a sense of Curly Hair? You are in need of a DEVACURL Expert! helplessness and resignation, feeling that we Ask a curly girl about her hair and she’ll tell you about her life. She’ll tell you about her childhood, her family, her friends, and the way she sees herself in would always be fat or overweight. Thinking Lynett Medical Building 6731 Ridge Rd. the mirror. We’ve spent two decades at the center of this conversation. It’s curly, it’s complicated, it’s fun, and we get it. Suite 104 Parma, OH 44129 about exercising or even taking a short walk That's why our products are all inspired by conversations with real people. And our stylists won't just give you amazing curls, they'll teach you how to was a chore. During and after our hypnosis 440.667.2457 create them on your own. We help women believe in the very simple idea of loving their curls in their own way. It’s not dogma, it’s Deva®. sessions, we were motivated to face the Curly hair is bold, natural, beautiful, and it’s our mission to celebrate your unique curls. challenge. It was one day at a time and we

Ask the Expert...What you want to know and more!


Owners Coleen Morlock, Lucy Mahoney, Mary Kay Hallas

Did you know... VCS is the only salon in this area with certified Deva experts? Call for consult, Deva cut and style or Deva Style. Listen curly girls, it will change your days! Call today for your complimentary consultation!

The VCS EXPERIENCE: The highest quality service in a professional, innovative, and creative setting.


Over a Decade Dedicated to Dogs VCS Salon and Spa • • 410 S Court St., Medina • 330-723-3998

How often should I groom my pet? Convenient, Professional

By Kristi Charbonneau, This is a very common question Among pet owners! Most grooming breeds (poodles, Shih-Tzu's, Yorkies and any breed whose hair continuously grows and doesn't fall out) need regular grooming every 4 toPet 6 weeks. By keeping your pet on a regular schedule, helps to prevent Care foritYour Pet matting of the coat, promote healthy Ownerby&a professional Professional Stylist skin,My and keeps trimmed backat andatheir ears clean and healthy. GoldentoRetrievers and many other double coated breeds Never Have Leave the lovethose of nails pets began young age. After Pomeranians, working Labrador•Retrievers, benefi t from professional grooming as well. They have lots of dander (dead skin fl akes) and loose hair that needs to be removed to Comfort of Your Home keep the coat healthy and clean! We Are a variety of different jobs throughout my adult life, I Regular grooming will help to keep the shedding to a minimum in your home. We have many of these breeds on a 4 to 6-week schedule as well. We have seen so many found myself continually gravitating back to something Loo • Personalized on One pets perk up and act like puppies because they feel so good after being groomed. You can see the smile on this poodlesOne face after being bathed and groomed! Kristi Charbonnea I loved – animals! Attention expe SERVICE YOUR PET... Won't suffer as severely from separation anxiety...Never leaves your driveway... Neverat hasHome Helps to Owner & Professional WITHIOUR BEFORE AFTER graduated from The Ohio Academy of Pet Styling, Relieve Anxiety to be caged with other dogs while waiting to be groomed...Receives "one-on-one" attention from a professional groomer! Pet Stylist gro

