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Whole Life Expo: Canada’s Largest Showcase of Natural Health Returns

OCT NOV 2018 Circulation 60,000 Free in the GTA

How Canada’s Favourite Power Couple Got


A Naturopath’s Guide to Healthy Breasts How TCM Can Support Women in Menopause Ask the Doctor: Is the Shingles Vaccine Safe? Pumpkin Seeds are a Rich Source of Magnesium






HEALTHY BREASTS NATURALLY A Naturopath’s Prescription for Cancer Prevention

18 OUR JOURNEY TO WELLNESS How Canada’s Favourite Power Couple Got Healthy

24 THE ANSWER TO INSOMNIA Improve Your Odds of Sleeping Seven Hours Straight

32 ASK THE DOCTOR Questioning the Safety of the Shingles Vaccine

44 HEALTH BRIEFS: Magnesium in Pumpkin Seeds; Omega-3 Protection Against Parkinson’s Disease; Probiotics for Eczema; Mediterranean Diet Cuts Cancer Risk; Disinfecting Viruses in the Home

50 SECOND SPRING How Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Support a Woman Through Her Menopausal Years

54 DREAM GUIDANCE OPENS THE DOOR Spiritual Guidelines from Eckankar

COLUMNS 58 Letters to Editor:

Are Therapeutic Enzymes Viable Alternatives to Blood-thinning Drugs?; Do Pets Carry Parasites?; Two Doves on My Porch

62 Sacred Journeys

by Kim Elkington

64 Astrology Predictions for Oct. & Nov. by Julie Simmons

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Woodford Files If I had to name my top five favourite TV shows of all time, CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries would be on that list. With its period costumes and crime investigations set against a backdrop of old Toronto, along with charming Canadian actors who bring history to life, this show is a winner. So imagine my delight when we scored the biggest prize of our year: Yannick Bisson (better known as Detective William Murdoch) and his wife are on Vitality’s cover this month. Wow! I think you’ll enjoy the story that Shantelle Bisson tells of their evolution from starving actors subsisting on cheap white bread and sardines to successful media darlings who made the shift to a healthier, more planet-friendly lifestyle. And as well as sharing their story with Vitality readers, the Bissons (fondly known as Canada’s favourite power couple) will also be stopping by the Whole Life Expo on Friday, November 9 to talk about how they maintain a healthy lifestyle even in the midst of a very hectic schedule. Meantime, Helke Ferrie is on a short hiatus and will be back in the Dec18/Jan19 issue with a tribute to Dr. Irvine Korman, a well known holistic physician who died on August 23, 2018. In her place on page 6, we carry a feature by Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur that offers her naturopathic prescription for healthy breasts. In my view, the cancer prevention advice that women are currently getting from their

conventional doctors is woefully inadequate, and the consequences are obvious in our cancer statistics. According to Statistics Canada, women in Canada are more likely to develop breast cancer than any other type of cancer, with the lifetime probability of developing breast cancer being one in eight. This translated into an estimated 26,300 new cases of breast cancer and 5,000 deaths in 2017, and those numbers are higher in 2018. So the type of information offered by Dr. Kaur is worth gold, I think, because women can greatly benefit from access to practical, unbiased, evidence-based advice from a world expert on the subject. Also in this issue, we carry an interesting opinion piece by Dr. Zoltan Rona about whether the shingles vaccine is safe, or not. In it, he parts company with the conventional medical view that everyone aged 60 and up should get the vaccine, citing various serious side effects that have been reported. Even better, he provides effective alternatives to the vaccine – natural supplements that can provide protection from a shingles outbreak as well or better than any drug. Finally, I’d like to extend my apologies to readers for this issue’s late release. For the past five weeks we’ve been knee deep in both the magazine and the Whole Life Expo Showguide (inserted in this issue) so we got behind schedule. But we hope you find it was worth the wait, and we do thank you for all the comments on our website and Facebook page that encourage us to keep on doing what we’re doing. If you find yourself at the Whole Life Expo on November 9 to 11, drop by our booth and pick up back issues you may have missed, or just say “Hello”. Julia Woodford


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Healthy Breasts Naturally A Naturopath’s Prescription for Breast Cancer Prevention BY DR. SAT DHARAM KAUR, ND


reast Cancer Awareness month comes around every October to remind us to take care of our breasts, to practice monthly breast self-exams, and to become more informed about the risk factors for breast cancer, as well as ways to reduce risk. I say, early detection is not enough – why not focus on prevention? There are a multitude of simple proven ways that we can maintain or improve the health of our breasts and decrease this global cancer epidemic. Women love to gather together over tea, and the support of other women is a powerful health stimulus. Connect with friends, family, and colleagues to review the tips for breast health below as you sip a variety of teas that offer protection, or host a gathering in your community to educate women. Check in with each other during the month to encourage continued implementation of the tips as you enjoy a new tea.

Tea Medicine for Cancer Prevention Peppermint – This herb is very high in polyphenols, which have an important role to play in reducing cancer risk and progression. Dietary polyphenols have the following capabilities: – antiviral activity: deter viral infections linked to cancer – anti-angiogenesis (block the formation of a blood supply to tumours); act as antioxidants – reduce the possibility of resistance to chemotherapy 6


– induce cancer cell death (apoptosis) – slow down cell division of cancer cells (cell cycle arrest) – regulate the immune system; anti-inflammatory – stabilize genetic material, so genes are less vulnerable to carcinogens and aging

Lemon Balm and Parsley – These herbs contain apigenin which has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties to protect the breasts. In laboratory studies and at high doses, apigenin inactivated the estrogen receptor and inhibited the growth of HER-2 neu positive breast cancer cells. Apigenin also inhibited NF-κB, a biochemical switch that turns on cancer-promoting genes, and encouraged cell death in breast cancer cells. Parsley is the highest food source of apigenin. Matcha Green Tea (with Cinnamon as Green Tea Latté) – Matcha is made from green tea leaves that have been stoneground into a fine powder. One of the plant chemicals found in matcha is epigallocatechin 3-0-gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant that helps to protect the kidneys and liver from free radicals. Research on mice has demonstrated the ability of matcha to help the body excrete toxic chemicals such as PCBs. In breast cancer cells, EGCG promotes cell death, slows down cell division, and enhances cell repair. The concentration of EGCG obtained from drinking matcha is 137 times higher than some other green teas. Thus, one serving of matcha is equivalent to at least 10 cups of steeped green tea. Matcha contains more than10 times more antioxidants than pomegranates or blueberries. It even beats goji berries as the antioxidant giant. Antioxidants slow down the aging process and help to prevent and reverse disease. Studies on mice have revealed that matcha can lower cholesterol and triglycerides; lower blood glucose; improve liver detoxification by increasing something called superoxide dismutase; and reverse damage caused by free radicals. (See Reference List at end of article.) RECIPE: GREEN TEA LATTÉ

1 tsp matcha (green tea powder) 1 tsp cinnamon 1 Tbsp hot water (not boiling water) 1 cup milk (almond, soy, coconut) 2 to 4 drops stevia Sift green tea powder into a mug to remove the lumps in the powder. Add cinnamon. Add hot (not boiling) water and stir until all powder is dissolved, crushing any lumps with the back of a spoon. The green tea paste should be smooth. Warm up soy, almond or coconut milk and stevia in a small saucepan, heating the milk over medium heat until small bubbles start to appear around the edge of the saucepan. Do not bring the milk to a full boil. Turn off the

heat. Add the green tea paste to the warmed milk. Froth until foamy, about 10 seconds with a frother or in a blender. Add more drops of stevia if desired. Pour the mixture back into your mug. RECIPE: SUPER MATCHA GOLDEN MILK

First make a paste you can store in the fridge by mixing the following ingredients: 1 cup water 1/2 cup turmeric 1/2 cup ginger juice (10 inches whole ginger) 60 cardamom pods (1 Tbsp), roll pods under rolling pin and use seeds, discard pods 4 Tbsp raw honey 2 tsp cinnamon Super Matcha 1 tsp cloves ground Golden Milk 1 tsp black peppercorns ground 2 tsp matcha powder (use 1-1/2 tsp for each cup of almond milk or soy milk, warmed) Blend the green cardamom seeds, cloves, and black peppercorns in a coffee grinder or food processor to make a powder. Add them to the turmeric powder and matcha powder in a bowl. Add the water to turmeric and spice mix and stir to make a paste. Juice the ginger root and add the ginger juice to the paste. Add the honey to the paste. Cook the mixed ingredients over low heat for about 15 minutes, until well blended, the consistency of toothpaste. Cool, and keep refrigerated in a covered glass jar. This will keep refrigerated for at least a month. To serve: Add 1-½ tsp of paste to one cup of organic soy or almond milk in a small pot and heat on the stove until warmed. Blend in a blender to remove any lumps and create a delicious frothy drink.

Holy Basil – Laboratory research on Holy Basil confirms that it slows down breast cancer growth and progression. It helps prevent breast cancer cells from invading neighbouring tissues, and reduces the blood supply to tumours, stalling their growth. Three of the protective plant chemicals in Holy Basil are lutein, lupeol, and eugenol. Holy Basil also improves immune function by increasing T helper cells and T killer cells. Taheebo – This South American herb, also known as Pau d’Arco, inhibits breast cancer by binding to the estrogen receptors to displace strong estrogens, by slowing down cell division in breast cancer cells, and by increasing breast cancer cell death. Yogi Tea – This tea blend contains cinnamon sticks, black peppercorns, cloves, ginger, and cardamom. Each of 8


these spices contains polyphenols and boasts antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties. They all help to inactivate NFkB, a biochemical switch in the body that turns on cancer-promoting genes. Cinnamon helps to keep insulin levels low and prevent diabetes, as well as inhibit Candida overgrowth in the gut. RECIPE: YOGI TEA

Matcha Green Tea

For each serving: 10 oz water ½ cinnamon stick 3 whole cloves 4 whole black peppercorns 4 whole green cardamom pods, cracked open ½ cup organic soymilk or other milk 2 slices of fresh ginger root ¼ tsp black tea, such as Jasmine Make at least four cups at one time. The measurements may be adjusted to your taste, but only slightly. Do not vary too far on the cloves or cinnamon. Bring the water to a boil. Add the cloves, cardamom, peppercorn, and cinnamon. Boil for at least 30 minutes, then turn off heat, add the black tea and let steep for five minutes. Stir in the milk and briefly bring to a boil. When it reaches a boil, immediately turn off the heat source. Strain and serve with honey or maple syrup. Instead of adding the milk immediately, the spice liquid may be stored in the refrigerator until you are ready to drink it. Then, heat up the tea and add the milk.

Rosemary, Greek Sage – These herbs contain ursolic acid which strongly inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells. Rosemary also helps to neutralize carcinogens. It decreases and helps to eliminate some harmful estrogens the body produces. Both plants are also high in polyphenols and antioxidants. Rosehip – Hips from the wild rose plant (Rosa rugosa) contain vitamin C, a protective antioxidant, and have been found to have the ability to kill certain types of breast cancer cells. Chamomile – This herb possesses antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to prevent the invasiveness, spread, and growth of breast cancer cells. The essential oil of chamomile is also effective in killing breast cancer cells. The herb is also effective in tincture form. (Try adding 5 drops of chamomile oil to 1 Tbsp of castor oil or pomegranate oil for a nice breast massage combo.) Dandelion, Burdock – Dandelion supports liver and kidney cleansing. One study found that dandelion leaf decreased the growth of breast cancer cells while dandelion 10


root blocked the invasiveness of breast cancer cells in surrounding tissues. Burdock inhibits growth and enhances cell death in breast cancer cells. It also supports the immune system.

Immune Tonic Tea – The herbs contained in Immune Tonic Tea are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to fortify the immune system and reduce susceptibility to cancer. Astragalus, codonopsis, ligustrum and reishi facilitate a specific Th1 response of the immune system to help defeat cancer. RECIPE: IMMUNE TONIC TEA

This recipe uses Chinese herbs to strongly activate the immune system. The herb mixture will last for approximately one week if 1 cup is drunk daily, or several days if 2 cups are consumed daily. 48 grams astragalus (huang qi) 24 grams schizandra (wu wei zi) 24 grams white atractylodes (bai zhu) 24 grams codonopsis (dang shen) 24 grams ganoderma (reishi mushroom) 24 grams ligustrum 12 grams licorice root Use a non-metal pot. Soak the herbs in sixteen cups of water for one hour. Bring to a boil, then simmer for one hour. Strain into a glass jar. Keep refrigerated. Drink one to two cups of tea daily, warmed, at least one half hour before or two hours after a meal. The above ingredients are enough for several days to one week of tea. Consider purchasing several bags at once from a Chinese herbal store.

Red Clover, Licorice Blend – Red clover contains formononetin, a phytoestrogen that inhibits the growth and activates cell death of estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer cells. Licochalcone A, found in licorice root, inhibits the growth and activates cell death of breast cancer cells, while glycyrrhetinic acid, also in the plant, helps to inhibit triple negative breast cancer.

Dietary Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention


Adopt a primarily organic, vegetarian diet. Minimize or avoid meat, fish, eggs, dairy and sugar. Instead, try using legumes, organic tofu with sea vegetables (avoid if you have autoimmune thyroid disease), fruits, nuts and seeds, vegetables, and whole grains. 12



Add two tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseeds to your cereal, juice, smoothie, salad, or bean dishes. Flaxseeds inhibit the growth of breast cancer. Also, eat two Brazil nuts daily for selenium, a trace mineral which also protects against cancer. (Ed note: Check for nut allergies before consuming Brazil nuts.)


Add two tablespoons of turmeric to your cooking or take 1,000 mg of curcumin in capsule form daily. Turmeric decreases inflammation and inhibits the formation and proliferation of breast cancer cells and helps the liver detoxify chemicals as well as estrogen. Reduce or limit alcohol to no more than three alcoholic beverages per week. Alcohol use causes women to be more susceptible to breast cancer. A weekly intake of up to one drink a day will increase risk. Women who have even one drink a day have an 11% higher risk of breast cancer. In one study the breast cancer risk increase was 250 percent for women who drank two or more drinks daily.


Store leftover food in glass, ceramic or stainless steel rather than plastic, and drink water from glass or stainless steel containers. The plastic leaches bisphenol A or phthalates, which both act like the hormone estrogen. Continued on next page




A,B,Cs of Cancer Prevention


Exercise at least 40 minutes each day or four hours a week, outside of your normal activities. Women who exercise at least four hours a week in their leisure time and are active in their jobs have a 30% to 60% lower risk of breast cancer. Running regularly after having had breast cancer decreases recurrence rates. Find a type of exercise you love to do and schedule it early in the day. Some possibilities include walking, jogging, swimming, rebounding, rowing, yoga, using a treadmill or elliptical machine, or dancing. Mix it up to prevent boredom. Recruit some exercise buddies to make it more fun. Sleep in a dark room, with no light from the street coming into your bedroom. To keep melatonin levels high, avoid turning on a bright light to use the washroom. Use a night light in the hallway and bathroom instead. Melatonin is a hormone secreted by your pineal gland between 1:00 and 3:00 am, but only if you are in the dark. Lower melatonin levels cause women to be more vulnerable to breast cancer. Spend 15 minutes outside exposing your arms and legs to sunlight every day or take 2,000 to 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily. Vitamin D protects against breast cancer, and higher vitamin D levels at the time of diagnosis are associated with smaller tumour size and better survival in postmenopausal women.



Use NAT’s Nature-Mimicking Structured Water Unit To Refine Water Into the Life-Giver Nature Intended. NAT Dealer Since 2009

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www. www.VibrancyWater


Avoid using the birth control pill and/or hormone replacement therapy. When used before age 20, or if used for more than five years before the age of 35, ‘the pill’ can triple the likelihood of developing breast cancer. The risk of having breast cancer diagnosed in a woman increases for every year that she has been on hormone replacement therapy. Avoid cosmetics, nail polish, toothpaste, or shampoo containing parabens or phthalates. These preservatives bind to estrogen receptors and can increase breast cancer risk. Use non-toxic cleaning products, like baking soda and vinegar to clean your sinks, toilets, fridge, stove, floors, and counters. Avoid chlorine, which can combine with carbon in the body and act like estrogen. Spend at least an hour a week in the sauna (or use exercise to sweat) to eliminate environmental chemicals and toxic metals stored in your fat cells. To implement more prevention strategies, participate in the October breast health challenge campaign of the MammAlive Foundation. Visit:



Sat Dharam is a naturopathic doctor, Kundalini Yoga lead trainer, and author practising in Owen Sound, Ontario. She developed the Healthy Breast Program, designed to help educate women in breast cancer prevention through Kundalini Yoga and lifestyle change, and teaches it internationally. She was awarded the Naturopathic Doctor of the Year award in Ontario in 2000 for her work in breast health education. She also developed the “Beyond Addiction: The Yogic Path to Recovery” program, and has been working closely with Dr. Gabor Maté in delivering this program as well as a psychotherapeutic modality created by Dr. Maté called Compassionate Inquiry. Sat Dharam has written several best-selling books: A Call to Women: The Healthy Breast Program and Workbook, The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer, and The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women's Health.



Catch Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur at the Whole Life Expo where she will have a booth all weekend and give a lecture on Sunday, Nov. 11 entitled: “From Breast Cancer to Fibroids: A Naturopath’s Top 10 Tips for Women’s Health” (2:15 - 3:15 pm). Admission included with the All Access Pass ($15 Advance/$17 Door). REFERENCES • Williams PT. Significantly greater reduction in breast cancer mortality from post-diagnosis running than walking. Int J Cancer. 2014 Jan 27. doi: 10.1002/ijc.28740. • Pérez-Jiménez J, Neveu V, Vos F, Scalbert A. Identification of the 100 richest dietary sources of polyphenols: an application of the PhenolExplorer database. Eur J Clin Nutr 2010: 64; S112-S120 • Lall RH, Syed DN, Adhami VM, Khan MI, Mukhtar H. Dietary polyphenols in prevention and treatment of prostate cancer. Int J Mol Sci. 2015: 16: 3350-3376. • Nabavi SM, Habtermariam S, Daglia M, Nabavi SF. Apigenin and breast cancers: from chemistry to medicine. Anticancer agents med chem. 2015;15(6):728-35.

For a complete list of references, see extended version of this article posted on 16


Our J

ourney to Wellness

How Canada’s Favourite Power Couple Got Healthy – and Wise BY SHANTELLE BISSON


annick and I have always been health conscious. I mean, how can you afford not to be in our line of work? We started dating when we were both young actors, and back in those days – yes I’m going to say “those days” because it was 1988 – we didn’t know what it meant to actually be healthy. We did what we needed to do so that we would look good on camera. That meant compromising our health and relying on unhealthy habits. Instinctively, I knew that not eating (or not eating properly) wasn’t the answer to keep the numbers on the scale down, and Yannick knew that smoking wasn’t good for him. We would later find out – and understand – how those decisions made earlier in life would affect us later on. Luckily for us, I got pregnant early on in our relationship, which gave us the motivation we needed to cut out those detrimental lifestyle habits. Quitting those not-very-wise ways was quite easy when we knew we had to set an example for our unborn child. The minute we learned of my first pregnancy, we instantly set about these obvious changes to achieve “ultimate wellness.” At that time, we were still primarily focused on eating in a way that kept us camera-ready; we knew little to nothing of food as preventive medicine for internal physical wellness. I mean, what 18-year-old back in 1988 would have known that? Modern 18-year olds tend to be more aware that healthy eating benefits the entire body, not just how said



body looks on the outside. It used to be so much less about anti-aging or protecting ourselves against disease through diet. So, the initial change toward living a cleaner lifestyle began with us back in 1988. That meant eliminating the obvious offending habits that were robbing our bodies of wellness. But, we still knew nothing about canned versus fresh, or wholegrain instead of good ol’ fashioned white sandwich bread. We were also pretty hard up for cash as starving actors – need I say more? Due to our bleak financial situation, it wasn’t unusual for us to eat boxed dinners and canned veggies.

