Hockey School Program Coordinator

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Job Description: House League / Hockey School Program Coordinator

Job title:

House League / Hockey School Program Coordinator

Reports to:

VP House League & Hockey School

Remuneration: $25 per hour ($5,000 - $7,500 per season) Job purpose The House League Program Coordinator will support all divisional Convenors and, the VP House League & Hockey School. The Coordinator will support and manage various administrative, organizational and operational tasks to create smooth hockey operations throughout the year for the House League and Hockey School program. Duties and responsibilities The LHA House League / Hockey School Coordinator is responsible for: 

Supporting VP House League & Hockey School in preparation for the commencement of each hockey season. Specifically: o Scheduling (i.e. game schedules and flood schedule), and communicating schedules to non-LHA parties (referees and time keepers, arena management, medics) o Updating the LHA website o Pre-Season Coaches Meeting o Coordinating sponsorships o Uniform order o Equipment room staffing and supplies (i.e. pucks, game sheets, clipboards, goalie equipment etc.)

Track registration and payment for incremental practice programs (i.e. Friday evenings at Victoria Village)

Day-to-day issues with Convenors and Coaches as relates to scheduling, uniforms, pictures etc.

Coordination of Photo Day and picture delivery with photographer, arena and divisional Convenors

Support of VP and divisional Convenors with Championship Day and Hockey School banquet as required

Attend LHA Convenor Committee meetings - take minutes and support initiatives as required (frequency TBC)

Week-to-week duties include: 

Game Sheets – collect, scan and email to divisional Convenors

Tasks for VP House League & Hockey School as required

Support and guidance for new families to the LHA and marketing of the LHA experience

Monthly Duties include: 

Review of registration status with Registrar; report to VP House League & Hockey School

Quarterly Duties include:  Review of VSS status with LHA VSS Coordinator and LHA Registrar 

Check-in’s with divisional Convenors to assess issues and/or needs. Report to VP House League & Hockey School

Annual duties include: 

Support the coordination of and attend the pre-season Coaches meeting.

Coordinate the order and delivery of trophies and

Gear room supplies and goalie equipment: Assess condition and supply of all gear room stock. Report to VP Hockey School & House League. Chase and/or invoice for lost/missing equipment.

Working conditions 

This is an at-home position, typically on standby Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) and communication through weekends as well as provide flexibility for divisional Convenors to pick up or deliver information when convenient. o Spring/Early Summer workload is light – late Summer/Early Fall workload is heavy o 4 – 5 days per year are required at the arena (Uniform distribution, photo shoots and distribution, Championship day)

Response time for emails and calls should be ~ 24-hours, The VP House League & Hockey School is a ‘back-up’ for this when the Coordinator is unavailable

Physical and/or meeting requirements 

Driving to and from the LHA office is required weekly, to collect game sheets, check on mail and make drop-offs

Direct reports N/A

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