How Do I go to Heaven

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What can you do to make sure others know how to get to heaven? __________________________________________________________

Sept 17-23 Question of the Week:

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Child’s Name ________________________________________ GRADE ________________ had his/her Quiet Time on the following days: (Only circle the days that they actually HAD their QT) MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY

Points Lowdown

This Quiet Time Semester, you will be able to collect up to 7,000 points each week. To earn a ticket to the Quiet Time Celebration, you have to collect at least 70,000 points. That means, you only have to do your Quiet Time for 10 weeks to earn your ticket.

Quiet Time—Preteens Private Moments with God (PMG) September 17-23 How Do I Go To Heaven? Scripture Reference: Acts 16:25-31 At the beginning of this passage, Paul and Silas were sitting in jail as prisoners. The jailer sat outside of the bars, a free man. However, the roles were actually reversed. It was Paul and Silas who sat carefree in chains, singing hymns to God. The jailer, as revealed in the aftermath of the earthquake, lived in fear. As soon as he believed his prisoners had escaped, he drew his sword, ready to end his life. But something wonderful happened. Read the passage to see how the story ended. Memory Verse: For the High and Exalted One who lives forever, whose name is Holy says this: “I live in a high and holy place, and with the oppressed and lowly f spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly and revive the heart of the oppressed.” Isaiah 57:15

What were Paul and Silas doing? ________________________________ Who was listening to them? ________________________________ Why would anyone sing praises to God in prison? ____________________________________ What happened when the earthquake hit? ____________________________________ Wednesday Read: Acts 16:27-28 Why did the jailer draw his sword? ___________________________________ Did anyone escape? ____________________________________ What did Paul say to the jailer? ____________________________________ Thursday Read: Acts 16:29 Why did the jailer run to the dungeon and fall down trembling before Paul and Silas? _____________________________________

Friday Read: Acts 16:30 Monday/Tuesday Read: Acts 16:25-26

What did the jailer ask Paul and Silas? ______________________________

Read: Acts 16:31 What must one do to be saved? ___________________________