Then Came The Turning Point It wasn’t until 2006 that my health took a turn for the better after my best friend, Barbie Springfield, called me and said: “You have to fly to L.A. and come to Desert Hot Springs with me to do this wellness retreat. It will change your life.” I was hesitant about anything “changing my life” after Yannick and I were casually recruited into a religious cult, back in 1991, but that’s another story. Since this was my best friend, my life mentor with more years of marriage under her belt, more years of parenting, and more access to good health thanks to the groundbreaking modern wellness innovations coming out of California at that time, I kept an open mind. So, when she talked, I listened. Soon after, I found myself headed to We Care Spa, a retreat centre focused on detoxification, juice fasting, and yoga. This was the first place I started to learn about genetically modified foods and the damage that all forms of conventional farming is doing to not only our bodies, but also our planet. Once I became aware of this information, I decided that – regardless of our financial position, which was still quite precarious – I would stop purchasing and supporting any farming that wasn’t free of antibiotics and growth hormones. If animals weren’t free range and humanely raised, I didn’t buy the meat. I began purchasing only organic and ethically raised

everything. I did this not just for the well-being of myself, Yannick, and our daughters, but for our planet at large. Changing how we ate actually became less about how we looked or how much we weighed, and more about how we were treating the planet. What mark would our need to eat to survive leave behind? We cleaned up our eating habits so much that our biological ages are actually going backwards! No joke! We’re pushing 50 years old – nine more months for Yannick, and 10 for me. Yet he can still throw himself down a giant mountain on his mountain bike for three or four days straight. At 48, he competed in his first ever mountain bike race. We both love skiing and are able to go on ski trips, and ski four to five consecutive days. Just this past summer, at 49, I learned how to ride a wakeboard. Looking back on how much we’ve evolved, I’m confident enough to say that if we hadn’t made these changes to our lifestyle, we would definitely look older than we do. Not only that, but we would have years of built-up toxins in our bloodstream and organs. And I’m pretty sure that the injuries we’ve sustained due to our rough and tumble lives would have resulted in far worse physical consequences if we weren’t in such great shape. But the injuries haven’t held us back much because we eat clean, we work out (at “our ages”) from four to six times a week, and we’re feeling great. And it’s not just that

Earn a Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition • Achieve the accreditation of a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) • Qualification for the professional designation of Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) • Full & Part-time programs • Professional Co-Op Placement • Continuing Education • Student Clinic • Registered under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Heather Allen, CNP, 2014 Alumna “ The invaluable knowledge I gained at IHN has allowed me to empower people with the tools to live their most vibrant life through optimal health which is the most rewarding gift of all ”

Next Semester Begins January 2019 For course inquiries & appointments please call North York (Toronto) Campus Mississauga Campus Vancouver Campus Ottawa Campus

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Will you join me in the fight against climate change? With baru we can halt a process that could collapse the Amazon rainforest before 2050. Let's do this together!

BARU SEEDS Shand Santos, founder of Baru Baron

we’re ‘scale well’ at our ideal weights, but we’re actually living and breathing well from the inside out. Sadly, we are surrounded by people who haven’t cleaned out their fridges, who have low energy, and don’t appear vital or healthy. This helps to remind me that although the cost to our pocketbook might be a little higher to eat and live this clean lifestyle, the return on our investment is priceless. If you’re a person on the brink of jumping into the organic, ethical lifestyle, start small with those purchases of items that you and your kids consume daily: eggs; milk; butter; vegetables. Substitute a few of your animal protein meals with non-GMO pasta nights, or vegetarian meals. Make small, affordable changes at first, and then you’ll witness this amazing thing happen to you and for you. You will gain energy, you will feel healthier, and you will actually eat less. Because the super cool thing about high-quality, nutrient-rich foods is you need less of it for your body to be satiated. And how can that be a bad thing? Come join the movement, the movement that is living your best, longest and most vibrant one life; while honouring the only Mother Earth we’re ever going to get. Yannick Bisson is best known to global audiences for his longrunning role as ‘Detective William Murdoch’ on Canada’s most watched drama, Murdoch Mysteries, which is currently in Season 12 production in 2018. With over 60 film and TV credits to his name, Yannick is a multiple award-winning actor. In 2017, Bisson was honoured with the ACTRA Award of Excellence for his outstanding contributions to the industry. A dedicated humanitarian who has made meaningful connections to several philanthropic organizations, Yannick is involved with Artists for Peace and Justice, helping communities in Haiti; Camp Ooch, and Childhood Cancer Canada. Shantelle Bisson was born and raised in Toronto, and splits her time with her family between her home city and Los Angeles. Shantelle is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, writing on parenting and relationships from her personal experience, as well as a producer, actress, novelist, and parenting expert. Shantelle and Yannick have three beautiful 20-something daughters, Brianna, Dominique, and Mikaela.

Catch Shantelle and Yannick Bisson at Whole Life Expo, where they will drop by to talk about how they stay healthy in spite of a demanding schedule as Canada’s favourite power couple. Their visit takes place on Friday, Nov. 9, at 6:00 pm, in Lecture Hall 202 near front lobby of Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s North Building. Admission included with All-Access Pass. For more information check out our Expo Showguide in this issue, or visit 20





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Editor’s Note: Try this sturdy vegetarian recipe to keep you warm on chilly autumn evenings:

Olive oil (for basting) • Slice squashes in half vertically; remove seeds, fibres. • Baste with olive oil.

Stuffed Squash or Pumpkin Recipe by Nettie Cronish, chef, author, and teacher


olidays can be tough if you are a vegetarian or vegan. People associate specific foods with certain holidays, and those foods are as much a part of the holiday season as any other part of the observance. But, you can create new traditions! What’s new today will, in time, become tomorrow’s tradition. The following dish can be served as a main course, or as a side dish. 3 acorn or butternut squash, or small pumpkins



• Place squash halves, cut side down, in a 13” x 9” inch parchment paperlined baking pan. • Cover with parchment paper, and bake in a 400°F oven for 40 minutes, until fork tender. • While squash is baking, prepare stuffing. Stuffing Ingredients: 3 Tbsp toasted sesame oil 2 cups thinly sliced, washed leeks 5 garlic cloves, minced 1 tsp minced fresh ginger root 2 stalks celery, sliced 2 portobello mushrooms, chopped

1 cup organic corn kernels 1/ 2 cup tamari 5 cups cubed wholewheat or gluten-free bread /2 cup chopped fresh herbs (parsley, basil, and thyme)


• In large skillet, heat oil over medium heat; cook leeks for 5 minutes. Add garlic, ginger, celery, and mushrooms; cook for 5 min. • Stir in corn, 2 Tbsp of the herb mixture, and tamari. Reduce heat to low; cover and cook for 5 minutes or until vegetables are softened. Stir in bread cubes and remainder of fresh herb mixture; toss until moistened. • Spoon stuffing into four baked squash halves, and serve. ■

The Answer to Insomnia Switch off the Stress Factor, and Sleep for Seven Hours Straight (The following is an excerpt from “The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing” by Patrick Holford and Jerome Burne; Little, Brown, U.K.)





ging well is a matter of making the most of all the natural repair and restore systems your body has access to. Exercise and diet are major players, but so is sleep which can take a knock in our 24/7 culture. Not only do busy Although bringing lifestyles tend to encroach on the territory of sleep – ‘I’ll stay down adrenaline up late/get up early to finish is one half of getit’ – but the stress that many of ting you ready for us are under means that even sleep, there are when we do get to bed, falling two other brain asleep can be a problem as we chemicals linked replay the day’s events or construct scenarios for tomorrow. with mood and Then, not being able to fall sleep: serotonin asleep becomes something else and melatonin to worry about. As well as making us feel lousy the next day, missing out on sleep also directly impacts on our lifespan. One study of 21,000 twins followed for 22 years uncovered the optimum number of hours sleep one should be getting. Less than seven, or more than eight, increased your chances of dying sooner. Men did worse than women if they got too much or too little. But even more damaging than not getting the optimum seven and a half hours was the effect of the regular use of sleeping pills, which had a worse effect on women. Just the right amount of quality sleep also predicts life satisfaction. Sleep is essential for regenerating our cells. Some of sleep’s life-enhancing effects come because during the deep sleep phase your body releases growth hormone, which stimulates the regeneration of cells. Most bone growth, for example, happens at night. Growth hormone also burns fat and builds muscle, and it stimulates your immune system. Some people are so enamoured with the anti-aging effects of growth hormone that they supplement it. We discuss the pros and cons of this in

Secret 10 (see my book). For now, the best way you can naturally promote your own growth hormone is to sleep well, reduce stress, and also take resistance-type exercise which builds muscle (see Part Three, Chapter 4). All these factors benefit younger as much as older people.

Say No To The Drugs If you’re not getting enough sleep, you may have been tempted to try sleeping pills. Although insomnia can be very troubling, the good news is that there are many ways you can handle it. There are natural compounds that can make a big difference, and you can learn ways to deal with stress so that you get the excitement out of life without the constantly racing heart and the anxiety; also, a form of therapy called cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is proven to be effective for sleep problems, and food nutrients can help too. Yet, the most common medical response to sleep problems is to be given a drug prescription. Even though for years there have been worries about the benefits, safety, and risks of addiction with sleeping pills, doctors in the U.K. where I live still write prescriptions for over 10 million of them every year at a cost of over £30 million. Studies regularly find their benefits are small and that they should be used sparingly on older people, as the increased risks of falls and cognitive impairment may well outweigh the benefits. However, GPs continue to believe,



wrongly, that a relatively newer type, known as ‘the Zs’ are safer for older people and less likely to be addictive. Like many drugs they can be useful in an emergency, but we don’t advise taking them regularly without a good reason.

Calming Down with GABA Whether you’re working or you’ve retired, you can experience stress hotspots. The physical effects of these stresses show up in the bloodstream as the hormones our bodies produce when we’re stressed: adrenaline and cortisol. When they are active, your energy reserves are channelled towards immediate survival, known as ‘fight or flight’. So your body stops repairing itself and regenerating in favour of dealing with the perceived threat. If you go to bed worried, the natural antidote to the extra adrenaline that is pumping around your body is an amino acid and neurotransmitter called GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) that switches the adrenaline off. Sleeping pills boost production of GABA. In the U.S. and Ireland you can buy GABA itself over the counter in health food stores and pharmacies, but in the U.K. it is classified as a medicine and is therefore available only on prescription. Whether that is an effective way of protecting consumers is a moot point. It is certainly a shame, because GABA is a natural antidote to anxiety and the inability to relax. The trouble with sleeping pills is that they either interfere with your body’s own ability to make GABA or rapidly make you less responsive to it. The net result is that they are highly addictive, so when you try to stop taking them you are likely to develop extreme anxiety and insomnia There is another ironic drawback to sleeping pills: they reduce the availability of the sleep hormone melatonin!

The Other Keys to Good Sleep Although bringing down adrenaline is one half of getting you ready for sleep, there are two other brain chemicals linked with mood and sleep: serotonin and melatonin. Sleeping pills focus on GABA, but there is a lot more to sleep’s biochemistry; understanding it can help you get the right amount of good quality sleep. It can also help to reduce your stress levels and get you out of the vicious cycle whereby a lack of sleep keeps making you more stressed, tired and low. Biochemically speaking, mood and sleep have a lot in common. The amino acid tryptophan, which turns into 5hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), is not only the raw material for the mood-boosting neurotransmitter serotonin, but also for melatonin – the hormone that helps you sleep, controlling the sleep/wake cycle. It’s the brain’s neurotransmitter that keeps you in sync with the earth’s day-and-night cycle. Jet lag, for example, happens when the brain’s chemistry takes time to catch up with a sudden shift in time zone. What’s happening inside your brain is that melatonin, which 26


should be released at night to make you sleep, gets released during the ‘old’ night time. Taking supplemental melatonin just before bed in the new time zone helps to reset your brain’s chemistry so that it can recover from jet lag. (Take 1 mg for every one hour’s time zone difference.) And melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant. Low levels are linked to an increased risk of cancer. As you start to wind down in the evening, serotonin levels rise and adrenaline levels fall. As it gets darker, melatonin kicks in. Melatonin is an almost identical molecule to serotonin, from which it is made, and both are made from 5-

HTP, which you can buy as a supplement, itself derived from the amino acid tryptophan (present in most protein foods). As often happens with natural compounds, converting one to another needs the correct amounts of various minerals and vitamins for the process to work most efficiently. Turning tryptophan into melatonin requires folic acid, vitamins B6 and C, and zinc; tryptophan is found in chicken, turkey, cheese, tuna, tofu, eggs, nuts, seeds and milk. Other foods associated with inducing sleep are lettuce and oats. So, if you are having sleeping problems, it makes sense to eat those foods and to supplement with a high-potency



multivitamin / mineral that contains at least 200 mcg of folic acid, 20 mg of vitamin B6, 10 mg of zinc, and 100 mg of vitamin C.

Magnesium and Herbs That Chill You Out Other nutrients that help are magnesium, which calms the nervous system, and the herbs valerian, hops, and passionflower. Magnesium has been reported to help reduce restless legs as well as insomnia. A deficiency is certainly a potential reason for feeling low or anxious. For this and many other reasons, we recommend supplementing with 150 mg of magnesium every day, and twice this (300 mg) if you have difficulty sleeping. One study in Italy gave people who suffer with insomnia 225 mg of magnesium, together with 11.5 mg zinc, and 5 mg of melatonin. Compared to those on placebo, those on the food supplements got to sleep much more easily, slept better through the night, and woke feeling refreshed and alert. Combinations of these herbs, minerals, and amino acids are effective. Valerian is the most potent GABA-promoting herb and, as such, can also cause daytime drowsiness, so it’s best to take it only in the evening if you have anxiety or insomnia and an inability to ‘switch off’. Valerian is sometimes referred to as ‘nature’s valium’. As such, it can interact with alcohol and



other sedative drugs and should only be taken in combination with them under careful medical supervision. Valerian seems to work in two ways: by promoting the body’s release of GABA, and by providing the amino acid glutamine from which the brain can make GABA. Neither of these mechanisms makes it addictive. One double-blind study in which participants took 60 mg of valerian, 30 minutes before bedtime, for 28 days found it to be as effective as Oxazepam, a drug used to treat anxiety. Another found it to be highly effective in reducing insomnia compared with placebos. A review of studies to date cites six that show a significant benefit. Our experience is that it works exceptionally well for many people. To help you get a good night’s sleep, take 150 to 300 mg about 45 minutes before bedtime. (Editor’s note: Valerian doesn’t agree with everyone, so try a small test dose first.)

Reduce Your Stress Stress triggers a cascade of hormones that, over time, accelerate aging, encourage inflammation, and increase disease risk. Indeed, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that too much stress can be as bad for your heart as smoking and high cholesterol. And just in case you need any more proof of the dam-

aging effects stress can have, research now shows that those of us who are regularly stressed have: • A five-fold increased risk of dying from heart problems; • Double the risk of developing diabetes, in men; • A 65% increased risk of developing dementia; • Double the chance of developing obesity; • An increased risk of breast cancer. In our 100% Health Survey, 68% of the 55,000-plus participants reported feeling that they have too much to do, 66% said they frequently felt anxious or tense, 82% often became impatient, and 55% get angry easily. Such stress symptoms are our body’s way of warning us that something is out of balance. Your in-built survival kit – the ‘fight or flight’ response – is designed to be an emergency coping reaction. When it’s activated many times a day by traffic jams, conflicts with colleagues or your family, or work overload, the results are unpleasant and can be overwhelming. You can tell that you aren’t handling stress well if you experience these on a regular basis: • Difficulty in thinking straight • A negative attitude • Feeling out of control; anxiety • Tension; irritation • Feeling overwhelmed; frustration; hostility • Heightened worries and concerns Notice that these are all negative emotions. So, not only



are you feeling bad but you are also tired out and not performing as effectively as you could. In a negative emotional state your options all narrow down. It’s hard to think creatively or come up with fresh options. What you want is a way to change the way you respond to stress so that you get the benefits of positive emotions.

Sleep Hygiene A piece of essentially common-sense advice, rather quaintly known as ‘sleep hygiene’, forms part of most sleep regimes: 1) Keep the bedroom quiet, at a comfortable temperature. 2) Wear comfortable clothing, don’t have a big meal in the evening, and avoid coffee and alcohol at least three hours before bed. 3) Your room should be as dark as possible; even a faint light can reduce the amount of melatonin you produce. 4) Exercise regularly, but not within three hours of bedtime. 5) Be aware that certain prescription medications can cause insomnia, such as steroids, bronchodilators, diuretics. 6) Keep your bedroom for sleeping – not working, watching TV, or playing video games. Patrick Holford BSc, DipION, FBANT is a leading pioneer in new approaches to health and nutrition. He is author of over 30 books, and is widely respected as one of the world’s leading spokesmen on nutrition and mental health issues. For more information go to


Watch our video!



Created by Georges Lakhovsky and Nikola Tesla Fibromyalgia, WHY NOT? “With fibromyalgia at 40, sleep apnea at 50, and permanently clogged sinuses, a chronic fatigue forced me to long naps. Fibromyalgia prevented me from exercising because of the pain. After two weeks of PolarAid™ applications, major changes had occurred. Naps, at first fewer, disappeared after a month. Fibromyalgia diminished so much that I did not realize I was no longer in pain. I now do cardio, 2-3 days and aqua-fitness 3-4 days a week. Throat and sinus have been normalized by the daily use of PolarAid™, and eye applications resorbed a beginning of retinal detachment. This disc is a wonderful instrument. I recommend it to everyone I love.’’ (C.C., Gatineau, Quebec)

“MY FELLOW-SURGEONS WILL NOT BELIEVE IT’’ End of 2016, after an operation on my left leg to install 2 stents, wounds opened between the toes and on the heel, a frequent consequence of this surgery. My diabetes slowed healing, with serious complications worrisome to my surgeon who feared having to amputate my toes. I applied PolarAid™ under the sole of my foot and I persisted! October 2017, the surgeon, amazed at the complete healing of the toes and back to normal skin color, told me “I should have taken pictures because my colleagues will not believe me”. Thank you PolarAid™, a gift for humanity!’’ (M.C., Etobicoke, Ontario)

“Not PolarAid™, BUT THE BODY is really miraculous!’’ (Dr. Tomic) Still, at 80, osteoarthritis, Forestier’s disease and tendonitis let me suffer agonies with intolerable pains, unable to sleep, hold a newspaper or walk. Two injections of cortisone produced no result. Then, I received my PolarAid™ disc. For three days, I went to the bathroom a lot with nausea. My body was being “cleaned”. After a week, it was better, after a month, the pain disappeared. I now can raise my arms at 80% and 50% and what energy! Yesterday I cut shrubs with a saw! But we must persevere! We offered PolarAid™ to a 70-year-old friend with fibromyalgia and emphysema who, after 15 days, came to visit us on the 2nd floor, saying “Thank you my angels!” She now takes walks instead of worrying about being wheelchair-bound.’’ (Y.B., Sherbrooke, QC)

“HOW TO IMAGINE such an improvement!’’ At 84, thanks to PolarAid™, I feel energized and full of joie de vivre that I share with my children and my grandchildren! Yet at age 43, a hysterectomy caused me urinary losses and incontinence. After a few months of PolarAid™ applications, urinary incontinence disappeared. I sleep from 10 pm till 6 am without going to the bathroom! And to my doctor’s surprise, the tumor of my thyroid gland decreased in size and even though I was informed of painful side effects normally caused by laser treatment for my glaucoma, I experienced NONE of them after. Thank you PolarAid™ for the quality of life I enjoy today!’’ (M.B, Edmonton, Alberta)

You are welcome to visit us at Whole Life Expo, November 09th to 11th , booth no 81!

Dr. Dino Tomic currently works as a medical doctor,

specializing in gynecology and obstetrics. For the past 20 years, he has explored and experimented with alternative e: [email protected] No radiation or magnetism. medicines such as quantum and bioresonance medicine, t: 1-450-486-7888 No expiry date. w: Maintenance-FREE. homeopathy, acupuncture, and energy techniques.

No radiation or magnetism. No expiry date. Maintenance-FREE. [email protected] + 1 450 486 7888


The disc does not cure any disease and we do not diagnose or make any recommendation for any treatment or medication other than to consult with your doctor. Never disregard any professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this article.

The Publisher does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the claims made in this advertisement. Polaraid_FLPG_Oct_2018_ENGrev.indd 1

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Ask the Doctor Conventional Doctors Recommend The Shingles Vaccine – But Is It Safe? Dear Dr. Rona, When I recently visited my doctor, he recommended that I get the shingles vaccine to prevent infection by this virus. When I asked why he thought I was at risk for shingles, his only comment was that everyone over 60 is at increased risk. In regards to brands, my doctor said there are two choices: 1) Zostavax: Free for those 65+ (paid for by Ontario taxpayers); reduces risk of infection by 50%. 2) Shingrix: Comes in two doses of $150 each; not subsidized by taxpayers; reduces risk by 90%. My question is: How safe do you think the shingles vaccine is, and is it worth the money? Dominique P., Oshawa, Ont.

There have been numerous reports of injuries (eye damage, autoimmune reactions, etc.) and even deaths caused by the shingles vaccine – with multiple lawsuits arising as a result

Dear Dominique, According to Medical News Today: “Shingles is an infection of an individual nerve and the skin surface that is supplied by the nerve. It is caused by the varicella-zoster virus, the same virus that causes chickenpox.” Both chickenpox and shingles are caused by similar viruses, both belonging to the herpes virus family. Basically, shingles is reactivated chickenpox and is usually triggered by severe stress, poor sleep, or poor nutrition. Shingles can occur along any nerve distribution site but the face, chest, and back are common locations. It can be very painful and last for months or even years. Early treatment with anti-viral drugs is said to be effective, but often this type of treatment is ineffective. Initially there is a blistering type of rash that gradually fades with time but the pain can linger and persist nevertheless. This is then called post-herpetic neuralgia. Conventional medicine treats this with assorted pain killers, both oral and topical. Those who opt for natural therapies can experience relief with the following: – High dose IV vitamin C (75 grams twice weekly) – Antivirals like Oil of Oregano (3 drops, 3 times daily) – Black seed oil (1000 mg, 3 times daily) 32


– Colloidal silver (100 ppm, 2 tsp, 3 times daily) – Ozone cream (applied topically as needed) – Curcumin (1000 mg, 3 times daily) – Probiotics (50 billion units, daily) Additionally there are homeopathic products like Rhus Tox that are claimed to be of benefit. The majority of those in the medical profession are now strongly recommending the shingles vaccine for everyone over the age of 60. Some are recommending it for anyone over 50. There are two types of shingles vaccines. The first one on the market was Zostavax; this is a live vaccine, and for a variety of reasons is not the recommended choice nowadays. The second one, Shingrix, is not a live vaccine but is termed an inactivated vaccine (recombinant zoster vaccine) and is the current vaccine recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Is the shingles vaccine a wise health decision? Some well-respected health professionals and institutions do not seem to think so. There are issues that you should know about which your doctor may not be sharing with you. First of all, is the shingles vaccine really effective? Wellrespected physician, Dr. David Brownstein, is quoted as saying that the shingles vaccine is 97% ineffective. In one

Herbie’s Herbs

Come in for all things Herbal, Healthy & More!