where I also worked as a groomer after graduation. Then while living in • We Fluff Dry Every Pet Bubbles-N-Biscuits • Callbehavior 440-458-4006 to Schedule Your Appointment! Florida, I learned more about animal from a very knowledgeable By Hand – No Cage Drying Serving Lorain,Later Medina,returning Cuyahoga, Summit, Geauga & Lake Counties! groomer while working at a pet grooming shop. to Ohio, • We Love Grooming Our I continued to groom dogs in my house part time and worked for a Feline Friends Too! construction company while raising my two children. Need Tips for Success on Social Media? Ultimately, I decided grooming pets was something I enjoyed, in 2006 'S JOURNAL Social THEand WOMEN Media Jessica Wagner, shares her social media tips for you I left my full-time job, Bubbles-N-Biscuits Mobile PetExpert, Grooming personally or injoined business! Findyears more ago, about Jus B Media was born. My daughter Krystal me ten learned the and a Social Media Workshop on page 15. trade, and we now have vans withAND fourDO groomers PICKthree A PLATFORM IT WELL.including After you'vemyself done some research, pick the social media platform your target audience is on the road daily. and Wecommit discovered our personalized, convenient and to posting everyday on that platform. Once you've mastered one, then try another. Call 440compassionate services that focus on safety and comfort of our client’s BRANDING IS THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR BUSINESS. Do you know your voice, colors, fonts, and message? You must to Sch pets, has been the secret to our have these thingssuccess. in place to create a successful marketing campaign and telling your story on social media is no different. Every post, comment, Your App Currently, I am working on my cation as abrand's Pet Aesthetician and response needs tocertifi be on point with your tone and message. so that I can skin issues. Our service takes the Jus B cater to pets Jus Bwith Mediasevere • • Email: [email protected] • Follow @jusbmedia media www.Bubble stress out of trips to the grooming shop and has given numerous pet Mobile Pet Grooming Read The Women’s Journal at OCTOBER NOVEMBER 2017 29 owners the comfort and convenience of having their pet groomed right Serving Lorain, Medina, Cuyahoga, Summit, Gea outside of their front door!

Ask the Expert...What you want to know and more! A Program for $1.00 to Help Get Better Measurable Results!

Jennifer Frisby, Owner

The most common reasons why people quit various fitness programs are because a) They don't get results fast enough, or b) They don't receive good instructions on how to get started in the first place. At Anytime Fitness, we're launching a Join for $1 campaign that features a free personal training session, a fitness consultation and “Get Started” 30-day workout plan for every Women’s Journal reader who joins for $1 in October/November. During the fitness consultation, new members answer about 30 simple questions, which help determine the most appropriate workout plans for each individual. To make sure that new members get off to a good start, they check in with club staff after 7, 14, 30 and 45 days, adjusting their workout plans as needed. To see for yourself how the program works, we invite you to visit us at the club and answer a few questions to see what workout plan would be best for you. Or, we'd be glad to introduce you to a new member who's willing to let you follow him or her through the 30-day program. Please let me know if you're interested or if I can provide you with additional information.

7484 Broadview Rd., PARMA • Call 216-471-5929 Anytime Fitness • • 1154 Hinkle Dr. L, WADSWORTH • Call 330-336-0724

Purchasing A Car Just Got Easier

Carrie Silket, Sales and Leasing Consultant

Asking the right questions, when purchasing a car, will help make the experience much more positive. Before you sign the contract, ask the following questions. 1. Are there any dealer documentary fees or other dealer specific fees that I should know about before I begin my negotiation? 2. Does the car have a spare tire and jack? 3. How’s the condition of glass, it may not have cracks, but are there chips that will become cracks? 4. Dothe rear defrost and heating elements work? 5. How about the tread on tires and wear on brakes? Gone are the days where you should feel pressured to purchase a vehicle. My goal is to help my customers find a vehicle that fits their lifestyle and budget. I want to personally make your next vehicle purchase a fun and rewarding experience! I invite you to come in to test drive a car and my promise to you is I will listen, take time to understand your needs and work with you to find a car that is the perfect fit. Email me at [email protected]

Bill Doraty Kia • • 2925 Medina Rd • Medina • 330.697.6073 • Connect on Facebook: Carrie of Kia



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The Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund, an affiliate of Akron Community Foundation, was established in 1998 to improve the lives of women and children in Medina County. The mission of the Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund is to fund organizations and programs in Medina County that support women and children, to serve as a catalyst for needed projects, and to assist women in their growth as philanthropists. The fund encourages the advancement and full participation of women and children in the community and in society. In addition, it supports organizations and programs that create opportunities for the educational, physical, emotional, social, artistic and personal growth of women and children. Since the fund’s establishment, it has awarded nearly $150,000 in grants. For more information, or to contribute to the Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund, go to

Consider a donation to an endowment fund, a permanent charitable fund that provides a steady, perpetual stream of income for a cause or nonprofit organization. If your aspiration is to support women and children in Medina County, consider giving to the Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund. Gifts to the MCWEF are carefully invested and grown over time, so a gift made today will continue to multiply for generations to come. A portion of the income from those gifts is then granted back into the community each year, while the rest continues to grow in perpetuity. To see a complete history of past grants awarded, visit About Akron Community Foundation: Akron Community Foundation is the administrative and fiduciary entity under which the Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund is governed. Celebrating more than 60 years of building community philanthropy, Akron Community Foundation embraces and enhances the work of charitable people who make a permanent commitment to the good of the community. For more information, call 330-376-8522 or visit


It’s one thing to write a $100 check to your favorite charity. But imagine supporting it forever through an endowment fund.

