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January 12 Pompano L 0-2 January 14 Rickards L 0-2 January 20 Forest Glen W 2-0 January 22 Westglades L 0-2 January 26 Renaissance Charter L 1-2 January 28 Ramblewood W 2-1 February 2 Coral Springs L 1-2 February 4 Crystal Lake W 2-0

Practicing daily and working hard, the girls prepared for each game by enhancing their skills and giving their fellow teammates encouragement. Though the girls volleyball team did not qualify for the playoffs, the Lady Gators worked tirelessly to achieve overall success. “Keeping a streak on my serves helps energize and encourage the team to do the best of their abilities," Angeli Kasslater, 8, said. Volleyball practice took place every morning, taught by Coach Steve Ramich. The players began with a warm up to physically prepare for the game ahead. Demonstrating different techniques while sometimes playing against each other to sustain muscle memory. “I love the sport of volleyball, I have been coaching and playing volleyball for 37 years, and enjoy teaching young athletes the fundamentals and advanced skills they need in order to play the game at a very high level in high school," Coach Ramich said. POINT SAWGRASS As the referee signals the Lady gators that they will be receiving the point, the team releases tension knowing that they inch closer to victory. Coach Ramich keeps strong on the sidelines to push them with a win.


After a game changing point, Victoria Rocha, 8, and Anna Pollack, 7, celebrate by giving each other a high five. “My favorite thing about volleyball is learning new things because this is the first year I was in the sport. I tried out for volleyball because I wanted to try something new," Pollack said.





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Standing in position, eighth graders Andrea Rega, Angeli Kasslater, and Victoria Rocha, prepare to attack the ball hurdling towards them from the opposing team. “I chose to join volleyball because my friend suggested that I should try out, so I took a shot at it, and ended up making the team," Rega said.

ORDER ON THE COURT Coach Ramich gathers the team to set up the next play, giving crucial feedback by going over what needs to be worked on from the previous play, and closing the huddle with a team chant. “When we gather in a huddle, I feel as if coach has to tell us something important to make us better as a team," Kendell Williams, 8, said.

Game On The Lady Gators, led by Angeli Kasslater, excitedly walk to talk with their coach, after a tough win. After this game, the girls and Coach Ramich could not wait to get back on the court.

FORMING BONDS Gathering around as the season comes to a close, Coach Ramich unites the team for a commemorative photo to express the importance of unity, and the true meaning of teamwork. Going above and beyond, Yearbook Adviser, Ingrid Molina, photographs the shot by utilizing a cherry picker mechanical lift, supporting her 35 feet in the air, in order to get the shot.

THE PERFECT PASS Alyxandra Avrach, 7, and her team, take a deep breath before bumping the ball over the net to score a point. The court was silent as they waited to see what would happen next. “I treat practice like any game, hoping that I won't slip and mess up," Avrach said.

EYEs ON THE PRIZE Eighth graders Victoria Rocha and Mia Copeland wait anxiously as the ball comes their way, and prepare to keep the ball from going out of bounds, and earn a point for the team. “When I have to serve the ball back, I'm scared, because if you miss it, it's completely embarrassing. But when I do a perfect serve, it feels great that I contributed to the team," Copeland said.