• Retail & Wholesale Service • Ayurvedic Supplies • Wildcrafted / Certified Organic Herbs • Essential Oils • Vitamins & Supplements • Reference Books • Soapmaking Supplies • International Mail Order • Non-Alcoholic fluid extracts available on special order Our speciality is filling customized tincture prescriptions from herbalists & naturopaths. Free Herbal Consultations 556 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON M5V 2B5 MON - SAT: 9:00am - 6:00pm Tel: 416-504-5755 •



of his recent blogs (see reference list at end), he explains why studies on the vaccine appear to be misleading. I tend to agree with his negative viewpoint about the vaccine because I’ve seen at least a dozen patients over the past few years who have developed shingles despite having received the vaccine. In fact, one of my patients developed shingles just a few days after the vaccine. Even the vaccine manufacturer, Merck, admits that the shingles vaccine can cause shingles. I often wonder why these patients just don’t ask for their money back. Is the shingles vaccine completely safe? According to the CDC, adverse reactions to the shingles vaccine are mild and of minimal concern. Health Sciences Institute, however, has raised some doubts. Their contention is that one of the vaccine ingredients, MSG, can be damaging to the brain. They also claim that people who receive the shingles vaccine can pass on the chickenpox virus to others. Finally, there are numerous reports of injuries (eye damage, autoimmune reactions, etc.) and even deaths caused by the shingles vaccine – with multiple lawsuits arising as a result. One of the law firms involved in a lawsuit launched by vaccine-damaged patients has over 5,000 clients. Unfortunately, these facts are either ignored or minimized by Big Pharma, medical doctors, and pharmacists, with most of these mainstream players never even mentioning the potential dangers. The Drugwatch website ( contains a list of the potential injuries that are possible within one year of the shingles vaccination date: • Autoimmune disorders, including Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, Meniere’s Disease • Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis) • Cardiovascular events • Congestive heart failure • Death • Hearing loss • Herpetic Neuralgia (disorder in the nerves)

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A New Generation of Medical Thermography Female Breast health Men’s Prostate health Thyroid Abnormalities Digestive Disorders Liver Function Diabetes Brain and Headache Viral and Bacterial Disease Detailed Report – see where your body is stressed, where toxins are held and possible infections. Can be shared with your healthcare professional.



Price includes ½ hour follow up appointment with a Naturopathic Doctor to review your report.

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• Myelitis (spinal cord inflammation) • Pneumonia • Postherpetic neuralgia, or PHN (pain continuing after shingles blister subsides) • Serious neurological diseases or disorders, including brain inflammation (also known as encephalitis) • Stroke; Vasculitis • Vision problems, including blindness, eye infections, retinal damage, acute retinal necrosis Nutritional Medicine Approach to Shingles

To both prevent and treat shingles, one can more safely use the following supplements: – Vitamin B12 (1000 mcg daily); – Probiotics (50 billion units daily); – L-lysine (1000 mg twice daily); – Vitamin C (oral – to bowel tolerance, and intravenous – 75 grams twice weekly); – Vitamin D (50,000 IU daily for 3 days, then 10,000 IU daily until better) These can boost immunity as well as help destroy the virus in your system. A natural health care practitioner can help you with a personalized program. How Chickenpox May Prevent Shingles

American physician, Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD, states on his website at “Some people think of chickenpox as a dangerous health condition, especially among children. But it is not life-threatening. In fact, it is actually nature’s elegant design to defend you against a more problematic disease – shingles. According to the National Vaccine Information Center, shingles is more common in individuals over age 50, although those who are immunocompromised are also at risk. Fortunately, exposing yourself to the chickenpox virus in your childhood years, as well as developing it early on, may significantly lower your risk of developing shingles.” Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, MD, practises Complementary Medicine in Thornhill and is the medical editor of The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing. He has also published several Canadian bestselling books, including Vitamin D, The Sunshine Vitamin. To see more of Dr. Rona’s articles, please visit: For appointments, call (905) 764-8700; office located at: 390 Steeles Ave. W., Unit 19, Thornhill, Ontario Catch Dr. Rona at Whole Life Expo where he will give a lecture on Sunday, Nov. 11 entitled: “The Connection Between Diabetes and Cancer – How to Prevent Both.” (2:00 pm.) Admission included with All Access Pass ($15 Advance / $17 at the door) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. See the Expo Showguide





Dr. Dale Schisler 25 years experience in safe mercury removal, placement of white mercury free fillings, team approach to your health goals. IAOMT member, patient safety is our first concern.

Hopedale Mall (Mall Level) 1515 Rebecca St. Unit 18, (3rd Line & Rebecca St.) Oakville, ON 905-827-6102

Dr. Gary Fortinsky D.D.S. Dentist

TTammy ammy Gouweloos, RDH Whole Body Approach

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Biocompatible Dental Hyg Hygiene giene Therapy and Products Products N Counselling Plaque Microscopy Nutritional 38


in this issue, or visit for regular updates on the lecture schedule and exhibitor list. For inquiries: [email protected] or call the Expo hotline at: (416) 515-1330. References 1) Shingles Vaccine Fails 97% of the time: 2) Health Science Institute concerns about the shingles vaccine: 3) Shingles Vaccine Dangers Exposed: 4) Merck admits shingles vaccine can cause eye damage and shingles: 5) Treating Shingles Naturally. 6) Thousands sue Merck over dangerous shingles vaccine: 7) Shingles and Mother Nature’s Own Natural Vaccine: 8) Shingles Vaccine Deaths Unreported:


9) Shingles Vaccine Safety. 10) Shingles vaccine lawsuits. 11) Merck’s Zostvax Sales Plummet, Injury Lawsuits Mount: 12) Shingles vaccine responsible for causing huge number of shingles cases, vaccine injuries: 13) What is Shingles? 14) The Shingles Vaccines.

Readers: To read a success story by Beth Fanjoy posted on Vitality’s website about her recovery from shingles, visit:



18 IDE 20 GU OW SH

Amanda Burke

Yannick & Shantelle Bisson

C anada ’ s L argest s howCase

Joel Thuna, Pure-le-Natural


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Drop by to see Shantelle and Yannick Bisson being interviewed by Julie Daniluk, with a focus on how they preserve their mental and physical health all day long. The fact that they manage to stay so fit and healthy in spite of their demanding schedules as Canada’s favourite power couple is amazing. Find out what their favourite superfoods are, best go-to meals, and their top five ways to eat clean while managing family and careers.

Kathrin Brunner, CNP There is an intimate connection between the skin and our overall health. Hormonal imbalances, inflammation, autoimmune conditions, and skin reactions (eczema, dermatitis) can all be triggered by what we put on our skin. In this discussion, we’ll explore what skincare ingredients to avoid, the importance of being ‘dirty’, and the role played by the skin’s microbiome. Come and learn how to maximize the health of your skin through daily routines to help you look and feel great. Available afterward for questions at THE INSTITUTE OF HOLISTIC NUTRITION booth 122.

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HEALING CANNABIS EDIBLES: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN Pat Crocker and Ellen Novack Cooking with cannabis is going to be the preferred way to tap into the healing benefits of this ancient herb for the 84% of Canadians who do not smoke. But it isn’t as easy as baking up a batch of freaky brownies. Ellen Novack and Pat Crocker will steer you through the haze of strains, ratios, hype and actual healing and guide you to discovering your own body’s pathway to health. Ellen and Pat are co-authors of the new book Healing Cannabis Edibles. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at booth 133 for questions and booksignings.

7:00 PM - 7:45 PM

WHAT CAN LIVE BLOOD MICROSCOPY DO FOR YOU? Shannon Gregory, Live Blood Analyst Join Shannon Gregory as she explains what live blood cell analysis is, who can benefit, and when and where live blood analysis is performed. Hear why healthcare providers are now recognizing the value of this service as a compliment to their practice, and also why we are seeing so many patients carrying Lyme disease along with many co-factors found in the blood. Ideally we want to catch a potential problem before it manifests in the body. Throughout this simple and painless test, patients will have the ability to utilize live blood analysis to prevent illness and disease. Available afterward for questions at MICROCELL SCIENCES INC. booth 92.

WHOLE LIFE EXPO • ADMISSION PRICES • SHOW HOURS GET $1 OFF when you present this Showguide at the time of ticket purchase. Whole Life Expo Tickets available online or at the door: ONLINE: Visit AT THE DOOR: starting Friday, Nov. 9 at 3:00 pm at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building, front lobby, 255 Front St. West. Ticket sales continue through the weekend during show hours.


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NOVEMBER 10 LECTURE HALL 203 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

POWER OF LIVE FOOD TO HEAL DISEASE & CONQUER AGING Dr. Robert Willix, Jr, MD (Boca Raton, Florida) In this lecture, Dr. Willix will address the half century of work on disease and longevity conducted at the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, and more can be altered, prevented, and at times conquered with phytochemicals, antioxidants, and other nutrients consumed on a diet of organic, vegan, living food. Dr. Willix will explain the extraordinary mechanisms that bring about heightened immunity, and why thousands worldwide share enthusiasm in their greatly improved health by utilizing unprocessed green foods. Dr. Willix is a cardiac surgeon who pioneered the first open heart surgery program in South Dakota. Available afterward for questions at HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE booth 125.

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

NOURISH YOUR NERVES – WITH THE TOP 5 SUPPLEMENTS FOR ANXIETY Amanda Burke, CNP, BA (hons.) In this lecture, Holistic Nutritionist Amanda Burke will offer tools, supplements, and strategies for addressing anxiety. She will also share the latest findings on anxiety, what it is, and why it seems to be on the rise. As our lives are speeding up and becoming increasingly complex, it is important to have the right approach to caring for our mental and emotional health. What appears to be strictly psychological often has an underlying biochemical deficiency, imbalance, or toxicity as a root cause or contributing factor. When you have the right nutrients coupled with the right body-mind understanding, you can take charge and feel more in control, relaxed, and be free of the side-effects of common anxiety medications. Available afterward for questions at NATURE’S SOURCE booth 100,101.

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM

IS YOUR PERIOD A BLESSING OR A CURSE? Amanda Laird, RHN The menstrual cycle not only prepares the body for pregnancy, the hormones involved also play a vital role in breast, bone, brain, and heart health. These hormones can impact your mood, appetite, sleep, and other body functions. In this talk, Amanda will help you understand how your menstrual hormones influence your health and wellness every day of the month and introduce strategies and nutrients that will help support a pain-free period, optimal well-being, and healthy fertility. Available afterward for questions at CANADIAN SCHOOL OF NATURAL NUTRITION booth 61.

“Be grateful for your life, every detail of it, and your face will come to shine like a sun, and everyone who sees it will be made glad and peaceful.” – Quotation by Rumi


3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

KEYS TO WEIGHT LOSS AND DETOXIFICATION Cass Ingram (Chicago, Illinois) Your body shape reveals your hormonal weaknesses. It’s the key to knowing what you should eat, what you shouldn’t eat, and what supplements to take. Your face, hands, and body shape tell all about your body functions, all based on the hormone-endocrine system. Come and find out how GMOs in food and beverages disrupt your hormone-endocrine system, how they may be contributing to your weight issues, and what to do about it. Available afterward for questions and booksigning at the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion.

4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

ENTREPRENEUR ENLIGHTENMENT – HOW TO EXPAND YOUR PURPOSE-DRIVEN BUSINESS Irina Benedict, BSc, PEng, Business Coach Can you be on a spiritual path and run a moneymaking business? Yes! When you align your business with your purpose, it’s easy to pursue both. Irina Benedicts Entrepreneur Enlightenment philosophy combines practical business strategies with spiritual principles and personal transformation, teaching you how to transcend your ego and fears and do business with love. Learn how to expand your business by bringing love into your marketing and sales and attracting more clients. Lecture based on the book: Entrepreneur Enlightenment – A Guide to Establish and Expand Your Purpose Driven Business; Balboa Press; 2018 Available afterward and throughout the weekend for questions at ENTREPRENEUR ENLIGHTENMENT ACADEMY booth 29.

5:15 PM - 6:00 PM

CHAKRA HEALTH WITH LYMPH DRAINAGE Dr. Ravi Ratan, MSc., MBA, D.Sc (Mumbai, India) Chakras are the energy centres of our body and they reflect the health of associated organs and glands. These chakras, organs, and glands are easily affected by our mental / emotional state – emotional stress mainly affects our sacral and heart chakras, which also affects the lymphatic flow in these areas. Stress in the sacral chakra area can affect sexuality, reproduction, leading to menstrual imbalances and issues with ovaries, uterus, and more. Congestion in the heart chakra can lead to breast cancer, and pain in the back, neck, and shoulder. All of these conditions can be relieved by manual lymphatic drainage. Come and find out more. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at F.M.’S AROMATHERAPY (AROMATANTRA) booth 82.

6:15 PM - 7:00 PM

THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS OF ESSENTIAL OILS Baljinder Chhoker, BSc, ND Essential oils can provide a great therapeutic value. They can be inhaled or placed directly on the skin, depending on the conditions and the oil. They can also be taken in combination with supplements. Come and WHOLE LIFE EXPO SHOWGUIDE 2018

find out about organic chemotyped essential oils that provide a biochemical healing effect. Learn how essential oils can be used to alleviate stress, anxiety, insomnia, as well as cold and sinus symptoms. Available afterward for questions at SMITH’S PHARMACY booth 136-138.

LECTURE HALL 202 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

EAT WELL, LIVE WELL, FEEL JOYOUS Joy McCarthy, CNP There is something that lives in us and on us that affects everything from how well we digest food to the state of our mood and more. It’s called the microbiome, and it’s magical! In fact, you are only 43% human and the rest of you is microbial. In this presentation, Joy will share how you can impact the magic of your microbiome. For example, your home environment and whether you open up your windows and get fresh air, how regularly you get outside in nature, what products you use when you take a shower, what you ate for breakfast and what ingredients you put into your smoothie all impact this magic. There are small steps you can take daily to improve the health of your microbes, which positively influence your health in a variety of ways. Available afterward for questions at the Genuine Health booth in the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion.

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM

LOVE IS ALKALINE Barbara Jentschura, BSc., MSc. (Muenster, Germany) Our health affects our emotions and capacity to interact with others in meaningful ways. When we improve and guard our health and overcome physical problems, it can help us to be sources of progress, hope, and help for our families and communities. Learn about the true meaning of the alkaline lifestyle with a focus on easy and accessible self-help and individual health empowerment as we fortify our good intentions with acts of love and giving. This lecture shows how healthy choices can, in a very practical way, be an expression of respect and love for ourselves and others. Available afterward for questions at YOUINFOCUS PRODUCTS booth 105.

2:30 PM - 3:15 PM

LOWER YOUR BIOLOGICAL AGE: GET YOUNGER THIS YEAR Dr. Kate Rhéaume, ND Many of the conditions that we think of as “just a part of aging” are actually the result of long term nutritional deficiencies or toxin build-up. Decline in brain health, bone health, heart health, and joint health aren’t inevitable. In most cases these common health concerns can be greatly improved or prevented. In this seminar you will learn about the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on many age-related conditions. Join author and naturopath doctor Kate Rhéaume as she reveals how you can lower your biological age and get younger this year. Dr. Kate is author of the best-selling book Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life. Available afterward for questions at Natural Factors booth in the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Quotation by Rumi WHOLE LIFE EXPO SHOWGUIDE 2018

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

BREAK THROUGH PAIN AND CREATE LONGEVITY WITH EASY NUTRITION HACKS Julie Daniluk, RHN Join award-winning author, nutritionist, and TV host Julie Daniluk in an interactive workshop to boost your happiness. Research is confirming the direct link between the state of your digestion and the state of your mind. Chronic inflammation and poor digestion can lead to stress, anxiety and mood imbalance on top of lowered immunity and weight issues. Find out how to take charge of your “food attitude” with anti-inflammatory superfoods and supplements that are showing the potential for true longevity. Available afterward for questions at Nature’s Way booth in the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion.

4:45 PM - 5:45 PM

ISHA KRIYA – EFFORTLESS MEDITATION Bavani Sivananda In this one-hour session, you will learn Isha Kriya, a simple 12-18 minute practice to help you become meditative effortlessly. Attain health, clarity, and joy: Isha Kriya does not require any previous experience with meditation and can be done sitting in a chair. It is designed by Sadhguru, a realized Yogi and a foremost authority in the field of yoga. Sessions will be conducted by a trained instructor after which online support will also be available. Appropriate for ages 12 and up. Available afterward for questions at ISHA FOUNDATION booth 65.

6:00 PM - 6:45 PM

UNLOCKING YOUR HAPPINESS WITHIN Teresa Yeung, International Master of Qi Gong Master Teresa will talk about her second book, Unlocking Your Happiness Within, the first book in the world solely talking about how Qi Gong can release difficult emotions. Open yourself to her generous Chi healing. It will inspire you to heal yourself (thus healing others), raise consciousness, and have a beautiful spiritual experience! Teresa is an author, speaker, and healer in addition to being a master of Qi Gong. Available afterward and throughout the weekend for questions at PURELAND INTERNATIONAL QI GONG booth TBA.

The Art of Spiritual Healing 2018 Whole Life Expo Saturday, Nov. 10, 2:00 - 2:45 p.m. Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building, 255 Front St. W., Room 201-F

Featuring Jane Pulkys, BSc, NNCP Sponsored by

Visit us a Booth t #34

ECKANKAR The Path of Spiritual Freedom







NOVEMBER 10 LECTURE HALL 201-D 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

HEALTHY FATS FOR FUEL: IMPROVE YOUR ENERGY METABOLISM Dr. Stephanie Rubino, ND Lack of energy is the most common complaint people make to their doctors; exhaustion, mental haze, and just being tired is reported by 97% of people. Daily life stressors, lack of sleep, and nutrient deficiencies are reasons we may feel drained. Often the foods we rely on for energy can leave us feeling even more fatigued, irritable, and hungry – all while packing on unhealthy fat in the midsection and disrupting our metabolism. Our body’s mitochondria (aka energy factories) is at work in nearly every cell, and is needed to feel energized. In this lecture, Dr. Stephanie Rubino will share how to create long-lasting energy by improving mitochondria function using healthy fats for fuel. Available afterward at Assured Natural booth in the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion.

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

UNDERSTANDING REINCARNATION Michael Uyttebroek Wondering about reincarnation? What happens to your personality when you die? What is the bigger picture regarding consciousness evolution? Gain new insights into this fascinating subject, based on the writings of ‘Billy’ Meier. This presentation covers: What is the creation / universal consciousness, the spirit-form within the human being, fluidal energies in connection with burial versus cremation, and common misunderstandings concerning reincarnation. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at FIGU-LANDESGRUPPE CANADA booth 33.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

ARCHETYPAL SHAMANIC ENERGY MEDICINE AND THE SCIENCE OF EPIGENETICS™ Gaisheda Kheawok In Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™, familial and collective karmic overlays are evolved through the Four Lower Bodies. Linking the wisdom of Collective Karmic Overlays, ASEM™, and the science of Epigenetics, we will examine the ability to heal intergenerational trauma and karma via the science of Energy Medicine. Gaisheda Kheawok is an Tribal Peace Elder, Seer, Medicine Person, International Speaker, and Executive Director/Founder of the Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine. She is a Member and Faculty of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, The Canadian Association for Integrative Therapies, and The Seneca Indian Historical Society. Her work as a clinical therapist bridges traditional and contemporary counselling practices. Available afterward for questions at WHISPERING SONG SCHOOL OF ENERGY MEDICINE booths 54, 55.

“You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream.” – C.S. Lewis


3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

YOUR MIRACULOUS CELLS: HOW TO KEEP THEM HEALTHY AND STRONG Pharmacist Ben Fuchs, R.Ph. You are composed of 100 trillion cells that work every moment of every day on your behalf. Do you know what they need from you to ensure optimal health? In this fun and informative talk, internationally celebrated pharmacist Ben Fuchs will share information that is crucial to understanding your body and knowing how to invest in your health and wellbeing. You will learn what nutrients are essential to your cells’ growth and functioning and how you can ensure you are getting them on a daily basis. Available afterward for questions at YOUNGEVITY CANADA booth 130,131.

4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

MALTA: REMEMBER, REIGNITE, RECONNECT Sandra Moon Dancer, B.Sc., M.H.Sc. Malta, Land of the Forgotten Temples and megalithic structures, 6,000 years old, older than Stonehenge! Energy teachings, meditation, song, Mother Earth spirituality and spectacular photos allow you to experience these healing Mediterranean islands, known as the land of the Ancient Goddess. Sandra Moon Dancer leads Sacred Site travel, including groups to Iceland. With 30 years experience in healing communities and indigenous circles, Sandra Moon Dancer is an internationally renowned shamanic energy medicine teacher and executive director of Centre of Circle Wisdom. She shares stories of adventure, enlightenment and beauty. Available afterward for questions at CENTRE OF CIRCLE WISDOM Booth 67.