CONSIDER A GIFT TO THE LEGACY TREE OF GIVING CAMPAIGN The Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund is a permanent charitable fund that awards annual grants to nonprofit organizations that improve the quality of life of women and children. Grants are approved by the fund’s advisory board, which is composed of dedicated community women leaders who serve without pay, committed to helping the fund continue impacting the lives of Medina County’s women and children. Gifts to the fund are fully tax deductible and are invested and grown over time. This means a gift made today will continue to multiply for generations to come. THE FOLIAGE: The Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund has awarded awarded nearly $150,000 in LOCAL grants to programs that improve the quality of life of women and children in Medina County. The need has grown, and it is our responsibility to water and fertilize this tree to secure the future. HELP US GROW! THE BRANCHES & LIMBS: With the volunteer efforts of more than 50 board members in 18 years, the fund’s foundation grew and continued to support the mission and legacy of the founding donors.

The MCWEF advisory board is working to raise $104,000 to match the original donors’ contributions, which would grow the endowment. This would enable us to grant more each year forever to programs for women and children in Medina County. Please consider a gift of $1,200 or a pledge over time, such as $100 a month, to help us bloom the tree! Contact Margaret Medzie, ACF Vice President and Chief Development Officer, at 330-436-5610 for more information on giving to the Medina County Women's Endowment Fund.

THE TRUNK: The fund’s signature event, “Festival of Trees,” increases awareness of the fund and grows the endowment, strengthening a foundation that is built on tradition.

THE ROOTS: The fund’s founding mothers had a vision to secure the future of women and children. With their efforts and the gifts of 80 donors who collectively contributed $104,000, the Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund was established in 1998 to support programs for women and children in Medina County.

The Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund is a fund of Akron Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Read The Women’s Journal at



The Return of the “Pink Nightmare” This holiday season, family-favorite A Christmas Story will celebrate its 10th return to Cleveland Play House, and audiences will once more get to see everything they love about their favorite family on Cleveland Street. One boy. One holiday wish. And a world that seems to be conspiring to make certain it doesn’t come true. The recordbreaking show returns to the CPH stage in all its pink-bunny-suit, glowing-leg-lamp, triple-dog-daring glory. Returning to the stage for the fifth time in their roles are actors Jeff Talbott, voicing adult Ralph, and Laura Perotta, gracing the stage once more as Miss Shields. They are led by Director John McCluggage, who has brought this warm, funny (and fuzzy) holiday story to audiences for the previous four CPH seasons. While adult actors often remain the same, the search for talented local child actors occurs each year to bring fresh faces to the play. The children have a formal audition and a professional rehearsal schedule in addition to normal school activities. Their hard work comes together to recreate the fun of the feature film, right before the audience’s eyes. With CPH’s Festival of Trees (it’s FREE!) lining the hallway leading to the Allen Theatre, lights glisten off the mirrors to create an enchanting setting for this holiday delight! Stop by the Allen Theatre in Playhouse Square to catch the 10th production of A Christmas Story, running November 24th to December 23rd, 2017. 32


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written by PHILIP GRECIAN • directed by JOHN McCLUGGAGE based on the motion picture written by JEAN SHEPHERD, LEIGH BROWN & BOB CLARK


2012 AT

Photos By: Becky's Photography

Wednesday, May

5:30 p.m.


