how do i make it to easter?

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WHY DO MANY BEGIN? vv. 12-14 A.

GOD’S KIND INVOLVEMENT (SOVEREIGNTY) Genesis 49:10-11 Daniel 9:24-27 Zachariah 9:9


MAN’S SELF-FULFILLMENT v. 18 “. . . the multitude went to meet Him, because they heard that He had performed this sign.”




WHY DO FEW MAKE IT? v. 16 “These things the disciples did not understand at the first . . .”  understanding = embracing values, problems, success from God’s perspective “. . . in His public teaching he taught only with parables, but afterward when he was alone with his disciples, he explained the meaning to them,” Mark 4:33 NLT



Value God Himself- vv. 20-21 “We would see Jesus!”


Value God’s Word- I Peter 1:24 “the Word of God lasts forever.”


Value People- Mark 3:14 “He appointed twelve that He might be with them.”

From Head to Heart to Reality— a pilgrim’s guide.

HOW DO I MAKE IT TO EASTER? Acts 2:36-38 Try using this as a guide with your family, small group, or personal time with God to help truth from this week’s strengthen and grow you as you journey with the Master, Jesus. You might pick one or two questions at a time to consider. Jot down ideas or thoughts in your spiritual journal and discuss with God and others.

Some began with Jesus for various reasons (See section I for a few of these). Carefully look at John 2:23-25. What does it mean in verse 23 when it says, “many believed in His name”? What does “believe” mean in John 8:31 and James 1:19? -True salvation is secondarily you being committed to Christ. But most importantly, it is Christ committing Himself to you. What would you say keeps Him from committing Himself to people like those mentioned in John 2:24-25? In contrast, why do you think Jesus commits himself to the thief in Luke 23:39-43? Has he committed Himself to you? Why or why not? -What are some of the more self-centered reasons you see that we might follow Christ? What for you could be an agenda issue/time factor that might actually be a demand of Jesus?

From II—Few made it all the way from the initial Palm Sunday celebration to the final exaltation of Jesus that was Easter. From John 12:16 we realize neither the crowds nor disciples initially “understood” what Jesus was doing. Can you think of a time your lack of “understanding” caused you deep discouragement or even temptation to not follow Him? What ideas do you get from Mark 4:33 that help you to have better understanding of what God is doing in your life?

From III—These three “eternal values” are wonderful motivation for us! -How can I tell if my heart is like the inquirers who said, “We wish to see Jesus” (John 12:21)? What cultivates attentiveness in your life? What distracts you?

-Considering the value of God’s Word more closely, what are six ways it helps in everyday life? -Regarding the value of people, we are commanded to love everyone (See Matthew 22:39). This is meant to be practically demonstrated, evident in our daily life/time/priority choices. Is there one person with whom you can begin to build a relationship, helping him/her towards becoming an eager learner and spiritual parent? Discovering and beginning are choices that empower you to finish your race well! May we run hard!