5:15 PM - 6:00 PM

BRAIN HEALTH AND THE FIVE ELEMENTS OF CHINESE MEDICINE Huibing Henry Xiong, R.TCMP This lecture will explain how it is possible to overcome the challenges of treating brain-related diseases. An expert in Chinese herbal medicine, Huibing Henry Xiong will explain how traditional Chinese herbs combined with state-of-the-art technology works to improve cognitive function, memory while alleviating stress, headaches, insomnia, ADHD, and more. Available afterward and throughout the weekend for questions at SAGEE CANADA WELLNESS booth 98.

6:15 PM - 7:00 PM

GET UNSTUCK: YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS CORE BELIEFS ARE KEY TO SETTING YOURSELF FREE Lisa Sidorowicz, MA, B.Ed., CBE Master Practitioner Are you stuck? Held back? Do you continue to repeat the same unproductive reactions and patterns despite making every effort not to? If this sounds like you, the information in this presentation could transform your life. Come learn why your powerful subconscious core beliefs have been faithfully holding you back and how you can break free. Available afterwards and throughout the weekend for questions at booth 68.


LECTURE HALL   201-F  12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

UNICORN IN THE CITY Leanne Babcock Do you sometimes feel you can’t be your real self, or feel more sensitive than you let on? You are not your thoughts or your feelings, your name or your job. You are a unicorn – so to speak – uniquely, vibrantly you. For the most part you are successful but you have a sense there is more to who you are, more to who you could be. Come and step into more resilience and whole-beingness, and experience a deeper sense of who you are which can open a new path for you – in your business, your life, your self. Available afterward and throughout the weekend for questions at booth 57.

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

CHINESE MEDICINAL TEA: STEEP YOUR HEALTH Pierre Chen, R.TCMP., R.Ac., M.Sc. The Chinese culture has a long history of food and medicines; it is believed that each herbal tea has different healing properties. In this lecture we will discuss and sample different teas and their healing properties using Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. North American society is starting to embrace the medicinal benefits of tea for the whole family. In this discussion we will explore these healing teas and their application in everyday life in Canada. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at REN DE INC booth 91.

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

THE ART OF SPIRITUAL HEALING Jane Durst Pulkys, B.Sc., NNCD Have you ever had a spiritual healing? Spirit may give us miraculous healings at times; it also may not because life is here to give us experiences. Every illness ought to teach us something we didn’t know before. Discover what holds you back from true healing. Learn how your dreams can give you answers. Find answers in the secret name of God. Available afterward at ECKANKAR booth 34 for questions.

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

GAIN THE POWER TO DIRECT YOUR LIFE Dr. Henry Ukpeh, MD, FRCP(C) In this information session, attendees will identify and access the “Ultimate Resource”, understand the “why” of their circumstances, and recognize the power that drives everything. Come and learn how to direct your life more effectively, and live by choice – not by chance. Available afterward for questions at GRAIL BOOKS CANADA booth 35.

5:00 PM - 5:45 PM

ASCENDED MASTERS’ TEACHING: HOW TO AVOID CATACLYSMS Natasha Zwanck and Valentina Zhovtobriukh, Translators Is there a connection between our thoughts and feelings and events like earthquakes, volcanoes, and social unrest? How can we help the planet avoid cataclysms and wars? Come to our lecture and find out what the Ascended Masters recommend, presented by volunteers of the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina, author of 60+ spiritual books read across 50 countries worldwide. Available afterward for questions at SIRIUS: ASCENDED MASTERS’ MESSAGES booth 30.

6:00 PM - 6:45 PM

QUANTUM DOWSING: ENCODING THE MYSTERY OF DOWSING Rev. Alicja Aratyn, M.Eng., DM Dowsing has existed and supported humanity for millenia. Prophets, sages, wizards, and witches in the past, and nowadays scientists and business people are using dowsing to resolve and improve their affairs. Let’s take a trip to explore why it is crucial for people to dowse in these modern times. In this very visual presentation we will examine the phenomena of dowsing from many points of view to rediscover the exciting uses of the oldest divination modality on Earth. Available afterward and throughout the weekend for questions at ALICJA CENTRE OF WELL-BEING booth 39.

“Every dollar you spend ... or don’t spend ... is a vote you cast for the kind of world you want.” — L.N. Smith, Sunrise Over Disney

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL IGNITES HIS LIGHT SWORD IN YOUR CHAKRAS AND YOUR AURA Peter Schnell, BA.Sc. Archangel Michael is a mighty Angel of Fire, conqueror of evil and overcomer of the darkness. He leads the heavenly hosts with his Light Sword and is the highest warrior for the light. His energy has a liberating, radiant and elevating effect on humanity and aligns everything unconditionally with the divine order. We will do a meditation where Archangel Michael touches your aura and chakras with his Light Sword to clear and activate them, and free them of any dark energies. You will hold a Litios Light Crystal during the meditation to intensify and anchor your experience. You will feel clearer, lighter, uplifted and inspired. Available afterward for questions at LITIOS LIGHT CRYSTALS booth 26.







A ROYAL FLUSH AND OTHER GOLDEN NUGGETS Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, ND A ‘Royal Flush’ is the experience of the perfect poo, ideally a daily occurrence. All it takes is understanding the 11 golden nuggets that describe what your poo can tell you about vitamin, mineral, and supplement deficiencies. It can also indicate hormonal, immune, and nervous system problems. Learn from the Queen of Thrones and take the first steps to owning your throne and living your best life.

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

IS YOUR OLIVE OIL FAKE? Panagiotis Tsiriotakis Did you know that 70% to 90% of olive oils on the shelf are adulterated? They are blended with other oils, such as corn or canola oil, chlorophyl, and beta-carotene. Panagiotis Tsiriotakis, owner of Acropolis Organics, will teach you how to distinguish real olive oil from all the fakes on the market. He will also walk you through the fascinating history of olive oil and its numerous health benefits. Available afterward for questions at ACROPOLIS ORGANICS booths 141, 142.

Available afterward for questions at SMITH’S PHARMACY booth 136.

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

METABOLIC MECHANISM: THYROID REBOOT AND KETO DIET John Koveos B.Sc. HD. Learn how the metabolism works and how sea vegetables influence a positive impact for thyroid health, weight loss, and key health functions. Discover how a Keto diet and exogenous keto supplements influence healthy fat loss. Finally, discover which vegan or whey proteins are best for overall immune and metabolic support. Available afterward for questions at Schinoussa Superfoods in the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

BEYOND BEAUTY: WHY COLLAGEN IS ESSENTIAL TO YOUR HEALTH Ashleigh Norris, CNP, NNCP Discover why collagen has become such a hot topic beyond the world of beauty and how influential it is to your overall health. Ashleigh will talk about the digestive benefits of collagen, the role it plays in optimal moods and anxiety levels, as well as the increase in energy and concentration it can provide. Ashleigh will discuss the role of each type of collagen, and how it plays a role in disease prevention, digestive health, skin and joint health, immunity, muscle recovery, stress relief, healthy moods and sleep patterns. Available afterward for questions in the Organika booth in the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion.

For additions, deletions, cancellations, and other updates to this program, keep an eye on our website at For exhibitor inquiries call the Expo hotline at (416) 515-1330

GANODERMA: THE RESEARCH BEHIND THE “MUSHROOM OF IMMORTALITY” Tom Swales, PT Ganoderma Mushroom, AKA reishi mushroom, has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years to treat disease and restore health in millions of people. In this talk, we will review the research on how Ganoderma affects the brain, body, organs, and immune system, and learn about the positive effects on inflammation, aging, and disease. The presentation will conclude with easy take home strategies and product information that everyone can easily implement into their daily life. Available afterward for questions at SOULFORTUNE INC / ORGANO GOLD booth 193.

5:00 PM - 5:45 PM

EATING CHOCOLATE ON A KETO DIET Stan Mozoluk (Paris, France) When Stan first decided to start eating a Low Carb High Fat diet, he thought he was done with chocolate. But now he makes chocolate (and eats a lot of it). Come and find out how you can safely include it in a healthy diet without exploding the carbs counter. Join him for a special session for chocolate lovers (samples provided). Available afterward and throughout the weekend for questions at CHOCOLATE HACKERS / KETOER booth 207.

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Energy Psychology is emerging as one of the most powerful forms of alternative healing. Learn simple Energy Medicine exercises to enhance your life. Master the art of divining and dowsing your own energy field. Develop grounding and protecting exercises. Learn how not to leak energy by creating better energetic boundaries. Whether you are a novice or practitioner, come experience the tranformative power of Energy Medicine with The Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine Practitioners and Faculty. Available afterward and throughout the weekend for questions at THE WHISPERING SONG SCHOOL OF ENERGY MEDICINE booths 54, 55.




BHAKTI YOGA Gavra Shakti Band Chanting the holy “maha mantra”. Transcendental vibration for meditation. Available afterward for questions at ISKCON TORONTO booth 200.

12:45 PM - 1:30 PM

EXPLORING PAST LIVES: HAVE YOU BEEN HERE BEFORE? Brandon Dean, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Professional Coach Have we been here before? Will we return again? Are past life recollections real, or metaphors of our mind? This entertaining and light-hearted exploration of Past Life Journeys is for everyone: ‘believers’ and ‘non-believers’, the ‘religious’ and ‘non-religious’. Hear Brandon Dean discuss his own experience – and skepticism – that led to his decision to incorporate Past Life regression and journey work into his own practice. Dean is also a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Certified Professional Coach, specializing in Subconscious Success. Available afterward and throughout the weekend for questions at RED CHAIR HYPNOSIS booth 44.

3:45 PM - 4:30 PM

APITHERAPY IN CANADA – A GIFT FROM THE BEES Yann Loranger Discover apitherapy, the therapeutic use of beehive products such as honey, pollen, propolis, bee bread, royal jelly, beehive air, and more. In this talk, apitherapy expert Yann Loranger details the five most efficient therapeutic uses of bee products, with testing and sampling of the latest and greatest discoveries. Learn more about responsible and ethical beekeeping, bees’ role in the environment, and the Canadian Apitherapy Association at this engaging lecture. Available afterward for questions at THE BEE SHOP booth 199.

4:45 PM - 5:45 PM

FOLLOW YOUR BLISS; FROM ZERO TO HERO Justin Booth, Visionary Networker This lecture is about how wheatgrass saved the life of Justin Booth. Diagnosed with stage 2 kidney failure, jaundice, anxiety, and depression, he ultimately discovered that a vegan diet and wheatgrass juice could rebuild his health. Come and hear about the steps he took to recover from disease, even curing his own psoriasis and the boils growing in his lymph nodes. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at ISELLGRASS.COM booth 158.

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM 1:45 PM - 2:30 PM

HOW TO OVERCOME PAIN WITH HYPNOSIS Luke Michael Howard, Clinical Hypnotist In this interactive session, you will learn the difference between new pain (acute) and old pain (chronic), and discover how we can delete old pain from the nervous system. Remarkably, this can be done rapidly and permanently. A live demonstration will give an audience member the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be pain-free!


All are welcome to come and enjoy an interactive concert and sound healing journey featuring new music from Michael’s latest CD, “Ecstatic!” Michael is available afterward and throughout the weekend at THE TEMPLE OF SOUND booth 220.

Available afterward and throughout the weekend at booth 66 for questions, demos.

2:45 PM - 3:30 PM

OUR GUT IS A GARDEN, AND IS NOT ROUNDUP® READY Dr. Jacs Cooper, ND First introduced in the 1970s Roundup® has become the most heavily used herbicide worldwide in spite of mounting evidence of associated health risks. Even when avoiding GMOs, many consumers are still receiving high rates of exposure because Roundup® is being sprayed on crops right before they are harvested. Many talks on environmental pollutants can leave you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. This, on the other hand, is an upbeat, optimistic take on the topic that will empower you with easy to apply knowledge on how to best protect yourself and your family. Come and learn how high quality probiotics can help protect the human microbiome from toxic assaults. Available afterward for questions at SMITH’S PHARMACY booth 136 - 138.

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Comfort Vegan Dishes; Salad bar and Hot Food

Good Stuff Vegan Smoothie Mix: Chocolate & Chaga



Local, Organic Baked Goods, Meals; Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free


SUN LIFE GOJI 202-A Dried Goji Berries

CENTURION 78 PEMF Therapy Products

Honey; Propolis; Royal Jelly; Bee Pollen; Bee Venom; Beeswax Candles, Soaps



IQ TECHNOLOGIES 51 Tens Machine: IQ Massager Brand



Miso; Miso Tamari; Miso Soup To-Go

VAN DYK’S HEALTH JUICE PRODUCTS LTD 173 Van Dyk’s by Nature 100% Pure Wild Blueberry Juice

Innovative Nutritional, WeightManagement, and Sports Performance Products

BETA GLUCAN COMPANY OF CANADA INC 157 Glucan 300® Clinically Proven to Strengthen immunity




Pretty & Lavish Be Pro Thermal Massage Pad; MCT Oil



Toronto’s Very Own All Natural Hot Pepper Sauce

HEALTHY PLANET PAVILION 163,164,169,170 165,166,167,168 185,186,191,192 187,188,189,190 210-213



Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

PEACHTREE HEALTH FOODS 235-B Kangen Water Machine from Japan for Alkaline, Anti-Oxidant Water

PLANETARY ASSOCIATION FOR CLEAN ENERGY 19 EMF Meters and Services; EMF Prevention Technology and Information

POLARAID HEALTH INC 81 Polarization disc for enhancing the body’s self-healing capability

QUANTUMWAVE 45 Scalar Wave Laser; Lotus Violet­Light Laser; Quantumfield Inducer (QIFi)

SAUNARAY INC. 214, 215


Organic and Fair Trade Spices, Tea, Coconut Milks, Canned Fruits

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WHOLE FOODS & ORGANIC MARKET ACROPOLIS ORGANICS 141, 142 Extra Virgin Olive Oils; Balsamic Vinegars; Olives; Tapenades

Hydration M.Stiks with Vitamins, Minerals, Electrolytes Canada’s First Organic Pharmaceuticals Company; Career Opportunities

Chinese Medicine Acupoint Patches, Mugwort Moxibustion Patch, Ginseng



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SAGEE CANADA WELLNESS 98 Natural Supplements for Brain Health

SKIN RNR 237-B Replenish Smoothie Booster; Vegan, Organic Nutrition; Facial Mask; Clays

SMITH’S PHARMACY 136-138, 151-153 Offering a Caring and Personalized Service, Dedicated to an Integrated and Holistic Approach to Healthcare

SURO 128



EMF Protection Products: ELFR Eliminator, Lotus Shield; Hair Analysis

RENEWAL BY ANDERSEN 110 Window and Patio Door Replacement; Information and Services

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YOUINFOCUS PRODUCTS 105 German Supplements and Cosmetics to Alkalinize and Heal by Dr. Roland Jentschura

YOUNGEVITY CANADA 130,131 Nutritional Supplements; Books; CD’s by “Doc” Joel Wallach

Organic Growing: Information and Resources

CANADIAN SCHOOL OF NATURAL NUTRITION 61 Canada’s Leading School of Holistic Nutrition, Teaching the Medicine of the Future

CENTRE OF CIRCLE WISDOM 67 Energy Medicine; Shamanic Healing; Mother Earth Spirituality; Sacred Travel and Retreats



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Isha Yoga and Meditation; Hatha Yoga and Inner Engineering; Beginner and Advanced Programs

NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS PROTECTION ASSOCIATION 232 Protecting Access to Natural Health Products and Dietary Supplements

HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE 125 LifeGive Supplements, Books

JUNG SHIM 74 A South Korean healing modality using a combination of acupressure and sound



Quantum Health Science Summits of Canada; Premier Research Labs Canada

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Soul Consultations; Workshops; Courses; Retreats; Geomancing; Medicine Wheel Charts

Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga; Books; 15’ Healing Sessions

Electro-Dermal Screening for Food Sensitivities, Nutritional Deficiencies, Hormonal Imbalances

Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Osumex Face Mask

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Osumex New Product Contains:





Produced exclusively in Japan for Osumex

Face Mask containing Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and CoQ10 to help your face looking younger and fresh after use. It helps to hydrate and moisturize, clarify and smooth your skin which will reduce flecks and wrinkles. The ingredients combine to give a firmer skin

Other Osumex amazing products: Fermented Food, Flax Hulls, Krill Oil, Mushroom blend, Liquid Glucosamine and heavy metal tests

Visit us at Booth #183 Whole Life Expo 2018 Metro Toronto Convention Centre | Nov. 9-11 Osumex Natural Alternatives LTD. | [email protected] |905.339.2686








LECTURE HALL 203 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

QUANTUM BIOLOGY FOR DISEASE RECOVERY AND HEALTHY LONGEVITY Dr. Robert Willix, Jr, MD (Boca Raton, Florida) In this talk, Dr. Willix will explain how the future of Biology is based upon electrical frequency more than the matterbased principles currently employed. Hippocrates Health Institute has scientifically validated that it is the body’s electrical system that is foundational in the function of all systems. Thousands have been educated as to how to fight the aging process, conquer disease, and prevent disorder. Dr. Willix will explain how the Institute has employed non-invasive, cold laser, and electromagnetic therapies along with electrically charged living food to raise the body out of disease and into longevity. Dr. Willix is a cardiac surgeon who pioneered the first open heart surgery program in South Dakota. Available afterward for questions at HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE booth 125.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

7 ESSENTIAL STRATEGIES FOR REVERSING TYPE 2 DIABETES Jill Hillhouse, BPHE, CNP, RNT Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes don’t have to be chronic and progressive. They both can be reversed. Join Functional Nutritionist Jill Hillhouse to learn action steps you can take in seven key areas to stop and/or reverse unbalanced blood sugar. Available afterwards and throughout the weekend at SMITH’S PHARMACY booths 136 - 138.

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM

EASE ANXIETY NATURALLY Dr. Kate Rhéaume, ND Health, work, friends, politics, school, and the economy… If you are a worrier by nature, it’s easy to find yourself in a state of heightened anxiety much of the time. According to Statistics Canada, an estimated 3 million Canadian adults reported having a mood or anxiety disorder. Minimizing anxious feelings requires a multifaceted approach. There are effective natural ways to calm your mind and reduce nervousness. Naturopathic Doctor Kate Rheaume will reveal nutrients and lifestyle habits proven to ease anxiety. She is the author of the best-selling book Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life.

can cause unpleasant symptoms. Stress can also generate hormonal imbalances. In this talk you will learn tips to balance the menstrual cycle, alleviate menopausal symptoms, and help you adapt to stressful situations. Discover how to manage estrogen, increase progesterone, balance the adrenal and thyroid glands, and regulate the glandular system with diet, supplements, breathing exercises, and lifestyle changes. Available afterward and throughout the weekend for questions at booth 231.

3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

HEALTH COACHING FOR A LIMITLESS LIFE Brian Gangel Healthcare today is about building patient/client confidence by making the right choices. In this training module you will learn how to motivate yourself into taking actions that can free you from pain, fatigue, indigestion, headaches, and more. Learn what the “Super Successful” are doing to have limitless energy, mental alertness, incredible memory, and vibrant lives. Do not miss this behind the scenes look at the future of outrageous health. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at PREMIER RESEARCH LABS booth 64.

4:30 PM - 5:15 PM


LECTURE HALL 202 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

CONSCIOUS BREATHING AND MINDFULNESS MEDITATION Sarah Kraftchuk, RHN We can’t always change the external environment but we can change our relationship to it. This workshop explores the impact of stress on the body and mind, and techniques to mediate your relationship with stress, including conscious breathing. We will explore the science behind mindfulness meditation and ways to establish a meaningful practice. Available afterward for questions at CANADIAN SCHOOL OF NATURAL NUTRITION booth 61.

Available afterward at the Natural Factors booth inside the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion.

2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

FROM BREAST CANCER TO FIBROIDS: A NATUROPATH’S TOP 10 TIPS FOR WOMEN’S HEALTH Sat Dharam Kaur, ND (Owen Sound, ON) The glands are guardians of our health when they function optimally. During transition times in a woman’s life, such as puberty, menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth, hormonal imbalances


1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

REVERSE COLD/FLU, ASTHMA, INFLAMMATION, AND MORE Cass Ingram (Chicago, Illinois) In this presentation, Cass Ingram gives you all the solutions you need for reversing respiratory complaints from A to Z. The solutions are all natural and herbal. Come and hear about time-tested folklore remedies, as well as modern research. Available afterward for questions and booksignings at the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion.





2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

12:45 PM - 1:30 PM



Dr. Zoltan Rona, MD, MSc Type 2 diabetes is associated with increased risks for several cancers including colon, breast, pancreatic, liver, uterine, and bladder cancers, as well as non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Conventional medicine is attempting to prevent cancers in diabetics using certain drugs. This presentation discusses the diabetes-cancer link, the mechanisms involved, and how to prevent both diabetes and cancer using a natural approach. An optimal diet and ideal nutritional supplements will be discussed. Available afterward for questions at NATURE’S SOURCE booth100 - 101.

3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

Cassandra Bach, B.Sc., Fertility Management Expert At this presentation, participants will experience a shift in their mindset that will better support them in having the baby they want. They will learn about the power of their thoughts and beliefs when it comes to their fertility. There is evidence to show that any successful outcome has a component of a winning mindset. For example, in the case of Olympians there is a connection between mindset and personal mastery as researched at Johns Hopkins University. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at ALTERNATIVE FERTILITY THERAPIES LTD booth 70.