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& ATHENA Leadership Award Nominees

On October 11, 2017, The Medina County Women’s Journal presented the prestigious Women of Our Community Award to nine outstanding women, Pictured Left to Right from Back Row: Marie Mirro Edmonds - Attorney, Colleen Rice - Leadership Medina County, Jennifer Connelly - Fuserashi International Technology (FIT), Sharon Centner - Medina County Sheriff ’s Office, Pat Chaloupek - Volunteer & Philanthropist; Front Row: Stacy Bonitz, Philpott Solutions Group Inc & Trinity Rose Foundation, Tina Sabol -Medina County District Library, Debbie Boehmke - Employing Medina County/United Way. At this signature event, The ATHENA Leadership Award® in affiliation with ATHENA International, was presented to Debbie Boehmke, United Way of Medina, Program Manager for Employing Medina County, as an exemplary leader from our community who is helping to bring along the next generation of women leaders. She joins more than 7,000 ATHENA Award recipients from more than 500 communities all over the world. All these women are setting a gold standard in business and community leadership, making Medina County a better place to live and work.

The Medina County Women’s Journal CONGRATULATES ››

Debbie Boehmke the 2017 Medina County ATHENA Leadership Award Recipient

For mor


Virginia “GiGi” Benjamin

Calfee, Halter & Griswoldwomen LLP Rocky H Honoring exemplary leaders United Brotherhood who Rhonda are improving the quality of life Joiners of Ame S. Ferguson for others in our community FirstEnergy Iris Harvey THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Kent State University

Candace Cam The Univers


Betsy Ba Witschey, Witsche

Gold Sponsor:

Young Professional Leadership Award Spon




azing Women

And Their Accomplishments!

The Medina County Women’s Journal mission is to educate, energize and empower women through knowledge. It is only natural for us to support our local women. We are proud to be the host, recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women who give so much back to our community. August Spetember 2014

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One-stop wedding shopping! WEDDING SHOW October 15

Embassy Suites - Rockside Independence

January 14 January 27&28 John S. Knight Center Akron

I-X Center Cleveland

Justin Alexander

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35th Anniversary Saturday, October 21, 2017 | 6 p.m. Weymouth Country Club 3946 Weymouth Rd, Medina, OH 44256

Proceeds will benefit Heart & Vascular and Pediatric services at Medina Hospital.

Top raffle prize is a 2018 Kia Cadenza 2 year lease Courtesy of Bill Doraty Kia

Proceeds benefit

For more information, call 330.721.5941 or email [email protected] To order tickets online, visit Signature Sponsors: Medina Hospital | Medina Hospital Medical Staff | Life Care Centers of Medina | The Catanzarite Family Foundation Read The Women’s Journal at 17-MHF-071817_BASH Ad_8.375x10.indd 1



8/6/17 8:00 PM


COMEDY SHOW! Enjoy Laughs, great company and an exclusive menu for the event, no cover charge but seating is limited.

Call today to reserve your seat!


Carefully curated meals and an atmosphere that will leave you breathless. Located in beautiful Medina Ohio, The Corkscrew Saloon is where the foodie comes to relax. Starting with source, Chef Marino is serving up some culinary deliciousness while still understanding and valuing the importance of quality ingredients.

WE LOVE TO CATER Book Your Holiday Party TODAY! Get all the Corkscrew favorites, delivered wherever you need them – weddings, birthday parties, office meetings or anywhere else. We can accommodate parties from 8 - 1,000 depending on location The restaurant has multiple private rooms and an event center available for rent.

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THE MISSION IS SIMPLE: Serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week. The highest-quality ingredients are sought out, starting with local farms and reaching all the way to the Pacific Ocean for the freshest seafood in the world. Chef Marino brings all these ingredients back together at The Corkscrew and creates dishes that will leave you wanting more. Put simply, The Corkscrew Saloon is a Stately bar/eatery with a warm feel serving new American seafood & steak dishes in a historic space. Drop in and enjoy a meal, we are happy to have ya.


811 West Liberty • Medina • 330-725-0220 OCTOBER SPECIAL:

Offered Tues. thru Sat. - Includes: Roasted 1/2 Chicken Local Corn-on-the-Cob Yams • House Slaw $ Chef Dave’s Clam Chowder 1 Dozen Rhode Island Middleneck Clams & all the Clam Broth you can Drink!


Reservations are recommended


HOURS: Tues.-Sat. 11am to Close Sunday 3pm - 9pm • Closed on Monday

Find Us... For Specials & Events!



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