How do I get these oils

How do I get these oils -

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How do I get doTerra CPTG essential oils? 1) Buy individual oils and products at retail price on-line at or email me what you want. [email protected] 2) Buy specialized products through me (sample sizes, gift baskets, oils and blends for specific ailments and uses) [email protected] 3) Become an Independent Product Consultant (IPC) for a $35 fee: • You can buy products at wholesale prices (25% discount) and/or • The $35 is waived if you buy a kit to start! and/or • Take advantage of special promotions and free oils! and/or • You earn loyalty rewards points for recurring orders! and/or • You can (if you desire) register others as IPCs and potentially earn rewards from their purchases. • You only buy what you want, when you want. • CURRENT PROMOTION THROUGH Nov 30, 2012 – if a new IPC signs up with over 100PV, they get 50PV put back in their account to trade in for free product. If they sign up with a kit at over 100PV, the $35 is also waived. (PV approx. = $$) I can sign you up today! My IPC number is 136237. doTerra uses priority mail for shipping to Alaska, so shipping is reasonably priced and very quick. YAY!!

How do I use doTerra CPTG essential oils? • • • • • • – extensive online database – online training – online information and training mdo iPhone app – convenient, portable database fridge poster handout provided in this class attend classes – check my schedule of events at • Facebook groups • annnual convention

How do I sell doTerra CPTG essential oils? ***optional***no requirements*** • doTerra creates a FREE website for wholesale customers. You can direct potential customers to your website where they purchase oils that are shipped directly to them and you get 25% deposited into your account. doTerra sends a check directly to you. • You can purchase oils at wholesale and resell them at retail. • If others you know are interested in selling oils, you can help start their business, and by doing so, grow your own. • has tons of webinars and very helpful business training • and your virtual office have powerpoint presentations, PDF documents, brochures, images, etc, FREE to download