CENSORSHIP, SCIENCE, BELIEF: THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE Shawn Buckley, LLB Health Canada is planning on regulating natural products as chemical drugs. Censorship of truthful information about natural products will be increased. Science will be used as a weapon to suppress truth. Attend this lecture and any belief you have that our drug policy is “for your health and safety” will be seriously challenged. Warning: any person who finds the truth particularly painful should consult with their medical practitioner before attending. Available afterward and throughout the weekend for questions at NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS PROTECTION ASSN. booth 232.

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

DISCOVER AND EXPERIENCE TESLA METAMORPHOSIS Anya Petrovic (Sydney, Australia) In this talk, Anya Petrovic will introduce you to amazing new healing frequencies and teach you how to harness the power that legendary inventor, Nikola Tesla, worked with. Healings happen usually after only three sessions. Tesla Waves, unique for this modality, elevate the frequency of human consciousness and enable students to communicate with clients on the level of the conscious, subconscious, and integrative mind, though they were not aware of such abilities before. Available afterward for questions and demonstrations at TESLA METAMORPHOSIS booth 31.



3:00 PM - 3:45 PM


10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

INCREDIBLE CANNABIS EDIBLES: LECTURE & DEMO Pat Crocker, Culinary Herbalist Join Pat Crocker as she de-mystifies the key elements you need to know about infusing oils and the other cooking ingredients with the medicinal benefits of this sacred ‘mother herb’. In this informative presentation, you will learn about decarboxylation, dosing using edibles, and infusing cooking ingredients. Pat will demonstrate how to make the recipe ‘Joint Relief Bites’ from her new book, Healing Cannabis Edibles. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at booth 133 for questions and book signings.

Dr. Elie Klein, ND Thyroid hormone regulates the ability of cells and body systems to produce energy to perform their functions. Chronic stress suppresses thyroid function, affecting your physical and mental well-being. High cholesterol and blood pressure (along with other chronic conditions) are highly influenced by both chronic stress and poor thyroid function. In this lecture, among other things, you will learn how to easily assess your own thyroid function, and get surprising details about which foods are most detrimental to your health. Most importantly, you will learn which vitamins and minerals can help to protect you. Available afterward for questions at SMITH’S PHARMACY booth 136 - 138.

11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

COLLAGEN – THE SECRET TO BEAUTIFUL SKIN, STRONG BONES, AND MORE Richard Passwater, Jr. Collagen is the key structural protein for creating beautiful skin, thick hair, and strong nails. During youth, we have a rich abundance of collagen and as we age, the body’s collagen production diminishes by 1% per year. But now it’s possible to ramp up the body’s collagen production with a patented formula that ‘turns on’ its collagen-generating cells. Come and find out more about a formula that’s clinically proven to make genuine collagen creation a reality. Available afterward for questions at the BioSil booth in the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion.


4:45 PM - 5:15 PM

TBA VISIT VITALITY MAGAZINE AT BOOTH 225. PICK UP BACK ISSUES THAT YOU MAY HAVE MISSED. Sign up for your FREE subscription to Vitality’s digital magazine, and be entered to win prizes. Visit us online at:





HEALING THE GUT TO RESTORE THYROID HEALTH Dr. Effy Germanis, ND, R.Ac We have seen a connection between the gut and brain, but many do not recognize the connection between gut health and the thyroid gland. With the rise in hypothyroidism and especially Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, a dysbiotic gut can lead to the emergence of thyroid disease. Understanding the symptoms and knowing what tests to get done is important to healing both the gut and the thyroid. Available afterward for questions at SMITH’S PHARMACY booths 136-138.

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM

EAT AND LIVE ALKALINE TO HEAL Stephan Wilmes, M.Sc. (Edmonton, AB) Eating processed foods and being constantly stressed creates acidity and robs your body of mineral deposits. The process of deterioration then starts. Stephan Wilmes, The Alkaline Diet Guy, will tell you how to rebalance the alkaline levels in your body through regeneration, purification, and cleansing. Stephan is a former professional athlete, an alkaline coach, and founder of the Ayurveda Wellness Center in Munich, Germany. He is an internationally renowned speaker on re-alkalizing the body and his company is the North American distributor of Dr. Jentschura’s alkalizing program from Germany. Participants enjoy Stephan’s holistic, enthusiastic and inspirational approach to health and wellness. Available throughout the weekend at YOUINFOCUS PRODUCTS booth 105.

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM

BEAUTY BEGINS IN THE GUT: HEAL INFLAMMATION AND BOOST IMMUNITY Ashleigh Norris, CNP, NNCP Discover the importance of optimal gut health and its role and effect on your skin health, immunity, well-being, and youthfulness. Skin conditions are on the rise because of foods, hormones, inflammation, and stress. Ashleigh will discuss the beauty benefits of bone broth and enhanced collagen. She will also explore the natural solutions for optimal digestive health, immunity, skin health, and anti-aging. Available afterward at the Organika booth inside the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion.

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM

BIOHACKING YOUR BRAIN TO IMPROVE MOOD, ENERGY, AND SLEEP Dr. Scott Levine, DC Learn optimal brain performance hacks that are simple everyday ways to improve mood, energy, and sleep. Biohacking is creating a systematic approach to improving health. This session will focus on simple tricks you can do to have a big impact on how you feel. We will hack your food, thoughts, movement, and sleep. This will help you to understand the benefits of biohacking. Audience members will be gifted with video exercises and demos of the latest technology 14





including mindfit, NuCalm, and VieLight. Dr. Scott Levine is a Certified Brain Health Coach who has created a clinic and personal practice that focuses on brain and body health. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at VITA HEALTH CLINIC booth 134.

3:15 PM - 4:00 PM

THE TRIANGLE OF DISEASE: THE CAUSE OF CHRONIC ILLNESS Ben Fuchs, B.Pharm. There are three common pitfalls that the majority of the population will succumb to at some point during the course of their lives. These are avoidable if you have the right information and know what to do with it. Internationally celebrated pharmacist, Ben Fuchs, will enlighten you with key information, practical strategies and nutritional advice you can easily implement to prevent chronic degenerative disease and reverse current health issues. Available afterward for questions at YOUNGEVITY CANADA booths 130, 131.

4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF YOUR KARMA Erik Valdman Good healthy, rewarding relationships, and even business and financial success are all mere indicators of the state of our karma. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at ART OF BIM booth 27.


WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE COMING 5G – AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT Dr. Andrew Michrowski, PhD. (Ottawa, ON) The combination of all existing and emerging wireless communication technologies is imminent. It could increase microwave emission levels in many instances to ‘heating levels’. This is being done by industry to make driverless cars and new applications possible. What can ordinary citizens do to protect themselves? Come and find out. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at PLANETARY ASSOCIATION FOR CLEAN ENERGY booth 19.

12:30 PM - 1:15 PM

THE 21ST CENTURY HUMAN: NEW STRATEGIES FOR LONGEVITY Rodney Palmer Since the unprecedented air pollution caused during the Industrial Revolution, humans have also endured a Plastic Revolution, a Chemical Revolution, and a Pharmaceutical Revolution. In a few generations we have evolved into a toxic-laden, disease-prone species in decline. Rodney Palmer, founder of SaunaRay medical grade infrared saunas, will deliver the latest research on the science of sweating to prevent disease and increase longevity. Learn the facts on how daily sweating can return your body to its natural healthy state, without medication. Available afterward and throughout the weekend at SAUNARAY booths 214, 215.


1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

MAGNETIC THERAPY AND ITS BENEFITS Gabor Zoltan Magnetic therapy is a popular form of self-treatment for people looking for natural solutions. Products with static magnets are most commonly used for muscle and joint pain, headaches, insomnia, and more. It is safe and natural – an alternative application with no known side effects. According to Dr. Kenneth MacLean, “Magnetic therapy is good for any disorder and harmful to none.” Staff are available throughout the weekend for questions and demonstrations at SERENITY 2000 booth 90.

2:30 PM - 3:15 PM

BEYOND SKIN DEEP: ACHIEVE HEALTHY GLOWING SKIN FROM THE INSIDE OUT Dr. Katherine Kremblewski, BA, ND Skin care is so much more than what we put on our skin. So when we look to optimize our skin’s health, we have to take a holistic approach, from the inside out. Addressing the digestive, immune, and endocrine systems are the first steps in ensuring that we are creating a sustainable treatment plan for past, current, and future skin challenges. Join us to learn the hows and whys of all things youthful and healthy skin! Available afterward at Genuine Health booth in the HEALTHY PLANET pavilion.

3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

BALANCE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR NATURALLY Huibing Henry Xiong, R.TCMP, RAc. This lecture will discuss the root cause of diabetes and how to reverse the condition using natural food remedies and dietary strategies. It also covers the lifestyle changes we need to make in order to heal this condition naturally. Available afterward at SAGEE CANADA WELLNESS booth 98.

4:30 - 5:15 PM


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Get radiant skin with this fall inspired facial featuring Pumpkin Peel Exfoliation.











Promoting Safe, Natural Healing With Plant Medicines


When carving up that pumpkin for a jack-o’-lantern, or even a pumpkin pie, remember to save the seeds. Usually seen as waste products, they’re actually the most nutritious part of the pumpkin. What makes the seeds so healthy? Pumpkin seeds are a great source of magnesium. That’s important because French researchers have determined that men with the highest levels of magnesium in their blood have a 40% lower risk of early death than those with the lowest levels. And on average, men consume 353 mg of the mineral daily, well under the 420 mg recommended minimum. How to prepare them? Simply roast them in the oven, and then let them cool. Eat them whole, shells and all. The shells provide extra fibre. Roasted pumpkin seeds contain 150 mg of magnesium per ounce. Add this to your regular diet and you’ll easily hit your daily target of 420 mg. When Hallowe’en has come and gone, look for them at the health food store.


HEALTH BRIEFS Editor’s Pick of Research Reports on Nutrition, Health & Anti-Aging from the News Briefs Archives BY MICHAEL DOWNEY

Pumpkin seeds are a great source of magnesium; and men with the highest levels of magnesium in their blood have a 40% lower risk of early death than those with the lowest levels


Omega-3 fatty acids protect brain cells by preventing the misfolding of a protein from a gene mutation in Parkinson’s disease, U.S. researchers have found. Nicolas Bazan, PhD, of Louisiana State University and his colleagues developed a cell model with a

mutation of the “Ataxin-1 gene.” The defective gene induced the misfolding of the protein produced by the gene. The misshapened proteins cannot be properly processed by the cell machinery, resulting in tangled clumps of toxic protein that eventually kill the cell. In addition to Parkinson’s, Spinocerebellar Ataxia (a disabling disorder that affects speech, eye movement, and hand coordination at early ages of life) is another disorder resulting from the Ataxin-1 misfolding defect. Researchers found that the omega-3 fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid, protects cells from this defect. The findings were presented at the American Society for Nutrition, Experimental Biology 2009 meeting in New Orleans, April 20. (Editor’s note: More recent research was reported in the Oxidative Medicine Journal’s

article “Role of Diet and Nutritional Supplements in Parkinson’s Disease Progressions,” posted at: research) PROBIOTICS FOR ECZEMA

Treating pregnant mothers, and then their infants, with select strains of probiotics may help prevent a skin condition known as eczema in children with a family history of allergies, particularly during the first three months of life, Dutch researchers reported. Probiotics are bacteria present naturally in the body and are sometimes added to food or dietary supplements to boost immune function. The study was published in the Oct. 13, 2009 issue of the journal Allergy.


You’ve heard previously that the so-called Mediterranean diet seems to lower the risk of cancer. A 2008 study was one of the largest to look at the potential impact on cancer of the various individual foods within this diet. It confirmed specific cancer risk reductions for different foods and proves that there is no one “super food” in the Mediterranean diet. Generally, the Mediterranean diet is summarized as eating more vegetables, grains and fish; less red meat; cooking in olive oil; and consuming moderate amounts of alcohol. Researchers from Harvard University persuaded thousands of Greek people of various ages to record their



food intake over an eight-year-period. Their adherence to the Mediterranean diet was ranked using a scoring system, and the group with the worst score compared with those who followed a couple of aspects of the diet, and those who followed it the most closely. The results were published in the July 2008 issue of the British Journal of Cancer. The biggest effect they found (a 9% reduction in risk) was achieved simply by eating more unsaturated fats such as olive oil. But just two changes (eating less red meat, and more peas, beans, and lentils) cut the risk of cancer by 12%. Another study suggesting that food has the power to prevent cancer came from the Institute of Food Research in Norwich and was published in the July 2008 issue of the journal, the Public Library of Science. In this study, scientists compared the effects of adding 400 grams of broccoli or peas a week to the diet of men at high risk of prostate cancer. In the case of broccoli, they found differences in the activity of genes in the prostate, genes which other studies have linked to cancer. Their findings raised the possibility that broccoli (or other “cruciferous” vegetables such as cauliflower, spinach, or Brussels sprouts) might help prevent or slow down the disease, particularly if the man had a particular gene variant (GSTM1). Speaking to News Briefs in 2008, professor Richard Mithen, who led the research, said: “Eating two or three portions of cruciferous vegetables per week, and maybe a few more if you lack the GSTM1 gene, should be




Low serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D have been associated with increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, depression, dental caries, osteoporosis and periodontal disease – all of which are considered either to be risk factors for dementia or to precede incidence of dementia. For example, several studies have correlated tooth loss with development of cognitive impairment. There are two primary ways that people lose teeth: dental caries and periodontal disease. Both conditions are linked to low vitamin D levels. (Sources include the May 2009 issues of both the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and the journal, Arthritis and Rheumatism, and Reuters.) DISINFECTING VIRUS HOT SPOTS IN THE HOME

Stop worrying about catching colds or the ’flu from breathing the air exhaled by the sick – these viruses don’t fly through the air anyway. The risk is in touching objects in the home. TV remote controls, bathroom taps, and refrigerator doors are hotspots for the common cold virus, according to research from the University of Virginia, announced at a U.S. infectious diseases conference on October 30, 2008. Hardy rhinoviruses – the cause of the common cold – survive up to two days after being touched by a carrier, the swab tests showed. Germ-killing cleaner: Cold and ’flu season has arrived again. And assuming you don’t plan to replace light switches, taps, door knobs and other often-touched fixtures with copper versions (copper is now shown to eliminate virtually all germs present, including the strongest bacteria known) any time soon, here’s an effective, all-purpose, bacteria-killing cleaner you can use on household surfaces. And it’s cheap. Fill one spray bottle with white vinegar and another bottle with 3% hydrogen peroxide; don’t mix them into one bottle. First spray (either) one; then spray the other. (If it’s too wet, you can wipe off the excess.) Most germs will die instantly and the risk of catching the ’flu, colds, and other diseases will be reduced greatly.

Natural Nutrition Diploma Program

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A Canadian doctor has raised concerns that all inoculations, such as the H1N1 flu vaccine, pose a major health risk. The theory of Andrew Moulden, PhD, holds that the injection of even parts of non-living viruses – which is the only viral material that the ’flu vaccine actually contains – prompts a “non-specific, hyper-stimulation” of the immune system, which in turn causes chronic health disorders. All vaccines, Moulden claims, cause mini-strokes, resultant brain damage, and neurological problems. The same damage is caused by the diseases themselves, from polio to measles, because of the same immune hyper-stimulation, he writes. Vaccines simply take away the intense risk of serious damage to a small group of disease sufferers, and instead convert it to less serious damage for the entire vaccinated population, asserts Moulden. Find his website at: ST. JOHN’S WORT EFFECTIVE FOR DEPRESSION

A 2008 Cochrane review of 29 trials involving 5,489 patients found St. John’s Wort superior to placebo in patients with major depression, and “similarly as effective as other antidepressants,” but with fewer side effects. Several years ago, two American studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found St. John’s Wort to be ineffective at treating major depression.



“These (JAMA-published) studies are included in the meta-analysis,” said study lead Klaus Linde, MD, from the Center for Complementary Medicine in Munich, Germany. “Also, in the area of standard (synthetic) antidepressants, one in three trials finds no difference versus placebo, so negative results are not uncommon. Taking all the available trials together, however, the evidence has been and still is in favour of the hypothesis that the tested hypericum extracts (St. John’s Wort) are effective.” The study said that depressive disorders, characterized by depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure in nearly all activities, are the largest source of non-fatal disease burden in the world, accounting for 12% of human years lived with a disability. Depressive disorders affect 121 million people worldwide, according to the WHO. The review said that broader studies with more subjects tend to produce less favourable results, whereas smaller, specific studies, such as those in Germany where the herbal extract is prescribed by physicians for depression, show more favourable results. In Germany, adequately dosed hypericum extracts are licensed as drugs, not as supplements. “The studies do not take into account lifestyle considerations, but investigate hypericum extracts as one would a drug,” Linde said in an e-mail interview in January 2009. “The daily extract dose should be between 500 and 1200 mg, but the quality and composition of extracts can vary.”


MASSAGE CLINIC ICAT Massage School Etobicoke


www. InstituteOfAlternative

The Cranial Therapy Centre

Downtown Toronto 416-971-4445

clinic and teaching centre since 1987 led by Alix McLaughlin and Robert Harris


Effective, gentle, whole body, hands-on treatment for: headaches, neurological issues, stress, insomnia, digestion, pain, fibromyalgia, TMJ, post-concussion, spinal alignments... Also success treating infants and children: nursing, colic, sleeplessness, torticollis, chronic ear infections, ADD/HD, strabismus, developmental delays, learning disabilities....


Innovative empowering, in-depth self-help workshops and professional training. Taught by Robert Harris, with over 30 years teaching experience.

Canada’s Most Experienced Cranial Sacral Clinic RMTs

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Second Spring How Chinese Medicine Can Support a Woman Through Her Menopausal Years BY DAWN AARONS - Traditional Chinese

Mediicine Practitioner

- Over 30 yrs Clinical Experience;

- President of Toronto Institute of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture;

- Executive Director

of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.


enopause is considered as a “second spring” in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This is distinct from the “summer heat wave” or “winter storm” that some women describe. A woman has entered menopause when one year has passed since her last menstrual period. The transitional phase leading up to that time is called Menopause is a life perimenopause, and it can last for transition that offers many years – beginning anywhere challenges and gifts; from a woman’s late 30s to her like all things in life, 50s. it presents both its According to Traditional “yin” and “yang” Chinese Medicine theory, women’s bodies follow seven-year cycles. From birth, a young girl matures until the blood and energy in her body overflows and brings menarche (the onset of menstruation) at around 2 x 7 years of age. Then at about 7 x 7 years of age, the woman’s body needs to conserve energy and blood and therefore enters menopause. This is a natural progression and a sign of health dictated by the wisdom of the body. It is said that menopause is a homeostatic mechanism that actually slows down the aging process in women.

Preserving Our Kidney Essence

416 572-2788

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An understanding of aging, according to TCM philosophy, is that it’s directly linked to the concept of “Kidney essence.” Essence represents our fundamental nature, that which is necessary for life. Once all of a person’s essence is depleted in the process of living, they die. There are two types of Kidney essence – congenital and acquired. Congenital essence (known in the West as genetic material) is inherited from one’s parents. The quantity and quality of this essence depends on the vigour and age of the father and mother at one’s conception, as well as the health of one’s mother during pregnancy. Acquired essence comes from the air we breathe and the food and drink that we consume throughout the course of our lives. And equal in importance to how we receive essence, which underlies all of our body’s functions, is how we expend it. Unhealthy lifestyles and excessive stress take a toll on our body’s balance and essence. Consider a line graph of a person’s life. At birth, the

son has a full storehouse of congenital essence. How quickly one uses up that essence depends on one’s lifestyle. The healthier the lifestyle the less steep the downward slope of the essence. Of course life is not always even, so this line will waver at those times in which essence is used up faster and times when it is used up more slowly – but the line will eventually lower to the bottom of the graph. Reaching the xaxis equals natural death. In complementary opposition to the essence line, is the wisdom line referring only to that wisdom which is gained during life. At birth the wisdom line is down at the x-axis. As the baby grows and learns, this line rises. The slope of the line likewise depends on the choices one makes and opportunities one enjoys, but over time as wisdom accumulates, the line continually rises. At some point, these two lines will cross. For a menopausal woman, this crossover represents a transition – wisdom is now predominant and the new focus of her personal potential; it is the time of her Second Spring – an opportunity for a rebirth of herself, for herself.

Embracing a Second Spring Embracing a Second Spring requires our acceptance of aging and change. In our culture, we must contend with a great fear of death and aging that expresses itself in reverence for the fountain of youth. But in most Asian countries, many women do not suffer in menopause. This is partly explained by differences in diet and lifestyle, but I believe the main difference is that age is respected and valued in these cultures. This, of course, does not mean that at menopause one cannot be energetic, beautiful, and vibrant. Rather, it is possible to be all these things at any age. Chinese Medicine celebrates the natural stages of our lives, including menopause, and offers techniques for a smooth transition. Many of the discomforts that women experience in perimenopause are an expression of imbalances that have already existed in their bodies for years, sometimes decades. For women who enter menopause after a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, or some other medical intervention, the



symptoms can be more dramatic. Balancing the body with Chinese Medicine is also recommended in these cases. Every situation is unique, as every woman’s experience is unique. Chinese Medicine does not separate mind and body – the woman’s whole life situation and emotions are considered in a treatment plan. In perimenopause, various emotional issues can arise. Women often take a deep look at the meaning of their lives thus far and re-evaluate themselves, their relationships, and their work. Menopause marks the end of a woman’s childbearing years – a significant transition for women who have had children as well as women who have not. For some women, this transition requires time to grieve. Menopause is an emotional, mental and spiritual transition in addition to the experience of physical changes.

Common Imbalances in the Menopausal Years Below I will outline some of the more common imbalances described in TCM that bring discomfort in perimenopause and menopause (note that multiple imbalances can exist at the same time). I will then discuss some remedies offered by Traditional Chinese Medicine. • Kidney-Yin deficiency: Symptoms of this imbalance include dizziness, night sweating, hot flashes, sore back, dry mouth, dry hair, dry skin, itching, and constipation. • Kidney-Yang deficiency: Symptoms of this imbalance are hot flashes but cold hands and feet, night-sweating in the early morning, pale complexion, depression, chilly-ness, backache, and swelling of the ankles. • Kidney-Yin and Kidney-Yang deficiency: This is a combination of yin and yang deficiency which presents with symptoms such as hot flashes but cold hands and feet, night sweating, frequent pale urination, slight agitation, ringing in the ears, backache, dry throat, being flushed around the neck. • Kidney and Liver-Yin deficiency with Liver-Yang rising: Typical symptoms include irritability, dizziness, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, dry eyes, dry skin, hot flashes, ache in joints, night-sweating, sore back, headaches. • Kidneys and Heart not harmonized: Symptoms include hot flashes, palpitations, insomnia, night-sweats, blurred vision, dizziness, anxiety, restlessness, feeling of heat in the evening, dry mouth and throat, poor memory, dry stools. • Accumulation of phlegm and stagnation of Qi- obesity: Symptoms include oppression of the chest, a feeling of fullness of the stomach, swelling of breasts, irritability, belching, nausea, no appetite, moodiness, depression. • Stasis of Blood: Symptoms include hot flashes, mental restlessness, irregular periods with dark-clotted blood, insomnia, high blood pressure, abdominal pain. 52


Chinese Medicine for Menopause


ACUPUNCTURE AND HERBS – A combination of acupuncture and herbs are recommended for treating menopausal complaints. Treatment depends on the presenting patterns (see above) with the goal of clearing blockages, nourishing deficiencies, and relaxing excesses. The length and frequency of treatments depend on the individual’s condition. I recommend starting treatment once a week and then adjusting according to your needs. Once a week allows time for herbal remedies to take effect between treatments and is frequent enough that improvement can accumulate from treatment to treatment. As a woman is feeling better and incorporating lifestyle recommendations, treatments can be spread to once every two weeks, then once a month, and so on. Even when we are in optimal health, it is recommended that we receive acupuncture every season to support the body in staying healthy and making seasonal transitions smoothly.


QIGONG (GENTLE EXERCISES AND DEEP BREATHING) – Relieving stress and getting moving is good for both body and mind. Menopause is a wonderful time for women to connect more deeply with themselves. Deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, and yoga are all recommended. In Chinese Medicine, the practice of Qigong (“work with energy”) incorporates breathing techniques

with gentle exercises and meditation. There are many different Qigong practices that deal directly with balancing energy in the body. Qigong exercises can help menopausal women to relax, clear excess heat, and balance yin/yang. These exercises are easy to learn and practice in almost any environment. Menopause is a life transition that offers challenges and gifts. Like all things in life, it presents both its “yin” and “yang”. Chinese Medicine offers approaches and treatments that can ease the transition, supporting the journey that is ultimately a woman’s own. Dawn Aarons has practised acupuncture since graduating from The Institute of Chinese Medicine (Toronto) in 1996. She now spends much of her time in Melaque, a fishing village in Mexico. To share her love of the area and have an opportunity to invite guest teachers, she organizes retreats to Melaque. Details During November 2018, three retreat packages are offered: Nov 12-19 UKULELE with Ben Hassenger Nov 19-26 MERIDIAN FLOW YOGA AND QIGONG with Noel Wright Nov 26-Dec 3 CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR TCM PRACTITIONERS IN TREATING INFERTILITY with Yuxiang Wang References Menopause with Science and Soul, Judith Boice, Celestial Arts, 2007 Obstetrics and Gynecology in Chinese Medicine, Giovanni Maciocia, Churchill Livingstone, 1998 Menopause; A Second Spring, Honora Lee Wolfe, Blue Poppy Press, 1995 Menopausal Years; The Wise Woman Way, Susun S Weed, Ash Tree Publishing, 1992



Dream Guidance Opens the Door to a Miracle

The following is an excerpt from the book ECK Wisdom on Inner Guidance, written by Harold Klemp; 2016.



ome years ago, doctors told Rebecca that she was barren – she would never have children. She’s a member of Eckankar(1) and has come to believe in her dreams. Despite this prognosis by the doctors, she still wanted to be a mother, to have her own children. So she opened herself to the ECK and said, “If there’s any way for me to have my own children, please let it be so.” She determined at this time that she would begin living her religion. So as a member of Eckankar, she began to do her spiritual exercises every day. She read a lot of ECK books, and she practised the ECK principles as best she could. What was she doing? She was spiritualizing herself. She was doing everything possible to put the most positive light on everything in her life so that it would uplift her, because she knew that then the power of God can get through more easily. One time, Rebecca did a spiritual exercise which she felt would help. She used a

If you want something from life, first of all you have to earn it. But you also have to be open to the gifts that life is willing to give you, and that means you have to ask for them.

visualization technique in contemplation. She was trying to imagine herself in a place of healing. She awoke in a dream and found herself in a large hospital on a higher level of existence. A doctor examined her, took her into the operating room, and operated on her. After it was over and she was about to be discharged, the doctor handed her a prescription. He told her the name of the medicine, and she memorized it. Just at the moment the

doctor mentioned the medicine, she felt this movement in her lower abdomen. Something moved inside her. Then she awoke. She wrote down the dream in her dream journal. On a separate piece of paper she wrote the name of the medicine. Then she went back to sleep. Next morning she got up and began to call around to all the pharmacies to try to find this particular drug. Everywhere she called, the answer was always the same.

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“Madam, this drug is very rare. You can only get it at the regional hospitals and some big private clinics.” It was a new drug. Rebecca looked at the situation and said, “I can’t really go to a doctor and say, ‘Here’s my dream prescription. Would you fill it please?” So she said, “I’ll let this be.” She’d wait for God’s own time. She went about her life and practically forgot about the dream. Then one morning she awoke with a terrible toothache. Her gums were swollen, and it felt as if her teeth were going to fall out. Rebecca got permission from her supervisor at work to go see a dentist at the dental clinic. When she got there, the dentist looked at her teeth. “You’ve got quite an infection,” he said. “I’m going to give you a prescription.” He mentioned the name of the medication, and it was exactly the same drug that the doctor in the dream state had prescribed – a very new, rare drug. Rebecca went home with her prescription, and before the bottle was used up, she was pregnant. Her child is now a little over seven years old. For Rebecca this expe-

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rience was proof that the Mahanta(2) was listening, that the Mahanta is always with her.

It Helps to Ask If you want something from life, first of all you have to earn it. But you also have to be open to the gifts that life is willing to give you, and that means you have to ask for them. All too often we don’t like to ask. It never hurts to ask, because somebody just might say yes. Life might say yes, too. A lot of times the bounties of the Holy Spirit are held back from us simply because we don’t ask. We want something to come into our life, and we just sit around and wait. But if you ask for it, be



A lot of times, the bounties of the Holy Spirit are held back from us simply because we don’t ask; we want something to come into our life, and we just sit around and wait sure you know what you’re asking for. You may have to earn it, even the hard way; but by asking, at least you have opened the door. And if it is not for your well-being, the Holy Spirit, in Its infinite wisdom, will help you to know in some way that this is not for you. By making a request, you put it into the ECK, but then you have to take the steps to figure out what you must do to earn it. Notes: (1) Eckankar – The Path of Spiritual Freedom is a religion

based on the concept that each of us is connected to God through Divine Spirit (the ECK), which can be heard as Sound and seen as Light. Eckankar offers a spiritual tool kit to help you experience the Light and Sound of God. (2) The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, is the spiritual leader of Eckankar. He is the spiritual guide for those on the path of ECK. A true spiritual master is in tune with the Voice of God. A human manifestation that people can see and understand. In that role, his will is that of Divine Spirit. Visit Eckankar at booth 34 at the upcoming Whole Life Expo, and catch their presentation on “The Art of Spiritual Healing” on Saturday, Nov 10, 2 to 2:45 pm in MTCC, Room 201-F, featuring noted local and international presenter Jane Pulkys, BSc, NNCP. For more information about Eckankar visit and




Top 3 Therapeutic Enzymes Effective Relief for Bowel Problems, Joint Pain, Heart Disease, and more BY DR. ZOLTAN P. RONA, MD, MSc.

Letters to Editor


nzymes are complex proteins naturally produced by the body to help digest and break down the foods we eat. Most of these enzymes are manufactured in our bodies. But when the body is unable to make enough enzymes to meet its needs, these same enzymes, extracted from either plant or animal sources, The strongest and most can be supplemented orally to effective enzymes are both improve digestion as well serrapeptase, nattokias to reduce inflammation in the nase, and lumbrokinase body. These main digestive because they have the enzymes are proteases (for widest application in preventing and digesting proteins), lipases (for treating all diseases digesting fats) and amylases (for associated with digesting carbohydrates). chronic inflammation When digestive enzymes are taken with food, they help break it down into smaller particles and aid in the absorption of important nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Without adequate enzymes, the body would have a difficult time absorbing nutrients like amino acids, calcium, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc, just to name a few. When these same supplemented enzymes are taken on an empty stomach (away from food for at least an hour), they can enter the bloodstream whole and work to reduce inflammation almost anywhere in the body. Enzymes Can Reverse Constipation, IBS, Colitis, and Arthritis

In general, I have found various types of digestive enzymes (pancreatin, serrapeptase, bromelain, papain, other plant enzymes, betaine and pepsin hydrochloride) to be very effective in reversing chronic gastrointestinal problems. These include diarrhea, gas, bloating, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease (e.g. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, micronutrient malabsorption, diverticulitis, and diverticulosis. In fact, digestive issues are the major reason for the use of enzymes in natural healthcare practices. Another major use of enzymes is to reverse inflammation of almost any kind just about anywhere in the body, espe34


Are Therapeutic Enzymes Viable Alternatives to Blood-Thinning Drugs? Re: “Top 3 Therapeutic Enzymes” by Dr. Zoltan Rona: http://tinyurl. com/RonaonEnzymes

I read the article about the enzymes in the Aug/Sept issue, namely Serrapeptase, Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase. My question is: Can any of these enzymes be taken indefinitely? I had a deep vein thrombosis blood clot in my arm in 2017 and I have been on blood-thinning drugs ever since. A followup ultrasound done in June showed the clot as dissolved, but I chose to continue with the blood thinner for an additional three months. I will see my specialist soon and I know he will take me off the drugs. So I was thinking of taking the Serrapeptase after I’m off the blood thinners. I’m wondering if this supplement

could prevent further deep vein thrombosis blood clots and if it’s okay to take it indefinitely, or does one need to take a break after a few months and then begin taking it again. L. Lazzaro, Toronto Dr. Rona responds: Yes, those enzymes could all be taken indefinitely. The only exception would be if you start taking prescription blood thinners again (then you must discontinue the enzymes). In your particular case, nattokinase would be the most logical enzyme for prevention of the clots. There is no need to take breaks if you are one of those people with a genetic tendency to develop clots. Dr. Zoltan Rona, MD

Do Pets Carry Parasites? Re: “Banish Parasites: Herbs That Clear Critters from the Bowels” by Rick DeSylva herbsforparasites

I am an avid reader of Vitality and I wanted to

"More than any other traditional, or alternative method I've used, ~Dr. Joe Mercola, or researched, EFT works."

Experience Emotional Freedom Techniques


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Eric Huurre, AAMET Coaching & Self-help Training

express my concern over suggestions made in an article in your Aug/Sept issue entitled “Banish Parasites” by Mr. Richard DeSylva. While I found Mr. DeSylva’s article interesting and informative, I take issue with his “Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Parasites,” where he recommends in part: “pets should be kept off beds, and outside if at all possible,” and furthermore “while this may sound draconian, the health of you and your children is important.” I was dismayed to read this for so many reasons. First of all, to suggest putting pets outside without any cautions or specifics could be dangerous. Most, if not all, pets are not conditioned to be ‘outside’ for the kind of extreme weather we experience in Canada. In our family we have large and small dogs, and dogs under 8 pounds (many breeds) that could not withstand more than a few minutes outside in the cold. In fact, throughout the summer and winter months, news outlets are often cautioning pet owners to make sure pets are only in heat or cold conditions for short periods. Many abused and neglected animals die from being left outside. The animal I mostly recently rescued came to us in terrible shape after being left outside. It took months of medical care to get his health back.

It seems extreme to link our and our children’s health to having pets indoors. We’ve grown up with and owned many dogs and cats over the years, as have most of my family and friends. To date I do not know of anyone who has gotten parasites from their pets. Pets are not wild animals, and could be at risk of being harmed by wildlife and the diseases they carry should they be left outside. Most vets would not encourage pets to live outside. I am hoping we can have a more thoughtful conversation about how having pets outside will protect us from parasites. Because unless they do not come in the house at all, it seems a moot point. Let’s please be careful and think this through as I believe our pets deserve better. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you. C. Gordon, Trenton, ON Rick DeSylva responds: I’m puzzled by your criticism of my statement about “keeping pets outside if at all possible.” The operative word here is ‘if’. Common sense would suggest that you keep them inside in extreme heat or cold – to use your words. And for you to say that you have never known anyone to get parasites from their pets – well, perhaps you should check into matters more carefully, specifically ask your veterinarian about this connection. As noted in the article, it is well documented that animals: cats, dogs and even horses, are indeed vectors for the transmission of parasites. If there is any ‘irresponsible’ statement made, I would suggest that they lie in your comments and not mine. Richard DeSylva, RH, DNM

Two Doves on My Porch Re: “Sacred Journeys” by Kim Elkington; Aug/Sept issue, posted at:

Good morning Kim, I just had the most beautiful experience with birds this morning and wanted to share with you. My friend passed along her Vitality yesterday and flagged your article for me to read. So I was sitting on my back porch reading your article about birds, and when I finished I was just about to get up and go inside when a beautiful dove landed on the railing right in front of me. It just sat, tilted its head, and looked right at me. It was very beautiful. It actually made me cry (strange that I had just finished your article about birds connecting with us). I have to mention that my husband passed away 10 months ago – and I felt that this was a sweet message from him. So, I stood up to videotape it, and when I did I realized that there was not ONE but TWO doves on the railing. (The other one was hidden behind our woodstove). Very beautiful moment. I thought you would be interested in hearing this story. Thanks for sharing yours in the Vitality magazine! Valerie C., Ottawa, ON



Kim Elkington responds: I am covered in goosebumps! It is extraordinary how, when you are in an open state, nature lets you know it hears and sees you. I imagine it is so easy for your husband’s spirit to look at you through the eyes of a dove.. with the dove ... both of them ... in a moment outside of time. I remember a Native grandmother one time telling me that the Earth knew who I was and where I was every time I stepped. It was one of those magical times when I understood what she was saying and tears ran down my face. I always know that is true now. It is a moment when our hearts (not our minds) know. Kim E.

Parents and Grandparents Looking for Help to Opt Out of Childhood Vaccinations Dear Vitality: I’ve just become grandmother to a baby boy who is now 10 weeks old and, as I fall in the ‘anti-multiple vaccinations’ camp, the issue is weighing heavily on my heart. Of course, I am loathe to be considered an “interfering granny” so have been contemplating the best ‘how and when’ to raise the subject with my son and daughter-in-law. Then, the other day (as if the universe decided to give me a “Get on with it” nudge), I got a message from a friend who, along with his wife, is facing the same issue with regard to their grandson. He had reached out to me in the hope that, due to the recent arrival of my grandson, I may have done some research and be able to steer them toward a pediatrician who is not critical or dismissive and even sympathetic to



those who have decided to opt out of childhood vaccinations. He wrote: “Belinda, we’re trying to locate an alternative pediatrician for our grandchild and wondering if you have any suggestions? The vaccine scene is too dangerous in our view. One of our grandsons is two-and-a-half years old and doesn’t even say Daddy or Mommy. They vaccinated him into oblivion (I tried but failed to convince his parents to reconsider). As you know, his elder sibling, who is now 13 years old, is autistic (as a result of vaccine reaction), which unfortunately means his mum and dad are now wise to things. The difficulty they’re having now is in finding a doctor that isn’t pressuring them into vaccinating. I thought you might have a current idea with your own grandchild who must be facing a version of the same issues.” Robert In answer to Robert’s inquiry, I shared some of the articles Vitality has published in the past about this vaccine controversy, including those written by Susan Fletcher, past president of VRAN with the link to the site where the Exemption Form can be accessed: I’m hoping you might be able to provide some recommendation(s) vis-a-vis pediatricians who are educated on, and sympathetic parents who are averse to, vaccinations. Love your magazine! – Belinda Brown, Hamilton, ON. Editor’s note: Readers can respond to this letter or any other Vitality content by emailing: [email protected] or go to the online version to post a comment there.




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had quite the wake-up call recently after a ‘live blood’ analysis revealed that my blood was full of chemicals (this despite my very good diet). The doctor actually asked if I was taking medications. To find the cause, we questioned everything from the insulation in my house to the food in my fridge, and alas, the culprit turned out to be non-organic fruits, vegetables, and fish. Years ago, I gave up on hormone-filled meat, but have enjoyed fish five days a week. Living rurally, the fish choices are usually frozen and the salmon, which is fresh, is quite often farmed. I had thought that I could safely eat farmed salmon once every 10 days, but my blood tests are showing that is not true anymore. My doctor wanted me to focus on removing the chemicals that I am consuming. There needed to be both a short and long-term solution. The immediate solution has been a 24-hour fast followed by organic juicing (no pulp) for three days with the addition of salads and smoothies for a further two weeks. The long-term solution seems much harder. How am I going to eat in the future if the level of chemicals is so


SACRED JOURNEYS Everyday Rituals & Celebrations WITH KIM ELKINGTON Our ancestors, the peasants, worked close to the land and felt a deep connection to the rhythms of the seasons. Nature was respected for her powerful presence and we felt inseparable from it. Then came the industrial revolution...

high and availability of organic foods is so limited here? While these are my specific issues, they are also questions that everyone on the planet is facing. The same week that I received my blood test results, I discovered that the kind and well-meaning farmer next door to one of my organic herb fields was going to spray Monsanto/ Bayer’s Roundup. His reasons were simply to cut down on the gas and time it takes to plow with all the weeds. I told him that glyphosate is listed as a likely carcinogen and his eyes glazed over as he said, “I don’t use it all the time, just every 10 years.” His farm is


on a river that flows from Algonquin Park to the Ottawa River. I had an immediate opportunity to possibly make a difference in the chemical load on the planet, by working with him to find alternate solutions. Luckily for me, and all of us, Uranus has moved into Taurus for the next seven years. In simplified terms, that means the ‘planet of revolutions in thinking’ has physically moved (its attention) into the sign of the earth. It is a great time to clean up the food industry on a revolutionary scale. Uranus, if you remember your mythology, was the sky god (intellect, ideas, science) who was the consort of Gaia

(earth, food, species health). When they come together our consciousness is reminded of the great void that can exist within us if we live divorced from the wildness of the earth. Our ancestors, the peasantry (the 99%), worked close to the land and felt a deep connection to the rhythms of the seasons. Nature was respected for her powerful presence and we felt inseparable from it. Then came the industrial revolution and its gift of technology. The peasants moved off the land to run machines in cities, and then began spraying chemicals on the land to make life easier, and used miraculous drugs to kept us living longer, for a while anyway. My friend Jean Brereton, the astrologer and ecologist, suggested we may witness an awakening to the deep understanding that although technology and science can clean our oceans, it also produces the chemicals that have put us in this jeopardy. With this awareness also comes a profound collective recognition, that when we left the land we created a hole in our hearts. Like CEOs greedily chasing the bottom line without con-

science, we buy ‘things’ to try and fill that emptiness. As long as we’re disconnected from nature, from the earth, from our part of a larger whole, we will be adrift, distracted, and unfulfilled. Jean suggested that over the next seven years we shall witness our collective values shift to unite technology and ecology, energizing ideas (science) that prioritize caring for the land. Right now, Canadians own an expensive empty pipeline. It is a metaphor for how, up to now, we have seen those values as divorced. Society drew a line in the sand between those who chose supporting jobs in the tar sands or those who chose clean water and species survival. We shall now witness a natural merging of values. Perhaps the new bottom line is ecological, as we develop jobs that protect nature. Meantime, my own blood is screaming at me that what passes as acceptable chemical levels in food is clearly not acceptable, and new choices are well past due. There is nothing more sobering than seeing yourself as an ocean of plastic. We are not truly separate from the earth after all; it’s an illusion. In another example of ‘as above, so below’, just after Uranus moved into Taurus, Monsanto lost a lawsuit to a groundskeeper who was awarded $289 million after getting cancer from using Roundup for years as a weed killer. There are now 8,700 lawsuits against Monsanto from farmers, which is an example of a super power coming to its knees in front of a peasant, acknowledging that its bottom line does not

serve the earth. Monsanto is fighting back, but the ‘scientific research’ that they’re using has been found to be ‘bought and paid for’ so their arguments are holding no scientific validity. Furthermore, it has been discovered that Monsanto has people working to protect their interests at the U.S. EPA. Farmers don’t like liars. This controversy now opens the way for sustainable field management and natural products that have been in the wings all along. I am envisioning legislative support for employing people in new sustainable energy industries, cleaning the water table, undertaking sustainable agricultural practices, supporting local organic farming within grocery chains, and community gardens. Some of this we will be forced to do, because we have taken so long to wake up, but if we choose it sooner, because it supports the earth and science in a sustainable and productive marriage, we will be swiftly on the road to recovery sooner, supported by the heavens. In closing I’d like to send a shout out to my friend Heidi for her inspiration. I opened her fridge and discovered that she eliminated all plastic by using recycled paper berry and fruit baskets and tea bowls to store all her fruit and veggies. According to the planets and stars, it should be an inspiring period ahead for all of us. Kim is the co-founder of The Algonquin Tea Co., a line of quality teas made from organic wildcrafted Canadian herbs. Email: spirit. VITALITY MAGAZINE – OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018


October•November Sun Sign Predictions

★★★ by Julie Simmons ★★★ LIBRA: Sept. 22 - Oct. 22

Libra likes the challenge of maintaining balance. Move, however you must, to stay balanced from October 1st – 8th. You’re entering a time when you must sort through the things that shore up your sense of self-worth (like money and stuff). The next two or three months are time to toss what no longer works. Unexpected alterations in the fortunes of others occur from the 9th – 19th. Extricate yourself from bad deals – no point in throwing good money after bad. Listen to yourself before you take advice from others on October 22nd – 27th. In this way it becomes easier to sort, knowing what to discard and what to keep. NOV: There you are having a fine old time, and someone walks in or out, promising to change your life forever. Walk the razor’s edge from November 1st – 7th by staying right where you are. In so doing you will come to understand what you really want. Then it’s time to embrace change. You’re ready to roll on the 15th – 21st but only if you’ve read the small print. Learn something new on the 26th – 30th. SCORPIO: Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

Time to let go of things you don’t need: Could be stuff, might be feelings or even thoughts that impede your goals. Let this be your intention on October 5th, 10th, 24th – 31st. Goals are about desire. Brilliant ideas with real potential occur to you October 9th – 22nd. If they require collaboration, understand that you will not be able to control your collaborator. S/he is an inspiration but has her/his own agenda for change. This is obvious on the 23rd – 26th. It’s time for you to learn a new way of relating. The key is to know yourself, not control others. NOV: Lay low, listen to your dreams, and watch for the synchronicities of life November 1st – 7th. Power is a tricky substance and you are powerful when you let go of control. Desire wants containment and focus on the 9th – 16th. Chaos ensues on the 16th – 20th. Hold steady by remembering who you really want to be in this world. First, do no harm, to yourself or others. Sharing your thoughts in words has a kind of magical ability to change your direction on November 22nd – 26th. SAGITTARIUS: Nov. 22 - Dec. 20

There is always more to life than meets the eye. In fact it meets you lower down, where the feelings are. Allow for the truth of this October 1st – 9th. Such is the getting of real wisdom. Social things are not as easy as you think they should be on the 10th – 19th. Maybe you should change your thinking for now. Humans are complex and nothing is ever the way we want it for more than a 64


moment. Better to focus on seeing how things are, not how they could be. If you are worried about survival, look at the radical changes you find most interesting on the 22nd – 31st. Something there is calling to you. NOV: Things take a turn in your fiery favour on the 6th – 8th. It’s time for a new beginning as well as picking up a thread you thought was lost back in May. Full speed ahead. But don’t forget what you learned last month. It will serve you well on the 9th – 15th when the impulse to tell it like it is, is best tempered with some sensitivity regarding feelings of others, especially family members. This is more obvious on the 19th. You are cautioned to temper wit with wisdom on the 22nd – 27th. This helps you appear in the best light and is well worth the effort. CAPRICORN: Dec. 21 - Jan. 19

Some people expect a lot from you, possibly too much given all the effort you have been making this year. Nonetheless, expectations are high and mighty October 1st – 8th. You are not required to deliver, except for your own joy and the satisfaction of mastering things that matter on the 9th – 21st. This is not to encourage selfishness, but rather love in the expression of all things. If it’s worth doing, do it for love. Trust is a factor of love on the 22nd – 31st. What message do you hear as you place your ear over the heart of your beloved – be it your lover or a heart more metaphorical in nature. NOV: Rest up from the 1st – 8th

as you prepare for a shift in circumstances beyond your control. It has been said that humans prepare and the gods laugh. Your job is to get out of the way and let it be whatever it is on the 8th – 19th. Life is full of nonsense from the 22nd – 26th. It’s a free-for-all in the world of pundits. Your best bet is to listen well and consider all possibilities while you wait for the best one to reveal itself by the 30th. Your inner world holds the greatest wisdom for you at the moment. AQUARIUS: Jan. 20 - Feb. 17

It happens sometimes that you think you’re directing the traffic, and then you discover that things are not what they seem and no one is following your direction. So it may be for you October 1st – 8th. Get your bearings from the 16th – 19th when you assert yourself with grace and ease as you come to understand more fully what is expected of you. Earth-shaking change is quite possible on the 22nd – 31st. It’s out of your control so you might as well open yourself to chance, showing up where you are expected and maintaining confidence because everything changes and you know this. NOV: This month brings welcome changes your way. From November 6th it once again seems possible to express your ideas to understanding folks, and to find reliable information or networks to support your ideas. From the 8th there is steady improvement in your social reality. Practice being as non-judgmental as possible on the



16th – 26th when there is an outpouring of whacky, sometimes wonderful, sometimes not, expressions of love and possibly art. Spend your resources wisely from the 27th – 30th. The return could be quite satisfying if you do. PISCES: Feb. 18 - March 19

Sometimes we forget exactly why we are doing, thinking, feeling, what we are doing, thinking or feeling. At these times it is good to consult a person or teachings that we consider to be wise. Go to the place of wisdom on October 1st – 8th and begin a serious time of seeking, using the circumstances of your life as food for thought. Desire may be at the root of all suffering and/or the necessary force for turning the world on its axis. Either way, it’s not easy to feel comfortable with having what you want or getting rid of what you don’t want on the 9th – 23rd. A philosophical approach helps. Many things become clear if you’re not afraid of the truth from October 24th – 31st. If you are afraid, then that may be what you need to see at this time. NOV: Change is in the air and water these days. For you it’s about success (what is it?) and desire (what do you really want?). Fight against the current of culture which only wants you to consume something (anything) until November 8th. Think big thoughts from the 9th – 16th. Dreams of freedom and frustration dog you on the 17th – 23rd. Think of it as friction; necessary for starting a fire or getting things moving. Show the world your best on the 26th. Go for the brass ring on November 30th. ARIES: March 20 - April 19

It’s good to be idealistic, to aim for the highest possible good. It’s silly, however, to ignore bad behaviour and secrets that can cause harm. You are not caught between these things; rather you are called to navigate both realms until you come to enough resolution to take action. Nothing much happens outwardly on October 1st – 8th. Be still. Challenges regarding trust and control arise on the 9th – 22nd. Pay close attention to your adversaries on October 28th – November 3rd. To know the challenger is to know the self. NOV: Everyone knows what you can’t figure out November 4th – 7th. Fear not! Your vision is about to soar from the 9th. Don’t get inflated about it, however. Everything is interesting from the 22nd – 26th. And there is lots to learn on the 27th. No matter what role you play, be it teacher or student, it is wise to bow to the wisdom of those who see farther than you. There is always something to learn, Grasshopper. TAURUS: April 20 - May 20

Even your most trusted beloveds are human, and as such are allowed to have feelings and make mistakes. You don’t need to control this but you could approach with kindness and without a sense of personal betrayal or gain. It’s not about you on October 1st – 8th. If it is about you on the 9th – 19th it’s about how you man66


age your responsibilities. Don’t be distracted or misled by co-workers or employees. Keep your eye on the goal. Relationships are demanding from the 22nd – 31st. NOV: Trust your best friends on November 1st – 9th to help you sort out unfinished business in relationships, be it memories of love lost or present day issues. You are in a process of learning a lot about the ‘other’ and how not to objectify them. Your sense of humour is your greatest asset on the 22nd – 26th. Laugh loud, long, and without malice. Life is truly a joke some days. Wisdom tries to assert itself from the 27th – 30th for those who have ears to hear. Even Wisdom Herself can’t keep you from the effects of chaotic changes in the world, but it can make things a lot easier to manage. GEMINI: May 21 - June 20

It actually matters what you eat, think, and how you care for yourself. Not that you live on an island of total control. It’s more like you dance with the elements, life is a magical ride, and it matters what steps you take. Evaluate your habits from October 1st – 8th. No judgments. Look for disconnects between what you believe is possible and how you actually live on the 9th – 21st. These discrepancies are actually openings to true change and to see them is to take first steps toward the life you actually could and would like to be living. Look for wholesome options on the 26th – 31st. NOV: The intensity of October dissipates after November 8th. Not that the issues which were raised aren’t important but suddenly things are moving fast; there is fun to be had, people to meet, and new possibilities abounding. Nothing is exactly as it seems, so don’t jump into just anything that sounds good on the 16th – 20th. A little discernment goes a long way. Relationship is most important between the 22nd – 28th. Listen to more than words at this time. Much is being communicated indirectly. Make the best choice given the circumstances on the 30th. CANCER: June 21 - July 21

Is being in love mostly about feeling good? Therefore we love best those who make us feel lovable? Makes sense but it’s a very small group that will qualify, especially considering that someone who makes us feel good in May could have quite a different effect in October. Look for the deeper end of the mystery we call ‘love’ October 1st – 8th. No quick fix necessary. One thing that seems obvious on the 9th – 22nd is that it’s hard to love someone you can’t trust. Or is it? And what do you do with love when it comes to people you know you can’t trust and don’t want to love at all? No need to figure this out because it is indeed a mystery, as clear as mud on the 22nd – 29th. NOV: You have a wise heart which you generously extend to others on November 1st – 7th. Even so, it’s always good to be mindful of healthy boundaries. You’ve heard someone say, at least once, that the world will go on even if you take a break,

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Every Thursday evening, The Big Carrot natural food market hosts free lectures by wellness experts. Lectures take place above their store at 348 Danforth Ave., Room 212 in Toronto, and provide an opportunity to learn about the latest health topics. Upcoming lectures: Oct 11: Keto Diet with Jordan Wickett and Natalie Lalljee, RHN – From an ancestral perspective, short periods of ketosis are consistent with human evolution and are shown to have many health benefits. Transforming your diet into a Keto approach can be simple. But is it right for you? Get the perspective of a personal

October & November Horoscopes Continued from page 66

get some sleep, or have lunch. It’s really true and don’t forget it on the 15th – 26th. That way you’ll live to help another day. Balance home and family with profession on the 27th – 30th. LEO: July 22 - Aug. 22

There has never been a better time to clean out your basement, metaphoric or literal, than October. Be ruthless as you create the pile to take to the second hand store on the 1st – 8th. If it’s your inner life you’re cleaning up, don’t be cowed by intense feelings. Balance them with the fierce determination and courage of a lion and aim for the life you want, not the one you’ve already had. NOV: We, who are guided by the heavens should take heed when it seems that fortune might smile in our direction. So it is for you November 8th and beyond. Don’t lose heart if your fortunate turn of events seems to get tangled up in misunderstandings on the 16th – 26th. It’s only the beginning. You have time. The greatest challenge is in connecting heart and soul; inside as well as in your expression outward. Keep your eye on real, genuine, good fortune which is often hidden. You are justly confident that you see the best way forward on the 27th. Synchronicity aimed at moving you toward your heart’s true desire shows up on the 30th. 68


trainer and nutritionist. Oct 18: BodyTalk Healing with Maria Vigna – BodyTalk provides an integrated approach to healing; taking into account emotional, physical, and environmental influences. Discover how to tap into your body's innate healing wisdom and learn simple techniques that will help to relieve stress and optimize your health.

Oct 25: Modified: A food lover’s journey into GMOs – Documentary screening in celebration of Non-GMO month! Interweaving the personal and the political, this film is anchored in the filmmaker Aube Giroux’s relationship to her mother, a passionate gardener and food activist. Their intimate mother-daughter investigative journey, fueled by a shared love of food, ultimately reveals the extent to which industrial interests control our food policies, making a strong case for a more transparent and sustainable food system. All lectures run from 7 to 8:30 pm. Inquiries, email: [email protected] or call (416) 466-2129.

VIRGO: Aug. 23 - Sept. 21

It’s easy in this information age to think you know more than you do. In your case, from October 1st – 10th watch out for too much information regarding how to do your job. Better to focus on what feels true and what doesn’t; this is your most reliable guide to being in the know. Be moved by poetry or/and music on the 12th – 20th but don’t make a major decision in matters of the heart on account of that. The sharing of secrets and listening well to the ones you love most, be it a child or a lover, brings you closer together on the 23rd – 27th. This is not quite the same as knowing they will always do what you want, which is quite obvious on the 31st. NOV: If you sense a change in the astrological weather on November 8th you are right. At first it seems you can shift with the change and get lots done but slow down, breathe deep, and wait until after the 20th to see who bugs you, what the challenges are, and how you might best react. It’s a busy life on the 22nd – 26th. Too busy in fact, for a human being to master. You could connect to the natural world by taking a walk around the block. These things will centre you and help you focus on the right priorities as you step into the next chapter of your life. Wild financial fluctuations could occur on the 30th. Don’t sell the ranch. Julie Simmons is a practising astrologer in Toronto. She would like you to understand that Sun Sign astrology has its strengths and its weaknesses. Take it lightly; use it as you will. For consultations call (416) 424-3079. Visit


This fall, one of Canada’s leading organic grocery stores, Organic Garage, is set to open their fourth location in the GTA. Servicing Toronto’s bustling Liberty Village neighbourhood, the newest store is slated to open mid-October inside a historic 100-year-old building at 42 Hanna Avenue. Founded in 2006 by fourth generation grocer Matt Lurie, with the help of his mother and sister, Organic Garage opened their first store in Oakville, Ontario. The family owned business is fulfilling the need for a one-stop shop offering a wide array of organic and natural products at affordable prices. On opening day, the first 100 customers will receive a free gift bag full of Organic Garage products with their purchase. More details about the store opening will be announced soon. Visit:, email: [email protected] WHAT’S ON THIS FALL AT BLACK CREEK PIONEER VILLAGE

You are invited to experi-

ence the changing colours at Black Creek Pioneer Village. Explore the Village this fall, taking in the beautiful fall colours, with a hot apple cider in hand. From family-friendly harvest themed events and kids’ Halloween activities to extra spooky experiences after dark – there is something for everyone! On October 20, Black Creek hosts a “Howling Hootenany” where kids can brave the haunted maze, trick or treat the village, decorate a pumpkin, and enjoy shows. This family-friendly event runs from 11 am to 4:30 pm on October 20th, 21st, and 28th. For more information, visit or call (416) 736-1733 BIOENERGY THERAPY HEALS ANXIETY & MORE

The theory behind Bioenergy therapy is that there is no negative energy or vibration. There is either too much or too little energy; dis-ease indicates imbalance. Bio-energy therapy aims to rebalance the body, mind, and spirit. Bioenergy therapy is the offering of energy from the world around us to the body so that the body can heal itself. All

Clear Seeing Naturally Tired of • Blurry Vision • Glasses • Deteriorating Vision • Computer Eyestrain

Classes and Private Sessions Alexandra 416-923-3893



COMMUNITY NEWS A Kripalu Yoga programme in Richmond Hill and Thornhill. Yoga classes, Yoga Therapy, Retreats, 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training. 905 770 9210 |


diseases, from cancer to diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, headaches, concussion, arthritis, and mental disorders indicate an imbalance in the body and bioenergy addresses this imbalance. We have had success working with anxiety, headaches, concussion, arthritis, depression, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, scoliosis, and even cancer. We view cancer as a problem of the body, mind, and spirit and offer a program which includes hands-on bioenergy healing, techniques to shift you into a positive frame of mind, and alternative ways to help your body enhance healing and regain balance. The next Healing Transformation Workshops in Toronto are Nov. 12 - 15, and Dec. 10 - 13. Come learn this unique hands-on Bioelectric Healing technique from Ellen Lewinberg, a Bioenergy Therapist who has been practising hands-on healing around the world since 2006. For more information, call (416) 203-2744, email:


On November 17, Herbalist Michael Vertolli is teaching a workshop on “How To Make Herbal Tinctures”

[email protected], visit: www.healing MAKING HERBAL TINCTURES WITH MICHAEL VERTOLLI

This November 17 workshop covers all aspects of the process of making herbal tinctures from both fresh and dried herbs. Topics will include: • Understanding different extraction media; • Preparing different potencies; • Best jars and equipment; • Using different kinds of presses; • Differences between using fresh versus dried herbs; • Administration and

dosages; • Differences between tinctures and other herbal preparations. This workshop will include both lectures and demonstrations of how to prepare, macerate, and press fresh and dried herb tinctures using different kinds of equipment. Students will receive samples of fresh and dried herb tinctures of the same herbs that are prepared during the workshop to use and compare. The workshop takes place on Saturday, Nov. 17, from 10 am to 5 pm. Location: Living Earth School in Maple, Ontario. Tuition: $95. For more information call (905) 303-8723, ext. 1, [email protected] h t t p : / / w w w. l iv i n g e a r t h HELP RAISE FUNDS FOR TORONTO VEGETARIAN ASSOCIATION

The Scotiabank Charity Challenge is hosting a run to raise funds for the Toronto Vegetarian Association. Run or walk the 5 km, half, or full marathon, to raise funds for Canada’s largest and old-

est vegetarian association on October 21st! All team members are invited to a post-run dinner at Süup Health Bar with 15% off, a private virtual Q and A with Bart Yasso (known as Runner’s World’s mayor of running, who also happens to be vegetarian), and a Yoga for Runners workshop with Samantha Doyle. The top fundraisers on the team will also win prizes like a shiatsu massage by Shiatsu by Ivan, personal training from vegan personal trainer Paul Landini, and more. Most importantly, you’ll be supporting TVA initiatives such as the world’s largest Veg Food Fest, their free drop-in resource centre and library, more than a dozen social groups and community outreach, and other community events like the Vegan Bake Off and the Veg Spring Market. If you’re one of the first 10 people to commit to raise $300 for the full or half, or $250 for 5k, you’ll receive free registration! For more information on joining in on the fun, email Barbi at [email protected] Facebook: @torontoveg


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OCT 22 & 29 STONE MEDICINE WORKSHOPS: Level I & II, 6:30 to 9 pm, Spadina/Dupont, $65/class. Work effectively with the Mineral Kingdom for Healing and Spiritual Initiation. Hands-on Practices. For details, please contact Rose: (416) 710-7904 or visit

OCT 1 NETWORK FOR SUCCESS: From 9 to 10:30 am. www.marlene, (905) 796-0101. OCT 1 - NOV 30 NONPAREIL NATURAL HEALTH: Organic Juice Fasting, Weight Loss, Yoga and Detox - 3, 5, 7, and 10-day programs (including December, January, February, March 2019). This is The Fountain of Youth for improved health and vitality. Contact Mano: non [email protected], (613) 395-6332 or visit See ad on page 12. OCT 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 & NOV 7, 14, 21, 28 LAUGHTER YOGA CLASSES: A fun way to release stress and experience joy. Join us! 6:30 to 7:30 pm, 662 Pape Ave., Toronto. Visit, (416) 469-2033. OCT 4 REIKI SHARE: From 7 to 9 pm, visit or call (905) 796-0101. OCT 9 & 16 FREE KABBALAH INTRODUCTION: Learn Life This Fall. For class info and registration, visit: OCT 11 STRESS AND ANXIETY: Effective ways to address stress and anxiety. From 7 to 8 pm, $10. For more information and registration, please visit: or call (416) 928-9570. OCT 12 & NOV 9 JOYFUL CHANTING: Calm your mind, let go of stress, nourish your spirit. 6:30 to 8 pm. Stay after for healthy tea, snacks, and socializing. For more information or to register, please visit or call (416) 469-2033.

OCT 26 - 28 CANADIAN HYPNOSIS AND METAPHYSICAL Conference: Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel, 801 Dixon Rd. Questions? (519) 647-2257,

Enjoy fall’s bounty. Visit local markets for fresh organic produce. OCT 13 - 14 WELLNESS RETREAT: Visit or call (905) 796-0101. OCT 16 & NOV 15 HOW TO RECOVER YOUR JOY of Living After Devastating Loss and Grief: Discover lasting solutions to your most painful issues. Introductory Workshop: 6:30 to 9:30 pm. For more details, visit: or call (416) 469-2033. OCT 17 HEALING CIRCLE: 7:30 to 9 pm. Visit or call (905) 796-0101. OCT 19 - 21 THE AWAKENING WORKSHOP, offered by Clearmind International, is a life-altering invitation to empower yourself through authentic connection. For more info, contact: [email protected] OCT 20 SECRETS OF SELF-CONFIDENCE: For Women, from 10 am to 5 pm, 344 Bloor St. West, #603, $150. For more info and registration, please visit: or call (416) 928-9570.

OCT 20 REIKI I CERTIFICATION: Learn to treat yourself and others. Includes Principles of Healing, centering, chakras, endocrine glands and more. Illustrated Workbook. Virginia Hart Nelson, 25 years’ experience. For more info, call (416) 960-1690, email [email protected] or visit OCT 21 EXPERIENCE YOUR SOUL ENERGIES - Realize You Are Perfect in Your Imperfections with Archa Mati. From 11 am to 4 pm, includes lunch, $72. Yoga For Life, 990 Dovercourt Rd. For info, call (416) 531-5688 or email [email protected] OCT 21 HEALING THROUGH BREATHING: From 10 am to 1 pm. Visit or call (905) 796-0101. OCT 21 & 28, NOV 25 FREE FILM SCREENINGS: The Phenomenon of Healing and Bruno Groening. Great healings are still occurring today and are medically verifiable. Toronto and Oakville locations. Please contact: (647) 834-3074, [email protected] or

OCT 26 - 28 REIKI I TRAINING: $150. Starts Friday, 7 pm. Anyone can learn Reiki to benefit oneself and others. Two Reiki Masters and a circle of volunteers support new students. Opportunities for on-going practice in our Well-Being Place (see Service Directory for weekly Reiki times). Visit, 400 Burnhamthorpe Rd., Etobicoke (near Hwy. 427), (416) 622-4113. OCT 27 REIKI II CERTIFICATION: Learn more potent healing applications, including Symbols and long-distance healing. Illustrated Workbook. Virginia Hart Nelson, 25 years’ experience. For more info: (416) 960-1690, email [email protected] or visit

NOV 2 - 4 PSYCHIC FAIR AND EXPO: Peterborough, Evinrude Centre. For the serious. For the curious. Peterborough’s biggest psychic event has something for everyone. Don’t miss it. For more info, please visit NOV 3 REIKI II: From 9 am to 4 pm. For more details or to enrol, please visit or call (905) 796-0101.

Clear Seeing Naturally Tired of • Blurry Vision • Glasses • Deteriorating Vision • Computer Eyestrain

Classes and Private Sessions Alexandra 416-923-3893 72


NOV 4 & 25 WOMEN’S SWEAT LODGE: Autumn and Winter Ceremonies. For more details, please visit or call (647) 930-1832. NOV 5 NETWORK FOR SUCCESS: From 9 to 10:30 am. For more info, visit or call (905) 796-0101. NOV 8 REIKI SHARE: From 7 to 9 pm. For more info or to attend, visit or call (905) 796-0101. NOV 9 - 11 WHOLE LIFE EXPO: Plan to attend Canada’s largest showcase of natural health and green living! For three days, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre goes natural with 150+ exhibits and more than 80 lectures all under one roof. All-Access Pass ($15 Advance / $17 at the door) gets you into everything, all weekend. Exhibitor inquiries: Leave a message on the Expo hotline at (416) 515-1330 or email [email protected] Visit NOV 10 & 11 HEALING GRIEF AND LOSS with Indigenous wisdom. For more information or registration, visit or call (647) 930-1832.

NOV 11 ALKALINE HEALTH WORKSHOP: Become a Certified Expert and Coach with Barbara Jentschura. Toronto, 10 am to 3 pm, $99, includes healthy alkaline organic snacks and drinks, educational materials, gift bag and certificate. Book early – Capacity is limited! Register before Oct. 20 for only $89. Bring a friend and get a free face brush (value $19). For info or to register, contact: 1-866-722-9812 or email [email protected] NOV 12, 13, 14 & 15 HEALING TRANSFORMATION CLINIC: From 7 to 9 pm. Hands-on bioenergy healing that gives remarkable results to a wide variety of conditions. Change everything in just four days a month. For more details, please contact Ellen Lewinberg: (416) 203-2744, email [email protected] or visit See ad on page 57. NOV 14 HEALING CIRCLE: From 7:30 to 9 pm. For more info, visit or call (905) 796-0101. NOV 17 LEARNING TO MOVE FORWARD: From 9 am to 4 pm. For more info, visit or call (905) 796-0101. Continued on next page



NOV 17 MAKING HERBAL TINCTURES with Michael Vertolli, from 10 am to 5 pm, NOV 17 REIKI I CERTIFICATION: For details, please see Oct. 20 listing. Virginia Hart Nelson, (416) 960-1690, [email protected] NOV 18 EXQUISITE ENERGY MEDITATIONS: The Sexual Dimensions of Meditation with Archa Mati. From 11 am to 4 pm, includes lunch, $72. Yoga For Life, 990 Dovercourt Rd. Call (416) 531-5688 or email [email protected] NOV 24 REIKI II CERTIFICATION: For details, please see Oct. 27 listing. Virginia Hart Nelson: (416) 960-1690, [email protected] NOV 24 - 25 LAUGHTER YOGA TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION. Eliminate stress - Spread joy - Change lives… with laughing! To Register, visit here: or call (416) 469-2033. NOV 26 - DEC 3 TREATING INFERTILITY WITH TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE: Continuing Education for practitioners. One-week course in Melaque, Mexico. Participants receive 15 hours CEU. For more info, visit or call (416) 644-1937.

DEC 1 REIKI I: From 9 am to 4 pm. Visit or call (905) 796-0101. DEC 10, 11, 12 & 13 HEALING TRANSFORMATION CLINIC: From 7 to 9 pm. Hands-on bioenergy healing that gives remarkable results to a wide variety of conditions. Change everything in just four days a month. For more info, please contact Ellen Lewinberg, (416) 203-2744, email [email protected] or visit See ad on page 57.

WOMB HEALING SELF-CARE Workshops starting at $299. For registration and more information, please visit or call (647) 477-9349. SHAMANISM WORKSHOPS offered by The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Join Glenn Campbell for Basic and Advanced Workshops in Core Shamanism. For dates, locations or registration information, please go to or contact Glenn at: [email protected] or (905) 655-6756. Also, see ad on page 71 for more information on the upcoming prerequisite Basic Workshops. BIG CARROT SPEAKER SERIES: Join us Thursday nights at 7 pm for our Free Speaker Series. Hear experts deliver informative workshops on a diverse range of topics. Limited seating, 348 Danforth Ave., Room 212. For more details, please visit www.thebig or call (416) 466-2129. PURCHASE WOMB HEALING treatments. Group discounts available, conditions apply. For more information or to book treatments, please visit or call (647) 477-9349. INCREASE INNER AWARENESS: monthly spiritual seminars. Please visit, call (416) 767-1958 or email [email protected] for more details or to enrol. QIGONG FOUNDATIONS FOR HEALTH: QiGong classes with Daniel Pikelin. Wednesday mornings, from 10:15 to 11:30 am, Tai Chi and Meditation Centre, 320 Broadview Ave., south of Gerrard Street East. Explore animal qigong forms; Silk Reeling; The cardinal points of the microcosmic orbit; Align and harmonize the three Dantiens; Balance and regulate energy in internal organs; Strengthen and loosen the body; Have fun while removing stagnation! For more info or to register, please contact: [email protected]

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VEDIC ASTROLOGY for the Western mind. Consultations in person, phone or Skype. Classes and workshops. For more details, contact (519) 497-6517, email [email protected] or visit online or

COMBINED PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL HEALING using regression and individualized vibrational remedies. 30 years’ intuitive experience. Contact Kathy Walker: (416) 285-8759,

CORE BELIEF ENGINEERING. We repeat what we don’t resolve. Lisa Sidorowicz, M.A., B.Ed., CBE Master Practitioner & Trainer. (905) 510-7562, [email protected],

AYURVEDIC MEDICINE AYURVEDA RITUALS STUDIO SPA BOUTIQUE offers courses in Indian Head Massage, Ayurveda Spa Specialist programs, services, Ayurveda Facial, Ayurveda Botanical Skincare and Vedic Inspired Perfumes. Located at 1081 Bathurst St., in Toronto. Please contact: (416) 504-6049 or visit

BED & BREAKFAST THE FARMER’S WALK Bed & Breakfast. Located in the Hockley Valley area. For info or to book, please contact: or (519) 942-1775.

BODY / MIND THERAPY HEALTH AND SPIRITUAL SERVICES now available. Combines Energy Medicine with Spiritual Practice. For more info, call (416) 707-4896 or visit ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS®, Access Tess, Bars Practitioner, 35 years’ experience in other modalities. Uxbridge: (905) 862-3999; or Toronto: (647) 391-3999; [email protected] See ad on page 61.

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COURSES & WORKSHOPS ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS®, Bars Practitioner facilitates energy movement in the mind. Located in Toronto (Martingrove/Steeles). By appointment only. Please call (416) 434-5866 or email [email protected] See ad on page 67

BREATH WORK MARLENE GEORGE. Healing Through Breathing workshops and private sessions. Visit or call (905) 796-0101.

CHANNELLING WE ARE ONE: Channelled readings by Phone, Skype and In person (Niagara Falls location). Starting at $40. To book, contact Deborah Hannaford, visit or call (905) 380-9411.

COLONIC IRRIGATION COLONICS for womb and health, PMS, fertility, fibroids, pation. For more information, visit (647) 477-9349.

colon constiplease or call

COUNSELLING / COACHING FEELING HOPELESSLY STUCK? New Decision Therapy gives you a simple, reliable way to resolve anger, guilt, self-loathing, and other painful emotions. In a surprisingly short period of time, you’ll feel lighter, happier, and more confident with yourself, your relationships and your decisions. Get started. Please call (416) 469-2033 or visit

SHAMANISM WORKSHOPS offered by The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Join Glenn Campbell for Basic and Advanced Workshops in Core Shamanism. For dates, locations or registration information, please go to or contact Glenn at: [email protected] or (905) 655-6756. Also, see ad on page 71 for more information on the upcoming prerequisite Basic Workshops. BELLANINA FACELIFT MASSAGE: Become a Facelift Massage Specialist. Classes held in Toronto. For more information or to register, contact: [email protected] or call (416) 924-6579. LEARN THE SECRETS For SelfConfidence! For Women, Saturday, Oct. 20, 10 am to 5 pm, $150. Limited Space. For Details and Registration: visit or call (416) 928-9570. STONE MEDICINE WORKSHOPS: Oct. 22 & 29, Level I & II, 6:30 to 9 pm, Spadina/Dupont, $65/class. Discover Healing and Spiritual Initiation, Esoteric Practices, Temple Sciences, and Daoist Stone Medicine. Hands-on Practices. Please contact Rose: (416) 710-7904 or visit

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY MARLENE GEORGE. Craniosacral Therapy. Private appointments. For more information or to book, please visit or call (905) 796-0101.

CRANIOSACRAL: Gentle yet powerfully healing. In practice 25 years. Holistic therapies include: Registered Nutrition; Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Osteopathic Techniques, Esalen Massage; Living Raw Food lifestyle expert. Certified by: Hippocrates and Esalen Institutes, Matthew Kenney Academy and Young Living Essential Oils. Fabienne Thuet: (416) 929-7983 or Cell: (416) 558-7441.

EAR CANDLING EAR CANDLING, $35; with sinus drainage, $45. Call (416) 707-4896 or visit

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES (EFT) EFT, CRYSTAL HAWK, M.Ed., in person, by phone/Skype. 18 years’ experience. Research-based for pain, anxiety, trauma, depression, addiction. For more info, see the EFT section of or email [email protected]

HEAD INJURIES SCIENCE-BASED NEUROLOGICAL TESTING and revolutionary treatment of nerve/brain injuries based on newest research from NASA. See and feel the changes. Contact Dr. Monika Faulhaber: or call (905) 712-8118.

HEALTH SERVICES CHRONIC HEALTH BREAKTHROUGH: Arthritis, Injury, Addictions, Anxiety and Serious Health Conditions. 21 years’ experience. Health Coach. To book, contact Lidia: (416) 912-1721 or visit LIFE COACH AND RELATIONSHIP SPECIALIST: Health, Love, Career - I Can Help! Ancient Psychic, spiritual consultant. Amazing Accuracy and Immediate Results. Fourth Generation. 30 years’ experience. Readings and Meditation Classes provided by Mother and Daughters. Aura Cleansing and Chakra Balancing, Palm, Tarot Cards, Picture Readings. 7 Pleasant Blvd., Suite 201, Monday to Saturday. South Side exit to St. Clair subway station. Municipal parking available. Call for appointment: (647) 857-0905. Follow @ancientpsychic on Instagram and get $10 off first session.

HEALTHY HOME SERVICES RUSTYDESIGNS: Specialized wall finishes, painting, renovations. Contact Ashley Russell-Harte: (416) 898-8623, [email protected] or visit 76




PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE Healers work with the spirit of plants to heal the deepest reaches of the heart and soul, bringing harmony and balance to your body, mind and spirit. PSM Healers in the GTA: Mai Duong: psm [email protected], (416) 543-1531; Monika Ghent: www.dreamingwillow .ca, call (416) 537-8842.

PSYCHIC EXPOS. Psychic readers, crystals, jewellery, and related products are featured at 11 Psychic Expos across Ontario. Free crystal and ongoing demonstrations included with admission. Free admission discount coupon, visit

HYPNOTHERAPY VIRGINIA HART NELSON. Turn your experiences & conditioning into powerful catalysts for healing and change. (416) 960-1690, See ad on page 61. HYPNOSIS WORKS! Learn the language of your subconscious. In person or by phone/Skype. Free 30-minute consult. Visit or call (416) 871-1677.

LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS, Four Locations: Maple, North York, Newmarket and Bradford. To book or for more info, please call (905) 715-6443 or visit

MASSAGE THERAPY RELAXATION OR THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: Student clinic, Etobicoke. Call (416) 695-4600 or visit www. DETOX AND LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE massage for swollen legs, cellulite, after surgery, $50. (416) 707-4896,

SHEILA WATSON. Psychic and Spiritualist Medium. Internationally trained. Contact (905) 380-2083, [email protected] or visit PSYCHIC FAIRS AND EXPOS by First Star: Gifted Readers, Mediums, Healers. Awesome Vendors. Exciting Free Lectures. Daily Draws For Free Psychic Readings. There’s something for everyone. For more details, please visit MARGOT PSYCHIC SERVICES. Professional, accurate, insightful readings by a renowned psychic medium. Readings by phone or in person, please contact: (416) 921-0611 or visit

PSYCHOTHERAPY HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY. The most powerful work. Integrating Psychotherapy with body-centred modalities. Registered Psychotherapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor with Master’s Degree and Board Certified Polarity Practitioner. Over 20 years’ experience. See ad on page 61. Visit or call Victoria: (416) 916-6066.


DEEP TISSUE Swedish massage for men’s health. West end location. Established practice. $65/hr. To book, please visit or call (416) 871-1677.

PAM RUSSELL. Pain and stress relief from head to toe. Dupont and Spadina. House calls. Feet, hands & ears. Plus Thai foot reflexology, (416) 856-6589, [email protected]


FOOTSTEPS REFLEXOLOGY SCHOOL. Ongoing certification courses in Foot and Hand Reflexology. Toronto and Oshawa. British-trained instructor, small classes. Info: (416) 788-5970,

MACROBIOTICS, ANCIENT HEALING FOODS: For Health, Recovery and Timeless Beauty. Macrobiotic Counselling, Cooking, and Courses. All Levels. 21 years’ experience. Chronic Health Conditions, Cancer. For info, please call Lidia: (416) 912-1721 or visit

PAIN RELIEF PEMF THERAPY, Four Locations: Maple, North York, Newmarket and Bradford. Call (905) 715-6443 or visit

PAST LIFE THERAPY REMEMBER ACCOMPLISHMENTS from other lifetimes, transform old habit patterns & liberate your purpose. Virginia Hart Nelson: (416) 960-1690, See ad, pg. 61.

REIKI REIKI HEALING BY DONATION: Mondays and Tuesdays, at 1 and 2 pm; also Tuesdays, at 7:30 and 8:15 pm by appointment. St. James United Church Well-Being Place, 400 Burnhamthorpe Rd. (2 blocks east of Hwy. 427). For more details, call (416) 622-4113 or visit REIKI HEALING for trauma, anxiety, depression and pain. Located in Toronto (Martingrove/Steeles). By appointment only. For more info or to book, please call (416) 434-5866 or email [email protected] See our ad on page 67. Continued on next page VITALITY MAGAZINE – OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2018


SERVICE DIRECTORY REIKI REIKI, RECONNECTIVE HEALING, Certified Reflexology and Psychotherapy: Effie Hadzis, BA, B.Ed., Registered Psychotherapist. Please contact: (416) 751-9619 or VIRGINIA HART NELSON. Private treatments, and Certification, all Levels. 25 years’ experience. (416) 960-1690, visit or send email to [email protected] See ad on page 54. FREE REIKI CLASS: To enrol, visit or email [email protected] REIKI FOR RECOVERY: Reiki Treatments and Courses, All Levels. 21 years’ experience. Chronic Health Conditions, Cancer. To book, please contact Lidia: (416) 912-1721 or visit MARLENE GEORGE. Reiki. Certificate attunement manual. All levels. Practice group and treatments. For more info, visit or call (905) 796-0101.

RETREATS & VACATIONS HIDDEN BUDDHA HEALING CENTER: Retreats, Rentals, Bed & Breakfast, Reiki, Macrobiotics, Health Coaching. For more details, please contact Lidia: (416) 912-1721 or visit www.hidden ANNUAL FALL RETREAT. For more info, visit or call (905) 796-0101. MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION Retreat: 5 nights, from Oct. 14 to 19. Visit FALL CLEANSE: Juice and Soup Weight Loss Week, 5 nights, from Oct. 21 to 26. For info or to book, visit

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INTERNATIONAL RETREAT: Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, from Nov. 3 to 16. Visit FIRST LIGHT RETREAT: Yoga and Meditation, from Nov. 23 to 25 & Nov. 30 to Dec. 2. Visit SILENT MEDITATION RETREAT: 5 or 7 Nights, from Dec. 9 to 16. For info or to book, visit GET CLEAR ON YOUR YEAR: 5-Night Retreat, from Jan. 6 to 11. For info or to book, visit BALI RETREAT: Soulful Moments, Yoga and Meditation, May 12 to 25, 2019. Come and experience the spirit of Bali. Daily yoga and meditation. Visits to temples. Stunning scenery. Balinese massage. For more information, call (416) 532-0967 or email [email protected]

THERAPEUTIC TOUCH® THERAPEUTIC TOUCH® PRACTITIONER, Marlene George. To book, visit or call (905) 796-0101. THERAPEUTIC TOUCH® PRACTITIONER and teacher, Crystal Hawk, M.Ed., Mid-Toronto location. Research-based TT supports immune function, helps to mobilize healing capacities. Essential before and after surgery. See or email [email protected]

YOGA SUNLILYOGA: A Kripalu Yoga Programme in Richmond Hill and Thornhill. Yoga classes, Yoga Therapy, Retreats and 200- and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training. For info or to enrol, visit, (905) 770-9210. YOGA PRANAYAM CENTRE. Beginner and intermediate Kripalu yoga – easy, effective, wholesome. 348 Danforth Ave., in the Carrot Common, at Chester subway station. Please email [email protected] or call (416) 691-7337.



HEALTH AND WELLNESS: Busy store located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Contact us at: [email protected]

GENTLEMAN with a background in business and health is looking to meet lady (30s to 40) interested in natural health. Please send email to: [email protected]

COLONIC HYDROTHERAPY CLINIC for sale. Owner-operated, established 30+ years in Toronto. Motivated seller. For more information, please contact: [email protected] NEW PRESIDENT WANTED by The Canadian Institute of Natural Health Inc., due to a catastrophic automobile accident. We are asking $120,000 for 80% of the company. Courses are primed and ready to go. Inquiries: (705) 526-1240.

HEALTH PRODUCTS COLLOIDAL SILVER GENERATORS: Make your own fresh, high potency with our professional domestic and commercial colloidal generators. We supply large area electrodes of 99.99% pure silver, gold, copper, magnesium, zinc, iron, platinum, palladium, tin, titanium and three more. 20% discount for zoomers. Made in GTA. For more info or to order, visit or call (647) 478-6946 or 1-800-488-2032.

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FEMALE, senior, educated, cultured, vegan, seeking male companion aged 65 to 75. Call (416) 443-6242.

REAL ESTATE BONNIE’S LAVENDER FARM and Studio for sale: in Haliburton, Ont., nine acres on Hwy. 118. Organic products and plants, five-star operation, large following, 15 minutes to three farmers markets. Artist’s home, threebedroom bungalow, two large outbuildings, $389,000. Owner is retiring. Please call (705) 754-1477.

SPACE FOR RENT THERAPY ROOM/OFFICE space for rent on Dupont Street. Ideal location, seconds from Dupont subway station. (416) 277-2436. HIDDEN BUDDHA HEALING CENTER: The Perfect Place to Host Your Retreat. Rental space for retreat leaders, yearround. For details or to book, contact Lidia: (416) 912-1721 or visit www. BASEMENT BACHELOR APARTMENT: Newly available fragrance/chemical/ smoke/pet-free for rent in Toronto to health-conscious person. Text: (647) 764-0276.

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